Tennis Moms Take On Family


Linda and Stacy were both the same age--thirty-six--and looked great. But they were like night and day: Linda was a tall, six-foot platinum blonde, with small tits, and a runway model's body; Stacy was Italian, smaller in stature, with huge breasts and long black hair. Her body was thin, but more curvacious.
They just got finished with a morning of tennis, and now they were in the locker room. They only went there to dry themselves with towels, and rest a bit (neither of them liked to shower in public). Stacy looked over at Linda, watching as she slid the towel up and down her tanned legs, and said, "I don't know why you have to wear your socks pulled up that high for. That look went out in the eighties, and you're not a little schoolgirl, anymore. "
Linda smiled, and turned her back to her best friend. She spread her legs wide, and bent over at the waist. Her short, white skirt rode up as she stroked the knee-high socks. Stacy could see the swell between her friend's thighs, and she thought she could actually see a wet-spot.
Stacy just licked her lips, and went over and goosed Linda's bulged-out cunt. " Oohh! You're a naughty girl today. " Linda just stood up, and kissed Stacy deeply, their moist tongues entwining as they grinded their bodies against each other. Hands were running over asses, squeezing breasts, and rubbing pussies, when they decided that they had better cool it off before they got caught.
Linda said as they made their way to the car, "Why don't you come over to my house, and spend the night? Justin and Justine"--those were her eighteen-year-old twin son and daughter--"won't say anything; I think they already know mom likes the taco as well as the hot dog.

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This made Stacy laugh--and a little wet, as she said she would.
Twenty minutes later, the two women pulled into the driveway. They exited the car, and made their way to the front door. Linda unlocked it, and they both walked in. They both saw the twins sitting on the couch watching TV.
"Hi kids. What are you watching?" Linda walked over with her friend right behind her. They threw their bags down on the coffee table, and sat down on it in front of the twins.
Since it was still early in the mornig, the kids were dressed in what they wore to bed: Justin in his sweats, and t-shirt, and Justine in very short, thin-fabricked shorts, and a baby-doll top. They were both good looking, both were popular with the opposite sex at school. They each inherited the best traits of each parent--Justine got her long, supple legs from mom, and Justin got his faher's ten-inch-long dick.
"We were just watching the early news program. What's up?" He saw them both looking at him and his sister like they wanted to say something. His eyes lingered on both sets of legs for a second, then brought his gaze up to his mother's gorgeous face.
Linda said, "I need to talk to you both for a second.

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   You know that since your father left, I have not been with a man. " Both kids shifted uncomfortably, and Justine didn't notice that her shaven pussy was exposed to the two women in front of her. "But I have been having sex. . . with Stacy. " Stacy blushed, and lowered her head. "Now I don't want you two to be uncomfortable, so I'll ask you: Is it all right with you if Stacy spends the night?"
Justin looked over at his sister, and he did notice the lips of her cunt peeking out through the side of her shorts. His mind wanted him to focus on his sister's face, but his now-growing cock won the battle, and he just kept staring.
Justine didn't pay attention, and just said to the two older women, "Whatever makes you happy, Mom. It's okay with us. Can I ask you something?"
"Sure, darling. "
"What's it like. . .

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  to, uh, you know, eat her out?"
Having his sister ask that, and having just heard that his mother makes love to this sexy woman, made his cock grow to its full ten inches. He tried to hide it, but failed.
"Well, sweety, it's li--Wow, I see Justin doesn't mind! Look at his sweats. "
All three female heads turned to see the pole in his sweatpants. Linda saw that her son was trying to hide it with his hands. "Don't hide it, honey. It's wonderful. Just like your father's. " Then, as she forced her eyes from the swollen dick of her son, she turned to Stacy and winked. "Since you're both curious, why don't Stacy and I just show you. . . if that's okay?"
Justin showed that he didn't mind by letting his cock bob back and forth. Stacy just nodded.
All four entered Linda's bedroom.

