The DP Family (Part 1)


This is my first story, which will be the first in a series. It's pure ficition, comments are most welcomed.


Chris stood at the bottom of the stairs looking at his dad on the couch immersed in his book. “Ok I can do it. I’m sure he won’t get mad … unlike most dad’s he is really cool. ” Chris walked over, sat on the couch and put on the tv, nervously. “What’s up Chris?” his dad asked without taking his eyes of his book. Chris jumped, “Ummmm … nothing, ” he said nervously.  “it’s now or never”, he thought. “Hey dad can I ask you something private?” Putting down his book, his dad said, “sure you know you can ask me anything. ” “I know, dad, but this is something you can’t tell anyone … not even mom!” His dad realising this is serious sat upright, and looked at his son with all the attention he could muster, “sure no problem”. Feeling confident, Chris began “Trish’s 15th birthday is coming up soon and well … she … well wants to get … am … get dp’ed for her birthday. ” “What? I think I may have mis-heard. Did you say that your girlfriend wants to get dp’ed? Are you ok with this?” His dad asked, sounding very excited. His dad excitement was encouraging. “Sure dad, I think it’ll be fun, the only problem is that we have no-one we trust … well there is one guy, but we are not sure he’ll be game.

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  ” “Eh? Serious? Only a real dope would pass up an opportunity to … beg my pardon … fuck your sexy gf!!” “Really dad?” “Really Chris” “I’m glad you feel that way, because you are that guy!!” “Eh!! What?? Serious??? You not playing with me?” “No dad I’m dead serious! So what do you say … You game? “FUCK yes!!!!! When is the big day?” “28th April . . in 3 weeks!” “Hmm 3 weeks … enough time to get in some practice!” “Practice? Dad what are you saying?” “Well have you ever dp’ed a girl before?” “Of course not dad!!!” “Exactly! If we want your girlfriend’s big day to go smoothly, enjoyable, fun, and her boyfriend not getting cold cock when his old man starts to fuck the hell outta her … we need to practice dp’ing together as a team!” “Oh ok … I hadn’t thought about it like that! Well then how do we practice? It’s not like some willing girl’s gonna appear like that!” “Hiya daddy!!! said a very cheerful and strangely sexy voice. It was Chris’ 13. yo. sister, Sarah. Wearing a tiny, pleated skirt and sleeveless home tee, and obviously no bra, she jumped on her daddy’s lap, and straddled her dad. Both Chris and his dad were looking at her with interest, especially at her perky teen boobs. Seeing her brother looking at her, she said in a very cutsie voice “Daddy Chris is looking at my boobies. Tell him to stop!” “What are you stupid! I wasn’t looking at …” “DON”T CALL ME STUPID! Daddddddy! “Don’t call your sister stupid Chris, and yes I saw you looking at her boobies!” “Dad what!!” “Haha Chris is in trouble!!” “Sarah what do you expect! Coming here dressed like that! Every guy will stare at you no matter if they are your Dad, brother or old Mr. Jenkins down the street!” “Ewww daddy Mr. Jenkins! He's like a gazillion years old! That’s just gross” “Yes even him. So don’t balme your brother!” “Sowwy Daddy … but I thought you like me to dress like this!” “Yes I do Princess, but that’s for our private play time… anyway I would like you to do me a favor?” “Dad what the fuck are you doing!!” bellowed Chris not believing what his dad is about to do. Ignoring his son’s outburst, he continued looking at his sexy lollita daughter. “Trish wants to get dped for her birthday, and Chris wants me to help him out.

