The Crystal Tides


The Crystal Tides

    Sitting on the couch, with an indifferent expression on her face, Crystal, a young woman of 18 years, peered aimlessly into the depths of her mind, ignoring the television. She was about 5 ft. 4, and she was wearing a pair of blue shorts which wrapped around her legs tightly, and a white tank top pressing tightly against her C breasts, and tucking around her thin stomach. Her hair was dirty blond, and cascaded down behind her shoulders, and had green beryl shaded eyes, with long lashes, and had a cute girlish nose in the center of her face and a pair of beautifully shaped lips underneath As she let out a tiny sigh of boredom, her brother Josh walked into the room, holding two towels. He was dressed in black shorts and was wearing no shirt. He had Dark Brown eyes, his hair was likewise and hid emotion well, and only a few people could tell what he was feeling. His nose was placed perfectly, and he had a moderately athletic build, he was 13.
    Josh sat next to Chrystal and inquired, “Hey, what's up?” Crystal gazed into nothingness for a moment longer as she was thinking, and responded “Nothing really, it's the middle of July and I am so, bored. ” Josh replied “You're not alone, I mean, I'm 13, and should be hanging out with my friends doing something, anything, but they're all off on their big vacations”, Crystal said “Well, maybe we can get something off pay per view, I mean, mom and dad went off for the week end, it's Friday, and they left us with 50 bucks, plus I have some money in savings from doing small jobs, and it goes on the bill anyways, so, it wont hurt anything. ” Josh consented and handed his sister the remote, as she was checking if anything good was on he surveyed her body, and compared it to his own, he noticed that he was only a couple of inches shorter than her, and thought nothing else of it. Finally, Crystal announced, nothing is on! Nothing but cheesy dramas and a couple of sitcoms, and a bunch of infomercials. ” Josh said in response, “Why don't we go through the movies, we have enough movies to keep us entertained for a while” Crystal agreed and they both started going through the movies on the shelf. After what felt like at least fifteen minutes of reading the backs of movies, Josh asked, “Hey, what time is it?”, Crystal inclined her head and said, clock says, 4:00 PM. , want to go check mom and dad's room?”, “Sure”, said Josh. They walked into their parents bed room and started looking through movies stacked on a chest of drawers, then, after no success Crystal decided to check their drawers for anything interesting. Josh asked “Why are you checking their drawers?”, “Well, I overheard dad asking mom if the “movie” was in hiding away from where the kids could find it, why not, it can't be that bad”, “What if its like a porno or something?” interjected Josh, “Yea, I bet that's what you are counting on” she said with a slight laugh.


   “Whatever. . . ” said Josh, slumping on his parents bed staring at the ground, and that's when he noticed a video concealed underneath his parents second chest of drawers to the left of him. As he bent over to pick it up, his sister said, “Hey, check this out,” while pulling out a pack of condoms giggling. “Hey, that's not yours! Put it away!” exclaimed Josh, “What, and that video you have is yours?” Crystal said in a mocking voice. Josh then said in a completely amazed voice, “Whoa. . ”, “What?”, asked Crystal while snatching the movie out of his grasp, gasping as she read the title “Wow, never though mom and dad had parties like that. ”. The title of the movie was in dark black marker “Sex classes:Day one-Us at the class/home video”

    Almost in an ecstatic tone, Crystal asked “Have you ever seen anyone else but yourself naked?”, he quietly looked down and said “No, have you?”, “Only other girls, I haven't been able to use visual aids, if you get my point” Josh looked at her surprised and said nothing but “Uh. . . ” and she responded with asking him “have you ever had an orgasm and ejaculated before?” Josh looked coyly at her and said, “Well, it's not really any of your business. ”,.

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   Knowing he obviously had from his attempt to change the subject, she said “ I masturbate every night,” trying to feel comfortable, or possibly just competing, he said “Well, so do I”. Crystal told him “I am so, freakin', hot and horny right now”, she said rubbing through her shorts. Taken aback, Josh withdrew slightly, and noticing this Crystal said “What, disturbed to see your older sister rub her pussy?” and walked into her bedroom with Josh behind her.

    Crystal then popped in the video and turned on her TV, the two of them took a seat on the side of her bed facing the television, then the video started. At first the image blurred for a few seconds, and then it cleared up, with a clear picture depicting a group of five people sitting around a table, two of the people who were sitting near each other were their parents, and two their aunt and uncle on their father's side of the family. Everyone around the table had a hand of cards, and the camera shifted slightly as the camera person set the camcorder on a tripod and sat with them, the first person who lost, their dad, took off his shirt, they were obviously playing strip poker. As the movie progressed, both Josh and Crystal were rubbing their crotches, and right before the first person to expose their self, their uncle, Crystal paused the movie and said in a playful tone “Want to see me naked? Wait, but you have to show me yourself naked also,. . ”, “OK” said Josh, obviously excited. Crystal raised her shirt over her head and threw it on the ground followed by her bra, releasing her perky C breasts. She then slid down her shorts, dropped them, and rolled on her back slipping off her panties with her ass in the air. Josh was not wearing underwear under his swimming shorts and clearly was aroused with his rising cock. Crystal smiled at him, rolling back to sitting on her butt and eying him with a sexy glint reflecting through her very demeanor. “Now it's your turn Josh” she said. Josh slid down his shorts and his cock was fully erect, six inches with pubes around the base, it was uncircumcised and had a vein running up the side, and its head was a shade of magenta.

