The Bath


It was a satruday not unlike any other saturday in mid June, the weather warm and fresh, the blossoms of summer just getting under way, everything green and bright. I was merely twenty then, still living at home with my parents and my two sisters. Darla was a year older and attending a local university. Liz was two years younger, and just finishing high school. I was in my second year of a university across state, and was home visiting for the summer. It was then that a friend of my parents was about to get married, and i had just finished a morning five mile jog, and felt a nice hot bath would be just what would was needed for my aching muscles. I came in, quiet as i could, as I figured that Darla was still asleep, after spending a late night out with her friends. My parents were gone for the day really, helping to prepare for their friends wedding day, and Liz had gone with them. So then and there would be a good time for a nice quiet bath, afterwhich I could get ready to go to the ceremony. I quietly went thru the house, and undressed in the guest room that was my room while I visited. Taking only the bathrobe that I was wearing, I went in and started the water, checking the temperature that i wanted. . . as hot as i could tolerate. I knew it was going to feel so good once I was soaking in it. I thought for a moment that some music might be a good thing, but then again thought of my sleeping sister and thought differently about it.

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   I sat on the edge of the tub, waiting patiently for the water to fill it, letting my thoughts wander aimlessly. Soon enough the tub was ready. . . I slipped off the robe and sank into the hot tub. My muscles seemed to immediately soak up the heat of the water, and I relaxed, leaning back and let reality melt away.
I must have dozed off for a brief period, what just seemed like a few minutes. . . when i woke to hear the door to the bathroom open. In stepped my sister, Darla, wearing a sheer sleeveless top, and a kind of net like skirt, embroidered with beads and lace. Her long dark hair was down around her shoulders and she just stood there staring at me.
"Yes?" I asked, my voice felt unsteady but I tried not to let it slip. Darla and I have always been somewhat close, enjoying each others company when times were that we were both bored and there was nothing else to do. Trivia games, going to movies or some play at a local community college.

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   Nothing ever happened between us, and I never even gave it any consideration. . . until that moment when she stepped thru the bathroom door, looking as sexy as any guy could imagine. Her nipples poked through the fabric of her top, as she brought her arms up and crossed them just under them, lifting them slightly.
"Liz just called. . . she said that we're needed at the church as soon as possible. " she said, continuing to stare. She was not looking anywhere near my eyes.
"Well let me finish up my bath real quick and then you can have the bathroom. " I said, offering what seemed the most likely plan I could think of at the moment.
"There isn't time for that. " she said, stripping off her clothes.

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   "We'll just have to share your bath to save time. It seemed they needed us as soon as possible. " I watched her as she lifted off her top, exposing a pair of the most exquisite breasts imaginable. Not too big, not too small, full and firm, her nipples standing erect. She then slipped off that braided skirt, standing fully nude in front of me. She turned to lay her clothes across the sink, giving me an ample view of her sweet round ass. All this time my cock had surged to attention, but ached and throbbed when she turned at that moment. Without hesitation she slipped into the water, facing me. The tub was certainly large enough for the both of us. She eyed my hard shaft, smiling. "Nice hard on there. " She said, my eight inch shaft bobbing back and forth in the water. She wasted no time, taking a washcloth and some soap and began washing herself. . .

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  all it seemed i could do was sit and watch in wonder. She proceeded without so much as batting an eyelash, and other than an occasional slight smile, she seemed to bath as if i weren't even there. Then she shifted and turned around, her backside to me. I watched in rapture as that ass swung around, so close to my face, i could make out her pussy easily. She settled back into the water, the cheeks of her ass pressing against the tip of my cock. "Wash my back please?" she asked. She handed me the washclothe and the soap and i set about lathering the washclothe, and soon was sliding it along her back. I worked up around her neck, and she bent her head forward slightly, as I worked around and up and down. . . then slid it down her shoulders, and then down her arms. I could hear her moan softly as my hand moved on to a new area. I dont know why I did it, but before I could stop myself, my hands were around her front, sliding up across her breasts, pulling her back against me. . .

