Teasing Mom Pt. 1


I was in the computer room looking at porn of large chested older women being seduced by young teenage boys when my mother came home from work. She was 45 at the time but didn"t look a day over 35. She had shoulder length brown hair, beautiful blue eyes and a body to die for. Standing at 5"7 and weighing a reasonable 180lbs given the size of her 40DDD breasts. She had caught me a few times snooping through her bra drawer holding up and marveling at her large bras. Sometimes rubbing my hard young cock between a pair of her clean white panties till I climax all over the bra laid in front of me. She had grown suspicious when she noticed more and more of her bras go missing.

The first time she caught me she laid a trap. She left one of her “going out bras” on the bed. A red lacy thing that must of barely contained her large luscious all natural breasts. She came up to my room and made a point of saying she was going out shopping and wouldn’t be back for a few hours. I waited till I heard the front door shut behind her then peered out my bedroom window waiting till I saw the car pull slowly out of our driveway. Once I knew she was gone and I had the house to myself I rushed downstairs to her bedroom opening her door with caution.

Her red lace bra caught my eye the second I closed her door behind myself. It laid out on the bed like a present to me. I slowly walked up to the bed and picked the bra up carefully holding it in my hands like the holy grail.

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   It was my favorite bra to jack off too. I had walked in on her one Friday night getting ready for a night out with her other single mom friends. Its hard to say who was startled more that night as I burst through her bedroom door. She turned quickly as she heard me come in and there they where. Her mountainous breasts jiggled as she pivoted turning towards me. I couldn’t help but stare directly at my mother large breasts.

I politely apologized for barging in her room and quickly exited. My cock was instantly hard from the sight of her large breasts. I immediately ran to me bedroom quickly removing my pants and boxers. My 7. 5 inch cock was so hard it ached. Harder than it had ever been before I frantically started jacking myself off closing my eyes tightly and imagining that moment as she turned towards me. They looked so soft and perfect I imagined sucking on her nipples and holding her breasts in my hands as I kissed every inch of them.

I found myself thinking about the day again as I stand there holding that special red bra. I reached into my pants and began to touch my penis feeling it grow larger and harder as every dirty thought came and went inside my head.

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   Once I’d reach full hardness I slowly began pulling down my pants and boxers as I heard the sound of her bedroom door opening. I chaotically attempted to put my cock back in my pants as she walked in her bedroom door. Still visibly hard I threw the bra back on the bed.

“What are you doing in here Jake?” she said with a stern tone in her voice. Her eyes drifting down to my large cock.
“Oh. Umm nothing I just thought I’d heard something in here and knew you where out so I thought I’d look to make sure. ”
“Well as you can see everythings out. So maybe you should go hang out in your bedroom or the computer room” she said still standing in the doorway.
“Okay mom. ” As I attempted to walk past her my still semi-hard cock brushed against her side. I could see she felt it against her side but didn’t know how it made her feel.

I knew from that point on I needed to be as careful as possible. Making my presence in her room completely unknown. So I saved all my mom from doing odd jobs around the house and mowing lawns and bought a pin hole camera so I could permanently spy on my mother without her ever knowing.

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   I waited till she left for work one day and went down to her room to find the perfect spot for my “Gloryhole” camera. I’d found the perfect spot in the ceiling from that vantage point I could view her whole room which meant I’d see everything she did in her room. After I set it up I eagerly waiting for 4 o’clock to come around knowing my mother would be home shortly after.

Once I heard the slam of her car door I knew the show would begin shortly. I opened the webcam on my computer and waited for her to enter. My hear began to pound as I saw her bedroom door open and her walk in wearing her normal work garb. With her back in turned to the camera she slowly began unbuttoning the front of her blouse. Pulling it off her shoulder and throwing in on the ground. After that she slowly began to turn towards her bed and my eye in the sky and reached behind her back and slowly unhooked her bra. One hook. Two hooks. My heart almost skipped a beat as she let the strap slide down her arms exposing her amazing all natural breasts. Tossing her bra on the bed she grabbed her breasts in her hands and massaged lightly moaning slightly. My cock became instantly hard at the sight of my mother perky albeit large breasts. Her nipples the size of cup saucers.


   Turning back around facing away from the camera she slowly bent over and pulled her skirt down around her ankles exposing her silky panties. She stood back up then slowly took her index fingers of both hands and slowly slid her panties down over her hips exposing her perfectly round butt. I climaxed all over my hand and lap as the sight of her perfect ass. I amazement of my mothers naked body gave me a better and more intense climax than anything before.

From that point on a never looked at my mother the same. She was a beautiful goddess living under my same roof. The forbidden fruit. I was both aroused and disgusted at the idea of my mother generating such thoughts and emotions in my body. And no matter how hard I attempted to purge my brain of these things the harder and more intense the thoughts became. Starting out as simple thoughts of her naked rubbing and pinching her nipples. Then turning into full sexual fantasies and wondering what her luscious pussy lips would feel like around my nice hard cock hearing the sound of her moaning out my name as I fucked her pussy. Screaming louder and louder. It was becoming unbearable no matter how hard I tried I would instantly get a hard on when my mother and I were in the same room.

My mother was very coy when it came to sexual arousal she never spoke up when I would get a hard on around her. Knowing it was embarrass me and cause and even bigger tension between us.

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   So I tried harder and harder to turn my fantasies away from my mother. Turing to the internet for release. After months of gratifying myself several times a day to keep my sexual desires for my mother at bay led up to today.

No longer could I ignore my sexual fantasies for my mother. Today when she got home from work I’d go up to her bedroom door my cock stiff as a board and enter. Confess all of my deepest darkest fantasies and hope to god she didn’t freak and send me away to boot camp or something crazy like that. I heard her enter the house and go to her bedroom door. Once I heard her enter her room and shut the door behind herself I mustered up all my courage and walked up to her bedroom door. I stood there for a minute frozen. Wondering if I should go through with this or just turn around and keep my sexual desires to myself. As I reached down to grab her bedroom doorknob the door flew open and I found myself face to face with my mother in nothing more than her bra and panties.