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The school day passed quickly and we were soon free to leave. “Hey Amy!” Yelled Jake. “Want to come over tonight and watch a movie or two?”“Sure!” I shouted back waving goodbye. “I’ll be over at 7 okay?” Jake nodded and ran to catch up with Sarah. I shrugged my Teletubbies backpack further onto my shoulders and headed home. Arriving home earlier than usual I was surprised to see no one was there. Usually my dad is back by this time. My dad is my only blood relative since my mum died when I was born. Since then my dad has had many girlfriends and only one lasted a while, the first after my mother. She produced him one child before running off with the milkman. My dad kept his son, my half brother, and he lives with us too. At 14, he is a year younger than I am, and very annoying!“Danny! Are you home?” I yelled slamming the front door shut behind me. No answer. I just shrugged my shoulders, and headed up to my bedroom, ready to relax on my bed. I reached the door and that’s when I heard a funny noise. I gasped before realising it was the shower.

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   “Danny?” I yelled. I walked over to the bathroom and peered in. In our house we respect each other’s privacy, which is why both the shower and the toilet are privately screened off allowing two of us to use the bathroom at the same time. When I looked in I couldn’t see or hear anyone, just the shower. I walked into the room, leaving the door open behind me. Standing at the centre of the room, I looked towards the shower and gasped. Danny was in the shower, and had not put up the screen. He was facing the wall, droplets of water shining on his bare back, running down the crack between his bare ass cheeks. I breathed out loud as a hidden desire rose within me. My half brother had no idea I was watching him, and my eyes widened as he turned slightly. He still faced away from me, not seeing me, but I could see him, and what he was doing. His hand moved up and down in a gentle rhythm, massaging his large cock. I gasped as his hand squeezed and relaxed while moving up and down, making Danny’s mouth open in pleasure. My own hand gently snaked down my stomach following the well-known path to my clitoris. Slowly pushing my damp panties aside, my fingers massaged my swelling pea, matching the rhythm of Danny’s masturbation.

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   Silent moans left my lips as a familiar sensation arose in my loins. I watched as Danny’s hand moved faster, as his hips began to buck forwards. I could just make out the sight of his creamy juice pumping out of his swollen head, splashing against the side of the shower walls before my own eyes closed in ecstasy as my pussy walls contracted time and time again. Opening my eyes again, I could see Danny still facing away from me, leaning against the wall on which he had came, his chest rising and sinking rapidly. I continued to stare at him until his hand reached over, and he switched the shower off. As he shook his wet hair I silently slid my panties back over my soaked pussy and padded across the room. Leaving the room as fast and quietly as possible, I ran to my bedroom, still feeling the wetness of my own cum in my panties. Shutting the door, I quickly adjusted myself, fanning my red cheeks. Hearing the bathroom door open, I jumped onto my bed, cleverly reaching for my favourite magazine from the floor. I heard a quiet knocking from my door. “Come in!” I yelled. The door opened and in walked Danny. I smiled. “ Didn’t know you were home!” “Really,” he replied adjusting the towel he had wrapped loosely around his waist. “What you up to tonight?” He asked me.

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  “I’m going to Jake and Sarah’s to watch a movie!” “Like watching things do you?” He asked, raising his eyebrows, mouth curling into a smirk. “Wha…What?”“You heard. I saw you from the start. Why do you think I came so quickly? What will your friends say when I tell them what a whore you are?” I gulped. .



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