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  letting my cock slip between her thighs. I could feel it slid up along her pussy. . . and she didnt resist. In fact she reciprocated and snuggled right back against me. Feeling a bit more bold, i slid my fingers along her tummy, down between her thighs, and began stroking her clit slowly, gently. She moaned more considerately, wiggling against my fingers, sliding a hand up to hold my other hand firmly against her breast. On the one hand, I could scarcely believe this was my own sister, sitting here naked with me in a bathtub, getting turned on by what I was doing, letting me touch and caress her in such an intimate and personal manner. Yet on the other hand, such considerations were quickly slipping from my mind, the fogs of lust and passion quietting any such concerns.
I could feel my own cock throbbing harder against her lower backside. . . I made it throb a few times against her, eliciting even more soft noises from her. She was definitely enjoying this.

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I let my hand slide lower between her thighs, stroking her soft lips slowly, feeling them slide between them. Darla wiggled against me even more, sliding her other hand down holding mine to her warm folds, pressing it harder against her. The angle was difficult, but not unmanageable as I glided my fingers up into her warm pussy. She absolutely melted against me. I could feel her body start to quiver and shudder as my fingers slid in and out of her faster, struggling to thrust deeper into her. I began to kiss and nibble along the back of her neck, along her shoulders, which seemed to push her over the edge, and I could feel her body quiver uncontrollably as she came on my fingers fucking her pussy beneath the waters surface. She was breathing heavily, but I didnt stop what I was doing. After a moment of this she took my hand away from her pussy, leaving me to briefly wonder if she had somehow changed her mind about the situation. . . but she merely stood and turned around, and slid back down, carefully angling her legs behind me as she slid closer against me. . . she smiled as her hand reached down to take my aching hard cock. .

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  . even the mere touch of her fingers wrapping around my pole was an amazing and exquisite sensation, but positioned the tip against the lips of her pussy and slowly slid down on it, impaling herself on my cock. I could feel it slide slowly into her, as she settled down against me, her breasts brushing up against my chest her arms around my neck. She rolled her head back in ecstacy as she ground against me, getting my hard shaft to go deeper into her. With small repetitive thrusts, she finally had it buried deep to the hilt. I could feel her mound against mine, my cock thrust deep inside of her. She just sat there for a moment, savoring the sensation, as did I. We both moaned softly, and I slid my arms around her and held her tighter against me, letting my lips find hers as we kissed hard and deeply. What seemed an eternity later, she started moving slowly up and down on me, riding my hard cock slowly at first. The water started splashing more the faster she went, and I was moving with her, thrusting against her, meeting her thrusts with my own. Water splashed everywhere as we continued and I could feel her body again start to shudder, which was bringing me closer to my own climax, feeling my body starting to tingle, making me thrust deeper and faster. Water was flying everywhere, and when she came, my body tensed and I held her tight as my cock errupted unloading waves of my hot creamy seed deep inside of her. The water around us settled after we stopped, just holding each other close. At some point our lips locked again in a deep warm kiss, our tongues tasting and swirling around the other passionately. After that we slid apart, stood and decided that since we had just fucked in the bath water, that continuing with a shower would be better.

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  . . both knowing we still had a wedding to go to. I didn't think anything about that other than it was something we would be going to. As we showered, we washed each others hair and back, teasing and playing with each other. She stepped out of the shower first, as I turned the water off, and followed her out. She handed me a towel, and after we dried off somewhat she led me to her room. I guess she was still horny because she pushed me back on her bed, and after taking her towl off, she pulled mine off from around my waist, and proceeded to lean down, her face over my groin. She grasped my tool and sucked it straight into her mouth, her head bobbing up and down rapidly. It didn't take long for it go get hard again and when it was, she pulled up and as quickly slid down on my hard shaft again. She smiled as she began sliding up and down again, thrusting my cock deep inside of her again and again.
"I'll finish that later. " She said, smiling. I was only vaguely aware of what she was talking about. I was overcome by the feeling of her warm wet cunt sliding once again up and down.

