Temptations of Tanya (Revised Edition) pt 1


written by starsapphire edited by andeyA torrid tale of 18 year old temptress Tanya, who manages to capture and coyly seduce all the women in her life she loves including her babysitter, her mother and best friend. BODY:The Temptation of Tanya by StarSapphire (C)2005. All rights reserved. Please write if you like my story and maybe I'll post some more here. Chapter 1I only spied Tanya briefly as she entered the condo opposite mine shortly after she moved in. But in that brief moment she turned and flashed me a brilliant smile and I was instantly smitten. Tanya had lustrous dark hair that fell in a gentle wave to her shoulders, big blue eyes, delicious bee sting lips and a pert little elfin nose. She was about 5 foot 1 inch but had a truly graceful figure for one so short. Her breasts were only gently suggested mounds but her bottom took on a completely rounded, squeezable look and set my heart racing. She was exactly my type. That she was only 18 years old shocked me to my core. I had been spending my days in a depressing routine of work, television, reading and generally staying out of touch with the human race as much as I could. I had recently left a gay relationship of five years and felt old and betrayed. Julia had left me for someone else, someone all of 24 years old. Having just turned 40 I felt the pain much more intensely for all of this and longed to be reaffirmed as an attractive, sexy, worthwhile woman. All I could manage for my self-esteem was to work out at the gym, frantically trying to preserve myself against the ravages of age.

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   That that reaffirmation would end up coming instead from a lively, self-assured young girl just reaching adolescence still astonishes me. If anyone were to 'rescue' me, I had actually pinned my hopes on Tanya's mother, whom I had seen more often. Leanne Grainger was 35 with honey blonde hair and a wonderful figure, standing much taller than her daughter. I'd also 'known' her for years as a local TV reporter and part time anchor, though I'd never actually met her before. I wasn't in any way 'star struck' though. As a psychotherapist I'd had several high profile clients and wasn't intimidated. Not that I needed to be. Leanne seemed as genuinely warm and self- assured in person as she did on air and my heart did little flip-flops whenever I bumped into her. In my present emotional condition I didn't fully trust my 'gay-dar', but I thought I caught that 'look' from her and I quietly pinned up my hopes. Tanya must have taken on her father's characteristics except for her face, which was a smaller, more delicate version of her mother's. In personality she seemed only-child precocious and lively, a little more energetic than her mom but still with all her warmth. Leanne and I struck up a friendship at the strata council meeting in our building that took place a couple of weeks after she'd moved in. Being new the only person she had even a nodding acquaintance with was me, so she sat beside me as the condo owners bickered and feuded as they always did. Being a newcomer Leanne was fussed over by a few fawning fans and some of the more lecherous old men who lived in the building after the meeting ended, but I was able to steer her clear of the worst attentions. By way of thanking me she invited me over for coffee where I got to know both her and Tanya on a more personal basis.

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   "This is Carla, honey. Carla, this is my daughter Tanya," As Leanne spoke the words Tanya popped up from the couch and came over to shake hands. I was a little startled at her eager response but I gladly took her proffered hand in mine and felt its delicate texture. As I looked into her baby blues a little tremor ran through me. What in God's name was happening to me? I'm lusting after my neighbor's child! "T-Tanya, that's a pretty name," was all I could blurt out. "Thank you. It's my grandma's name. And you're pretty too!" Tanya giggled, covering her mouth and looking at me with her laughing eyes. My knees felt weak. I was definitely losing it. I did take some pride in my features and tried to dress the part. No blue jean grunge look for me. I am all lipstick lesbian, slim, trim and feminine with 36C breasts and the same 34 butt I had in high school but somehow Tanya's compliment had touched me deeply. When I got home later I cried for the first time since Julia had left. Then I felt so overwhelmed by my letch for Tanya I masturbated, getting off at least 3 times to images of her spread out before me naked, or her head buried between my legs, something that brought on a wave of shame when it was over.

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   I spent the next few weeks utterly amazed at having fallen so in love so fast with someone so impossible to possess and swore I would never attempt to consummate my feelings. I would love Tanya safely from afar. And I did amazingly well. Leanne worked often odd hours and asked me to mind Tanya for her until something more permanent could be arranged. I was only too happy to oblige, already having no life and now being given the chance to spend several hours a day alone in the company of this little moppet that I desired so much. But I promised myself to be good - and I was. The trouble turned out to be Tanya, or so I tell myself. "Do you have a boyfriend?" she asked me out of the blue one evening. "Well uh, no," I hesitated. "I just left a relationship a couple of months ago but that was with another woman. " I looked into her face trying to read her reaction but she just stared at me as if I'd mentioned it was warm and sunny outside. "We were lovers," I added, expecting her to be shocked I suppose. She wasn't. "Oh, that's so sad. You must be in a lot of pain.


