The Barber 7


The Barber 7

I reflected on what I'd just heard – Ashley, the girl who I'd ass-fucked the day before, was 18 I couldn't remember if she'd actually told me she was 18, or if I'd just assumed.

If the later, it would have been a fair assumption, I thought. After all, she'd been working the counter in an adult book store, where she'd demonstrated several vibrators to me before sucking a massive load of cum out of my balls.

If she had claimed to be 18 – and I honestly couldn't remember if she had or not – she'd obviously lied to me. Oh, well. Water under the bridge.

“Why you askin' all these questions 'bout Ashley?” the snotty ABS clerk asked me.

I deflected, inquiring instead about butt plugs and other anal toys. The girl looked at me curiously, then shrugged her shoulders and pointed in the general direction of the back of the store.

“Thanks for all your help,” I said, trying to keep the sarcasm out of my voice.

“Whatever,” she said, turning back to her book.

I wandered to the back of the store, found what I was looking for – along with a couple of videos claiming to feature girls getting their anal virginity taken – and stepped up to the counter to complete my purchases. I made sure to pay cash, so no record of my name or other personal information remained to tie me to my inquiries.

No demonstrations this time, I feared. Not that I wanted any from this snotty little delinquent. Though the thought of bending her over the counter and plowing her did cross my mind.

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I headed back to my car, purchases safely in a nondescript bag, and rolled for home. My thoughts kept going back to Ashley. Whatever else she was, she'd certainly seemed to be experienced.

She'd sucked like a pro and it definitely wasn't her first time taking a cock in her pussy or ass. My cock started to grow as I relived our brief encounters and I found myself massaging the shaft through the thin material of my pants as I drove.

As a result, I was rock hard by the time I pulled into the parking lot minutes later. I waited, hoping my cock would deflate so I could walk to our apartment. No luck, though. I made my way up the stairs as quickly, holding the bag in front of me to hide the more-than-obvious bulge.

The apartment was quiet when I entered. Almost immediately, though, I heard a loud moan accompanied by a girlish moan coming from the direction of Lex's bedroom.

I made my way down the hall, bag-o-toys in hand, and pushed the door to my daughter's bedroom open. Alexis was on her back on the bed, a cock-shaped vibrator stuffed deep in her pussy, as Raven undulated atop my daughter's face.

Quietly, I crept to the side of the bed and ran my hand over Raven's tight, 18-year-old ass and down between her legs. She jumped, looked around, then grinned.

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“Oh, hi, Mr. G,” she moaned. “You surprised me. ”

“You surprised me, too,” I said, running the tip of my finger between the lips of her pussy, feeling my daughter's tongue probing at her hole. “I didn't know you were coming today?”

“I haven't, yet,” the dark-haired beauty said with a giggle. “Give me a minute. ”

God, I thought. I've created several monsters. I continued gently stroking her nether lips, dragging some of her copious moisture mixed with Lex's saliva back and across her anus. She moaned deeper every time my finger slid around her back passage.

“Ooooh,” she said. “Your daddy's playin' with my butt hole, Lex. ”

“Feels good, don't it?” Alexis said, her voice muffled in Raven's snatch. “Wait. It gets better.

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Apparently, Alexis hadn't shared the details of our morning romp with her friend. Raven looked over at me, noticing the tent in my pants for the first time.

“Umm, you're all hard, Mr. G,” she said. “Can I play with it? Will you please put your big hard cock in my mouth?”

“Oh, hell yes, baby,” I replied, pulling the front of my pants down and letting my shaft spring out right in her face.

With a groan, Raven literally dove onto my cock, taking about half of it down her throat in one go. She gagged slightly, pulled back, then pushed forward again to engulf my prick in her hot, sucking mouth.

The bedroom was filled with sounds of sucking, slurping, buzzing and moaning. Raven was groaning deep in her throat, sending amazing vibrations through the shaft of my cock, while Alexis grunted as the dildo did it's work on her pussy.

I moaned along with the girls as a tingling began at the base of my shaft. I'd been so aroused thinking about Ashley, I knew it wasn't going to be long before I painted Raven's throat with my cum.

Even as the thought went through my mind, along with picturing the dark-haired teen with my cock buried in her ass, I exploded. She gagged again as the first volley shot straight down her throat, followed immediately by a second which filled her mouth to overflowing. I pulled out, grasped my cock in my free hand, and jerked the remainder of my load out across her upturned face.

Raven wasn't far behind as her body jerked, then clenched, succumbing to Alexis' oral ministrations.

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   Alexis squeaked one last time, drove the vibrator hard into her pussy and came just seconds behind her friend.

