The Best Time Ever


Let tell you about myself; I am 13yrs old, red hair, and I am in a 'B' Cup bra already. I love my family, we do a lot together. My mom is very pretty, big breasts, brown hair, and a very nice butt. My dad is handsome <I want Him>, has brown hair, blue eyes, and a 10" cock. Yes I have seen dad's dick before and have wanted it badly ever since then. I even want to lick mom's pussy. I was watching a movie in my room and heard a load wierd sound coming from m parents room. I turned down the Tv and walked to their room and heard my dad moaning.

Oh baby that feels so damn good, OOOOOhhhhhh, OOOOhhhhh, YYYYYYYEEEEESSSSSSS!!!! I opened the door and there was mom on her knees sucking dad's cock. I was stunned, I could not move, and I just watched as dad enjoyed it having his dick sucked by mom. The panties I had on became soaking wet and it was running down my leg. I knew what it was, mom, dad, and myself have had the sex talk. Yes, I play with my pussy and sometimes dream it's mom or dad eating me. Anyway, Istarted rubbing my pussy through my panties, as I closed my eyes, I heard well we have someone enjoying our little show Honey. Then my mom said come here baby and pull off those clothes. Dad asked me, "did you like what you saw princess?" I couldn't speak so I nodded yes.

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       Mom said why don't you put your mouth on that cock and suck it Bren?! Dad said yeah I think it's time, instead of watching and playing with yourself, you come join us for the fun. I eagerly ptu my mouth on my dad's cock and started sucking. It grew so big, that I could hardly get my lips around the head of it. Dad was moaning and pumping my mouth, then I felt something wet on my pussy. My mom was licking me and sucking my pussy. I was humpoing her face and I started to cum on my mom's face. Dad was so turned on that he began to cum in my mouth. I could not hold al of his cum, so I let him cum on my face and my titties. Now we sleep in the same bed and share many things together. I have many more stories to tell and share. Hope you enjoyed this one. .