  " "I'm learning to cope and I'm enjoying being free," I lied. "Did you love her?" "Yes, very much. Why are you asking me about this, sweetheart?" "Well it's just that, uh, I have feelings for someone that I think is really special too and I don't really know what to do. I mean, I'm only 18 and. . . and it's a girl. Like your friend. " Tanya lowered her face and then covered herself with her hands. "My mom said she thought you liked girls, and when you said about your lover that she was a girl, I-I guess that you do, so I wanted to ask you about it. Gosh, is that okay?" "Oh honey, of course it is!" I exclaimed. "And how did your mom figure out that I liked girls?" I laughed. This was intriguing. "I don't know. She didn't tell me.

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  " Tanya looked up at me with a grin. "But I'm sure glad she got it right. I really don't know what to do. About my friend I mean. " "Are you good friends with her?" I asked. "Oh yes. I see her all the time and she is so beautiful sometimes I can't stop looking at her. " "That sounds serious. You're a very pretty girl yourself. Do you catch her looking at you now and then? That's usually a good sign. " "Yeah, I think so. She seems to like my boobs, like I have any!" she laughed. "I've even caught her looking down my shirt!" I, of course had been doing the same thing to her and shared her erstwhile lover's infatuation with her young breasts. Had she caught me looking too, I wondered? Inwardly I shuddered at the shame of discovery yet envied this anonymous object of Tanya's affection who surely wouldn't turn her away. Tanya was too precious.

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   I already hated this girl for stealing away Tanya's amorous interest but was also grateful to her for providing me with something of an 'out'. If Tanya could be safely coupled up with this unknown girl it would help me to withdraw from the intoxicating love I felt for her. "Your boobs are going to be fine, girl. My God you're only 11!" I laughed. "But hey, wear some tops that make the looking easy. You might as well dazzle her, honey. If she's interested it'll drive her crazy and if she's not, well there's no harm done," She seemed to contemplate that advice for a moment then gave me a sly little look. "Perfect!" Tanya declared and we both dissolved into giggles. The next evening Tanya came over and settled into the far end of my black leather couch and drew her knees up to her chest a place and position fast becoming her own. She looked ravishing in a pair of navy blue tight slacks and a white, square collared loose cotton top. She grinned at me and lowered her knees. "This is what I wore today," she giggled, pulling at her loose top. "When I bend over like this you can see right down it to my boobs. " And she did just that, giving me a tantalizingly brief glimpse of her pink pert young nipples and a wicked look that caught me staring. I blushed a deep red.

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   "Tanya, you are so naughty! So did you impress her?" "I think so," Tanya said with a cute smile. "I'm just all confused right now about her. I mean I want to be with her and kiss her and cuddle but I don't know what to do. " She seemed instantly so forlorn. "Can you help me?" "Tanya honey, I don't know," I replied, my heart going out to her as my own need to kiss and cuddle her mounted. "What do you think I can do?" I said placing a hand on her shoulder as she sat next to me. "Well," she said. "Could you teach me how to kiss? I've never kissed anyone before. I mean, it wouldn't count, you know? Just to show me how. " A very pleading look was in her eye. I was taken aback, to say the least. Kiss her? Of course I would but how would I make it 'not count'? I-I guess so, Tanya. Here, close your eyes and pucker up," I instructed. I nervously leaned in and brush my trembling lips against hers. The touch was magic and a shocking current of lust shot through me down to my aching pussy.


   I lingered for a second and fell the full rich texture of her lower lip against mine as I ever so slightly parted my lips, but only enough for a quick taste with my tongue. I pulled back slowly. "There, how was that?" "Oooh, I loved it. Do it again, okay? Only longer this time!" Tanya moved her face eagerly into mine and our lips met in a much deeper kiss.
    But I kept my lips closed not trusting myself to go further with this experiment. My feelings were intense and I heard Tanya moan gently as we continued. I decided to break it off. "Doesn't seem like there's too much I have to teach you, you little minx. " I whispered with a grin. I was red and flustered while Tanya looked up at me all dreamy eyed and out of focus. "I like kissing," is all she said. Then she laid her head against my shoulder and wrapped her delicate pale her arms around me. I gently stroke her lustrous dark hair and felt my tummy tying up in anxious knots. "This girl is very lucky, little one," I told her as I gently kissed the top of her head. "I hope you'll both be very happy together.

