The Closet


Suddenly, dad was out on the street looking in. Out of work for the first time in his career. Mom gracefully accepted this new financial arrangement as well as I. We skimped on things we would have ordinarily taken for granted with dad's working income. Now, we were forced to live on what they had saved. Our home was secure and paid for. One of the nicest in the immediate area. A big Dutch Colonial. Through the resulting weeks, dad had taken to heavy drinking. Going out in the early afternoon and coming in completely plastered. Mom had always had a warm dinner ready on the table for him. Many times he would start swearing, yelling and even throwing the dinner across the kitchen or dining room. Then he started to become more and more violent in his drunken rants. Hitting mom and sometimes really hurting her. She always tried to hide these things from me. Their love life seemed to fade as well.

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   After one particularly heavy drinking night, dad really hit her across the face. Seemingly for no reason. I had been in my room as usual. I heard the commotion and then mom running into their room next to mine. I imagined she was laying face down on her bed crying, as I heard the moans. I went down to try talking with dad but then he hit me too. He was BIG. I mean BIG. I was just 16, and still needed to pack more ass my own self yet. Generally, mom would cry herself to sleep and I would wake and go to school. Often, I could hear them in their room as he forced her into making love. The sounds seemed to be not of love but of simply forcing mom to do things she pleaded not to do. One particularlly hot night, mom and me had finished dinner alone, and then she prepared his dinner as usual to be waiting for him. This time she simply went to the parlor and watched TV, while I went up to try to study. Mom seemed nervous though.

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   Knowing dad would probably come home drunk again after not finding new employment. On this night, mom raced into my room while I had been laying there naked and stroking my cock to some naked posed women. My cock was just about to shoot when she rushed in and reached for my hand on the bed. "Come on honey. Hurry. He's home and is already swearing his rage in the driveway. " In her flushed excitement, mom hadn't even paid attention that I had been jerking off. Mom pulled me into my huge closet where we had stored several large boxes. All our closets were large and followed the sloping roof line of the house. Mom thought, we could hide behind the boxes and then wait until dad would come up and maybe fall to sleep. This would avoid maybe being hit, or him coming after me also. We could hear dad roaring up the stairs looking for mom now. The heavy thud of him falling into a wall. Yelling for mom, and then the sound of my bedroom door slamming against the door stopper as he looked for me now. Calling my name in a drunken slur.

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   Finally, we could hear him plop on his bed and continuing to yell for mom. All this time, mom had been kneeling as far as we could get in the very back of the closet. I had been kneeling, still naked, in front of her. Originally thinking I would defend her if he had discovered us hiding. Mom had only been wearing a simple short silk slip after she had taken a shower. Her arms were wrapped around me from behind and I could feel her body trembling in fright. I also could feel her nipples so hard, pressed into my back. Her shaking was constant. Fearing he would open the closet door at any time and push the boxes out of the way in his search for us. Somehow, through all of this, my cock had become raging hard as I knelt back on my folded legs. It was several minutes before we could hear quietness from their bedroom whose wall adjoined my closet wall. Mom's body seemed to finally lose some of the tenseness in this pitch black darkness. Her hands and arms that had been holding me to her tightly were now releasing me from her hold. Her hand had lowered to my thigh as I was about to turn in the darkness and tell her it seemed to be OK now. As my body moved, it caused her hand to move almost directly on my throbbing cock and she felt it.

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   "Oh, I'm so sorry honey. I wasn't thinking. ""It's OK mom. " Her hand was now resting on my upper thigh, but still not far from my raging cock. Still feeling her hardened nipples pressed into my back through her flimsy slip. "Oh God, Jimmy. " That's right. I forgot all about you being naked when I rushed in honey. ""I forgot that you were probably masterbating. ""I was mom, I'm sorry. ""It's OK honey. " I understand about men. ""I was a young girl too, in another life honey. " "I'm sorry I rushed in on you like that, but I was afraid of the way he looked getting out of the car this time. " "Now that I think of it, you really are taking after him in your male department honey.

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  ""You look so much like him. ""A lot of the relatives say that too, mom. Even Grandma. . ""Its a shame your girlfriend moved away honey. " "Her dad lost his job too mom. ""I know honey. " I know how much you two loved each other. ""We still do mom. "I felt mom's tits press slightly harder into my back. Her nipples still so hard with the excitement. Now, still in complete darkness, I felt mom raise her hand and wrap around my cock from behind. "OOOOHH mom. "Her chin was on my shoulder as she whispered in my ear. "Let me do this for you honey.

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   I know about young men's urges. ""I understand your problems honey. " Her voice was loving and tender in my ear as I felt her hands now reach and caress my cock like never before, by anyone. I felt her head move and then her lips kiss across my back as her hands softly stroked my cock. "Go ahead and cum honey. I'll try to make it feel nice for you. "Her hands felt wonderful as I knelt straight up now and concentrated in the pitch darkness of her hands stroking me from behind. "You feel like your dad too Jimmy. ""God, how fast you're growing. " "Especially this!"I felt her tightening her body against my back and her tits pressed hard into me. "OOOOHHH mom, it feels so nice. OOOOHHH. ""Go ahead honey, cum. " It's OK. " "I understand your needs honey.

