teaching the kids part 1


As she pressed close to Marlene, Jackie glanced at the open window. The face of her young son was there, watching.

A shiver moved about her flesh as she opened her long, luscious thighs to her sister. Her cunt had been bubbling hotly, stroked into steamy wetness by her sister’s fingers. But with her son peeking at them, her pussy became wetter still, so much so that hot juices seeped from her cunt lips, down over the creamy skin of her ass.

“God, Marlene,” moaned softly, watching the window with slitted eyes. “You’re still as good as ever. ”

“I keep in practice,” Marlene whispered throatily, probing at Jackie’s bulging clit.

Jackie knew Timmy could hear every word, and this excited her, too. It wasn’t the first time she had caught her son peeking at her, though it was usually at night as she undressed for bed. She knew he sneaked, out of the house when he was supposed to be in his bed, and looked into her, window. At first, Jackie had felt anger, then a slight shame, and finally, excitement.

“You’re sure about marrying this guy?” Jackie asked. “He’s so much older than you. I hope you’re not making a mistake, Marlene. ”

“I’m not,” her sister replied, dragging her finger up and down the juicy slit of Jackie’s cunt.

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   “He’s rich as hell, an he’s promised to set up a trust fund for Bobby’s education. He knows what I’m like, and won’t interfere. ”

“Remember what I said,” Jackie said, wiggling her ass. “Don’t try to get me involved with him. I won’t have anything to do with a threesome, Marlene. No more of that?”

Jackie’s blouse was open, her shapely tits firm and widely spaced, her pink nipples straining nakedly. Her skirt was around her small waist, her panties dangling from one ankle. She had her legs up, bent at the knee, spread apart. Marlene was sitting between her feet, stroking the sensitive inner flesh of her thighs, tracing the blonde triangle of silky pussy-hair and slowly poking her middle finger into her cunt. Jackie arched her hips to her sister’s finger, mewling softly, glancing at the window often to make sure her son was still there.

Timmy was there; he wasn’t about to go away. He stood outside the window in his pajamas, his young cock very hard. His eyes were huge as he gazed into his mother’s bedroom. He could see his mother’s cunt, watch his aunt move her finger into it.

Marlene was almost naked too.

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   She still had her bra on, and her skirt was bunched about her waist. She wore a pair of very tight, very skimpy, panties, and Timmy could see right through them.

She and Marlene had begun playing with each other as young girls, before either of them had a single hair on their pussies. Marlene had always initiated the erotic games. But Jackie had been just as eager to indulge. It had been Marlene who had first licked her, stuck her tongue into Jackie’s cunt. Finding that pleasurable, Jackie had returned the favor. Marlene had been the teacher, and Jackie the pupil.

Jackie loved it, and Marlene knew she did. All through high school, Marlene would come to Jackie, lead her off where there was some privacy, and bury her face between Jackie’s thighs, suck and lick and tongue her cunt until Jackie squirmed with orgasm. Many times it was hurried and in places that were dangerous, but Jackie had never turned Marlene down.

Just as she had not been able to turn her down now.

When Marlene asked if her son, Bobby, could stay with her while she spent a few weeks out of town with her new husband, Jackie agreed. She didn’t mind her nephew being there, and Bobby and Timmy were not only cousins, but good friends. She didn’t mind that Marlene called her often, visited once or twice a month.

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   What she did mind was Marlene’s attempt to get her out, to introduce her to men. Jackie was content as a young widow, raising her son. She had no burning hunger that couldn’t be satisfied by her own fingers, or the seven or eight times Marlene would go down on her. Until she discovered Timmy peeking at her, Jackie found that exciting, very exciting.

She became eager to have her son at her window at night, looking in at her as she undressed. Jackie began to undress in ways that she knew would excite her son, slowly and with plenty of suggestive movements. Now, with her son peeking at her and Marlene, Jackie hoped her son was enjoying it as much as she was.

Marlene pressed the tip of her finger against her sister’s swollen clit, causing Jackie’s hips to lurch.

“Ohhh, you almost made me come then!” Jackie moaned, glancing at the window, seeing her son’s bright eyes just above the sill.

“Not until I can get my mouth on your sweet, juicy cunt, Jackie,” Marlene laughed, a low, husky sound. “I want to taste how hot you are, lick up those delicious pussy-juices. ”

“Then you better start licking,” Jackie whimpered, twisting her ass from side to side. “You know what your fingers do to me. ”

Jackie ran her hands downward, her fingers moving through the thick curls of her blonde pussy-hair. She slitted her eyes and glanced at the window as she parted the puffy lips of her cunt.