“Oh, Raven,” I moaned as my orgasm slowed to a dribble. “That's a welcome home I could get used to. ”

“Yeah,” she moaned as she fell to the side and curled up on the bed. “That was a good one. It's sooo much fun sucking your cock and seeing it cum. ”

Alexis was just laying on the bed, panting, the vibrator abandoned but still buzzing in her pussy. I reached down, switched it off and slowly extracted it from her hairless lips. I joined the girls on the bed.

As we lay there, catching our breath, the telephone rang. I reached over and picked it up.

“Hello,” I said.

“Um, Mr. G?” came a small voice through the ear piece. “It's, um, Natalie.

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“Yeah, baby,” I said. “What's up?”

“Can, um, I come over?” she said. “My, um, my mom wants to talk to you. ”

I cold chill ran down my spine. Her mother! All I knew about the woman was she was a young, single mom. I'd never met her. I could imagine what she wanted to talk to be about, though. After all, I'd shaved her daughter's pussy then took her virginity. Visions of slamming prison doors and large, bald men named Spike went through my mind.

“Um, sure, baby,” I said. “What does she want to talk to me about?”

“You know,” Natalie whispered. “I don't think she's mad. But I'm not sure. She's being awfully quiet. ”

“Did you tell her .

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  . . ” I asked.

“I had to,” she whispered, interrupting me. “She saw my … pussy. ”

“OK, baby,” I said. “Give us a few minutes. I just got home. ”

“I know,” Natalie said. “We saw you come in. ”


I hung up the phone and bolted from the bed, running for the bathroom.

“Dress, girls,” I cried as I rounded the corner. “NOW!”

To their credit, Alexis and Raven didn't argue. Alexis just started grabbing clothes and hiding sex toys.

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   Raven bolted into the bathroom behind me to clean the cum off her face.

I knew I didn't have time for a full shower. I grabbed two face towels, wet them and tossed one to Raven while I used the second to clean my cock. A quick look at the dark-haired beauty's face and I pronounced us fit to face the world – I hoped.

“Your pants,” Raven said, pointing.

Looking down, I realized there was a large wet spot right in the front – precum from my drive home had soaked through the thin material. I ran to the bedroom and, as Raven threw on her T-shirt and shorts, I changed into a pair of jeans.

Just as we finished pulling ourselves together, the doorbell rang.

“Stay here, girls,” I said. “Don't come out unless I call you. Understand?”

“Yes, Daddy,” Alexis said, sounding scared for the first time. “Is anything wrong?”

“Honestly, I don't know, baby,” I said. “Maybe. ”

Running my fingers one last time through my hair, I took the longest walk of my life to answer the door. Taking a deep breath to steady my frazzled nerves, I turned the door knob.

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There was Natalie and a young woman I'd only seen around the small apartment complex a couple of times before. I'd never spoke to her, but I remember thinking she was somebody's daughter. I'd never realized she was Natalie's mother.

Petite, like her daughter, Nancy stood maybe 5-foot-1, with honey-blond hair. The top of her head came up just below my chin. She wore a tight, white tank top and bright red shorts, which hugged her small, probably B-cup tits and tight ass sat atop thin but muscular legs. Just the slightest of swelling at the tips of her breast led me to believe she was not wearing a bra, a suspicion which was confirmed as her nipples hardened slightly as the air conditioned air hit her.

“Hi,” I said. “Please come in. ”

“Thank you,” she said in a friendly tone and stepped through the door.

Natalie looked at me from behind her mother's back and shrugged, her face saying, “I still don't know. ”

I introduced myself, offering my hand as I closed the door behind us.

“I'm Nancy,” the blond said, taking my hand and giving it a small squeeze. “It's a pleasure to meet you. ”

I still had no clue what was happening.

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   Here was the mother of a 12-year-old girl I'd deflowered, talking to me like we were meeting at a party, or something.

“Can I offer you a drink?” I said. “It's a pretty hot day outside. ”

“Coke, for Natalie, please,” Nancy said. “And a beer for me, if you have one. ”

“Be right back,” I said. “Please, make yourselves at home. ”

They followed me into the kitchen and sat at the table as I poured the drinks. I chose water for myself, figuring I needed my wits about me. Also, I was parched from the recent sexual romp with Raven and my daughter.

“So,” I said, taking a seat at the table. “Natalie said you wanted to talk to me. What can I do for you?”

“Did you enjoy fucking my daughter?” Nancy said nonchalantly, taking a sip of her beer.

