The Discovery Pt 2


Part 2. . The Discovery
For the next 4 or 5 months that’s about all we did. Every time my mother was out and Ash was either gone or asleep, I’d sneak off up to my daddy’s room and he’d finger me and lick my pussy or I’d lick his cock while he jerked off. He taught me how to actually suck up and down on his cock but I couldn’t take all that much of it into my mouth. I loved the taste of his cum and I lived to taste it. Misty would still come over to fuck daddy. Sometimes he’d let me hide in the closet and watch them. I’d rub my clit so much I’d cum harder than she would. Once he even let me watch while he and my mother had sex. I could see why he needed more help than just her. She’d just lay on her back and make him do all the work! I did as I was asked and didn’t say anything to anyone. I never even mentioned the affair to Ashleigh again.
I found myself examining myself more. I’d stand in front of the mirror naked before getting into the bath looking at my body. Again, I was only 18 but my body was beginning to develop.

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   My titties were a little less than my hand full and my nipples were perfect puffy circles of a light pinkish brown color. They were so sensitive, and sometimes it hurt if I played with them too much. My daddy would suck on them sometimes and that felt great. He was very gentle with them. I thought it was so weird how I could feel it in my pussy when he sucked on them. I would even kick my leg up and put my foot on the wall and spread myself to see inside my pussy. It was always bright pink, almost red. I didn’t have any hair that counted down there, just a little peach fuzz. Daddy said I’d get hair later, but he’d help me shave it off.
It was the morning of my 11th birthday that I found myself doing this same thing. I went to the bathroom to pee and caught my finger in my pussy again. I couldn’t help it. I spread my legs in front of the mirror and almost had to sit down I was pumping my finger so fast. My body shook and I decided I better wait for daddy. Mom would be going to work that evening, and tonight was the night I wanted to become daddy’s girl! He was going to fuck me tonight.

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   I knew he wanted to. He was just scared of hurting me. I wanted it though, I wanted it BAD!
I got dressed and pulled my long dark brown hair back in a low pony tail. I brushed my teeth and washed my face. My tanned skin was starting to freckle on the top of my cheek bones. I decided I was having a decent hair day, and I thought I looked kind of cute.
I ran downstairs and out the door to the bus stop. Ashleigh had caught a ride with her friends and she said she had a date tonight so she wouldn’t be back until later. “Perfect,” I thought to myself.
After school my daddy picked me up and we went to get ice cream. Mom was asleep (as usual) and he didn’t want me to make too much noise and wake her. Daddy made the waitress at the ice cream shop sing “Happy Birthday” to me. We also ordered my birthday cake for my sleepover party Saturday night.
As we got back into the car I decided to have some fun. Daddy was driving down the interstate and I pulled my uniform skirt up and began playing with my pussy right there in the car.

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“Kailyn!” my dad was obviously shocked. “What?” I asked innocently as my fingers poked at my pussy. “You’re making me horny daddy. . I can’t help it. All I want to do is play with my pussy!”
Daddy took the next exit and told me to put my skirt down. He pulled into the Best Western and told me to wait in the car.
A few minutes later my dad exited the office of the hotel holding a card key to room 203. We exited the car, got on the elevator, and he told me to take a shower while he ran back to the house. “Don’t bother putting those dirty clothes back on either. Just stay naked, dry your hair, and get under the covers. I’ll bring you some clean clothes from the house. ” We reached the room and he unlocked the door. “Don’t open this door for anyone. .

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   I’ll have the key when I get back. ”
I went inside and saw our room. It had a queen size bed, a dresser, a TV, and a little kitchen. I walked into the bathroom and stripped down to take a shower. Looking once again in the mirror, I cupped my titties with my hands and gave my nipples a little pull. I was so excited I could barely wait for my dad to return. I stepped into the shower and let the warm water run over my body. I soaped up my hands and slid them up and down my body. I squeezed my little titties and rubbed my nipples a little more. Damn, I really was hot. My nipples were becoming a little erect and my pussy was throbbing. I didn’t touch myself because I knew my daddy would be down there later. I washed my hair and turned the water off. Stepping out of the shower, I grabbed a towel and dried my hair some with it. I took another towel and wrapped it around my body.