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   She saw her son’s eyes grow wide, and shifted her ass toward the window a little more, wanting her son to get a good look at her pink, juicy cunt. Jackie lifted her ass up, grinding as her sister fondled her bunching asscheeks.

“Eat me now, Marlene,” she pleaded softly, her eyes gazing at her son’s face. “Stick your tongue in me and lick my pussy! You’ve made me so fucking hot, I could come right now!”

Marlene moved bet middle finger into her sister’s cunt, pushing it in to her knuckle. Jackie gasped with pleasure and began to fuck back and forth on Marlene’s finger, mewling as the hairy lips of her cunt spasmed, trying to take the finger deeper.

“Marlene, eat me!” she sobbed. “Eat me now!”

Marlene leaned down, sliding her tongue along Jackie’s inner thigh, curling her fingers into the tight cheeks of her sister’s ass, lifting her cunt higher. Jackie gasped at the wet heat of her sister’s tongue, her eyes unfocused with desire. She could no longer see the face of her young son except as a blur. She lifted her cunt higher as her sister’s long, wet tongue swirled along her flesh, moving with agonizing slowness toward her cunt.

Jackie’s head was propped on a pillow, her chin tucked down. She could see her sister’s face clearly, see her long tongue swishing along her thigh. Her pussy twitched and burned, sinking inward with pulsations of readiness. Her vision cleared for a moment, and she saw her son had lifted his head higher at the window sill, his eyes blazing as he, too, watched Marlene’s tongue getting closer to Jackie’s cunt.

“Suck my cunt!” Jackie screamed.

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   She grabbed her sister’s head and jerked it down. “Tongue fuck me now!”

Marlene gurgled as her open mouth made contact with Jackie’s fiery cunt, and her tongue shot into it. Jackie squealed and rammed her pussy into her sister’s mouth, closing her hot thighs about Marlene’s face, squeezing them, then flinging them wide-open again.

She strained her burning pussy into Marlene’s face, humping up and down, fucking on her darting tongue. She groaned and whimpered, thrashing about with increasing ecstasy.

Marlene clung to Jackie’s dancing, naked ass with her hands, letting Jackie smear her wet cunt into her face. She drew her knees wider her body and shoved her ass into the air. She made wet sounds as her tongue lapped and dipped into Jackie’s juicy cunt.

Jackie sobbed loudly, grinding her cunt at Marlene’s mouth hard, trying to see her son at the window, but her excitement was so intense, she couldn’t even see a blur now. She hoped her son could see everything, see Marlene’s tongue darting into her cunt, see her naked tits, with those long, pink nipples throbbing so hard, see how Marlene clung to her bouncing ass. She hoped her son could see Marlene’s ass, waving about in the air, even if Marlene did have those skimpy panties on. She hoped her son could see her sister’s cunt through the panties, and she hoped Timmy’s cock was very hard his balls swollen.

Ramming her crotch brutally into Marlene’s month, Jackie clung to the thick hair on her sister’s head, jerking her face up and down. She… flung her legs open, then closed them, squeezing Marlene’s head. She rammed her cunt up and down, whipping her ass about wildly, sobbing loudly with the rapture of her sister’s darting tongue.

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“Fuck me, fuck me!” Jackie wailed. “Ohhh, Marlene, fuck me with your tongue! God, it’s so good, so good! Suck my cunt, Marlene! Suck my pussy hard!”

Marlene moaned between Jackie’s thighs, her hands clutching the firm flesh of her sister’s bouncing ass, digging into her ass cheeks. Her mouth was as open as she could get it, her lips pressed about the expanse of Jackie’s throbbing writ, her tongue swirling about her inflamed clit, and darting into the fiery depths wickedly. The liquid sounds she made were erotic music to Jackie’s ears.

Jackie’s cunt burned and clutched at Marlene’s tongue, trying to suck it deeper and deeper. Although Jackie was thrashing about with overwhelming heat, she was thinking of her son watching, his cock being very hard, pressing at his pajamas, maybe dripping. She could see Timmy’s cock in her mind, see his young, precious balls. She ran her tongue over her lips as she sobbed softly.

“Mmmm, so juicy!” Marlene hissed.

“Yes, I am juicy!” Jackie screamed out. “My cunt is so fucking juicy! Make me come, Marlene! Ohhh, suck my cunt and make me come! God, I’m burning up! My cunt is burning up and it’s juicy and I want to come!”