I almost choked on the drink of water I'd started to take. If this wasn't such a serious, potentially dangerous situation, it would have been the comedy spit-take of all time.



“I don't . . . ” I began.

“Please, don't deny it,” Nancy said, holding up her hand. “Natalie told me everything. ”

She let that sink in for a minute.

“Don't worry,” she said, grinning. “I'm not mad. Actually, I'm jealous. ”

I just sat and stared at her for a second, my mind numb.

“Huh?” I said, brilliant conversationalist that I am.

Nancy went on to explain. She's currently 24 years old, with a 12-year-old daughter. Somehow, in my mind, I managed to do the math.


   That meant she was roughly Natalie's age when she got pregnant. Light began to dawn.

“I've never told Natalie this, about her father,” Nancy said, taking her daughter's hand. “Her father was an older man, a friend of my dad's. He was 52 when I got pregnant. ”

“I wondered about some of this,” Natalie said. “I mean, I know how old you are, mom. And I can do math, too. But you said my daddy had died. ”

“I know, baby,” Nancy said. “Because you know him. Knew him, actually. He died last year. ”

Light dawned in Natalie's eyes.

“Uncle Johnny?” she said, incredulous.

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   “He was my daddy?”

“Yes, baby,” Nancy said. “Your 'Uncle Johnny' got me pregnant just after my 12th birthday. I gave him my virginity when I was 11. ”

I sat there, listening to this intimate exchange, absolutely stunned. And, I'll admit, more than a little aroused, imagining an 18-year-old Nancy, spreading her legs and giving her gift to a man 40 years her senior.

“John was my off-and-on lover until the day he died,” Nancy told me, tearing up slightly. “I had other boyfriends over the years, even slept with a few of them. But John was the only man I ever loved. ”

Natalie was crying openly, too. She leaned in and hugged her mother while I stood, grabbed a box of tissues, and placed it in front of the weeping women. I didn't know what to say. I placed my hand gently on Nancy's shoulder, feeling almost fatherly toward the much younger woman at that moment.

“How can I help you?” I said, quietly.

Nancy loosened her grip on Natalie, leaned back and looked me in the eyes.

“Make love to me,” she said, quietly.

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   “Make love to me like you did my little girl. She told me how loving and gentle you were when she gave you her virginity. I want that. I need that. Please?”

“Do it, Daddy!” Alexis and Raven cried, in unison.

They'd snuck, unseen, into the hallway leading to the kitchen. Nancy and I both turned, then started laughing. Natalie joined in a moment later.

“I guess I have no choice,” I said, grinning. “It's unanimous. ”

I pulled Nancy's chair away from the table, bent down and picked her up in my arms. I carried her back to my bedroom, the three younger girls laughing and skipping along behind us. I stopped at the door.

“Do you want privacy, or an audience,” I asked Nancy. “It could get, um, interesting if you want them to stay.

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“Just us, this time, I think,” she said.

“Aw, mom!” Natalie whined. “I wanna see Mr. G do you! Maybe we'll get some pointers ideas. ”

“No, Nat,” Alexis said. “Let them alone. We can go, um, play in my room. ”

The young girls eyes brightened at the thought.

“OK,” Natalie said. “I like playing with you and Raven. ”

Nancy looked at me, raising one eyebrow, a 'What the fuck?' expression on her face.

“I'll explain later,” I said. “Come on. ”

I carried her into the bedroom, kicking the door shut behind me. I laid the young woman in the center of the bed and looked down at her.

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Her blond hair was spread on the pillow, her nipples rock hard and poking through her shirt. She looked for all the world like a girl 18 years younger, waiting for her first lover.

“Damn, girl,” I said. “You are gorgeous. ”

She actually blushed.

“Thank you,” she said. “Please, I'm so hot! I haven't made love since John died last year. Please, take me. ”

“All in good time,” I said, a thought entering my mind. “Don't move. I'll be right back. ”

“Wha …?” she began.

“Sh,” I said, grinning and bringing my finger to my lips. “Patience. ”

I walked down the hall to Alexis' room.

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   The door was closed so, with a quick knock, I walked in. I found the girls already naked, making out on the bed. Natalie held one of the larger vibrators, poised to plunge it into Raven's dripping snatch.

“Excuse me,” I said, taking the toy from her tiny hand. “Thank you. ”

I walked out the door, a chorus of giggles following me as I pulled the portal shut behind me. I stuck the vibrator in my back pocket as I returned to my bedroom. I wanted it to be a surprise.

Nancy lay as I'd left her, reclining in the middle of the bed, head propped up on the pillows. She looked at me with undisguised lust in her eyes as she ran her hands over her body.

