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Alyssa greeted her family members and went up to her room to put up her suitcase. She was about to take out her things and she heard her mother softly knocking on her door. She looked up to see her with a blank look on her face. "Mom? Are you Ok?" Alyssa asked concerned. Her mother sat on her bed and looked as if she wanted to cry. "Mom? Hey what's wrong?" Alyssa went over to comfort her mother sitting next to her. "Oh Allie, it's Zack. "Alyssa's eyes widened. "What? What happened to Zack? Is he OK?"Her mother just sighed. "Well I guess so. You know what that boy went off and did?"Alyssa looked puzzled. "No what?""Well he went off and got a little 18 year old pregnant!"Alyssa felt disappointment in her brother. She'd told him to always wear protection when he had sex. Now he was stuck being a teenage father. He had so much going for him too. "Oh Mom, I'm sorry.

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   What did you tell him? What's he gonna do?""Well, the girls parents were pissed off as any parents would have been. They actually say they don't want their daughter to have anything to do with Zack. They're moving across state. ""Man, that's crazy!" Alyssa felt herself fuming. "Yes hun I know. The girl is going to go to a school for teenage mothers and they are probably going to give up the baby for adoption. "Alyssa's heart went out to her mother. She knew her mother was dying to have a grandchild and now here was her first grandchild, but he was being taken away. She watched her mother sob softly and she tried her best to comfort her. Alyssa wanted to talk to Zack immediately. "Mom where is Zack?" Her mother wiped her tears looking at her daughter. "He's in his room. He knows we got pissed off at him and well I guess you can say he's grounded. ""Well I wanna have a talk with him. " Alyssa stormed off to her brother's room.

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   His door was locked so she knew he was in there probably listening to their father's old Led Zeppelin records. She could faintly hear the music. She took a deep breath trying to keep her cool. She knocked hard on the door. It took a few seconds and finally she heard the door open. Alyssa stood there looking as her baby brother opened the door. He'd grown up so much it seemed. Or maybe she never really paid attention until now. His dark brown hair was short and his blue eyes that matched her own looked so sad. A nose ring decorated his nose and his left eyebrow was also pierced. Damn little bro, you look kinda hot! Alyssa thought to herself. "Hey Allie!" Zack said happily as he saw his big sister. He hadn't seen her since she'd left for school once again in late August. Alyssa hugged her little bro. She could feel his body was getting so big and strong.

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   She kissed him on the cheek and then slapped him on the back of his neck. "Oww. What the hell was that for?" Zack moaned. "That is for knocking up some little girl. Didn't I always tell you to use protection?" Alyssa hissed. Zack was still rubbing the back of his neck. "Yeah, but look she said she was on the pill. "Alyssa nodded looking disappointed. "Uh! Zack, how many times do I have to tell you that sometimes girls lie about that? Either that or she might have just started taking the pill and figured it was OK to have sex. "Zack frowned. "Well shit I didn't know!"Alyssa sighed trying to keep her cool. "Well know you do know, but unfortunately it's too late for that. Zack looked down at the floor. He felt so embarrassed knowing everyone in the family knew about what had happened. Now his sister, whom he loved and looked up to was also disappointed in him.

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  Alyssa knew she had to put herself in his situation. He must feel awful knowing that he'll never be able to meet his child. Alyssa, herself wanted to be able to meet her niece or nephew, what ever the child was going to be. "Hey I'm sorry bro. I just care about you and your future. " Alyssa apologized. Zack made eye contact with his sister. She's always been so damn pretty. He'd always hoped to find a girl who was smart, witty and beautiful like her. None of the girls he'd attempted to have a mature relationship with were like her at all. Alyssa had it all. Too bad she's just my sister. Zack thought to himself. He looked at her long dark hair. It's about the length of her bra strap and silky.

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   Although she was older, he was still taller than she was. He stood over her and still he admired and respected her. His eyes still kept wandering down to her ample cleavage that showed on her low cut black button up top. Her khaki pants were loose, yet they still managed to show her nice firm ass. "Thanks for caring sis, but I'll be OK. Just don't make me feel bad I know what I did was wrong," Zack apologized politely. "You coming downstairs to hang with the family?" Alyssa asked anxiously. Zack nodded. "Nah I'm gonna chill in my room a bit. I'll be down later. I need time to myself. "Alyssa shrugged. "Alright bro, but let me know if you need someone to talk to. "She turned walking down the hallway sashaying her beautiful little hips. Zack licked his lips wanting to put his hands all over her.

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   Ok stop it you pervert! He said to himself. Zack never came downstairs and Alyssa was worried for her little bro. She went upstairs to take him a dinner plate since she knew he hadn't eaten. She knocked on his door and he didn't seem to answer. She knew he wanted to be alone so she went ahead and left the dinner plate by his door hoping he'd open soon. She left and a few seconds later Zack did come out of his room and almost stumbled over the dinner plate. He looked down and smiled thinking how considerate his sister was. The next day was Thanksgiving and almost everyone had spent the night there. Alyssa got lucky not having to share her room with anyone. She woke up at almost ten in the morning and was about to get up but she felt her pussy damp, very damp. She slid her hands between her legs pulling her panties to the side. Her slit was dripping wet with her juices. She knew she had a wet dream last night but she couldn't remember what it was about. All she could remember was that it involved Zack. Oh God he's your brother! He looks up to you.

