The babysitter and my mother


Topic: BabysitterI was lying in bed one night in the dark one night watching a hard-core DVD I had snaffled from Mom's collection (yes Mom's - I didn't have a Dad I knew about. ) when I heard my 'baby-sitter' approach - Mom was a nurse and when she had to work a late shift or sometimes night-shift, she had to get me a sitter as I was only twelve at this time - quickly I flicked the telly off using the remote and rolled over pretending to be asleep. I got the surprise of my life when Donella, Donny, slipped under the covers! She made an instant grab for my crotch finding me hard - well I'd been wanking after all - surprised considering I'd been watching a couple of guys double fucking a very pretty young girl with a shaven snatch? Prior to that I'd been watching two girls together - that excited me just about as much as the M/F/M action. It did didn't take me long to realise Donny was naked as she said "Put the telly back on - I've been watching much the same next door! I'm so horny!" As the film came on again she took full advantage of my erection and, without preamble took my virginity, sliding my pole into herself - seems she had been a virgin too but my knowledge of such things was far too limited to know that at that point. What I knew however was that she was hell of a tight and the feelings she was setting up in my cock were wonderful! In my inexperience, I didn't last long in the velvety grip of her clutching cunny but she managed to cum with me as I sprayed off inside her. Wow, wow, wow!Gasping we lay side by side on the bed naked, bedclothes cast aside. Once recovered slightly I turned on the light so I could see Donny properly and pulled the headphones out of the TV so we could both hear the 'show'. Donny kissed me saying "I like watching this kind of stuff - your Mom always leaves me out one or two new ones when I sit for you. Not that she has ever told me though! The first time she just left one in a place where I could easily find it after telling me to watch any of the DVDs I liked before going out and now there is always at least one in the same place - always different to what I've seen before. What about you?"I confessed I'd discovered Mom's store a while ago and sneaked one in to watch whenever I could. Donny replied "Had a feeling you did! I got so hot watching tonight's I just had to fuck - masturbating just wasn't good enough, I had to do what the girl on screen was doing - fuck! That was my first time by the way. Take it was yours?"I said "Hell, of course it was - I'm only thirteen!""Nice cock though! I had real fun. How was it for you?""What can I say? Pure, dead brilliant! I'll want to have sex with you lots Donny - you've started something here I'm not sure I'll be able to stop!"She smiled as we cuddled and lay back to watch the show. We'd missed quite a bit but that was irrelevant as we watched two teenage girls make out together. "I'd like to try that too. " Donny mused "Love to taste another girl and suck her tits - you can suck mine in a little.

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   Like them by the way?"Perhaps I should tell you a little about Donny before we go any further. She lived next door and was around sixteen at this point, just old enough to be responsible for me. She was short, around my own height despite the age difference, slim, blue eyes, long, blond hair, a bald pussy (turned out she shaved "like the girls in the fuck-films"), pert little tits and large dark nipples that right now I couldn't wait to wrap my lips around. Put bluntly, she was a stunner!But she made me wait despite my fumble of an attempt to achieve my goal, insisting we watch the girls who were now locked in what I now know to be a 'sixty-nine', each eating and fingering the other's cunt until both came. That moment two blokes, already sporting giant hard-ons, appeared and peeled them apart, each stuffing his cock up an already overwrought pussy. One stud took his girl missionary while the other took his from behind - I just knew she was going to end up taking his cock up her arse. I asked Donny her views on anal sex. She replied "Don't know - I'm really not sure but I suppose we could at least try it and see how it feels to have your cock up there - just watch for now though. "So we watched as the scene unfolded, the four participants changing both position and partners on a regular basis until both girls were indeed having their back passages invaded by a large dick. I was quite envious of the size of the guys' dicks but, hey, I was young yet! Finally, having got his charge off, one of the studs crossed to the other couple, rolled them over and mounted the girl, fucking her pussy good-style while his mate reamed her arse. Bringing the girl off one last time and, just on the point of cuming themselves, the two guys withdrew and jacked off over the other girl's chest. The one who had taken DP moved in to clean her up, laving and sucking at her tits as the scene faded. Donny hit the mute button as the next scene started and said "Yeah, guess you could try reaming me but what I'd most right now is to suck your cock until you cum and then for you to eat my pussy 'til I cum. OK?"Who was I to argue? I squeezed her tit and told her to go right ahead! After watching the movie, I was of course rock hard again so she went right to my dick. First she licked him all over, especially his sensitive underside, and I managed to get her into a position where I could massage her breasts, still dreaming of sucking on them - it wasn't important right now, it would happen sooner or later.

