The Discovery pt 3


“Well, are you hungry?” I heard my daddy’s voice. . I must have dozed off… How long had he been gone? I realized I wasn’t bound to the bed anymore and sat up slowly. My bottom hurt a little. The sheets were still yuck. I slowly walked to the bathroom and sat on the toilet to pee. Why did my tummy feel so weird? It was like I had the biggest butterflies I had ever had in my life. I didn’t feel nervous. . It was just a weird feeling. I wiped my pussy when done and looked down at the toilet paper only to see streaks of blood and a clear discharge on it. I stood, still naked and glanced at myself in the mirror. Both of my breast had small bruise looking marks on them. My legs were weak. I sat back down on the toilet.
“Kailyn baby,” I heard my dad through the door, “you alright in there? Come eat.

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   Your food is getting cold. ” “I’m coming,” I said back to him.
I slowly stood and walked out of the bathroom. My dad had set up my food for me…Fast food. . A hamburger, fries, and cold drink. I wasn’t really hungry. I took a few bites of my hamburger and ate three or four fries. My belly felt too weird for me to eat much. I took a sip of my drink and looked back at the bed. My dad must have changed the sheets while I was in the bathroom. I lay back and took a deep breath, pulling the covers up over my naked body.
Daddy finished eating his hamburger and took his shirt off, then his jeans. He left his boxers on and climbed into bed next to me. His hands found my waist and he pulled me closer to him.

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   He began nibbling on my neck and rubbing my little titties again. I felt so good, almost intoxicated with pure affection. I could smell the alcohol on him as he kissed my lips softly. His tongue entered my mouth and he ran his fingers through my long hair. “Kailyn, I have a surprise for you…” he whispered quietly. “A surprise?” I asked innocently. I slowly reached through the opening in his boxers and placed my little hand on his growing cock. “Yep, a surprise for my little birthday girl. ” “Well,” I softly stroked his cock with my hand, “what is it?”
Daddy rolled over and grabbed his cell phone off the nightstand. He opened it, dialed a number, and when the other party answered he said only one word, “Now. ”
He sat up and reached for the camera again. After turning it on, he lay back in bed with me, lifted his behind off of the bed and removed his boxers. His cock was standing tall. . At least 7 inches, maybe 8.

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   Looking at it I wondered how he fit it inside of me earlier. He lay back in bed and began kissing me all over again. He was rubbing my tits and I slowly rolled over on top of him. My bare pussy was spread over his belly and my knees barely reached the mattress beneath us. I was leaning down kissing him when I heard the door open.
I quickly pulled the covers over my head and froze in fear. My dad laughed. I looked up at him from under the covers and he chuckled, “Its okay baby doll. . Its your birthday surprise…”
I turned to see who it was… I couldn’t believe it… There before me, slowly removing her clothes, was MISTY! My dad’s friend… My eyes must have said it all because she stopped undressing and said, “It’s okay Kailyn… I know we’ve never officially met, but your dad has told me all about you. ” She pulled the covers down and looked at me. “He also told me how beautiful you are… he didn’t lie. . You are like a little angel. ” She pushed my hair behind my ear and whispered softly, “Happy birthday sweetheart.

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“Thanks,” I managed to whisper back and I turned my eyes to my dad. He was all smiles. Misty stood back up and started undressing again. She took her hair and pulled it up. She was a very pretty woman. She was in good shape, tanned skin, with thick blonde wavy hair. I couldn’t help but feel a little uneasy now. She turned her back to me and squatted down to the bed. “Could you help me undo this?” she said, implying that I unhook her bra. I froze. I wasn’t sure what to do. My dad reached up and unhooked it. She turned, and let the bra fall to the floor. I was amazed at her tits. They were so perfect.

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   My dad had told me she wore a 34D bra. I was doing good to fill my training bra. She sat on the bed next to me and placed my hand on her nipple. “Its okay baby. . You can touch them. ” My dad’s cock was pressing against my ass crack and lower back as he watched me gently massage her breast. Her nipple grew harder and started to poke out. “Lick it Kai,” my dad said, “You’ll love it. ” Again I stopped and took my hand away.
“Oh now look what you did Mark,” Misty said, “You scared her… Lay down sweetie. . Let me make you feel good. ” My dad gave me a gently nudge to the right and I got off of him. I laid on my back between them.