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   Stop thinking of him that way you tramp! Yes Alyssa couldn't get herself to stop having illicit thoughts of her baby brother. The thought that he'd gotten a girl pregnant was turning her on! He'd actually been able to cum inside a girl was just so hot! Alyssa slipped two fingers inside her warm pussy and started finger fucking herself. She kept wondering what Zack's cock looked like. How he looked and sounded when he came. How his cum tasted. Mmmm little bro I bet you could fuck me good. I need to be fucked good right now!Alyssa was now fucking herself harder jamming her fingers inside her aching cunt. She'd wondered how it would feel like to take her brother's cum just like that 18 year old had. Alyssa some how was jealous of that girl. She'd gotten to experience sex with her sexy brother. Alyssa felt her body stiffen as she came hard on her fingers. Her juices oozed out of her leaving her breathless. She laid in bed panting after her incredible orgasm. What the hell was wrong with her? She'd have to stop having these dirty little thoughts. It made her feel better that Zack had finally decided to join the family for Thanksgiving.

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   He was mainly hanging out with their male cousins watching football on their big screen TV. Alyssa was in the kitchen with the women cleaning up and gossiping. It'd been such a long day and Alyssa couldn't wait to just go and take a nice warm bath then lay down. After dinner and football games, everyone left. Even Alyssa and Zack's parents left to go to the movies. The theater downtown was opened on Thanksgiving and everyone wanted to go except Alyssa since she was so tired and Zack since he was still down about his baby. Alyssa went on to take a nice hot bath. She'd filled the bathtub with her favorite raspberry scent. She relaxed herself in the water trying hard to keep the fantasies of her brother out of her mind. Ok Alyssa, just think of school, think of an old boyfriend, think of anything but your baby brother for Gods sakes!After her shower she came out of the room in her white bathrobe. Her hair was pinned up and she was barefoot. She walked quietly to her room and Zack was there laying on her bed reading her Spin magazine. She looked at him confused. "Zack? What's up?"He sat up looking upset. "Well I still can't get this whole situation out of my head sis.

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   I mean I really would like to meet my baby. "Alyssa looked at him sympathetically. "Aww I know sweetie. I'm sorry. Look there's gotta be a way you can see your child. It's so mean of that family to just take the girl away and your child. "Zack scoffed. "Yeah I don't love the girl, but I do care for her since she is the mother of my child. "Alyssa went to sit next to her brother. She'd never seen him so sad or worried. "Zack look it's the holidays, we'll figure something out. I'll help you as much as I can. Right now let's just unwind and relax. "Zack looked at his pretty sister. "Thanks.

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   You always know what to say to me don't you sis?"Alyssa blushed. "Well I try. You're my baby brother and I care about you. "Zack moved closer to Alyssa and put his arms around her. Oh man he feels so good! Alyssa thought to herself. She placed her forehead against his smiling at him and stroking the back of his head. "Now do you feel better?" She asked. Zack didn't respond. He felt his cock hard as a rock being so close to his sister. She was just a few inches away. He just wanted to kiss her pouty lips. He'd always dreamed of it. Now he wanted to make his dreams come true. Alyssa almost choked as she felt Zack press his lips on hers. He was an incredible kisser for only being 18 He'd actually turned her on more than guys her own age.


   Her lips parted inviting her brother's tongue in her mouth. Their tongues touched with love and heat. Alyssa knew she was supposed to be the responsible one and stop this incestuous kiss but she couldn't. She was lost in her own passion. "Oh Zack! Kiss me more bro. Oh fuck!" Alyssa cooed holding her brother close to her. Zack laid her on her bed and got up to lock the door. He turned around and she lay there waiting for him. She was hot for him and he knew it. He took off his t-shirt showing her his nice muscular chest that he'd achieved after so many years of playing football. Zack couldn't wait to just untie that robe his sister had and look at her sexy body. Like he'd been wanting since he was about 13. He ran his hands on her bathrobe as she looked at him nervously and excited at the same time. He didn't take long, just a few seconds and he quickly undid the robe finally being able to see his sister's body. Her breasts were so big and suckable.

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   Her nipples were big and hard. They were a light brown and pink color. Her areolas were big and light brown. He'd never seen tits so hot on a girl before!He leaned down to put one of her nipples in his mouth. Alyssa moaned while her brother sucked her tits. It'd been a while since she last had sex, and now she really wanted it. Wanting it from her little brother. Her sexy little brother. His mouth clamped on her tit sucking it, kissing it, licking it. His tantalizing lips were making her wet between her legs. "Zack I need to get fucked. Oh bro fuck me please!" She begged breathlessly. Zack took Alyssa's tit out of his mouth and smiled up at her deviously. "Are you that horny sis? You want your own brother to fuck you?"Alyssa nodded desperately. "Yes!"Zack continued to make his way down her gorgeous hard body.