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   Then I watched in fascination as she formed an 'O' with her lips and sucked my knob into her mouth. Now, I'd seen this umpteen times on telly but in real life it was better I could ever have imagined especially as she slowly slid _all_ the way down my shaft. I just sort of arched my back and threw my head back in ecstasy. I was no way as well hung as most porn actors (yet) but very often in the films all the girl did was to suck the guy's knob while wanking his shaft. This however was real deep-throat with Donny taking me all the way into the tightness of her throat on each bob. At the top of the stroke she flicked her tongue round my knob. It was brilliant - almost (but not quite) as good for me as our fuck had been! All too soon I had to announce "Donny! I'm going to cum!" expecting her to pull me out but she just kept bobbing as I sent wave after wave of jism directly into her belly. Satisfied that I had no more to give her for the moment, she pulled me out and cleaned up my dick with her tongue gathering up every drop of my stuff. "Take it you liked that then?" she asked with a mock coy smile after licking her lips. "Fuck yes! That was awesome!""My turn then! Suck my tits and play with my pussy for a bit and when I tell you I'm ready you can go down on me - you know, get my pussy like the girls did for each other?"She didn't need to explain and I was on her in no time, finally sucking one of her tits into my mouth as my hand went to explore her recently deflowered pussy - she was still a bit bloody but did I mind. . . Her tit tasted fantastic just as I had hoped it would and her sopping wet cunny was almost as tight on my finger as it had been on my cock. I was in heaven as I massaged her insides, my mouth alternating from side to side on her chest, nipping her nipples just gently every time I withdrew. She pushed my head firmly onto her chest as she gasped "Fuck - I'm going to cum! I'm cumming!" And so she did making me feel really pleased that I'd gotten her off with my actions.

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   "Eat me! Taste my pussy!" So I went down for lunch, tasting a girl for the first time but again I'd seen this on screen often enough to know exactly what to do. How do you describe the taste of a girl on heat? Sweet but salty at the same time? Fuck, who cares how you describe it? Donny just tasted great as I kissed her pussy lips and probed as deep into her treasures as I could with my long, broad tongue. I am able to roll my tongue and Donny seemed to really like it when I did and sent it exploring into her vagina - sort of tongue-fucking her. Suddenly, it was her turn to arch her back and cum, spurting her juices and probably my cum from our fuck into my mouth. Gosh, did she taste great? The answer is not 'No'!She cuddled me too her "You can do that any time - I'd still like to go with another girl but what you did was tops!" Then she realised I was hard again and said "Let's try it doggy style from behind like the girl in the film - if I cum before you do you can try putting him in my arse. OK?" as she got up on all fours, prying her buns apart to show me my potential reward. I ran a finger over her pussy, moistening it and then pressed it into her exposed rear. She was hot and tight. "How's that?" I asked. "Feels kind of nice. Slide it in and out a bit. " So I did until she said "That's enough - come and fuck me. Make sure you don't cum before me!"Her meaning clear, I slid my rampant dick back into the tightness of her cunt from behind. I was careful to keep the pace slow, savouring each and every thrust into her vice-tight love tunnel. Her breathing became very slow and laboured as she in turn thrust back at me until I reckoned she was probably about to cum.

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   I had been holding her by her hips as we rode together but at this point I slid one hand round and began to massage her clit. She went ballistic! She detonated into a massive orgasm as I continued to both massage her and give her the pleasure of my cock at the same time! It was all I could do to keep from cuming myself revelling in the huge contractions pulsing on my cock but I was determined not to. I wanted to try anal!Her orgasm subsiding, Donny signalled me to stop so I withdrew. She pulled her cheeks apart once more and I set my cock, well lubed with her juices, at her rear entrance. I eased forward, pressing my knob against her anal pucker. It took an age of straining but eventually Donny managed to relax enough for the tip of my knob to force his way in. As gently as I could I slowly slid in until she had taken all of my knob. "Uh-uh! Uh-uh! That's OK! Try going deeper. " So, still being as gentle as possible, I slowly slid _all_ the way into her steamy depths. The feelings against my cock were fantastic, quite different, but no less pleasurable, from being in Donny's pussy. She was so smooth and tight! When she realised she had taken all I had to give her she motioned me to stop, contracting her muscles against me - almost rippling them along my cock. FUCK! I nearly lost it then and there but I managed to hold on until after a little while she was still again and told me to ream her "Like on the film. " I glanced up to see a little red-head riding a very-well hung black stud - he taking her up the arse. No way was she legal - where did Mom get these from? They never had any covers or artwork on the disk, just an explicit pen-written title. That was the least of my worries right now as I began to stroke in and out of Donny's rear, very, very slowly - she was so tight I could do little else but it was fantastic none the less! Soon I was at boiling point but luckily so was she, cuming as soon as she felt my seed spray into her.

