The Cost Of Private Education - Part 1


Astonished didn't come close to how I felt. Seeing a woman wearing a bra in Sears catalog was a big deal! I'd never seen a real-life bare breast; the most I’d seen was a flash of flesh as a girl at school bent to pick up a dropped pencil was about the best I'd ever managed. So the possibility that I could actually two totally bare breasts was enough to have me masturbating for weeks. I had to mow a lot of lawns or clean a mile of gutters to earn that kind of money. But I was eager to accept her offer and after three weeks of long hard work I had the $20 asking price. Now that I was actually ready for the biggest purchase of my young life, I struggled with how to ask. Taking my money, I strutted to Amy's bedroom door and knocked. Coming to the door, Amy peeked out as she gradually opened it. I thrust the money towards her, said "What time suits you?"Amy was stunned and her initial confusion turned into comprehension that I'd called her bluff. The door opened no further, Amy froze for several moments. When she regained her wits, she at last replied "I'll let you know, soon. " Then her door closed. The next day, when I walked into my room, Amy was sitting on my bed. Standing as I walked in, Amy told me to sit on the edge of my mattress. Once I was seated where she'd just been, Amy said, "We're alone, Mom must be food shopping. Here are my terms.

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   I'll keep my promise, but this is educational only, no touching allowed. You can look at me for two minutes and then I leave. "Nodding, dumbly, my posture couldn't have been any better, I sat up as straight as a board. Facing me from roughly two feet away, Amy began to unbutton her blouse. My mind raced, it was the very same blouse I'd seen her wearing all day at school. Now I was seeing what happened every other night of my life behind her closed bedroom door. To her credit, she didn't rush it, at an everyday pace her buttons one by one opened, each one undone revealing a little more bra, or a little more flat tummy to my eager eyes. With the final button undone, Amy pulled her shirttails out of her skirt. Unhurriedly, she removed her blouse and then tossed it onto my bed, allowing me a few seconds to study her wearing nothing above her skirt except her fancy looking white bra. Her arms whet behind her. Unclasping it, her hands each reached for, then lowered a shoulder strap until gravity slid the bra down her arms. Catching it in her right hand, she tossed it atop her blouse. As you'd expect, nothing else registered with my conscious brain except the sight of two very female breasts before my aching eyes. What an amazing sight! A pair of large apple-sized orbs, floating before her chest as if defying gravity. Back then I didn't know the term was areolas for the silver dollar-sized dark red areas surrounding her tender looking nipples.

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  Neither of us spoke, I couldn't even move. I simply absorbed every detail I could gather for my information-starved brain. Each tiny bump on each areola was duly noted. The amount of white skin versus dark red was observed and filed. The fact that both nipples grew larger and more inviting as I stared at her was detected, the details, second by second flooded into a Sahara of male ignorance. "Dear Lord in heaven, what a beautiful sight. " was the first and last true thought I had before Amy learned over to grab her things, then covered herself with her loose garments. My heart had nearly stopped when she bent to retrieve her clothing, her breasts had swayed and jiggled beneath her as she'd made her fluid movements. Gathering herself, Amy assured me I had nearly two and a half minutes to see her after the bra was removed. It felt like ten-seconds, but I knew she was telling the truth. It was only after I closed my door, when I lay on my bed, that I actually got an erection. Moments later, with my pants around my knees, the twin images so recently burned into my mind triggered a powerful, prolonged orgasm. That twenty-dollar investment brought me considerable return on my investment, yet gradually my almost obsessive desire to see more of her returned. Again, I resumed hounding her, but now it was to see butt. Jeans or skirt, it didn't matter, neither one could keep her secret.

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   A delightful, delectable, derriere dwelt within. Having seen breasts, I was desperate to view a female backside. My persistence eventually, at long last, earned me the same financial offer. "Twenty dollars for two minutes. "By that time I had regular customers for my services. I had to work plenty hard, but it took just over two weeks to earn another $20. The same day I brought it home, I placed it on her pillow. That night I was reading on top of my bed before going to sleep. A knock sounded behind me, it was so soft that I initially wondered if I'd actually heard something. Knowing the folks had gone to bed before I'd begun to read, I crept to my door rather than speak. It was Amy. Holding the door open for her, I eyed her pajama-clad figure as she softly padded into my room. Her left hand made a sweeping gesture, silently inviting me to sit on the edge of my bed. Following her unspoken bidding, I settled my PJ clad butt onto my mattress, praying silently that she was here to earn her money. Facing my seated self, Amy appeared calm as she stated, "Two minutes, no touching.