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  "Her hands were still both caressing and stroking so wonderfully. Better than my own hand could ever do. I was beginning to pump into her hands now as she pumped and caressed. "OOOOOHH Mom. OOOOHH I'm going to . . . . OOOOHHH . . . . ""Shoot honey. Let it go. " I felt her hand cup my balls softly as her other stroked up and down my entire cock and caressed the tip over and over until I shot hard into it.

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   Spurt after spurt as I moaned. Mom's hand continuing its firm hold on my shooting cock as she urged me softly to cum. My body was rigid as I knelt there cumming in her hands. Feeling her lips kissing my back and softly moaning along with my own as she emptied my cock so lovingly with both her hands.
    Her one hand continued well after I had cum, until she knew I had finally finished my orgasm. Then I heard her sucking and licking her hand behind me. She was licking my cum from her hand that had cupped and caught my spurts!I turned on my knees in the cramped space and thanked her. "I love you Jimmy. ""Its been a long time since your father and I have made REAL love. "" He now just forces me into things that hurt, and I get no pleasure with him anymore. ""I know your frustrations not having Carol around anymore. ""I'll do this for you honey, until you find another girl who will. ""We're safe in here I think. This is where I will do it for you honey anytime you need it. " "I hope you won't feel ashamed that this has happened honey.

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      ""It seems to have excited me, too. "Now, I turned to completely face mom. Neither of us able to see each other at all. Just the feel of our bodies cramped in a small space left behind huge boxes. I reached for her and pulled her forward to kiss her lightly and thanked her. I tasted my own cum on her mouth. It surprised me. Her hands dropping once again to caress my half hard cock as I kissed her cheek. Just the excitement of having my own mother's hands on my cock was enough for me to get hard once again. She really seemed the enjoy the feeling of a man's cock in her hands once again. Exploring and pleasuring me so nicely. I knew in better times, she must have done these things with dad too. "OOOOHH Mom, I'm getting. . .

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      . ""I know honey. I feel you. You're amazing," she seemed to smile. I was facing her now, in this darkness as she once again stroked my wet cock. "I have to tell you honey, this has me excited also. " "I almost feel ashamed to tell you this. After all, I'm you're own mom, BUT, I'm a woman too!"I had to. I just had to take a chance and reach down for mom's tits as she stroked my cock again. I slipped the straps of the silky fabric from her shoulders, and cupped her beautiful tits. Tits I had occasionally seen as she came from the bathroom or when I had seen her change on occasion. Mom moaned and offered them harder into my cupping hands. "Touch them honey, it's OK. I need it too honey. "There we were.


       Mom sitting and me kneeling as I cupped and caressed her tits while she stroked my cock again in the blackness of the closet. I could feel her head fall back as her hard nipples rolled through my fingers. Her loving stroking causing me to moan and mix with hers. "OOOOHHH Jimmy honey. . . . OOOOHHH I want to. . . . I need to. . . .

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      "Then I felt her move and soon felt her mouth lowering down on my cock as she stroked me. "OOOOHHH God mom. OOOOHHHH," As I felt my own mother sliding her mouth down completely on the hard on she created with her wonderful hand job. "Cum again honey. I need it. Its been so long for me honey. . . Cum. ""I need to taste you like I have your father for all our years honey. ""OOOOOOOHHHH God mom that feels so wonderful," I gasped through muted whispers. ""I've done this many, many times with your father honey. "My hips were thrusting to her head moving up and down causing so much pleasure. "I had only been sucked once before by Carol. That was a haphazard attempt to please me but not done with any experience.

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       Mom was sucking my cock like she loved it. Now I knew she actually did. Her fingers and mouth worked together to make me cum. "OOOOHHH Mom as I felt my cock shooting deep in her sucking mouth. Her moans as she too felt my cock spurting. Hearing her gulp my cum in the quiet darkness. "UUUUMMMMM Honey, Its OK. Cum in my mouth like your father does. "I felt her tongue and mouth sucking more excitedly as she moaned. This cum seemed to last forever. Far longer than any other in my young life. My cock just kept spurting and dribbling more cum. Her tits and rock hard nipples pressing into my legs now as she sucked me faster and harder through this cum. Her mouth was down on the hairs of my groin as she felt me cumming. My whole cock was in the mouth of my mother, being emptied.

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      I felt the muscles of her throat clutching as she felt my spurts. "OOOOOHHH Mom, OOOOHHH mom" was all I could say as I shot from my balls into her mouth and throat. Finally, I was empty and she continued to lick and suck my cock until I went completely soft. Her hand continued to cradle my balls as she leaned up to kiss me on the mouth again. "I hope this all pleased you honey. You are a wonderful son, and I hope you won't hate me for doing this for you. "Feeling her hand cupping my sack and caressing my balls was wonderful. "Thank you mom. No, I'm OK with what you did for me. ""I would like the chance to please you too mom. ""Really honey?""Yes mom. I mean it. " "I've heard how dad treats you in there. ""You have?""Yes. " I've felt so sorry for you for so long, putting up with him.

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      ""Would you let ME make love with you mom, to maybe make you feel like you should?""We'll see honey. We'll see," . . . . . As we both hugged each other and waited for the sounds of snoring in the dark closet, to let us know we could finally come out in safety. .