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Her hands were like magic moving over my body. My back arched as she massaged my tits and rubbed my skin. I felt like I was in heaven. My dad slowly moved down between my legs and began kissing the inside of my thighs. I spread my legs as far as I could and allowed him full access to my clit, which he began licking and sucking lightly. Misty continued to massage my nipples as she watched my dad eat my pussy. She slowly lowered her head and began licking my nipples and sucking them very softly. I can’t describe the feelings radiating through my body. My dad sat up and motioned for her to come between my legs. She took my hand and placed it on my breast and told me to massage them myself. I did as instructed as she moved between my legs. My dad sat at the top of the bed by my head and slowly stroked himself. Misty lapped at my pussy slowly. Daddy ran his hand through my hair and watched his girlfriend lick me. She started very slowly, just lapping at my clit and then she slowly entered her finger into my tiny sore hole.

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   My pussy didn’t hurt, but it was a little tender. Misty was making it feel much, much better though. I moaned as I pinched my nipples and grinded my clit against her mouth. Daddy leaned down and kissed me deep. He placed the tip of his cock at my lips and I stuck my tongue out to meet it. My dad straddled my face and I sucked his cock into my mouth. Misty was fingering my pussy faster now. She’d finger me for a minute then dive into my pussy with her tongue. My dad pulled his cock from my mouth and told me to lick his balls. I stuck my tongue out and probed at his nuts until they were wet enough I could suck one at a time into my mouth. His legs began to shake as he got up and pushed Misty to the side. She giggled and wiped her chin. “I got her good and ready for you Mark,” she said as she kissed him. She grabbed the video camera and knelt behind him. With the camera over his left shoulder, she reached around him and grabbed his cock with her right hand, steadying it.

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   “You ready my baby?” he asked me. “She’s going to watch?” I asked nervously. She interjected, “Well you watch us, don’t you???” I looked wide eyed at my dad, who grinned at me. . “Yes, mam” I whimpered.
She guided my dad’s cock into my dripping wet cunny. He pressed hard against me as I braced myself for the pain I felt earlier. To my surprise, my daddy’s cock slid into my pussy with only slight discomfort. He began slowly pumping his cock in and out of my tight wet little hole. My clit was throbbing with excitement. My dad told Misty to put the camera back on the tripod, but to move it to the side of the bed. “There’s no reason for you to not enjoy this…” he told her. “Straddle her head, she’ll lick your pussy for you…” I had never tasted anyone’s pussy other than my own, but I was game. Hell, she ate the hell out of mine! She straddled my face, facing my dad, they embraced and began kissing as he pumped in and out of me faster. I reached with my hand to spread Misty’s shaven pussy lips and tickled her clit with my tongue.

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   I didn’t know what I was doing but I must have done something right because before I knew it Misty’s hips were rhythmically grinding into my mouth and I was fucking her pussy with my tongue! She tasted wonderful. My dad was squeezing her tits and sucking them and making out with her as he fucked my pussy. She started shaking and pressed her clit hard against me as she orgasmed. She got off of my face and kissed my lips. “You are wonderful baby doll…” My dad was still pumping me when I asked her if I could suck her nipples. . Her tits truly amazed me. She instructed my dad to pull out of me and give us a second to get situated. She lay on her back and instructed me to straddle her, with my hands on the bed right under her arms and my knees down by her legs. My dad entered my pussy from behind as I began sucking Misty’s tits. She held my head and played in my hair. “That’s it my baby. . Suck mommy’s titties. ” “That feels so good baby girl… you are doing such a good job.

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  ” I was so into sucking her tits I almost missed my dad’s orgasm. He pumped faster and faster out of my pussy until his cock was throbbing. He grasped the base and squeezed as hard as he could. He pulled my hair hard and unloaded hot streaming cum all over Misty’s tits. Misty rubbed the cum into her skin and pulled me back to her… “Suck mommy’s titties my angel,” she said as she squeezed my ass. My dad fell back onto the bed and took a deep breath . He watched as I cleaned his cum from his girlfriends breast. I lay on the bed next to Misty, my hand cupping one of her tits, my leg draped over her waist. Her arm was around my shoulder, rubbing my lower back and the very top of the crack of my ass.
“Happy birthday,” they both said in unison. I laughed, “thank you. ” We all lay in each others arms enjoying ourselves. After what seemed about an hour Misty and I got up to take a shower together. My dad was passed out. She dried my hair and then her own.


   We made out some more and then lay back in the bed where we played a little more before drifting off to sleep.
Pt. 4 to follow… if good feedback.



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