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   Her stomach was completely flat and he could feel her tummy muscles as he glided his tongue down.
    Alyssa closed her eyes feeling her brother's tongue slithering down her body. Her eyes suddenly opened wide feeling Zack's tongue licking her pussy lips. She raised herself up on her elbows wanting to watch her brother eat her pussy. Zack put Alyssa's knees to her chest getting an awesome view of her clean-shaven cunt. Her pussy lips were light pink and puff and her clit was still buried under her lips. With his fingers he spread her lips open letting her dark pink clit pop out waiting to be licked and sucked on. He looked up at her licking his lips letting her know how bad he wanted to taste her. "Lick me bro. Lick me!" Alyssa implored. Zack dove his head down between his sister's legs and started to grant her request. He slid his tongue up and down her already slick slit tasting her and smelling her. Alyssa grabbed her breasts with her hands pinching her nipples hard as she felt her brother's tongue on her pussy. Zack flicked his tongue fast on his sister's throbbing clit feeling her little body squirm. His lips fastened tightly on her clit as he sucked on it hard making her moan and her body shift side to side waiting for her to cum.

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      "Mmgggghhhh yes! Oh bro just keep doing that! Fuck!" Alyssa cried out. Zack kept her clit between his lips feeling it swell up more. Her moans were making his cock pulsate wanting to fuck her hard and cum inside her just like he had done with his previous girlfriend. "More oh babe suck me more! I'm cumming!" Alyssa screamed out as her body tightened and her body quivered letting out an intense orgasm. Zack lapped her juices trying to suck up all he could. She tasted so sweet just like he'd fantasized. He was drowning in her juices as they kept oozing out fast not letting his tongue catch them all. Her bed now had a huge wet spot left from all the juices her brother didn't get to drink. Alyssa reached up and grabbed her brother kissing him hard and tasting herself in his mouth. "Zack fuck me. I'm so ready for you bro!" She wailed. Zack didn't hesitate any longer. He was ready to fuck his sexy older sister. He got up and unbuttoned his pants letting them fall to the floor. He grabbed Alyssa's legs and put them up by his shoulders while she ogled his cock.

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       She blushed looking at her brother's size. His cock had to be at least seven inches and very thick. His plump mushroom head was already covered with gooey precum. "Sis? Are you on the pill?" Zack asked, as he was about to enter her. Alyssa nodded. "No bro just fuck me raw. Cum inside of me! Knock me up like you did to that girl!" Zack felt his heart race hearing his sister's request. He didn't think twice and just jammed his cock inside her. She felt so warm inside and wet. He began to pump her hard and fast making her moan as she looked up at him. Their eyes met while they fucked and Zack knew it wouldn't be long until he shot his load up his sister's cunt. Alyssa could feel her pussy adjusting to her brother's size. He felt incredible inside of her. He was pleasing her better than any guy she'd been with ever had. He rammed his cock deep inside of her wanting to get it all the way up her cunt, as far as he could.

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       Alyssa hoped her brother would put his seed in her and she would be willing to give him a baby. "Alyssa! Oh sis you feel so good! I'm gonna cum soon! I'm gonna cum hard!" Zack groaned as he kept pumping her. "Yes bro cum in me. Knock me up! Oh Zack I wanna have your baby! I love you!" Alyssa shrieked. Zack could feel his sister's cunt swallowing his cock and he couldn't take it anymore. He felt his balls swell up ready to shoot out his cum. His cock twitched inside his sister's pussy and then he felt himself spurt out his sperm. "I'm c-cumming! Sis I'm cumming inside of you! Take it sis! Take my cum!" He panted as he shot out his seed inside his sister. "I feel it bro! I feel your cum! Oooh make that baby inside me bro!" Alyssa closed her eyes as she felt her own orgasm. She held on to Zack's arms tightening her grip as she came hard on his cock. "Mmmm bro oh fuck!" She moaned loudly. Zack slowly slid out of his sister and laid next to her. He could see her hair that was pinned up was now a mess yet she never looked more beautiful. He stroked her pretty face still thinking this was a dream. A dream he hoped to never wake up from.

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      "I love you sis. I think I've always been in love with you. " He said sweetly kissing her lips softly. Alyssa smiled kissing her brother back. "I love you too bro. I'm gonna love the baby you give me and you'll be able to see your baby anytime you want. "Zack closed his eyes holding her close. "I can't wait for you to have my baby. You're going to make a wonderful mother sis. "The siblings talked about their future plans together and slowly drifted into a deep sleep. Soon enough they'd have to explain this to their parents, but for now they were going to enjoy this beautiful moment. .



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