The Barber 5


The Barber 5 – Ashley Joins the Party

“Well, I see what you mean when you said you had an apartment full of teenage girls. ”

I must have looked like a deer in the headlights. My wilted, satiated cock had just slipped from the freshly deflowered pussy of a young girl, who was currently naked and collapsed on my equally-nude body.

Next to me at the head of the bed was another young girl, a vibrator jammed deeply in her hairless pussy as she moaned her way through yet another self-induced orgasm. And there was my daughter, wearing nothing but an almost see-through robe, standing in the doorway with rock-hard nipples in front of the blond girl who'd just walked in.

“Actually, this looks like a lot of fun,” she said, wrapping her arms around my daughter and cupping her 18-year-old tits. “Mind if I play, too?”

Alexis just moaned as Ashley, who worked as a clerk in the adult book store where I'd bought a host of sex toys – and had given me an amazing blow job while demonstrating the use of the things – massaged her breasts through the silky material of the robe. Her moans turned to groans of ecstasy as Ashley pinched and tugged on her nipples with one hand while insinuating the other hand into the slit at the front of the robe an onto my Alexis' young cunt.

“Mmmm,” Alexis moaned. “Who's she, daddy?”

“That's Ashley, baby,” I said. “She sold me all your new toys. ”

“And showed him how they worked,” the gorgeous blond piped in. “So, can I stay and play? Your daddy promised me he'd give me a haircut. ”

“Daddy's kinda tired right now, I think,” Raven chimed in. “He just got done poppin' Natalie's cherry. ”

“That's Natalie, by the way,” Alexis chimed in, pointing to the almost unconscious girl still laying prone on my chest.

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   “The dark haired slut with the toy fetish in Raven. I'm Alexis, or Lex. Pleased to, mmmmm, meet you. ”

Alexis untied her robe and Ashley slipped it off her shoulders, leaving my daughter naked as a jaybird. I gently rolled Natalie off of me onto the bed, where she curled up and – swear to god – slipped her thumb in her mouth.

“You came at kind of a bad time,” I said as I sat up on the edge of the bed. “But we'll see what we can do. ”

Raven pulled the dildo out of her pussy with a plop, turned it off and sat it on the bedside table. She grabbed the basin and towels and headed out the door to the bathroom.

“I'll get everything set up, daddy,” she said. “Lex, you get her ready. ”

“Daddy?” Ashley said, one eyebrow raising in surprise.

“The girls just took to calling me that after, you know,” I said, sounding somewhat sheepish even to myself.

“After you shaved their pussies and fucked them?” Ashley said. “Don't worry.

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   I lost my cherry to three older guys, friends of my dad, when I was 18 I really love older guys. ”

Alexis broke away from Ashley fingers and started stripping the older girl. It didn't take long as shewas wearing just the outfit she'd had on earlier in the day, still sans underwear.

“You know we normally just do full shaves, right?” Alexis asked. “You OK with that?”

“I hadn't really thought about that,” Ashley said.

“I think we can work around the design you already have,” I said, not thinking about what I was saying.

“How do you know she already has a design, daddy?” Alexis asked.

“I told you baby,” I replied. “She demonstrated some of the toys I bought. And she sucked me off while she was doing it. ”

“Oh, you did?” Alexis said, turning to the older girl. I couldn't see her face, so I didn't immediately know what her reaction was. “That's cool. His cum is yummy, isn't it?”

The older girl visibly relaxed as my daughter seemed to take this new bit of information in stride.

“Yeah,” she said.

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   “It's really yummy. Do you think I can get some more after you're done. ”

“Honestly, I don't know,” I said with a shrug. “The girls pretty well drained me when I got home. ”

Ashley pouted, then turned to Alexis and Raven, who'd just reentered the room with a bowl of steaming water and fresh towels. Natalie, it seemed was still out of it, curled up on the bed with one hand clamped against her recently-fucked snatch and the thumb of her other hand still buried in her mouth.

“What'd I miss?” Raven said as she walked over to the bed and set the basin and towels down. She picked up the trimmer and wiggled it back and forth, grinning.

“Better let me handle this one, baby,” I said. “We're going to try something a little different. ”

The girls guided my next “customer” over to the bed and laid her down, her ass hanging off the end.