Marlene rubbed her open mouth from side to side on her sister’s cunt, crying softly as she tasted the creamy juices seeping from it. She waved her pantied ass about in the air, unaware that her nephew was watching.

Timmy stared at his Aunt Marlene’s ass, his cock bulging against his pajamas. The tight panties had crawled over his aunt’s tight ass, and he could see the white flesh where it joined the tan of her thighs. Since Marlene’s panties were sheer, be could see the crack of her ass.

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   He could see the dark hairs of her cunt through the tight crotch band.
    His eyes bulged with excitement as he watched.

    “Fuck me deeper!” Jackie begged. “Ohhh, Marlene, fuck me deeper! I wish your tongue was a cock! I wish it was a big, hard, cock fucking me! Ohhh, I want some cock! I need some cock! My cunt wants a hard cock fucking it! Ooooh, Marlene, hurry, hurry!”

    For just a moment, she shoved her sister’s face out of her cunt, twisting it for her son’s eyes, letting him see how wet and hot and hairy it was, then she jerked Marlene’s mouth back onto it, twisting with a greater frenzy at her sister’s sucking mouth and darting tongue.

    “Ohhh, I’m getting close, Marlene!” she cried out. “I’m getting ready to come! Suck me, lick me! Ohhh, my cunt! I’m about to come, you fucking crazy bitch!”

    Marlene rammed her tongue in and out of her sister’s cunt, holding as tightly as she could to her bouncing, naked ass with her hands. She moaned along with Jackie, feeling her own clit bulging, tingling. The crotch of her skimpy panties were soaked with her own juices, and her tits felt as if they would burst from her bra.

    Jackie cried out with ecstasy, her hands now smashing into her naked tits, squeezing at them, pulling and twisting her pink nipples. She strained her cunt into her sister’s face, a scream of mindless ecstasy starting in her throat. When she felt as if she couldn’t stand it any longer, she grabbed Marlene’s head again, smothering her sister’s face into her hairy, juicy cunt.

    “I’m ready!” Jackie wailed, and her cunt convulsed against Marlene’s mouth. Marlene sucked harder, moaning as she, too, experienced an orgasm. “I’m coming, you bitch! Ohhh, I’m coming in your fucking mouth, Marlene! Suck me hard… ram your tongue deep! Ooooh, my pussy is so tight, so hot! Suck my cunt! Lick the juice out of my cunt!”

    Marlene sucked and swallowed, her tongue licking in and out, coated with the creamy fluids of her sister’s fiery cunt. She squealed into her hairy pussy and waggled her ass about lewdly, her orgasm contracting the lips of her cunt inside her panties, her thighs pressing together.

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       The way Jackie’s pussy pulled at her tongue sent rapture through her almost naked body to her cunt. She sucked and licked at Jackie’s cunt until the spasms faded, and then helped her sister’s ass down. When she sat back on her heels, her face was gleaming with wetness, her eyes shining.

    “Of all the cunts I’ve tasted, Jackie,” Marlene said, “you have the tastiest of all. I just love the way your cunt sucks at my tongue when you come. ”

    Jackie glanced at the window in time to see her son draw back and disappear. She smiled softly, writhing as the excitement cooled. She closed her thighs and pulled her open blouse over her naked tits. Swinging her thighs over the bed, she stood up.

    “What time do you meet this new husband of yours?”

    “He’s not my husband yet,” Marlene said, wiping at her face. “We’re getting married tonight and flying out a few hours later. ”

    “And you’re going to be gone two weeks?”

    “At least two weeks,” Marlene said. “Maybe, if we’re having fun, we’ll stay longer. Are you sure you can handle Bobby that long?”

    “Of course I can,” Jackie said. “Bobby isn’t as much trouble as you think.

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    “Well, he gives me trouble,” Marlene said, smoothing her clothing. “You know what that little fuckface has been doing lately? Peeking in my bedroom window. I’d swear he’d fuck me, his own mother. ”

    Jackie walked into her adjoining bathroom and sat on the toilet. It was a strange coincidence, she taught, that Bobby had been peeking at Marlene, and Timmy peeking at her. She wondered if the two boys compared notes with each other. Although Marlene had tried to show anger at her son for peeking, Jackie didn’t think Marlene minded at all. In fact, knowing her sister as well as she did, she was sure Marlene would drop her panties for her son as easily as she dropped them for others, men and women.

    When she came from the bathroom, Marlene was gone.




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