The Cheerleader Sister


Mia was exhausted after cheerleading practice. Coach Diaz always made them work so hard! She was aching but she was feeling pretty good as she drove home. She pulled into her driveway. Her parents’ car wasn’t there, but her mother had said something about them going out. Her brother Jason was home from college though, so Mia was glad she wasn’t going to be alone all evening.
 Mia and Jason had been close as children but they had grown apart as they were teenagers. Jason has four years older, and they had begun to hang out on different crowds. Mia was glad that Jason was home, because he only came home once in a while, and she was hoping they could get to be as close as they used to be, even though he seemed standoffish for some reason. She used to think of him as her nerdy older brother while she'd always been popular, but something in college had changed him. He had always been good with girls because he was sensitive, but when he had come home, Mia recognized him as quite good-looking.
She entered the house, noticing the living room was dark. She decided to swing by Jason’s room to ask if he wanted to order a pizza before the parents came home. She opened her brother’s door but then realized she should have knocked. Jason was sitting at his computer with his cock out in his hand. She noticed it was unusually large, maybe even a foot long. The purplish head was glistening with precum as he stroked it.

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   “Whoa! Sorry. ” she said. He instantly minimized before she could see what he had up. She giggled and walked up to him. “So what were you looking at?” Jason didn’t answer for a moment. “Porn. ” “Well, duh, but what kind?” Mia couldn’t help her curiosity. "None of your business!" he said.
"Fine then," she said. She didn't know why she was so curious, but she quickly reached for the mouse and opened the window before he could stop her. There was a page of a girl in a cheerleader uniform going down on a guy then taking his cock in her pussy as she kept her uniform on.
Mia was confused. “You're looking at cheerleaders? But I’m a cheerleader. ” “I just find a girl in a cheerleader uniform really hot. I’ve gotten my girlfriend to wear one sometimes while we have sex, but she doesn’t really like it and she won't give me blowjobs because I’m so big and I make a lot of cum for her to swallow.

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  ” “Oh. ” A thought crossed her mind, and about how half the football team thought she gave great head. But was this a good idea? She’d always wanted to try one so big. She knew it was her brother, but seeing his massive cock she felt herself grow horny, and she didn’t really care. She remembered when she was a cheerleader as a freshman and he was still in high school and he went to every football game even though he had never been to one before. At the time she thought he was being a nice supporting brother. Now she realized that it was something more, and she felt so wet thinking her brother had had the hots for her for years.   “I could give you one. A blowjob. ” Jason looked at her as if he wasn’t sure he heard her. “You serious?” “Yeah. What are little sisters for?” Mia walked over and kneeled in front of Jason. She picked his cock up in her hand, noticing how thick it was that it barely fit in her mouth. She licked the tip of it, then slowly worked it into her mouth, sucking on his hard meat. “Oh, Mia,” he stroked her hair, holding onto her head as he tried to get more cock down her throat.

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       She tried not to gag as she sucked. If she hadn't had so much practice, she'd never be able to fit in as much as she could, but it was still down her throat and not all of it was in yet. “That feels so good. "
    He started to moan loader. She fondled his balls and wondered if he had had a fantasy of her between his legs for a long time. She wondered how he often jerked off thinking about her. The thought made her hot, and she reached into her own panties and felt her smooth pussy and her wetness with her other hand. She finally got it all in and bobbed her head as she sucked. She fingered herself and came very quickly, but her moan was blocked by the cock in her mouth. “I’m gonna cum, Mia,” he announced before he spewed his hot cum in her mouth. He began to pull out of her mouth, letting the rest of the cum land on her lips and chin, covering her pretty face with a cum facial. He yanked on his cock to get every drop out, and it was more cum than Mia had ever seen come out of a dick. “That was awesome. ” Mia looked up at her big brother and licked her lips. She had swallowed all the cum in her mouth, and he was very impressed.

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        “I’m glad you liked it. ”
    He leaned down to kiss her when they heard the front door open. "Mom and Dad are home!" Jason said as he put his cock back in his pants and Mia checked the mirror to see if any cum was left. They left the room to meet their parents and smile like nothing happened. But as Jason squeezed her ass, Mia knew things weren't over.



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