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   I came and came and came until she finally could take no more and slumped onto the bed breaking our contact as she did so. "Well! That was some show you two!" I nearly died! Mom! What had she seen? Did it matter? There was no way to deny that I was naked on the bed with my sitter and with a porn DVD playing - the slightest glance at us would confirm we had had full-blown sex whatever else. Donella's arse was even still dilated some!I nearly had another heart attack as Mom stepped into my room totally naked, her glistening pussy lips suggesting she had seen some action herself recently - by her own hand or with someone else I wondered? She never dated as far as I knew but. . . She came to me and kissed me - not like a mother should but with her tongue snaking into my mouth. I reciprocated. A little about Mom. I was never sure of her age but I surmised she must have had me really young and was still only in her twenties - we'll see later in this tale. She was a real knockout even given a son's rose-tinted view. Small, lithe and with, what I saw unclad before me for the first time that night, the most gorgeous chest. She kept herself very fit and there wasn't an ounce of fat on her - had she been taller she could probably have been a model. Oh and she had long auburn hair and a shaven snatch. Anyway, breaking away from me she went and kissed Donny in a similar fashion. "See you found the DVDs then?" she said with a nod to the screen.

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   I blushed. "Take it you found the ones I've been leaving out for you Donny?"Donny's turn to blush as she muttered "Yes Ma'am. "Mom laughed "Forget the Ma'am bit! Call me Jan - you too Colin. ""What did you see?" Donny asked neverously. "Well unfortunately I missed you taking Col the first time - at least from what I have overheard I take it you had fucked before that last time - before you deep-throated him and he ate you but I've seen the rest. Been years still I've had a real cock in any of my holes but you two were hot - love seeing folk fuck! Hence the movies - take it you both like them? Didn't expect to find you fucking though! And you want to try out with another girl Donny?"Donny took the initiative. "Yeah you bet I do - I want to taste you Jan!" She ran her hand over my Mom's pussy before dipping a finger into her. "Umm! You're ever so wet - were you playing with yourself while you watched us? I love playing with myself while I watch the fuck movies but tonight I needed something more - luckily Colin's been able to oblige! Or maybe it's been something more than playing?"Mom's turn to blush, betraying that there must be more to be learnt, as Donny laid into her pussy using more and more fingers until her whole fist was up my Mom's cunt. I'd never seen the like on any of the films so I watched transfixed as Mom was brought to a very clear and total orgasm by the invader - needless to say my pecker was back at full mast again!Mom lay back gasping as Donny asked "What age are you Jan? You have a lovely body - I want to lick your pussy but only after Col has fucked you!"Now wait a mo - OK it was wrong enough for me to be seeing my Mom in the scud and her making out with another girl but wasn't going all the way with her a taboo too far? My dick didn't seem to think so, throbbing like never before, growing in stature not diminishing!Leaving the question unanswered Mom started to explain, "That could be fun but I need some time first. Yes I was playing with myself as I watched you two together - came a couple of times actually - but no it wasn't my only adventure tonight. As is often the case I had lessy sex with a couple of the other nurses in the showers as we came off shift - lessy stuff's kept me going these last three years. They were sweet at the time but I think it only put an edge on my appetite - I'd made up my mind to finally bed you tonight Donella. All the DVDs were a bit of a hint - notice all of them had a fair bit of girly action in them? Some of it with pretty young girls? I'd hadn't reckoned on you having bedded Col first!""Yeah, I'd noticed. And I had noticed how young some were, even some of the ones in the fuck scenes. Where do you get them from - they can't be legal?" Donny asked, voicing my unsaid question.