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   i. e. be the second cock”. Chris cannot believe what he is hearing, but as he is very curious to what the hell is going on, so he stays quiet. His dad continues, “and he never did a dp. In order for us to make her day good he needs to practice dping a girl with his old man. What do you say princess? Let us me and your brother dp you, a few times in the next 3 weeks?” Chris eyes were wide open, his heart was beating 18 times faster. What the fuck is going on here he thought. How could dad talk to Sarah like this not to mention ask that! Before he could say anything, Sara said, “I don’t know dad. I don’t mind your friends fucking me but Chris?” “What??? Dad ok, what the fuck is going on? What does Sarah mean “your friends fucking her” and why can you ask her to do the dp?” "Shut up Chris you want mom to hear? Shall I tell him dad? Daddy and I have been fucking since I was 9!” “What??? Dad is this true?” “Yes it is … daddy raped me!” “Sarah!! I did not rape you! So don’t say such lies!” “Sowwy daddy I know you didn’t rape me I just like to think you did! Anyway daddy and I’ve been fucking for the last 4 years. Sometimes he and his friends gangbang me. Oh my god, daddy’s getting a hardon thinking about it! Hehehe nasty daddy!” “I’m not the only one Princess.
    I can feel your wet pussy on my cock, and you’re not wearing undies are you?” Chris’ dad lifted Sarah’s teeny skirt to revel her cute shaved pussy. He sticked his hand by her pussy and Sarah let out a sexy moan, ‘ooooh daddy . .

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      . that feels good. ” Sarah started to rock back and forth on her dad’s erect 8 inch cock. “Ahem!! I am still here,” said Chris. “Crap sorry son, we got caught up for a moment” “I can see” “So what do you say Princess. Will you do me a favour and let me and Chris dp you? Please baby, I really want to fuck Trish!” “For you daddy, anything, but you will owe me!” “Sure Princess, anything. Now that is settled, let us have our first dp session tomorrow morning after mom goes to work. We will all meet in your mom and my room. ” As Chris dad said this, without hesitation while Sarah’s still straddling him, grabbed and raised her tee to reveal a pair of young, sweet, smooth, firm teen boobies. He then proceeds to feel them very vigorously and placed his mouth over her left boob. ‘Dad what the fuck are you doing?” With the boob in mouth he said, “Whaf bo you fink i’m boing. I’m suking yob sibter boob. ” Removing his mouth but not his hands, he asked, “do you want to taste? They are fantastic. ” “Dad what if mom comes in?” “Oh she won’t come in. She’s busy on her webcam showing her pussy to some guy.

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       Come on take a quick lick. See your horny sister wants you to do it. ” “Pleeeease Chris lick my boobs!” Chris hesitated for a moment but he reached out and grabbed the closets boob to him. They felt wonderful, like holding the most precious thing in the world. Lust came over him as he began licking her nipples, then started to suck. His dad seeing his son, enjoying his daughter’s boob, began sucking the free boob, paying close attention to her erect nipple. Moaning loudly, Sarah was in heaven. Her brother and dad both sucking her boobs, while she was gyrating her exposed pussy on her dad’s amazingly hard cock. Although his cock was separated from her pussy by a thin piece of cloth, She couldn’t help but notice that this was the hardest she’s ever felt it! “Oh fuck daddy … Chris. I’m gonna cum. Don’t stop … I’m cumming, I’m cumming. ” Sarah body went still she started to convulse violently on her dad cock. At that point she let out a scream, not too loud but enough for her dad to grab her and kiss her to prevent her from alerting her mom. Dropping forward her head rested on her dad’s muscular chest. “Fuck that was amazing” “You liked that didn’t you princess.

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      ” “hmmm … Chris can sure lick and suck boobies!” “Um … thanks,” replied Chris as he blushed red. He have no idea what came over him, but now he have a huge hardon. “Um, Chris can you go keep your mom busy for 30 mins? I want to fuck your sister on the couch. ” As if in a daze Chris replied, “yeah sure dad, anything. ” He go up off the couch and walked up the stairs towards his mom’s study room. As soon as Chris was out of sight, his dad turned to Sarah and said, “now time to fuck this tight teen pussy!” “Yippie!!, exclaimed Sarah as she bounced on her dad’s iron cock. .