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   Linda instructed her twins to sit on the loveseat across from the foot of the bed. Linda and Stacy sat in front of them on the bed. Stacy, immediately, was getting into this. The thought of her eating her friend's cunt in front of her kids was making her pussy leak fluid. She reached down, and pulled her sweater off, all the while watching the cock tented on Justin, and the beautiful legs of his sister. Her tits were enormous as they fought against being spilled out of the white bra.
Linda ran her tongue down Stacy's neck. "Oh, you know I love that," Stacy whispered. Then Linda's tongue licked the cleavage, she could smell the female scent on her friend as neither of them took a shower yet. Linda removed her head from those big tits, and looked over at her kids.
"By the looks of it, you better release that huge dick, Son. And Justine, feel free to explore your own body as well. I want all of us to enjoy each other today. "
Without further word, Justin yanked his sweats down and off, and started rubbing the plum-sized head of his cock. There was a stream of pre-cum glistening down the side, going over the large, pulsing veins.

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   "I've never wanted a dick so bad in my life; it's been so long," Stacy said as she saw the monster.
As Linda layed down next to her friend with her own sweater removed, she said low, "Don't worry baby, we're all going to get that pecker today. "
Stacy spun her head around fast. "You mean. . . ? Have you ever. . . ?"
"That's what I mean, and no I have never. But I want it today so let's put on a show for them. Maybe they'll play with each other, too. Now, take off that bra, and come over here and sixty-nine me. I want to suck on that juicy pussy of yours. "
Stacy took of her bra, then moved her hands towards the cotton panties under her skirt.

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   She felt that they were soaked through as she slid them down her dark thighs and calves. She brought them up to her nose and inhaled. She then looked over at Justin stroking his large dick with both hands.
"Here you go, Justin. Wrap these around that shaft while you watch me eat your mom's juice-box. " She tossed them to him, and did as she instructed. He encircled his dick, and the cotton felt great on his throbbing hard-on.
Justine turned toward her brother, and spread her legs. Her right rested on the high back of the chair, and the other found the floor. She inserted two fingers into her dripping pussy as she watched her brother's hands go up and down on his cock. Justin saw her fingers playing with her cunt-flaps, and he beat harder. He watched his sister for a few seconds, then looked over at Stacy standing in front of his mom who had her legs spread wide, and her knees up in the hair with those long socks on. Stacy reached under Linda's skirt, and almost ripped her panties off. She threw these to Justine, and said, "Now you. You stuff these up your little cunt-hole, and slowwwwly pull them out.

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   Trust me: it feels great. "
Justine pulled down her shorts, and got back in the same position again. She wrapped her mother's panties around three fingers, and pushed the cotton in. " Uhhhh ," she moaned as the underwear slid in between the folds of wet pussy flesh. It made a squishng sound as the whole pair of undies was pushed in. "Justin, watch this," she said as she pulled the panties out slowly. Justin was harder than ever as he saw the panties coming out, and the long wet-sponge sound made him even hornier.
While the kids were occupied with each other, Stacy rested her bald cunt onto Linda's open mouth. Linda poked her nose inside the folds, and shook her head around. "That's it you wild bitch, eat that pussy," Stacy barked as she rested her mouth onto her friend's bulging labia. The scent was magnificient as she spiraled her tongue around the flabby lips. While chewing away at their mommy's cunt, Stacy watched Justin pump his cock, and his sister push and pull the panties in and out of her young cunt. It was time to get really bad, Stacy thought.
"Now here's what I want: Justin, you come over and shove that fucking-pole inside your Mother, and your Sister will help me make Mommy's pussy squirt cum with our mouths. " Obviously this was something they had all wanted, and Linda let them know as she moaned into the dripping pussy above her face.