“Come to me … Daddy,” she said. “Please, fuck me. ”

I shed my shirt and dropped my jeans. I hadn't had time for underwear before. My hard cock sprang out, slapping against my stomach as it released from its confinement.

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   Nancy's eyes got wide as she took in the sight of my cock.

    “You had that in my little girl?” she gasped. “You're huge! Where did you put it all?”

    I laughed. “It's not that big,” I said. “It'll fit. ”

    “But it's so thick,” Nancy said. “I'm just a little girl. You're going to tear me up. ”

    “No, baby,” I said, getting in to the game she was playing. “Your cute little pussy will stretch. I'll be gentle, I promise. ”

    I climbed on the bed, running my hands gently up her legs. I made sure my jeans were within easy reach at the side of the bed so I could get to the vibrator when I was ready.

    Nancy moaned as I tickled the inside of her thighs, pressing them gently apart to run the tips of my fingers briefly across her nylon-covered crotch, feeling the definite beginnings of dampness soaking the fabric. Her hips flexed upward as I pressed gently where I estimated her clitoris lay.

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    “Oh, yes, Daddy,” she groaned. “Touch me there. Touch me all over. ”

    I ran my fingers delicately up her sides, eliciting several giggles mixed with the moans. I gently circled her tits, pinching the tiny, hard nipples protruding through her shirt. I slid up her body slowly as I fondled and touched her, nipping carefully at her flesh as I went.

    Nancy's moans ramped up a notch as I latched my lips on her tits, sucking through the cloth, feeling them harden even more under my tongue. She arched her back, pressing her tits harder against my face.

    I pulled the straps of her tank top off her shoulders and down her arms, kissing the upper swells of her tits as each inch of pale skin was revealed. Nancy wrapped her arms around my neck as I pulled the shirt lower and lower, trapping me against her chest, as her nipples came into view.

    They were a pale, dusky pink, only a couple of shades darker than her skin. Her tits were smaller than I first estimated, but no less gorgeous, perfectly round and standing proud on her heaving chest. I sucked her left nipple into my mouth, feeling the crinkled skin of her areola rough yet rubbery against my tongue.

    “Of, fuck, Daddy,” Nancy moaned. “Suck my titties.

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       Bite me! Bite my nipple. ”

    I clasped the delicate nub of flesh between my teeth and chewed, softly. I didn't want to break the skin, but I wanted to make sure she enjoyed the sensations. I know I was.

    I slid the shirt the rest of the way down until it was bunched around her waist. I grasped the waistband of her shorts and began sliding them off, following my progress with tongue and lips, caressing each bit of flesh as soon as it was exposed to my gaze.

    It took me probably 18 minutes to get her stripped to the point I had a clear view of her naked body. It was perfection – smooth, flawless skin, hard muscles surrounding the cup of her navel. There was just a small patch of very fair pubic hair decorating her Mons, trimmed into a perfect arrow head pointing at the bud of her clit. She looked like a little girl half her age, her body the spitting image of her daughter, Natalie's.

    I kissed my way down her stomach as I slid her clothes down and off her feet. I rained kisses around her hips and lower belly, getting closer to but never touching her pussy, teasing her until she was begging me to touch her cunt.

    I drove my tongue into her depths, tasting her for the first time. Nancy cried out, her hands flying to my head and digging into my hair to hold me in place, humping upwards against my lips. Her pussy tasted crisp and sweet with just a hint of musk.

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       It reminded me of Natalie.

    “Oh, God, Daddy,” she cried. “Ahh, eat my pussy! Oh, shit, that feels sooo good! It's been sooo long!”

    Why did every girl I got into this position lately call me Daddy? I wondered, relishing the taste of this girl-woman's pussy. No matter, I set to work with gusto. I licked, I probed, I sucked, I nibbled, I bit her clit and soon had her screaming at the top of her lungs. Not for the first time this weekend, I was glad these apartments were very well insulated.

    A strange thought came unbidden to my mind: This was the first hairy pussy I'd eaten in quite a while. It was almost a novelty at this point, one I was enjoying. Perhaps I wouldn't shave Nancy's snatch. I'd have to think about it.

    Nancy was writhing around on the bed when I reached down and grabbed the vibrator out of my pants pocket. Without turning it on, I placed the tip gently against her pussy and slowly slid the soft, skin-like shaft into her, probing and plumbing her depths. I flicked the switch which turned the vibrator on.

    The effect was immediate. Nancy's hips came off the bed as her muscles locked, her back arched so just the top of her head and the soles of her feet were still on the mattress.


