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I then stood up and layed her down on the bed "Fuck me Allen" she said. I was more than happy to oblidge as I inserted My Cock into her pussy she yelped in pain as i pushed in and incountered her Hymen. I felt a wave of happiness wash through me as I thought that I was going to be able to take her virginity. I pushed through she screamed in both pleasure and painI could feel her Pussy moving around my cock as I moved in and out It was so tight and warm and I was so exited by the fact that I was finally fucking her that I had to work hard to be blowing my seed into her right then. I wanted this to be the best fuking she ever got and I was succeeding as she moaned and screamed as I moved in and out of her pussy She Climaxed several times. As she Climaxed the last time she maneged to say in between Moaning That she would let me fuck her anytime anywhere and to hell with her boyfriend in texas.

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   This got me so hot that I blew my seed right there Filling her pussy with stream upon stream of hot cum she I kissed her then Fingered her to climax As she cummed the last time we were both so exhausted that we collapsed laying on each other and fell asleep. To be ContinuedComments are welcome be truthful.



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