Thank God for TV


I had always been close with my family. Despite the fact that my sister and I were the product of two different fathers, we grew up together, always looking out for one another. Since my mom never had many men in her life, I would be the only male in the house with my mom and my sister, several chores falling to me while growing up. In return, my mom would keep house and my sister, four years older than me, would work to bring in some income into the tiny apartment we shared.
Of course, sharing such a small living space, we had to become accustomed to certain things that may seem out of the ordinary. I got used to seeing my mother and my sister walk around draped only in towels after a shower; as, of course, they got used to seeing me the same way, also. If they were running late for work, or some appointment or meeting, they'd be running around the house, bra and/or panties showing, doing their best to finish getting dressed.
When I hit puberty, they did their best to ignore my growing interest in sex and the female form. They would ignore the sounds of my masturbating, and my peeks down their shirts or at their bottoms. I must admit that I had many lustful thoughts about my mother and sister.
Shortly after my seventeenth birthday, I was fortunate enough to get a girlfriend at school, Ursula, who enjoyed sex. I finally found an outlet for all my pent-up energy that I was directing to my family at home. My lustful thoughts about them evaporated rather quickly.
One night, I was in my room, reading(about Caligula, of all people). My sister was asleep in the room she and my mom shared, and mom was in the living room watching TV. I really hadn't been paying attention to what my mom was watching, but when I absently turned my attention to the sounds from the TV, I heard a program instructing young people about safe sex.

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   They were giving directions on how to properly put on a condom, and how to use a dental dam, and what kind of lubricants are the best. Hearing all this not only distracted me from my reading, but also made me erect. And then I thought about my mom seeing this. Surely my own mother didn't need this type of instruction. Why then was she watching it?
I put the book down on my bed and walked out into the living room. My mom sat on the couch, eyes glued to the TV screen as young people practiced these safe sex tips on dildos and sex dolls. Of course, none of it was pornographic, but oddly erotic. After a few moments, my mom saw me out of the corner of her eye, and turned to me so matter-of-factly.
"Jimmy, do you know how to do all this stuff?"
She knew about Ursula at school, and knew that I stayed out late with her, so assumed that she knew I was having sex with her. We had never hid anything from each other in our small family, so I answered my mother with no shame or trepidation.
"Of course I do, mom. "
"Do you know how to put on a condom properly?"
"Yeah mom, I do. "
"If you have one in your room, I'd like for you to show me. "
"What," I asked, a little surprised.
"I want to know that you're truly practicing safe sex, and would like to see if you put on a condom properly.

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"Um, okay. " I didn't think much of her request. I still had an erection from watching and hearing the program, so I wouldn't have to worry about getting it up. Like a son obeying a simple request from his mother, I nonchalantly walked to my room, fetched a condom, and walked back to the living room.
Mom turned off the TV. I stood near the other end of the couch, facing her, and dropped the shorts and boxers I had on, my erection springing out. I tore open the condom wrapper, unrolled and rerolled the condom. My mother watched so passively, as if I were drawing a picture, or performing some other mundane task. As I got the condom close to the head of my erection to put it on, my mother stopped me.
"They were saying on the TV that it would be easier, and give greater sensation, if you lube up your penis before putting on the condom. Do you have any lube?"
"No, I don't"
"Well," my mother began, acting a little disappointed by the fact; "come over here, then. "
I walked over to my mother, condom still in hand, erection still standing straight out, oblivious to what she planned to do.
When I was close enough, she took my cock in her hand; "Since you don't have any lube, let me lube it up for you. "
She opened her mouth and leaned forward, taking the whole of my five-inch cock into her mouth. She kept me in her mouth and swirled her tongue over my cock, making me moan out.

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   She would suck on it gently running her tongue around the head. I didn't know what the hell was going on, but I loved that I was having my cock sucked.
Mom then started bobbing her head up and down on my cock, slowly stroking the base. I moaned out, "Oh God, Mom, that feels great!" I started to buck into my Mom's face as she took my balls into her hand, massaging them. I ran my hands through my mom's hair, which got her moaning on my cock, which made me moan even louder.
"What's going on in here?" My mom stopped her movement on my cock, placing her hands on my hips instead, and we both turned to look towards the hallway, where my sister was standing. The sleep still marked her hair, all tousled, but her expression was all confusion and excitement. After all, I stood in our living room, naked from the waist down and my erect cock only a few centimetres away from my mom's face.
"I'm sorry, honey," my Mom began. "I was watching a program, and it got me aroused. Your brother is the only man in the house, and even though I know that it's wrong, I severely need to have an orgasm. "
My sister's confusion lifted a bit, but she still stood in the hallway, staring at us. She was in a night shirt and panties, and her nipples were starting to harden under the material. I was hoping in my mind that I'd get to have a moment with her some night.
"You can go back to sleep, sweetheart.


