The Daughter in Law


Joyce can be mischievous; she didn’t give me a verbal answer to my question. However when she served the coffee, she made it a point to lean over in front of me with the loose top of her dress I could clearly she her tits hanging down. Then standing back up she turn around and dropped a spoon on the floor and slowly bent over to pick it up the dress was short enough to ride up enough to reveal her naked ass. I laughed and said speaking of assholes. She calmly sat down and said Dad; “ Is something bothering you”. We chatted for a while and she caught me up on what was going on in their lives. Joyce shared my excitement with me about my early retirement, saying she was really glad I would be only about 45 minutes away and she hoped that she could see a lot more of me. I couldn’t resist the opportunity. That seems only fair and after your little show earlier, it certainly would be Hard for me to see more of you and speaking of Hard I think I need a cold shower or a dip in your pool. I think I will opt for the pool. That comment got me a look, a smile and a wink. She said great I as soon I finish cleaning these dishes I will join you. I had taken a short dip in the pool and was laying down on one of the lounge chairs, when Joyce came out to join me. She asked me what did I think of her swimsuit and turned around slowly so I could see it from all sides it was just three small pieces of white material held together with string. The top barely covered her half dollar size nipples and the bottom piece was trying to conceal her pussy, but it had worked it’s way between the lips of her cunt and only served to outline the shape of her slit leaving the shaved sides of her mound showing. The effect was electric and instantaneous on my cock; now erect making a large tent in my suit.

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   I decided to answer her by getting up and turning around slowly, showing off the large tent my cock was making in my suit. Wow, you really do like my suit; her eyes fixed on my cock. Hey dad, how big is that thing? I answered, don’t know, but you could take a peek if you want. She walked over to me and knelt down in front of me pulling my suit down freeing my cock to proudly wave in the wind. So much for the like father like son, that’s a myth, yours is a monster. I said you know, it is a curse; it is probably too big for you. She said well you might be surprised and cradled my balls in one hand guiding my prick into her open mouth. I was in heaven the heat of her mouth, the gentle sucking and her tongue massaging to underside of my cock, she was determined to get all my cock in her mouth. Joyce grabbed my ass pulling me deeper and I started slowly fucking her mouth. She was persistent but her gag reflex kicked in She smiled up at me and said, that is going to take a little practice then added, dad is it true that you old guys don’t eat pussy. The gauntlet had been thrown down and with a flourish I offered her my hand and led her to the lounge chair. If My Lady will remove her suit and recline on this chair, I believe I will be able to answer your inquiry. She was a vision lying there with legs spread. I gently ran the tip of my tongue along the lips of cunt, spreading them several time until I had her cunt open and went to work on her clit carefully stroking along each side making sure to avoid touching its sensitive head. She squirmed under me trying to move my tongue to her sensitive spot.

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   I use my finger to explore her hot hole, while my tongue found the entrance to her ass and slowly teased it with the tip of my tongue until I could get in inside while fucking her with my finger guarding her clit with my free hand, she kept trying to give herself her own release. Moving from her sweet asshole. I went to work on her clit. Her hands went to my head holding me in place and my tongue went to work. She was a climax machine, climaxing several times, before she relaxed her grip on my head. Her skin was glistening with sweat, when I got between her legs placing them on my shoulders guiding the head of my cock to the opening of her pussy inching it in until the tip disappeared in her hot hole wanting her to feel every inch slide in I went slowly and she started to moan as her cunt tried to adjust to my cock. Finally all the way in I reamed her hot hole until the hot tight walls of her pussy did there work and my cock exploded inside of her, filling her with my hot seed and. collapsing on top of her spent. We had to scramble around to get our suits back on, when we heard Christina’s car pull up into the driveway. I was anxious to see Christina; I had not seen my granddaughter in 4 years, when she was only thirteen. Nothing could have prepared me for Christina running up to me shouting grandpa Bob and giving me a hug. There was no doubt that she wasn’t thirteen any more. Her blond hair and tits made her look a lot like her mom. We chatted for a while. Then I had to meet a friend, who I had promised to meet at one of the local bars.

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   When I returned they were watching a movie and said they would start it over if I wanted to watch it with them. I said no, I think I will call it quits for the night. I woke up about seven the next morning and was making my way to the kitchen for my first cup of coffee. Christina was in the family room exercising to one of the cable TV exercise shows. She saw me and without missing a beat said morning grandpa, there coffee in the kitchen. Mom had to help one of her friends move today and will be back around six tonight, I though we might do something today. She was exercising in her bra and panties, which would and been at least translucent if they were dry, but were now transparent being damp with her perspiration. My eyes were glued to her as I drank my coffee at the kitchen table watching her tits and ass. She finished with her workout and walked over to where I was sitting. She said I see you really enjoyed watching me exercise, pointing to the bulge in my pants. I was really embarrassed, but she continued mom was right. She said I couldn’t miss it if you got excited. Grandpa let me suck that for you, mom said she couldn’t take it all and I’d like to try. My mind was racing, but right now I really didn’t give a damn that she was my granddaughter, I guided my prick to her mouth as she knelt in front of me. She expertly worked on my cock with her hot mouth grabbing my ass encouraging me to fuck her mouth.