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  Mom just smiled and said "Well. . . You're right, lots of them probably aren't legal but I have my sources. Source really. You two aren't exactly legal but nor was I when I lost my virginity!""Tell us about it Mom!" I prodded. "I guess you have a right to know Col but I'll only tell if you drop the Mom bit. OK?""OK Jan. " I agreed. "It was like this - I was lying awake in bed one night when my brother Phil - Uncle Phil remember?" (How the hell could have I forgotten - it was no more than three years since both he and my grandparents, Mom's parents, had been killed in a road accident by some drunken bus driver who'd had been way over the drink/drive limit when he careered into their car. ) "Anyway that night he snuck into my room, slipping under the covers into bed with me. He said something like 'I've got a bit of a problem Jan. ' as he put my hand on his cock. Needless to say he was erect. He continued 'It's awfully sore but you've got a special place I could put it that would make it better.

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      ' 'Where?' I asked nervously. 'Right here!' he said as he lifted my nighty and rubbed my pussy. Now I'd discovered my joy button a while before and in fact had been rubbing myself before he had crept in so I just said 'If you think it will help, you'd better try. ' In a trice he had shed his PJs and whipped my nighty off leaving us both naked. He said 'Nice body Sis!' before coming on top and taking me. It was kinda sore at first but I soon got used to it and I even had a little orgasm just as he got off in me. After that, we had sex regularly, experimenting with all manner of positions - and holes, just like you two we soon found out about the delights of anal sex!""How old were you?" I interjected. "He was ten. I was. . . Well, I was eight!""Wow!" Donny and I chorused. "Yeah, well it was wow! I just loved having sex with him however right or, more truthfully, wrong. Anyway, it was only a matter of time before we were found out and sure enough one day when we were supposed to be playing video games in the basement our Mom and Dad walked in on us when we were in full swing, Phil and I both in the throws of a massive mutual orgasm. Did they pull us apart and reprimand us? Like hell, they first striped naked and then as we came apart trying to hide our nakedness, Dad came to me and said he'd love me to suck his dick before he ate out my pussy.

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       He thrust his massive tool, much bigger than Phil's, in my face. Noting that Mom was already sucking my juices from Phil's cock, I did just that going right down on him just like you did for Col Donny. It was a struggle that first time but eventually I got there! He pulled out before he came however saying 'I've changed my mind - I want to fuck you before anything else!' Mom was already lying down on the bed ready to accommodate Phil's prick so I got down beside her. We kissed and ran out hands over each other's chests - not that I had very much being just short of nine at this time - before I both saw and felt Dad's big dick plough into me just as Phil took Mom. It was one hell of an experience as Dad rode me to new heights of ecstasy - I'd enjoyed everything I'd done with Phil but this was better yet. Phil learned some new tricks from Mom that afternoon as well as he was later to demonstrate to me. Well, lets cut it short and just say that after sating himself in my cunny Dad ate me, Phil ate Mom, Mom ate me, I ate Mom, Dad buggered me, Phil buggered Mom. I had my first experience of DP, with Phil in my rear while Dad pleasured my cunny then the two of them reversed roles with Mom. This set the pattern in our house until the three of them were killed three years back - free love, incestuous but free love. Unfortunately, well let's not use that word 'cos otherwise you wouldn't be here Col, no one thought of birth control for me so at the sweet age of ten I wound up pregnant! To answer your previous question Donny, I'll be twenty three next month!"WOW!!!Mom, sorry Jan, continued "We never bothered finding out who the father was at the time because it just didn't matter to us - we could find out if you want to Col, both sets of DNA are on file somewhere - and I gave birth to Col just before my eleventh birthday. It was all hushed up, after all with Dad being a gynaecologist and Mom a Midwife we didn't need any outside help. Mom and Dad gave me all the help I needed with you Col and, after putting me on the pill, lovemaking between the four of us continued as before until, well, you know. . . ""Yeah - I know.