I pulled a low stool up beside the bed, picked up the trimmer and set to work.

“What exactly was this supposed to be?” I asked. “It looks a bit like a heart, but I can't tell for sure. ”

“Yeah, it was supposed to be a heart,” she said.

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   “Just see what you can do with it. ”

I put my left hand on her pussy, taking advantage of the opportunity to get do a little playing. I rubbed my thumb over and around her clit, hearing her moans as I watched her pussy flower open.

“Mmm,” Ashley groaned, her hips undulating slightly. “That's not fair. ”

“Didn't promise you fair,” I said, pressing my thumb down and into her weeping opening. “Did I?”

“No – oooooooooooh!” she moaned. “Oh, shit! That feels fucking amazing!”

Alexis, sitting on the bed beside Ashley, reached over and gave her a firm swat on the ass.

“Yow!” Ashley cried. “What was that for?”

“No cursing,” Alexis said with a grin.

I sat the blades of the trimmer against Ashley's pubic mound, carefully shaping her bush. I made very small cuts, trimming a little bit here, straightening a line there. I was able to clean up the rough heart she had trimmed into her pussy hair, but it was quite a bit smaller when I was done.

I then moved on to her pussy lips, where the hair wasn't as long. The vibrations of the trimmer elicited more moans from Ashley's lips which increased in volume as Alexis leaned down and sucked a nipple into her mouth.

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   With a grin, Raven slid into place and started sucking and tonguing Ashley's other nipple.

“Oh, god,” Ashley moaned. “You're going to make me cum!”

Her hips were thrusting against my fingers and the trimmer, putting more direct pressure on her nubbin, as the girls toyed with her tits. Raven's hand came out of nowhere, clutching the smaller vibrator. As soon as I was done trimming the hair around her opening, Raven pressed the tiny buzzing toy directly against her clit.

“Oh, fu … I mean da … ah, shi . . ,” Ashley stammered. “Jeez, I'm cumming! Oh, god, I'm cummmmmmmmmiiiiiiinnnnnnnnng!”

Her cries echoed off the ceiling and roused Natalie, who groaned, rolled over and took in the scene before her with wide eyes.

“Oh, wow,” she said. “That's so cool!”

Natalie just crawled over to the thrashing, moaning girl and planted her little bald pussy directly in Ashley's face. The younger girl reached down, grabbed two hands full of Ashley's blond hair and pulled her into contact with her slit. The older girl's tongue shot out and buried itself as far as it could go.

“Yeah,” little Natalie moaned. “Like that.

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   Eat my pussy. Tongue my slit!”

I sat back, obviously unable to continue until the girls were done. To my amazement, my cock started to rise again. But I probably shouldn't have been surprised. The sight of the four girls in front of me, locked in passions, would have raised the dead.

Ashley wrapped her hands around Natalie's thighs, pulling her even tighter against her questing tongue. Raven switched her attentions to the younger girl, sliding in behind her and reaching around to pull and tweak her rock-hard, pale-pink nipples.

“Oh, shit!” Natalie moaned. “Yeah! Fuck my pussy with your tongue!”

Ashley seemed surprised when the language didn't earn Natalie a slap on the butt.

“It's okay to use the word when you are,” I explained, fisting my rapidly-hardening cock.

“Are what?” she mumbled into Natalie's snatch.

“Fucking,” I said, driving my cock hard into her dripping pussy.

“Oh, FUCK!” Ashley cried. “Oh, yeah! Fuck me!”

I started banging away at her, using Ashley's body like a fuck doll as my girls mauled her tits and rode her face. I grabbed her legs behind the knees, forcing them up and back, into Natalie's hands.

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   The younger girl caught on right away, grabbing Ashley's ankles and spreading her wide for my pleasure.

Ashley was grunting, “Ung, ung, ung,” in time with my thrusts as I drove my cock repeatedly, deep into her yielding body. With Natalie holding her ankles, my hands were free to grasp her slender hips for leverage, allowing me to pound her full length with my rod.

My balls made loud, wet slapping sounds as they bounced off her wet cheeks. Ashley's pussy and the crack of her ass glistened with the moisture gushing from her pussy, forced out by my cock. That gave me an idea.

