The Day I Fucked My Slutty Sis


That night, my parents went away for the week for their 30th honeymoon, so it was just me and my sis. Early in the evening, my sis was wearing a really short miniskirt and a revealing halter top. She was watching TV when I sat down on the couch beside her. I could taste her sweet pussy in my mouth, damn she was so hot! I just wanted to grab her and take off her clothes and fuck her. Then she asked me if I wanted to fuck her. I was confused for a moment, I always dreamed of fucking her young thick shaved pussy, but it took me a moment to say yes. She took my hand and gave me a little tease by rubbing it over her already soaking pussy. She wasn’t wearing any thongs today I found out as soon as I touched her cunt. I began rubbing her tight pussy, it was so fucking wet! Now all I wanted to do was fuck that wet pussy. She stood up and walked up the stairs to her room. I followed her up, and on the way up I caught another glimpse of her pussy. I grabbed her tight ass and she let out a moan of pleasure, as I let out a sigh of relief. She took off her halter top, and unzipped her miniskirt. Then, she sat on the bed. Her tits looked so much firmer and hotter in reality! I took off my shirt, then I yanked down my jeans. I pulled off my boxers and let my throbbing 7 inch dick be exposed and went to her.

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   I started rubbing her B cup tits. Ooh they were so nice and firm. By now my cock was throbbing for pussy. My desire had now taken over, I knelt her down on her knees and stuck my huge cock in her warm mouth and down her throat. I could feel her mouth sucking my hard dick, and her lips squeezing my cock. I started dripping pre-cum into her mouth. I knew I was so close to blowing my gigantic load of cum in her mouth, so I grabbed the back of her head and forcing all 7 inches of cock down her throat. Moments later, I blew my load and she gagged there was so much cum! I ordered her to swallow it all. I took my cum and saliva covered cock out of her mouth. Then she opened up her pussy lips wide and I thrusted my big cock into her warm pussy. Her pussy was so wet, after getting in my cock in, it was so easy thrusting her wet pussy harder and harder. Every time I’d pull out 6 inches then thrust 6 inches back in her young tight pussy. I could tell she loved my huge cock by her moans of pleasure. She was now getting really close to cummming. I continued thrusting her harder and harder, faster and faster.

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   I saw her tits jiggle, so I started sucking her titties. After a minute of fast, hard, rough fucking, she exploded her pussy juices all over my cock. I could feel her pussy walls contracting and tightening around my massive dick. By now I was also getting worked up again, and wanted to cum really bad again. As she finished cumming, I pulled my pussy juice covered cock out, and told her to kneel over like a dog. Without saying anything, I rammed my cock deep into her tight asshole. I knew that if I would have went slowly, she would have rejected me. I kept ramming her tight ass like a wild bull. Her boobs kept bouncing back and forth. I saw the pain on her face quicking turn to pleasure feelind my cock in her ass. My cock was getting so big that after I was done assulting her rectum, all would be left is a huge gaping hole. I was so close to cumming, I pulled out and stuck my shit covered cock in her mouth again. At first, I could tell she hated the taste of her own shit, but after it was gone she turned back into a cock hungry slut. Again, I blew another huge load in her mouth, but this time it was too much to handle. She gagged, then cum started oozing out of her lips.

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   I taught her the 69 position. I licked her sweet pussy in and out for about 5 minutes. Then, she exploded her pussy juices out like a water fountain. I tasted her cum and it tasted so young and pure like nothing else. I told her to suck my dick again, but she said no, but I blackmailed her saying I would tell my she’s on drugs. Little did my mom know she was getting fucked by her own brother. After dumping another load of salty cum in her mouth, and after we both came back down to earth. She picked up her clothes and walked to the shower to wash off all the cum over her face, pussy, and ass. Until next time she wants to fuck….