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   I started fucking her mouth, going deeper with every stroke. I felt her swallow as my cock pushed it way into her throat. My balls had just slapped up against her chin, when she started gagging and pulled away catching her breath, her eyes were watering and said I did it, mom didn’t think I could. Mom said you really know how to eat pussy and you drove her crazy when you had your tongue in her ass. Want to eat me? The musty smell of her pussy and the sweet taste of her juices had me really working on her clit, she climaxed quickly and I pulled my face away from her pussy and told her to get on her hand and knees. My face was between her cheeks of her ass, my tongue in her asshole and while fingering her clit; she exploded into a violent organism I couldn’t wait any longer. The head of my cock pressed up against her asshole, which was slick from my saliva. I push my cock against her hole. Slowly the tip slid in a little and I work it back and forth until at last the head of my cock popped into her ass. Then I rammed all of my cock into her ass and gave her butt a good reaming. She started rubbing her pussy and shortly my cock started throbbing and I let go shooting my load as deep into her ass. I kept fucking her hole letting the tightness of her asshole milk my cock dry. Later on we were talking in the kitchen she said I can’t wait for mom to get home. To tell her you fucked me in the ass and I did get all of your cock in my mouth. The rest of the day went by quite quickly, we ate lunch at one of the local restaurants.

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   I helped Christina get some chores done, that her mom had left for her to do. By 5:30 the house was spotless and the laundry was done. I also had a large container of martinis chilling in the refrigerator. Joyce got home at 6:00 and asked me if I had a good day. I told her it was ok and I had spent most of the morning helping Christina with some research project and the rest of the day we both had cleaned house. We though you might appreciate a clean house when you got home after moving all day and offered her a drink. Christina just went to shower up you could join her and have her wash her poor old mother’s back. Joyce smirked at me, but did take the drink from me and said in spite of your wise crack a shower does sound good and left me alone in the kitchen. I really didn’t know what to expect. They were gone for over an hour and I was working on my third drink when they joined me in the family room. They both had long terry cloth robes on and there hair was still damp. Joyce was saying, wow it sounds like you two had a pretty busy day. Just how did you help out with Christina’s research project? I explained that it wasn’t that big of a deal, but it did take some time. Christina didn’t really explain it to me all I had to do was stand there, while she proved that a girl could do things a grown woman couldn’t. I guess my real contribution was when I went, “where no man had gone before”.


   Oh I almost forgot I did help her to gauge physical responses to oral stimulation. That was about it. Joyce said, gee dad, let me see if I understood what you just said, feel free to correct me if I am wrong. This morning, Christina gave you a blowjob, and then you ate her pussy and fucked her in the ass. Well, I don’t know if I would have put it that way, but I guess you have the gist of it. She smiled and said it seems like your having a good time and winked at Christina. We have a few ideas about what we could do later but first we will treat you too dinner, but you will have to go along with what we come up with. Ok? Seeing the looks on both of their faces, I wasn’t all that sure what crazy ideas they would have, but said Deal. I was the envy of every man in the club/restaurant they took me too. They both had short sundresses on that showed off all of their assets. It was a very nice place and dinner was great and the group they had playing was also excellent. We finally got home about midnight. They told me to shower up while; they got into something more comfortable. I step out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around my waist and the house was completely dark. I made my way to the master bedroom that was lighted entirely by candles and Joyce and Christina were standing at the foot of the bed wearing matching sheer nightgowns.

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   They told me to sit and watch; I could see that they were both excited there nipples erect and hard. They embraced each other passionately, and there lips met in a long slow kiss. There passion increased quickly and soon they were exploring each other’s mouth with their tongues. The action was picking up-tempo now on the bed they alternately sucking there nipples. I could tell that this mother and daughter combination had done this before, knowing exactly what the other wanted and when they wanted it. My presences seemed only to feed their lust and I know watching had me worked up as I was stroking my dick watching them. They had settled into a 69 position with Joyce on top and from the sounds of it were bring each other to multiple climaxes. Christine pulled her mouth from her moms dripping pussy long enough to say to me, grandpa fuck mom in the ass while I eat her. I got the head of my cock between the cheeks of her gorgeous ass found her asshole and rammed my whole cock into her ass. Much to Joyce dismay I was in no hurry and enjoying myself too much to cum quickly. I fucked Joyce for a long time while Christina played with my balls. Finally I did explode into her ass and we all collapse on the bed in a sweaty heap. About 45 minute later Christina had started to suck my cock back to life. I heard Joyce say, is turnabout fair play and I look up and she had a nine-inch strap-on cock that she was stroking. I don’t know but the though of having my gorgeous daughter in law fuck me excited me and what my granddaughter was doing wasn’t helping me to calm down.

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   She spread the cheeks of my ass and spit on my asshole saying that all the lube you need! Then got into position and rammed it into me, at first the pain was incredible, but slowly it started to feel good. The giant strap on cock was rubbing my prostrate, which felt so good; it felt like I was approaching an anal climax, something I didn’t think was possible. Joyce set me off first with a tremendous wave of pleasure and I thought I was going to pass out. Then Christine tongue had finally made my cock explode in her mouth. Cum being sucked out of me on one side and being pumped out of me from behind. I had never felt like that in my life. I fell asleep, between two gorgeous naked bodies thinking about a morning quickie. Thanks for reading this and I hope you enjoyed it. .



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