the close cousin 1


Topic: the close cousin 1 The Close Cousin Part 1Me and my cousin had always been close since neither of us had siblings and we lived only a block apart. Our parents loved to hang out together and so did we. My name is Tommy and my cousin’s name is Katy. We both were about 18 at the time and were good friends. Both of us went to the same high school together and hung out with each others friends a lot. I knew she was a bi-sexual, and she knew I was straight. But Katy’s parents thought she was a perfect little girl who wouldn’t ever do anything wrong. A lot of her friends were bi too. Katy would often set me up on dates with her friends. I didn’t know a lot about girls or what they wanted in a guy. Katy and I never really got into that stuff too much.  
Katy was a Very athletic girl but with a very curvy body. She had long Brown hair that was often wavy and smooth. Katy had the most beautiful eyes in the world. They were green and almost seemed to glow when she was happy. She had a nice little nose and big puffy lips.

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   I found my self checking her out every once in a while. I thought it was a little weird that I was attracted to her sometimes. But god she was beautiful. Katy had nice round Boobs that weren’t too big or too small. It seemed like she almost always had a tan. Her skin was soft and gentle. Her butt was round and tight, the type that you just wanted to slap all day.  
I was still in my little bit of an awkward stage of puberty. Nothing was quite proportional. But I was starting to fill out with muscle. I have wide shoulders and a firm muscular chest. I sort of had a six pack but it wasn’t the type you could notice from a mile away. Long muscular legs and muscular arms. I had short wide neck (The football player neck). A very strong looking face with Blonde curly Hair.

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   Usually the mop top look. But for a while I had it spiked. Of course being a guy I was very sexually attracted to girls, and yes I masturbated pretty regularly and once or twice I started to think of Katy when I did.  
Whenever our parents would go out I would usually go over to her house and hang out. We would watch movies and play video games. Sometimes if we got some more people together we would have a paintball fight and Katy and I would almost always win. We found the same things funny and the same things weird and disgusting. We were tighter then a knot. But one night when I went over to hang out with her I learned that the knot was going to get even tighter.  
It was a Friday night and of course our parents were out on the town and probably getting wasted. They never got back until about three in the morning or so. I walked over to her house and had a couple video games and movies with me. It was towards the end of the school year so things were warming up and it was a pleasant walk over with the sun still just barley up in the sky. I got to her house and just walked in like I always do. She was sitting down on the couch watching some TV.

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   So I taped on her shoulder and said I was here.  
She was wearing a very low cut tank top without a bra on a noticed. Her hair was put into a pony tail and was hanging over the couch. She had some soft cotton sweat pants on. In account with the bra I made a comment. “Being a little free I see” she let out a little laugh and smiled. “I felt like relaxing tonight” she said. We didn’t care when we talked like that. We were close enough that if I wanted to I could randomly say I had boner or something.  
It was about 11:00 and we were done playing video games and done watching movies, we were both bored to death. Katy was completely laid out on the couch with pop corn all over her. I was sitting in the big lazy boy chair with popcorn all over me too. We like to try and get popcorn into each others mouth during movies and stuff. I glanced over to Katy to see if she was still awake. As I glanced I saw that she had a little bit of nipple slip.

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   Her left boob was about half way out and I could see her nipple as clear as day light. She looked up and saw me looking at her, so she glanced down at her self and saw that her tit was hanging out. When she did that I looked away with an embarrassed look. She starred back up at me and could see I was embarrassed. She sat up and wiped most of the popcorn off herself.  
After a little bit of awkwardness she came over and sat on top of my lap cross legged. She gave me a little smirk. “So have you ever kissed a girl before Tommy?” my face instantly went red and I got tongue tied. “Well of course I have” I said. She looked right at me and it felt like she could read my mind. “Well only once actually” I said again. She kept staring right at me. “Ok fine I’ve never kissed a girl before. There are you happy now?” she looked away a little and the stared right back at me and said “How would you like to know how to kiss a girl before you ever have to?” I blushed again and stared at her for about a minute. She stared at me waiting for a response with a little smile on her face.

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   I finally opened my mouth and just simply said, “How?”  
 Katy laid her self on top of me and put her arms around me and the chair. She slowly put her big soft luscious lips on mine. They felt amazing; it was like lying in a big soft bed before you just about fall asleep. I don’t know why but I just accepted it. I was almost in a trance for a little bit, but then I like woke up and opened my eyes and thought, “Oh my god I’m kissing my cousin!” I pushed her away from me real quick like. She looked at me like she wasn’t surprised at all. She looked at me with her bright glowing green eyes. “Nice Face there. HeHeHe” she said in a very seductive and yet goofy voice. I shook my head and took away my surprised and bulging eye look. “Why the hell did you do that?!?” I said with a slightly crackling voice.  
She slid back on top of me and put her hands on my muscular shoulders and said. “I’m gonna teach you every thing you need to know on how to please a lady. ” Then without time for me to say a thing she put her soft lips on my mouth and we started making out again. I finely just accepted it.

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   She put her head back up again and took her hair out of a pony tail and let it fall over her face. She was being more seductive then ever. She looked at me through her hair and said. “Now I want you to put your tongue in my mouth when we kiss. ” So she tossed her hair to the side and began kissing me. So just as she had said I slowly put my tongue into her mouth. Then without notice she began massaging it with hers.  
I loved the felling and neither of us wanted to stop. We kept going and going. She put her hands up my shirt and began rubbing my muscular chest and shoulders. I put my hands on both of her curves. We kept kissing and I just was doing what came naturally. I began rubbing my hands up and down her curves. They felt amazing. I began to slide my hands through the bottom of her shirt.

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   I kept stroking her curves. Her skin was so soft and warm. I put my arms around her and rubbed her back. Both of us kept kissing non stop. I kept rubbing her. I didn’t think about at all and started inching my hands toward her breasts. I got to them and put my thumbs underneath them.  
She put her head up and gave me another seductive look and then went right back to kissing me. She let me keep going. I started to completely grab her boobs. It was like nothing I had ever felt before. But then something extremely embarrassing happened. My cock began to get hard even through my jeans she could feel it start to push against her round butt.  
She looked up again at me aging and sat up. I was so angry at my self.

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   I knew that for sure I had ruined our good friend ship.  
Tommy- “I’m so sorry I just…  
Katy- “I can tell you’re enjoying this.  
Tommy- well I mean this is fun but I didn’t mean to…  
Katy- its ok, I was waiting for that to happen, hehehe.  
Tommy- so you’re not mad at me?  
Katy- no not at all, but we will get to where your going next time. ”  
I was still just laying there. My boner had gone away obviously since I was so damn embarrassed. She shook her head to fling around her hair. She got back off of me and adjusted her tank top as she walked away. I still had a horrified look on my face and just watched her stroll away. She was swaying her butt as she walked, I couldn’t help but watch. Right before she went into her room she peered back at me and said in a very cute voice. “Well see ya later. ”