       Her mouth opened in a silent scream as her orgasm washed over her.

    Over the buzzing of the vibrator in her pussy, I could hear more moaning and groaning. I realized I'd been hearing it for a while and it just hadn't registered. It was the girls, playing in Alexis' bedroom next door.

    As Nancy slowly came down from her first orgasm, she sank back onto the bed, her chest heaving. I didn't give her a chance to relax. I slid up her body, removed the toy from her pussy and replaced it with my cock. God, she was tight. I could easily believe she hadn't been fucked since her last older lover died, however long ago.

    I was looking her in the eyes as I slid in to her depths. They literally rolled back in her head.

    “Oh, Fuck!” she cried. “Yes, fuck yes, oh fuck yes!”

    She kept up a steady chant – fuck, fuck, fuck – as I started pistoning slowly in and out of her. Her legs slid upwards and came to rest around my hips, her feet crossed in the small of my back, locking me in place and pulling me in deeper as she used the leverage to push herself up against my downward thrusts.

    “Oh, oh, oh, oh,” Nancy grunted as I established my rhythm.


       Her breathing grew ragged, her chest heaved as a sheen of sweat developed and spread between our humping, writhing bodies.

    I decided I wanted to change things up, so I slipped my throbbing cock from her depths, flipped her onto her stomach and pulled her up to her knees. Her reaction was, again, immediate.

    “Oh, yes!” Nancy moaned. “Yeah, do me from behind! I love it! Shove your big cock in me as far as it will go! Do me hard, please!!”

    I almost zeroed in on her asshole, but I decided to leave that for another day, as I was sure this wasn't a one-time thing. Nancy was having too much fun, and so was I. I lined up with her pussy, the juices dripping from her hole flowing down her thighs and making a puddle on the bed. I pressed forward, watching as her labia flowered around the head of my cock, loving the sight of my shaft disappearing inside her young snatch.

    I wrapped my hands around her hips – she was so small, my fingers almost met – and pulled her hard onto my cock. The head slammed into her cervix, soliciting a moan of mixed pleasure and pain from her throat. Her head collapsed onto her folded arms as I felt her body relax, giving herself to me totally.

    The next few moments are a blur. The only sounds in the room were our labored breathing punctuated by the wet slap, slap, slap of my scrotum against her dripping pussy, counterpointed by the moans and groans of the girls next door as they obviously mimicked our actions.

    After a time, which seemed simultaneously just minutes and a lifetime, Nancy cried out.

    “I'm cumming, Daddy!” she groaned.

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       “Cumming on your big, fat cock! Fill my pussy with your hot cum! I want your hot cum, Daddy!”

    She reached between her legs, grabbed my balls and pulled, rubbing them rapidly against her clit to prolong her orgasm. That did it for me. With a roar, my orgasm overwhelmed me, my back arching this time to drive my cock fully into her depths.

    My cum rocketed up the shaft of my cock and exploded into her depths. The first shot was so strong, and her pussy was so tight, copious amounts of semen leaked out around the fleshy seal of my shaft in her tunnel. It was followed immediately by a second, then third of equal intensity. I think I blacked out for a minute, the pleasure was so intense.

    When I came back to myself, I was lying on my side, my wilting cock still inside Nancy who lay spooned beside me. Our bodies were slick with sweat, our chests heaving in unison as we caught our breath.

    “That … was … amazing!” Nancy moaned. “God, I've missed being with a man like this. I love you, Daddy. ”

    “We love you too, Daddy,” the girls chimed in from the doorway. I turned to see Alexis, Raven and Natalie, naked as the day they were born and sweaty, pussy juice dripping down each of their thighs.

    The next thing I saw was a flurry of teenage flesh and they launched themselves from the doorway, crossed the room and sprang onto the bed with Nancy and I.

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       Natalie immediately curled up, spooned in front of her mother, while Raven and Alexis tried to grapple with me.

    The resulting tickle-fight lasted a couple of minutes and only stopped when I raised my voice to announce, “Enough!

    “Please, girls,” I said. “You have to give me a chance to rest. Let me catch my breath. ”

    “OK, Daddy,” Alexis said. “You rest. ”

    She motioned to Raven, who climbed off the bed, leaving Natalie and her mother lying together. The two girls locked hands, their fingers twining, and headed for the door. Just before they left, Alexis stopped and turned back to look me in the eye.

    “Thirty minutes, Daddy,” she pronounced. “Then you have to fuck Raven in the ass, just like you fucked me. ”

    Nancy turned her head to look at me, one eyebrow raised.

    All I could do was shrug my shoulders.




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