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   OK. ""OK. " I whispered, barely able to breathe from the anticipatory tension. Turning, facing away from me, Amy grabbed her waistband. To me it seemed an interminable delay, but a few seconds later Amy pushed her PJ bottoms below her buns. It would be unfair to call it a show, but as she gave me my two minutes of viewing, her cheeks tightened, then relaxed, several times. I never got the sense she was trying to do anything more than give me my money's worth. By turning a little left, then a bit right, I was treated to a nearly left profile to right profile perspective. Amy stayed upright, so even seated, I barely saw more than a bit of dark brown fuzz between her legs. Yet as much as I wished to see her pussy, her young bottom held my rapt attention. I may not have breathed for the entire time. Having been monitoring her watch, Amy softly called "Time. " As she bent forward to grasp her pajama bottoms, I did spy the briefest hint of her vaginal slit beneath its furry covering. Regrettably the sole light atop my headboard didn't illuminate very well below her jutting tush. My eyes were still striving to magically see Amy's glorious rear though her thin Pajama's, my fingers remained locked in a death grip on my comforter.

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   Promptly turning to face me, I saw surprise cover Amy's face, her eyes dropped to my lap. Tonight, I knew what to expect when Amy walked into my room, knew I was going to see a mighty nice looking girl's butt. Let's face it; the first you've seen has to be the best you've ever seen. Anyway, my body was also a bit ahead of the curve this time. The result of that bit of anticipation was Amy seeing a major league erection poking out through my Pajama's fly. I'd been ready for bed; my underwear was in the bathroom hamper. The one tiny snap in the middle of my fly was never designed to confine an angry penis. The nearly purple crown, leaking a thin trail of clear liquid, was as much a surprise to me as to Amy. For several seconds it seemed as if the world stopped turning; crickets fell silent, owls couldn't hoot. Abruptly Amy shook her head, straightened up tall, because she'd ever so slightly leaned forwards and then headed for the door. Before she could move, I added, "Amy, I want to see. . . in front. I've never wanted anything more in my life.

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  "At least twenty seconds later, I heard a fairly business-like voice drift back to me. "Forty dollars. " The amount, and the possibility of actually seeing her, both stunned me. That night I masturbated three times. The following day I played hooky because I got so little sleep. Even though I slept much of the day, I enjoyed a few more ejaculations between each nap. Forty bucks that I could part with took a while to pull together. But I did it. Many dreams about what a real girl would look like teased me between the first dime and the final dollar earned to fulfill my fantasy. Barely able to contain myself, I was eventually able to a deliver the $20 into Amy's soft hands after dinner that night. I couldn't read her expression when I handed it over. Was she smiling? Was it a wry smile, was there irony, amusement, subtle triumph. Her thoughts at that moment were as much mystery to me as the treasure between her legs. When she finally looked into my eyes, her voice was soft, but her expression remained inscrutable. "Friday night?" was all she asked.

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  I nodded a yes. It was only Tuesday night, but I'd learned my lesson. When I managed to see my first pussy, I didn't want to worry about not being able to sleep all night. Friday night eventually arrived and luckily our parents were out for the evening. As soon as they departed, I made tracks for Amy's room. Her door was open; she was reading on her bed. "Is now good for you?" I asked trying not to sound as hyped up as I actually felt. When she nodded a yes, I softly asked, "Would like for me to wear my pajamas, just like that other time a ways back?"We both knew what I was asking. Still, I couldn't read her almost neutral expression when her eyes met mine. For a time, I thought she wasn't going to answer. "If you feel like it, I don't mind. "Leave it to a female to speak, yet say absolutely nothing!Retreating to my room, I changed into my pajamas and sat on the edge of my bed as before. Suspecting that Amy was at least a bit curious about how I looked, I'd only done the snap at the waistband. Already I felt tingling in my groin just from thinking about the impending two magical minutes. When I heard Amy approach my doorway, my penis began to swell.