   We promise to keep it down while we're out here, and we'll close the door to your brother's room when we retire there. "
"You're going to have sex with him?" my sister asked, shocked.
"Yes, sweetie. I need to have an orgasm before the night ends, and judging by how he moans when he masturbates, he can probably give me a very good one. Haven't you ever wondered how good your brother is in bed?"
By this time, mom had started to stroke my cock. My sister was about to open her mouth in protest when our mom continued.
"It might do you some good to join us. What do you say, Jimmy? Should Amanda come and join us?"
My head was thrown back, eyes closed, and I managed to hiss out, "yesssss. "
"Come on, Amanda, honey. It's only sex. "
My mother then stopped speaking and took my cock back in her mouth. I started to moan again as loud as before. I don't know how much time passed, but eventually Amanda had decided to join us. I opened my eyes and looked down. Amanda was sitting next to Mom, not knowing what to do, I guessed.

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   Then, she started to undo the buttons on Mom's nightgown, exposing her bare breasts. She rubbed one of Mom's breasts before pinching her nipple. Mom jumped and moaned around my cock. When Amanda started working on the other breast, Mom stopped sucking me off, and stood up, bringing Amanda to her feet also.
Mom slipped out of her nightgown and then started to take off Amanda's nightshirt. I took this as a cue, and stripped off the T-shirt I had on, also. Then Mom peeled off Amanda's panties and I peeled off Mom's. We stood there, completely naked and facing one another. Mom leaned over and kissed Amanda on the lips, her hand going to one of Amanda's breasts and returning the favour. I leaned in and kissed Amanda on the neck, letting one of my hands go between her legs. I used to have dreams about finger fucking my sister, and I wanted to fulfill that desire now that she was in front of me. I worried at first that she might be a virgin, and that I wouldn't be able to run my fingers in and out of her.
Mom sucked on Amanda's nipples, making the nubs on her barely C's stick straight out. I, meanwhile, slipped a finger easily into Amanda's cunt, confirming that she wasn't a virgin anymore. Amanda began to breathe hard and to moan out.

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   We weren't at that for long before Mom bit her nipple, and Amanda cried out. We all stopped at that, but none of us looked like we wanted to stop at all.
"Let's move to a bedroom," Mom finally said.
We went to my room. I had the queen-sized bed, larger than the full-size mattresses that Mom and Amanda slept on. Mom and Amanda slid onto the bed first. Amanda and I weren't sure what position to get into when Mom laid on her back and made Amanda straddle her face. Mom then started eating Amanda's pussy out, making Amanda moan. I got up to the edge of the bed and took Amanda's breasts in my hands. For years, I had wanted to squeeze those beautiful breasts, especially when I would see Amanda walk around in only a bra. Now here I was, rubbing them and pinching her nipples, Amanda's hands cupped under mine, leading my hands where to squeeze and rub.
I then made Amanda lean forward and put my cock into her mouth. She did her best to suck me, but she was going crazy, moaning from Mom's lapping at her cunt. Finally, I was so aroused, that I pulled out of Amanda's mouth and pulled her off of Mom. I laid myself down onto the bed and pulled Mom on top of me, guiding my cock into her cunt with my hand.

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"Okay, Mom. Ride me until you get that orgasm you've been dying to have. "
It felt so good having my Mom on my cock. I especially enjoyed watching her full C cups, tanned golden, bounce up and down as my mom fucked me. She moaned at first, but then started calling out my name as she fucked me faster. After being sucked and tugged on so much, I didn't last long, especially with Mom's pussy muscles working on me.
"I'm gonna cum, Mom," I managed to call out.
"No. Please, not yet," Mom moaned out.
At this, Amanda, who had been lying right next to me, masturbating, got up, sitting herself behind Mom. Her hands ran all over the front of her body, down her shoulders, over her breasts and stomach, and finally down to her thighs. Amanda's fingers started to rub Mom's clit, trying to bring her off.
"Oh! Oh God! That's it, honey. Both of you, bring me off!"
Mom's cries got louder and louder, making me buck up into her. We fucked faster and faster, and I couldn't hold on any longer.

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   I shot my load up into my Mom, nearly screaming out. I continued to pump into her as I let wad after wad out. Before I finished, Mom got hers.
"Oh God! Oh Yes! Here it comes!"
If I nearly screamed, she did scream. She moaned out mine and Amanda's name. I stayed in her until her orgasm subsided, and then we all lay together, Mom between Amanda and I. I turned towards Mom and absently teased her nipple while Amanda gently fingered her, bring up her fingers every now and then to taste the combined juices of me and Mom.
I said; "This could be the start of something wonderful. "


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