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      " Tanya breathed a deep sigh against me and hugged me tighter. "Me too, " she murmured into my blouse. Then she quickly looked up at me again. "Let's kiss some more!" she implored. "It's okay it doesn't count, remember?" "What do you mean 'it doesn't count'?" I wanted to know. "I mean it's just practice, okay? It - it doesn't mean anything so we can do whatever we want, you see?" "Not really, but okay. And Tanya, you just can't tell your mom I was teaching you how to kiss. She'd have a bird!" I laughed, but meaning it all the same. "Of course not silly! Besides I don't think my mom would want to know that I've got a crush on another girl, do you?" "Probably not. But this is something you'll probably have to tell her eventually, " I cautioned her, recalling with a shudder my own dreadful experiences with 'coming out'. I felt certain though that Leanne would be far more understanding than my mother had been. "I will, but right now I want to practice kissing with you. " Without wasting any time Tanya leaned across me, wrapped her arms around my shoulders and planted her lush full lips square against mine, this time moving them around a little then parting them slightly. It was then I realized her lips and mouth were full grown adult size, something I knew in my head would be the case, but somehow I'd irrationally expected them to be smaller to match the rest of her. All sorts of crazy feelings were rushing through me at this point.

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       I so wanted to just open my mouth and devour this young creature but I knew there might be no turning back. I was dizzy with excitement and my throat was achingly dry. A deep wet throbbing began in my loins and spread up through my breasts to elongate my sensitive nipples. I moaned as I felt her hot wet tongue start to push against my closed lips. "Wait Tanya!" I cried, pulling back from our kiss. "This is starting to 'count', and I need some air!" I gasped, fanning myself. "I know! That was so cool Carla! You're a great kisser!" "But honey, I don't want this to go any farther. Look, I'm 40 years old sweetheart, and your only 18 Maybe we shouldn't do this anymore," I reasoned. In that moment Tanya looked shattered. Despite all her grown up precocity she was still just a young girl emotionally. I thought she might cry. "Besides," I said, "What about your friend?" I asked, trying to revive her spirits. "She's the one you want to be kissing and making it 'count'. I'm just your big old baby sitter. I bet she's much better looking than me and now you can teach her how to kiss.


      " "I don't have to teach her," Tanya said sullenly. "You don't?" I asked puzzled. "No, she already knows how to kiss. " "How do you know that?" "She - she told me. " Tanya stared down into her lap. "Who is this girl, Tanya? "I - I can't tell you yet. But I will. Is that okay?" "Sure it is honey. " "Besides, I don't care if you're 40," Tanya looked up at me seriously. I looked back at her squarely. "Gosh honey, but did you know that 18 years ago, before you were born, I was in graduate school? And that a full 18 years before that I graduated from high school? And that 7 full years before that I was the same age as you are now?" "Hey, so what? I'm the one who gets to decide if you're too old anyway, not you!" she giggled. "Yeah, but then I get to decide if you're too young, " I countered with a poke in her chest. "But we're just practicing so it doesn't count, remember?" "Okay, but you be good this time. No tongues, alright?" Oh boy, I thought, But Tanya was good - at least for a while. We stay locked in a light embrace for several minutes then with the heat obviously rising between us as our mouths moved softly against each other.

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       This time we pulled away slowly and smiled. "That was nice," I whispered to her. "Mmmm it sure was," Tanya replied, squeezing me tightly. We sat cuddled together for the next hour or so, behaving ourselves, watching TV, then snacking until Leanne came by to pick her up. "Was she any trouble?" Leanne asked me at the door. "Of course not. She's a real sweetheart. She can come back any time," I felt so guilty I couldn't look her in the eye as Tanya walked past me into the hall. "See ya tomorrow!" Tanya called out as she entered her doorway. I slowly closed my door then leaned my shoulders against it. What on earth was I going to do! I thought frantically. I headed for the shower and took a long look at my ancient body in the mirror and decided I wasn't so bad. My breasts were still firm and full and my figure still trim. I decided to trim my light brown bush between my legs and contemplated shaving it off completely. How absolutely depraved, I thought with a chuckle.

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       Getting under the hot water brought back all the steamy emotions I'd been having on the couch with Tanya and it wasn't long before I had two fingers deep inside my pussy making myself come. It took only seconds and a slower and deeper orgasm followed in bed after I'd dried off and hopped under the covers naked. I drifted off to a troubled sleep however. .



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