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   Within moments she was coming again, but she didn't stop. She continued until she came again, then again, and again once more, each seeming to last longer that the one before. It was on the last one that I had cum, once more sending waves of my hot seed deep inside of her. At last she collapsed on top of me, my arms wrapping around her and holding her. "Oh god that was phenomenal!" she exclaimed breathlessly. Without saying anything more, she got up and went to the bathroom, where I could hear the sound of water running again. We still had that wedding to go to, and she had just worked up a good sweat, so she probably needed to clean up again. I just lay there for a few minutes, my mind reeling and trying to grasp what had just happened. I was totally unprepared for any of what had happened. While I was still trying to wrap my brain around it, she re-entered the room.
"Come on lazy bones. . " she said. "We have things to do, places to go. " She pulled me to my feet and pushed me toward the door.

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   She turned, naked and started getting clothes out to dress. I went back to my room and started getting out a suit to wear, picking a tie, socks, etc. I was halfway dressed when she appeared in my room, asking to be zipped up. As I zipped the back of her dress, I got a sweet whif of her perfume. My hands slid easily along her back, caressing up again along her shoulders and down her arms. She half turned to me and smiled, thanking me. Somehow I pulled away, entranced and mesmerized by her presence, and finished dressing. We both agreed that she could drive, taking only one car.
Darla and I arrived at the church and sat together. The ceremony proceeded as planned, and followed the usual processions of the bride and groom, then followed by the attended guests. After a lengthy wait while the photographer took all the post ceremony pictures, we went to the reception. Although I danced with a number of women, none of them I enjoyed nearly as much as I did with Darla. Then the music slowed down, and we started slow dancing, holding each other with a respectable stance. "I wish I could hold you closer. " she said.


"I know. " I said, smiling softly into her warm eyes. "So do I, but what would everyone else think?" She simply smiled back, and even though my cock was aching from before it started to swell again, feeling it harden
After the dance was over, we both decided to sit for awhile and I got us both a drink. We sat and talked about little things for awhile, when I decided to visit the rest room. I excused myself and left our table. The restrooms were out of the dance hall and down a corridor. When I went in I was aware of someone right behind me. I was thinking it was another guy, and when I got inside, I was shocked slightly to find it was Darla.
"I so much wanted to hold you closer while we danced. " She said. I agreed with her, then took her in my arms and proceeded to dance with her. We could hear the music from the reception hall faintly echoing down the hallway. I swayed with her slowly, pulling her close into my arms, hers up around my neck. I was surprised no one walked in on us, but we danced the song all the way through uninterrupted. All the while I could feel her breasts pressing against me, my hands sliding up slowly up and down along her back.

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   One hand went up behind her neck, another slid down to her hips, then slowly, lightly across her ass, pulling her tighter against me, letting her feel my hard cock pressing against her tummy. Once the song was over, she smiles and pulled me into a stall and sat on the toilet. Within seconds she had my cock out, stroking it, looking at it, admiring it. She smiled up at me as she kissed the tip. I raised my hands to each wall of the confined space as her lips slowly sucked the tip, swirling around it with her tongue. She then proceeded to draw it into her mouth slowly, sliding her tongue around it. Slowly she sucked it harder, deeper until it was in her throat. I could feel gag slightly but got over it as her throat massaged it.
    She held her mouth tightly around my cock. I let my hands slide off the walls and held her head, my fingers sliding through her hair. She moaned softly, sending waves of pleasure back up along my shaft. . . then she proceeded to slide her head back and forth, sucking as she went. Darla savored every inch, drawing it deep each time she slid down on it.

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       Soon her mouth was going over it rapidly, sucking me harder, caressing my shaft at tthe same time. It wasn't long before my body responded and was tingling with sensation, and I began to shudder from ecstacy, and soon my cock exploded in her mouth, sending hot cum down her throat. She sucked more eagerly, driven to draw out ever drop. She swallowed ever drop, careful not to lose any, her hands grasping the back of my thighs, holding me to her. Soon she released me and tucked me back into my pants. It was then that someone came into the rest room. We both smiled silently and waited until the person that had come in finished his business and left. We both let out a sigh of relief, and left the rest room. I left first to make sure the coast was clear, and when I saw that it was, allowed her to leave behind me. She left and went into the ladies room and after I had picked up another drink, returned to the table where we were sitting. It wasn't long before she returned as well. The evening went along nicely, watching the events of a wedding reception transpire. . . the cake cutting, the toasts, the dinner, the presents.