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   By the time she stood 3' away, facing me, my half-awake shaft was creeping into the light. I had the impression she was staring at my penis, but my eyes were glued at her leg's juncture, afraid I might miss even a second of seeing what I tried so long to envision. Taking a deep breath, Amy unsnapped her pajama trousers, then let them fall. Sweet Jesus, there she was, there IT was. A lush covering of nearly black fur adorned her groin. She stood with her feet a bit more than 2' apart, so I could see between her legs. Her pelt was thick, the hairs were fairly straight, but it pressed tightly against her. Details of her pussy were hard to see, but I could discern a shape like a 3 turned ninety degrees to the right at the lowest part of her pussy. As we studied each other, I began to observe a hint of a slit, a touch of pink underneath her covering. Feeling movement between my legs, I suspected my soldier was saluting her breath-taking beauty, but I refused to waste a single second by looking away from Amy. My heart hammered at my rib cage, my lungs seemed determined to demonstrate just how much air they could inhale at one time. Yet I wasn't alone, even with my eyes riveted to Amy's most feminine attribute, I could see her belly rise and fall from her breathing. Distracted as I was, I knew Amy was giving me well more than the agreed two minutes. When her hands began to move, my instant reaction was nonetheless to think, "Oh God, not already. " Maintaining my unblinking attention was greatly rewarded.

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   Instead of bending from the waist to reach her bottoms, Amy squatted, lowering her entire body. By the time her fingers touched the waistband, her knees had spread wider, and with her butt near the floor, I was finally able to glimpse EVERYTHING between her legs. A line of bright pink clearly peeked through her dark bush; I saw things that I didn't know the names for. Looking calm as you please, she drew the bottoms up, then headed out my door. If Amy had turned around, she'd have seen me grab my shaft, sperm erupting from me. Amy had been dating for two years and how far she had gone with those boys became a new angst for me to fret over. While trying to watch television, images of Amy's beaver would appear in my head and I wondered if her breasts had grown any bigger since she'd displayed them for me. Sunday morning and after a few deep breaths and a couple false starts, I managed to write a short letter to outline my fascination with her, confiding how I'd think about wanting to see her naked even when I was out with a girl a liked. Finally, I confessed to my now overwhelming desire to really see everything between her legs.
    At last I was able to blurt out that I was desperate to learn what a girl really looked like. I wanted her to show me everything, to teach me about a girl's body. . . down there. "When I passed her later in the day, instead of any of the things I was mentally expecting, Amy calmly said.

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       "Forty dollars. "I had saved up a little and had a few jobs lined up for that week so by Friday I had amassed the required sum. Since our folks were planning to visit family Sunday afternoon for a small birthday party, we agreed upon that time for my 'lesson'. Just hearing the engine start in Dad's Pickup Saturday afternoon was enough to set my heart racing. They were finally on their way and minutes later, Amy sauntered into my bedroom. Though she only wore a white blouse and jeans, the way they hugged her form made Amy look sexy as hell. From my prone position on my bed where I'd been dreaming about her, I snapped into a sitting position, silently awaiting her directions. Before I could ask what I should do, her hands went to her waist. Unsnapping the brass button above her fly, her right hand then pulled the zipped down. For a few moments her arms hung by her sides, allowing me a peek at the shiny white panty material now visible where the flaps fell apart. Following that pause, she worked the jeans off her hips until they fell in a pool around her ankles. "Stand up so I can lay on your bed. " came Amy's softly spoken request. Standing, Amy moved past me, moving my pillow near the middle of my bed. Turning to her, I watched every motion has she lay down with her head on my pillow and her body towards the foot of the bed.


       By pulling her knees up, she was able to fit entirely on the lower half of the bed. "Move down to the foot of the bed so you can see. . . what you wanted. "In a flash, I stood at the end of the bed, staring down at her panty-clad groin. "I'd like you to take off your pants so I have something to look at while I'm lying here, it'll make me feel a little less like a piece of meat. "My pants practically flew off my body. As I reached for my bulging manhood, Amy spoke. "Take your time, let's do it together. "The moment I began to lower my underwear, Amy lifted her hips allowing her panties to slide over her buns. Keeping her legs pressed together, she squirmed until they were past her knees. Releasing the silky garment, it fell to the floor. Slowly Amy spread her knees, revealing herself completely. My penis bounced along with my heat beats as I stared at Amy's fantastic pussy.

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       Having given me a few seconds to mutely stare, Amy asked, "What do you want to know?" "I. . . I. . . want to see you; I. . . want to know about you. . . there. "Gently her hands moved her pubic hair one way then another; she helped me view her vaginal lips. Unconsciously, I crept forward until my shins pressed against the bottom on the bed.