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   I found some powder in the shelf by the sink and sprinkled it on my body and lower back, using the towel to rub it in. I found the hair dryer mounted on the wall next to the sink and dried my long thick hair. Peering into the mirror into my big green eyes I thought I looked a little sexy, in the least.
I exited the bathroom and dropped the towel. As my dad had instructed, I crawled into the bed and snuggled beneath the covers. I reached for the remote and turned the TV on. I drifted off to sleep a little while later.
My dad returned several hours later. I woke as he was shuffling inside, with two white paper bags and a suitcase. He said he had to see my mom off to work. He told her I was at a friends house and he would be going to stay with my ill grandmother till morning. They left a note for Ashleigh and he commented on how he figured she’d be getting fucked tonight too by her boyfriend since they had the house to themselves.
“You look so pretty Kailyn baby,” my daddy told me. I smiled and he said, “We’ll get started as soon as I get everything set up. ”
With that he opened the suitcase and I saw he had brought the video camera.

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   He was going to make a movie with me! He sat up the tripod at the end of the bed and angled it so it had full coverage of the bed. He turned the monitor part of the camera to face the bed and I could see myself on the screen.
He then started unpacking the bags. There were different packages of different sizes and shapes. There were some batteries and a tube of something. He ripped open one of the packages and took out a set of fabric handcuffs. There were two sets. He walked up to the bed and asked for my hand, which he strapped the handcuff around tightly. He then placed the other handcuffs on my other wrist and on both of my ankles. I was too short for the other end of the handcuffs to reach the bedpost, but Daddy must have thought of everything because he had four belts which he looped around the bedpost and fastened the handcuff around.
“Daddy, what is all this stuff for?” I asked.
“I’ll explain it all in a second, “ he answered shortly.
When he was sure the handcuffs and belts were secure he turned the camera on. I saw myself, completely naked, spread and bound to the bed on the screen. Daddy had ripped the covers off of me.

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“Now, today is Kailyn’s 11th birthday,” my daddy started to tell the camera, “For months now my baby girl has been teasing me, playing with me, sucking her daddy’s big cock just hours after it had fucked her mommy. She’s been all I could think about. I’d fuck her mom and think of her. I’d fuck Misty and think of her. I’d taste other women and compare it to the sweet virginal juices I had tasted out of my own daughter. Kailyn, you made daddy a pedophile. I’d look on the internet for little girls pictures. I’d beat off to them. I watch all the little girls getting off the bus with you. I’ve had very, very dirty thoughts concerning your sleepover tomorrow night. And now, I think you are ready. ”
“I am daddy. . I’m ready to be fucked. I want your cock more than anything.

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My daddy stood up and undressed off camera. He moved into the viewfinder completely naked and lay between my legs. “Isn’t this the absolute prettiest pussy you have ever seen?” he asked the camera. “You should taste it. Its incredible. ”
He began licking my spread pussy and tongue fucking me. I moaned and wiggled under him, completely helpless from the ties on my wrist and ankles. I wanted to play with my nipples as he ate my cunny but I couldn’t. I heard my daddy’s voice change, “Tell Daddy how it feels!” he demanded.
“Oh daddy. . It feels great. ”
“Describe it you little whore!”
“Oh, well. . Its so warm and wet.


  . And when you put your tongue inside me it makes my little clit go crazy. Its great daddy… I love it,” I panted… and it was hard to make it all out. He was eating me more intense than ever.
“Tell daddy to suck your tits. ”
“Daddy, suck my titties, suck on my little nipples and make them hard. ”
He moved up my body and placed his lips around my nipples. He began sucking and licking them hard as his huge cock hung down between my knees. He was sucking them so hard it began to hurt.
“Daddy you are hurting me. . You are sucking too hard. ”
“Shut up little girl… you are daddy’s whore and you’ll like everything I do to you. You better tell me how you love it or I’ll suck them so hard they will bleed. ”
My daddy was going crazy and it was beginning to scare me.

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   “TELL ME YOU LOVE IT!” he yelled.

    “Oh I love it. . I love it daddy. . I love it when you suck my titties. ”
    “That’s better,” his sucking stopped and I moaned again as his fingers found my pussy. He moved to my side so the camera could get a good view of his fingers entering and exiting my pussy hole. “That’s it baby. . Moan so daddy knows how good he’s making you feel. ”
    He began talking to the camera again. “See how much she loves it? She’s such a little whore. You should feel her. Her pussy is so warm, so hot, so tight you wouldn’t be able to hold your cum if you stuck it in her.