Without warning, I jerked my cock from her pussy, lined up with her ass and pressed inside, insinuating the head of my cock into her bowels.

Ashley cried out in a mix of pain and pleasure as my thick shaft split the tight ring of muscle and forced the walls of her rectum apart.

“Ahhhhhh!” Ashley howled. Her voice degenerated into basic, animal grunts and groans, too overcome by sensation to even form words.

I kept pushing and forcing my cock into her ass until I was buried balls-deep. Natalie looked down from her perch on the older girls tongue, her eyes all but popping out of her head. Raven and Alexis stopped what they were doing to see what was going on. Both wore looks of shock and awe, mixed with lust, on their faces.

“You've got your cock in her … in her BUTT!” the 12-year-old said.

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   “Why is your cock in her butt?”

“Because it feels so damn good,” I replied as I bottomed out in Ashley's clenching ass.

“Oh, yeah,” the older girl moaned. “Yeah, it does! Fuck my ass!”

“But,” Alexis began. “But, doesn't that hurt?”

“YESSSS!” Ashley cried. “It hurts so GOOOOD!”

I slid out until only the head of my cock remained trapped by her sphincter, then slammed back in, driving my throbbing cock hard into her ass. Ashley grunted, a deep, guttural sound, as her body trembled in pleasure and pain.

I started pounding her, pressing her legs back further to improve the angle. Ashley was grunting and groaning constantly now in time with my thrusts into her ass.

Raven still had the small bud vibrator in her hand and Alexis returned to sucking on Ashley's nipples. Raven turned the lipstick-sized toy on full blast and pressed it against the older girl's clitoris. The reaction was, to say the least, obvious and immediate.

Ashley's head flew back, then forward, banging into Natalie's crotch where she still sat, poised above her. The younger girl groaned in pain and rolled to the side, clutching her already-sensitive pussy.

“Oh, shit,” Ashley said. “I'm sorry! I didn't mean to … Oh FUCK! I'm cumming!”

Her whole body froze in a rictus of pleasure, her ass muscles clenching around my shaft, her sphincter almost pinching my cock off at the base.

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   It was my turn to cry out as I exploded for the fourth or fifth time that day – I'd lost count.

I blasted shot after shot of cum into Ashley's bowels. She moaned with each shot as I emptied my already stressed balls deep in her ass.

After a time which was impossible to measure, my body relaxed and I collapsed on Ashley's supine form, my cock wilting in her back passage. We were both gasping for air, struggling to catch our breath after our frenzied, animalistic coupling.

That's all I could call it. It wasn't lovemaking. It wasn't even fucking. I – and I believe Ashley, too – had been reduced to sweaty, rutting animals, taking out our lusts on each other's bodies.

I was finally able to roll off to the side, my cock slipping from Ashley's well-fucked ass with a wet pop. Immediately, my cum began to pour out of the gaping maw of her stretched sphincter.

“Oh, fuck!” Ashley moaned, earning another slap on the ass from Alexis, delivered without much force in a more playful manner.

“Give me a break!” Ashley said, laughing. “I think I earned one more!”

“OK,” Alexis said, turning and presenting her naked 18-year-old ass to the older girl. “I'm sorry.

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With a chuckle, Ashley spanked my little girl once on each cheek. She then looked down at her pussy and the short stubble of her pubic hair around the tiny heart and on her lips.

“God, I better get going,” she said. “I can take care of the rest of the hair. I don't think I can handle any more grooming right now. ”

Still out of breath, I just nodded. I slid up fully onto the bed and collapsed between Natalie and Raven. Alexis helped Ashley dress, then we all got deep tongue kisses, mine punctuated with a “thanks for the great fuck” before Alexis took her hand and led her out the door. I swear Ashley was walking somewhat tenderly and a little bow-legged as she left.

Alexis came back shortly and climbed into bed with the rest of us. She was quiet for a few minutes, then turned to me with a serious look on her youthful face.

“Daddy?” she said. “Can I ask you a question?”

“I think you just did, baby girl,” I said, which earned me a punch in the shoulder. “What's up?”

“Well, you seemed to really like putting your dick in Ashley's ass,” she said. Her comment peaked my interest and caught the attention of Raven and Natalie.



“Do you want to do that to us?” Alexis asked.




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