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The twins stood up, and removed the rest of their clothing.
    Justine still had the panties hanging out of her lips when she said, "I'll get to have some of that, too, right?"
    Justin let his cock go, and it bounced around. "Yeah. And when I fuck you, I want Mom's panties in there when I fill you up with meat and juice. "
    Both siblings walked over to the bed as they watched Stacy's mouth work on their mother's cunt. When they got close enough, Stacy reached out and wrapped her hand around the engorged member. "This is the biggest fuckin dick I have ever felt! My fingers don't even touch my thumb," she gasped as she pumped it a few times. "Oh mommy-dear, were all going to have so much fun with this," she said as she pulled the large head over to rub it up and down the glistening slit. Stacy looked up at Justine, and instructed, "Squat down, now. "
    The sister/daughter did as she was told, and her face was near her mom's cunt as she watched her brother's dick slide arond the puffed-out pussy. She could smell her mom's juices, and she started to jam the panties back in; droplets of cum that didn't get soaked up into the cotton were starting to puddle under her.
    The cock finally parted the lips of mom-cunt, and he thrusted about two inches in. He groaned in pleasure as he looked down to see the bulging cunt wrap around his dick with love. Stacy was watching it slide in, too, as she grinded her cunt into the mom's mouth. She used her fingers to rub the hood of flesh that housed the clit.

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       Now six inches were in when Justine ran her long tongue around the puffy outside of her mom's pussy.
    Mom was groaning and moaning as the hole ten inches of her son entered her. She jammed four fingers into Stacy's cunt and fucked and sucked her hard as she was getting pleasure from her twins and her best friend.
    As she watched the kids taking care of mom--the huge rod being pushed in and pulled out with a suction sound, and the tongue of the daughter licking around the swollen cunt--she announced that she was cumming. " Hmmmm , fuck yeah! Here it comes, baby. Mommy's about to eat hot jizm as her Son fucks her and her Daughter licks her. . . . Ohhhhh! "
    Jet after jet of clear liquid shot out of the bald beaver, and into the open mouth of the mother. Linda couldn't catch it all, and some ran down her cheeks as she was lapping at the girating cunt.
    Stacy bit down hard on the top of Linda's snatch, and the cock just kept assualting it. Stacy could actually feel her friend's stomach area rise when the whole cock was in her.
    Justine was using her mouth on ma, her left hand was fingering the underwear into her soaked pussy, and her other hand was massaging her brother's large sack. Just then, the brother said, "Mom, I'm gonna cum, I can't hold it anymore.

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       Where should I do it?"
    Mom yelled fom under Stacy's dripping pussy, "Just a few more pumps, honey. Mommy's almost there. I want your sister to swallow my cunt-juice as I squirt. When you do finish, spray it into Stacy's mouth. She hasn't had man-seed in a long time. "
    Justin tried to hold back, and after four more plunges, mom said, "I'm ready to blow!"
    Linda's hips started to buck, and, even though the cock was filling up her cunt, her semen shot out of the sides of her pulsing vagina. It ran down, and the daughter licked it up hungrily. Justin drew his ten inches out, and he got a fire-hose-like blast in the stomach of hot girl-cum. Unlike her friends, mom's cum was pearly white, and the gigantic dick was coated in it. He didn't even have to tell Stacy to open up, she was ready. Long ropes of sperm fired out of the throbbing dick and blast after blast hit Stacy in the mouth. There was too much, though, and some leaked out, dribbling down onto her friend's stomach. After she swallowed all the hot cum in her mouth, she licked the puddle of it off of Linda.
    Stacy motioned for Justine to come up by her. She did, and Stacy pushed the daughter's head down on her mom's stomach.


       Stacy then opened Justine's eager mouth, and he spit the rest of the cum into it. She gulped it all down, and she started to frig her clit again.
    As the mother crawled out from under her friend, she sat down next to Justine. All six eyes were staring at the still-erect monster with the mixture of mom/son jizz dripping onto the floor. Linda gave her son's thick cock a lick, and said, "I'm sorry you's two didn't get fucked, but by the looks of things, I think this is gonna be one helluva night. "
    They all laughed as Justine knelt down, and inserted her brothers soaked cock-head into her mouth. . . .
    To be cunt-inued. . . .