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       I was towering over Amy, standing between her widely parted knees. "It would be OK if you want to touch yourself while you look. In a moment, I'll show you how I give myself pleasure. "Gripping my shaft, my fist slowly moved in the universal, piston like fashion of masturbation. Placing a hand on either side of her crease, Amy lectured to me using gentle tones. "When I get. . . aroused, my lips grow puffy and very warm. Officially they're called labia majora. They swell until they look like little hills; normally they're sort of flat. Opening herself so I could see between her lips, the moist pink flesh drew my eyes like iron to a magnet. "I have. . .

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       hidden parts that stay covered unless my body is. . . preparing for. . . sex. Then it gets slippery in there, so. . . skin can slide around OK. "Her fingers glided to the lower end of her crease. "These delicate inner lips swell and open pretty far as I. . .

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       a girl gets more ready. Doctors call them labia minora. Normally they cover and protect the place where a man. . . would go. . . when a girl was ready for him. You may not be able to see the. . . opening, but. . .

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      " Following a long pause, Amy wormed her middle finger inside herself. My testicles began to earnestly tighten; clear fluid flowed freely from my tip. "My finger is in my vagina. While it can feel incredible. . . to a girl, to have a man inside. . . there. Up here is very, very important for a girl to. . . enjoy sex. "While the free hand spread the folds apart, Amy withdrew her finger, moving that hand up to toy with the pink thing that looked like a little finger.

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      "This is my clitoris. If I'd been a boy it would've developed into a penis. For a girl, it becomes a little tube filled with very sensitive rod. When it gets moved around or rubbed just right, it makes. . . a girl feel so good I. . . she could scream from the pleasure. This is what I do when I'm trying to. . . when I'm almost. .

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      . "The hand she'd held her folds open with moved up to her right breast; she fondled her mound through her blouse and bra. But the middle fingers of her other hand were soon massaging directly on top of her plump clitoris. She began slowly, but in under a minute, Amy's fingers were a blur. Before the minute was half over, my shoulders hunched forward, my chin fell, my mouth gaped, and my knees bent. As my body had absorbed Amy's precious sights and unsuspected aromas, the tingling moved from feeling really good, to REALLY good, to fabulous, to heavenly, to ecstasy and then far beyond. I'd felt my sperm being readied, then pushing though my tubes, then, as I stared at Amy's frigging fingers, sperm shot out of me. The first bolt went as far as her breasts. Thick ropes of semen steadily erupted from my drenched tip. As the strength of my ejaculation gradually weakened, I left a trail of puddles down her torso, over the bare tummy, onto her dark fur and flying hand. By the time I'd finished, droplets were scattered over both inner thighs and exposed buns below her pussy. By the time my spewing finished, I was hunched over like a ninety-year old man, but my eyes remained fixed on Amy's pussy. Amy reached an orgasm during the time I was making a mess on her incredible body. I don't recall even thinking of any words for the climax I witnessed, but I instinctively understood that her hips jumping, her visible lower buns clenching tight, her fingers achieving a blinding speed, all together they meant my sexy sister had experienced the female version of what I was feeling. I guess I knew that sex was supposed to feel good to a girl, but it was major revelation that it could be the intense pleasure I observed.

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       Even in the throes of bliss, unable to stand erect, I still watched closely as her fingers gradually slowed, watched until they finally stopped. By then I was on my knees, holding my shrunken penis, breathing like a bellows. When at last she composed herself sufficiently, Amy rolled off the bed. Picking up her jeans and panties, she walked towards the door. As she passed me, Amy stopped for a second. I tried to look up to her face, but my eyes couldn't rise above her sodden pussy, now mere inches from my face. I managed to rasp out "You are the most amazing. . . " before my voice betrayed me. Tenderly, Amy ran her fingers through my hair from my forehead to the back of my neck before walking out my door for the bathroom. Falling towards my bed, I nonetheless managed to watch her gorgeous buns sway where they peeked out beneath her curved shirttail until the bathroom door closed behind her. I briefly left my room a couple times later that day, once for a quick sandwich and a couple times for a pee and a drink. But other than telling Mom that I'd eaten a bite just before they got home, I was too emotionally and physically drained to see anyone. .

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