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      " I said as I cuddled Jan to me. The feel of the naked body against me made my already hard dick throb. Jan felt me against her and reached down to stroke him. "Nice, Col nice!" she cooed "Much larger than Phil was at the same age! Recon you'll end up really well hung!" She lay down legs akimbo giving me a beautiful view of her pussy. "Come and kiss my breasts then fuck me!" As I dived in on her chest, she turned to Donny and continued "After he's done you can lick me out!" I could just about hear Donny smile as I feasted on my Mom's tits. Still enjoying her chest, I slid a hand down to her quite full mound and tried to slip a finger up her cunny but she was not for it saying "No don't! Save that for your cock. I've had plenty of fingers in there but it's been three years since I've had a real cock up my cunt! Time for you to change that Col - time for you to fuck me! You come on top!"So as I got into position, I felt Donny grab my pole and rub him up and down Jan's sopping wet slit before setting me in position and saying "Go! Go for it Col!" Go for it I did as I easily slid my rampant dick up my own mother's cunt. The penetration was achieved with ease but that doesn't mean to say that she wasn't hell of a tight for she was and she had technique that Donny had yet to learn. Mix in the incest and it made for some experience I can tell you. Jan came in a massive rush after only a few moments and stayed up there cuming and cuming like nothing my experience with Donny nor anything I'd seen on film could have prepared me for until finally she was begging me to cum in her, to 'fill her with my jism'. It didn't take me long to oblige - it fact I'm surprised I'd managed to hold off as long as I did. I had a gallon of my stuff for her!No sooner had I withdrawn than Donny pushed me aside and went down on Jan. I watched in fascination - although I'd seen it on screen it was, of course, the first time I'd seen two girls together in the flesh. Jan soon came again, spurting my stuff into Donny's mouth. After that she pulled Donny round into a 'sixty-nine', the pair of them lying like commas, licking, sucking and kissing at each other's pussies until both got off again.


       It was quite a sight but having cum so powerfully in my Mom's pussy I was still out of commission. In any case Donny had to go - it was way over the time she normally got in from sitting me and she didn't want her folks to get worried (or suspicious) but there were many, many other times the three of us got together for some raw, rampant sex! Often we would start a session watching a new DVD Mom had acquired always on the look out for some new variation we hadn't either seen before or thought up by ourselves - when we found one it was always on the menu for that night! Like Donny, Mom loves anal sex and we have simulated DP by using a strap-on dildo. Jan (say) would take Donny's rear with one while I fucked her pussy. It could be either girl with the dildo in either hole while I took my pleasure in the opposing hole!Oh! Nearly forgot to say, as Donny was dressing that first night, Mom said something like "We'll get you the 'morning after' pill tomorrow, Donny. " Donny went to her and kissed her and said that there was no need as she'd gone on the pill as soon as she'd started sitting for me and discovered the DVDs. Sooner or latter she'd reckoned she'd fuck me! I nearly fainted as she giggled at my expression. After Donny left, Jan took me to her bed where we enjoyed some sweet, tender love making long into the early hours of the morning before falling asleep in each other's arms. I have 'slept' in that bed ever since!A couple of years down the line, Jan got broody and tried to persuade me to have a baby with her. At first I resisted most strongly - my genes must be screwed up enough as it is - but she ground away at me until I eventually agreed on one proviso. The proviso being that Uncle Phil and not my Grandfather was shown to be my father - the way I worked it out is that that way there would be a greater percentage of my Grandmother's genes in the mix. Don't honestly know if that is true or what difference it makes but it's what my woolly logic told me at the time. Anyway a sample of my DNA was sent off to the lab with a copy of the results for my two potential fathers. In a few days the results came back. Uncle Phil! Mom grinned like the cat who'd just eaten the canary saying "Guess I can come off the pill then? You did promise Colin?"I shrugged and hugged her too me. "Guess you can.

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      " I hauled her back through to the bedroom, stripped her robe off her and, having shucked my own, proceeded to make love to her tenderly and slowly, savouring the, soon to be, mother of my child. It took a while, maybe six months, but Jan eventually fell pregnant. Luckily she had an easy time of things during her pregnancy and being pregnant certainly didn't take the edge off her sexual appetite - in fact, now that we didn't need to conserve my sperm for making a baby, we were fucking even more! On the odd occasion where Jan didn't feel like it she was more than happy to watch while I serviced Donny. She had had to play second fiddle a bit while Jan was trying to conceive but I have been making it up to her ever since Jan had and, of course, the lessy stuff between the two girls never abated! Right now our favourite trick is for Jan to lie in the middle of the bed with me on one side and Donny on the other sucking her tits while finger-fucking her using just one digit each. Perhaps I should have said suckling her tits for Jan's milk is in and the pair of us just love helping to relieve the pressure for her. Jan will then pin me down on the bed and mount me 'cow-girl' style. I love to watch her very full belly and bloated tits bounce up and down as she rides us both to orgasm - she insists on doing all the work and I am not going to argue! In many ways I'll miss her fullness once she gives birth to our daughter in what should be only a few days time but you can bet she'll have milk a-pleanty for a long while to come. . . .



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