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      . . after all was said and done, we left for home. Since we had returned home with our parents, we both retired to our respective rooms, which was a good thing seeing as how we were all pretty much wiped out from drinking, dancing and basically having a great time. Yet while I lay in bed, I simply couldn't get to sleep. So I lay in bed and pulled out a book to read, hoping I could take my mind off of what I was really thinking about and fall asleep. I found out however that I could barely concentrate on the book, and after awhile could hear someone one out in the hall, going into the batroom. After they were done, I heard them exit the bathroom but instead of goingback to their room, come into mine, quietly. Of course it was Darla, wearing just a long teeshirt. She slid under the covers next to me, sliding up against me, snuggling warmly into my arms. We didn't say much, but both just happy to be there. We exchanged small soft kisses for awhile, then I followed an urge to start kissing down her neck, across the ridge of her throat, and down along her chest. Working slowly, methodically, I kissed, licked, nibbled along every curve, until I came to her nipples, and with great care and delicacy, savored each hard puckered nipple. I could feel her moan softly as I continued, teasing, tasting, nibbling each nipple. My hands were not idle either, sofrtly caressing along her skin, exploring every curve, down her sides, along her thighs and finally up between her legs, caressing her soft warm clit.

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       I could feel it harden beneath my touch and and while my lips were busy taking care of her breasts, my fingers were making writhe with extreme pleasure. Before long though, I began kissing and licking softly down her tummy, and all the while starting to finger her cunt with my fingers, I nudged between her legs, which she parted for me. I lifted one leg as I slid down, and began licking slowly between the inside of her thigh and her pelvic mound, nuzzling deeply. I kissed up and around her mound, then back down the other side. . . and finally snaked my tongue back and forth across the base of her pussy, working up to her clit, where I proceeded to nibble, suck and lick till she was writhing uncontrollably, cumming hard as she pressed her hand against the back of my head, pressing my hard against her. Without so much as losing a beat, I flicked my tongue back and forth down across her pussy lips, opening them slowly and finally slipping my tongue deep as it would go into her. She melted and I could feel her body respond while I continued to eat her. I let my tongue wiggle and stroke the inside of her cunt while my lips pressed against her, sucking her and she came again and again. Her hands were grasping and clutching my hair wildly, struggling to stiffle moans of pleasure. I kept this up for what seemed like forever, delighting in making her cum again and again. My tongue darted in and out of her, licking every part of her, while I sucked and nibbled merrily along. Finally, I pulled away and slid up next to her where she lay exhausted and spent. After she finally regained some composure, she quietly snuggled up next me.

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       She pulled up to me and kissed me softly, tenderly. "Mmm. . . no one and I mean no one has ever done that like you have. " she said softly. I thought about it briefly and to be honest, I have never taken as much time with other women I've eaten as I did with Darla. I couldn't explain it, other to say, "Well, I thought I would at least return the favor for what you did earlier. I'm glad you enjoyed it. "
    "Oh boy did I!" she whispered exuberantly. She snuggled tighter against me, and before long we were both sound asleep. Fortunately I woke first and discovered that both my parents were still asleep. After a trip to the bathroom, I woke her and sent her back to her room. She went, sleepily, reluctantly but understood why.
    It was a good month before I went back to school, but in that time, Darla and I spent many such nights together.

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       We would go to clubs and bars just to be together, dance together like a regular couple, and thoroughly enjoyed each others company. There were even a time that my parents went for a week to visit our aunt and uncle upstate, which was heaven unto itself. During that month we sucked and fucked every way possible, every where we could. It was to say the least, incredible. Afterwards, we both finished school, but always got together whenever possible when I came home on vacation.



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