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   Crystal looked at him hungrily and hit the play button on for the movie to start again, surprisingly once the first person took off their clothes, so did the rest of them, and the camera woman picked up the camera and everyone walked into the living room. When the camera was set in the living room to show everyone, the unrecognizable camera woman then started giving instructions, saying that they would be trying anal sex, if none of them have before, and told them to pick a partner and proceed with the operation, all of the women bent over and spread their legs slightly, and the instructor said to use plenty of lube and not to cum until later. Their parents and the other two people started then having anal sex and after a few minutes, Crystal paused it yet again and looked at her brother with interest. She then reached over and grabbed his cock, and he did not resist, and she began stroking it, when it was apparent he was going to climax, she stopped, she never had seen a guy cum, but she heard, that once he did, it was over, and she wanted more than that. She said then, “OK, my turn, just rub this, my clit, and those, my lips of my pussy, K?”, “OK” said Josh, unsure of what to do. He rubbed her vagina's lips, massaging her clit at the same time. Beads of sweat developed over her body, her breathing came in short gasps, and her hips bucked towards his hands, wanting more. She said “I'm gonna orgasm, stop”, as she stopped, she moaned and stretched out and said, “Josh, I need something inside me, I have never had a cock in me, and I need it bad.

    Josh was confused by his sister's request and retorted “The last thing I need is a pregnant sister, especially not by me” Crystal rolled her eyes and said, “Remember those condoms sweety? Go get them, OK?”. As her brother retrieved the condoms, Crystal rubbed at her pussy, moaning softly with a smile as she did. When Josh returned, he sat at the end of the bed with a condom in hand and said, “How do I get this on? It's not long enough!” Don't be stupid” said Crystal, “Read the box, it explains I'm sure”. After reading the box, he slid on the condom over his cocks head and down the shaft, covering it. He said “I got this lube stuff too, he said, squirting some on his hand and rubbing it onto his hard penis, slightly shaking from the shock of the events which were taking place. He then sat above his sister and lowered his cock into her pussies lips, and submerged into her vagina.

    As Josh penatrated she moaned, but also, cried a little from her virgin hymen breaking, and releasing a trickle of blood.

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   Josh asked “want me to stop?” Crystal shook her head no, but josh picked up a pillow and removed the case, took his cock out for a moment and started cleaning the blood with it. Luckily, the bleeding stopped fairly fast. “Thanks, it doesn't even hurt now, it only has a little bit of a stinging, please, do me” Josh listened to her and started pushing himself back in after lubing up again. He Slid his cock into her deeper and deeper, making her moan, and after a while, the two started humping into each other, and picked up a fast paced tempo. Josh and Crystals breaths were stammering out in fast breaths, and were humming and moaning. Sweat poured off of their bodies as the minutes passed on, and after about another twenty minutes, the room acquired the wavering smell of sex in the air. First to cum was Crystal. Her eyes blinked quickly, her body shuddered, and her hips released one last powerful lunge towards her brother's cock, and stopped breathing, and after what felt like an eternity of a non sequential state of nirvana, and a pulse of an orgasm rushed through her body and her heart felt like it had exploded and her soul was reaching up towards her brother, as he came just after she started, and they melded into one person.

    After their first ever time having sex, Crystal stayed in her position on her back as Josh started licking her pussy. “Thank you honey, that feels good, you still horny?” she said, he responded, “yea, but we can wait, just rest. She then fell asleep and later found herself in her brothers arms, “where are we going?” asked Crystal, “It's a surprise, close your eyes. ” Crystal heard the door open and felt the cool night air touch her naked body, then after a short walk, “OK, open your eyes” waded into their 18 ft. deep cement pool. Crystal let herself submerge into the water, wrapping her legs around her brother's waist. Josh, without saying anything, started kissing her, and searching around her mouth, playing with her tongue, she asked “If we do it again, we aren't going to stop, are you wearing a condom?” “Yes” said Josh.

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   She then unwrapped her legs and slid his hard cock into her pussy, and started to bounce, her breasts shaking and bouncing as she did. Then Josh humped against her bouncing and they soon found themselves in a state of bliss, both orgasming at the same time again. Afterwards, and wordlessly, Josh took off the condom, placed it kissed his sister, and got atop a large floating lounge bed, and she got on top of him, back towards him, and they both fell asleep.



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