    I wasn’t sure if I wanted it to continue. It did feel good, but Daddy wasn’t acting right. Up until now it had always been more instructional, now he was being rough. I knew I didn’t really have a choice. I was tied up and Daddy was going to fuck me. There was no way out. I might as well try to enjoy it.
    “Oh daddy,” I moaned, “Your fingers feel so good inside me. Make me cum daddy. I’m your little whore. . I’m ready to be fucked. Please fuck me. . Please daddy, do me now.

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    My daddy turned to the camera again. “You want to see me rip her open? Are you sure you are ready slut? Are you sure?”
    “Yes daddy… stick your cock in my little pussy. ”
    Daddy reached to the table and got a tube off the table. He said it would make it even more slippery and numb my insides a little. He told me it was going to hurt, but only for a minute. Then it would feel really good. Like Misty felt.
    I couldn’t wait. I asked daddy to undo the ties on my wrist and ankles. “Please daddy. I want to hold on to you when you fuck me. ”
    He slowly undid the handcuffs on my ankles, kissed my clit once more than worked his way up to my wrist. He crawled over me so his cock was hanging in my face. “Well suck it whore!” he demanded.
    I took the head of his cock in my mouth but only for a second.

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       He was ready to fuck. He took the lubrication and slicked up his cock and slipped down between my legs. He lifted my ass in the air and put a pillow under it. “What do you want me to do?” he asked.
    “Fuck me… fuck my little 18 year old pussy. ”
    With that the head of his cock slipped inside my pussy. He was only about an inch in me and he was sliding further into me very slow. I felt so full and tight. He then slipped his cock out of my pussy and reached for the bag again. Out of the bag he took a small package, which he opened. He explained it was a cock ring. . So he wouldn’t cum too fast. He slipped it down to the base of his cock.
    Placing his cock at my entrance he pushed a little harder.

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      . I felt like I was ripping. “Daddy it hurts!” I wept. He slowed down for me to get use to the feeling of being so full.
    “I’m ripping her hymen. . This is the first time she’s been fucked. Get ready to see some blood,” my Daddy told the camera.
    “OUCH! Daddy!?!” I yelled as he shoved his cock in me to the very base. He laughed and lay on top of me… “Don’t move you little bitch. . I told you it would hurt! Don’t act like I didn’t warn your little slutty ass! It’ll ease up. . Give it a second. ”
    My pussy was so tight around his cock, but the pain was slowly subsiding.

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      . Was that it? Was it really going to feel good from now on? A few small pumps later I knew it would. I was in heaven. My daddy was fucking me, just like I wanted him to. He was up on his knees watching me as he fucked me. He finally leaned back to catch the camera and he took it in his hand. He giggled and told me I was doing great. It was the first time he acted like his old self. “Tell the camera how you feel…”
    “Ohhhh daddy,” I managed to whimper, “oh daddy. . I feel so full… thank you for making me feel like this… fuck me daddy… fuck your baby girl. ”
    “You are bleeding,” my daddy said as he moved the camera view down from my face to my pussy. “I have blood streaks on my cock. ”
    “Don’t stop dad… please… just don’t stop. ”
    Daddy laughed… “I’m not… trust me”
    Daddy started fucking me harder and harder, faster and faster he drove his cock into my cunt.

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       I started shaking and quivering and my pussy was convulsing around his cock.
    “Oh my fucking… “ Daddy’s voice trailed off….
    Daddy pulled his cock out of my pussy. I was so wet. . It was a mixture of blood and all the juice my pussy could expel. The sheets were a mess… Daddy pulled the ring off of his cock and instructed me to suck it up and down. I tasted myself on his cock… I didn’t taste half bad! Within 3 minutes streams of hot cum were bursting out of his cock. I let him cum in my mouth and I tried to swallow it all, but still dropped a good bit of it.
    I started to get up. I wanted to take a shower. Daddy pulled me back on the bed and started restraining me again. “What are you doing Daddy?” I asked.
    “Well, you did a good job, but you sure as fuck aren’t done. I paid for this room all night… and you can be damn sure I’m getting my money’s worth.

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    He strapped cloth around my wrist and ankles and got up. He put his clothes on… and then his shoes…
    “Daddy, where are you going?”
    “Oh, I need a drink… I’m going to go to the bar up the road. I won’t be that long. Get some rest, you’ll need it. ” Daddy smirked at me. He picked up the camera again and got a close up shot of my little cunny, still oozing with my own juice. He stuck his finger in me and lifted it to my mouth for me to taste.
    “You are so hot baby girl… I promise I won’t be gone long. ”
    He turned off the camera and walked out the door….
    Pt 3 to follow…. If you want it….



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