Tawny, Daddy's Little Girl Becomes A Woman Chapter 4 (replacement)


Author: Powerone and NikkiTitle: Tawny, Daddy's Little Girl Becomes a Woman
Part: Chapter 4
Summary: Daddy teaches his little girl to be a woman.   A story of incest between father and daughter.
Language: M+f, anal. oral, virg, incest, teen, bdsm
Copyright 2003 by Powerone.   Comments to the authors can be e-mailed to Controlher1@hotmail. com.
Tawny, Daddy’s Little Girl Becomes A WomanChapter 4
            “On the bed, Tawny.   You want me to eat your pussy, don’t you?”  He watched as she lay down on the bed, spreading out on it, her young naked body ready for the exploration by his tongue.
            Tawny had to do something.   She could not willingly submit to the degradation her father was subjecting her.   And it was getting worse.   She knew that soon he would want to fuck her, to take her virginity, maybe even tonight.   She lay back on the bed, seeing her father watching her, his cock already getting hard again.   God, she had just made him cum, how many times would he force her to do that?
            “Daddy, we have to stop, I can’t let you do this to me any longer.   I don’t care if Mommy finds out,” she blurted out.
            Michael was expecting this reaction from her, just not this soon.

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    He thought it would come after he took her virginity or even after he sodomized her.   Not before.   He had made some contingency plans, while not complete, he would have to see if it worked.   He opened the nightstand drawer and pulled out a bag.   He had been shopping the other day and it dawned on him.   He opened the bag and pulled out a pair of shiny, heavy metal handcuffs.   He dangled them by the chain so Tawny could see them.
            Tawny’s eyes opened wide when she saw them, they were just like the police carried.   They looked so big and heavy.   Did he intend to put them on her?  What would it feel like?  “WWWhhhaat, what are those for, Daddy?”
            “They are for my little girl, my bad little girl. ”  He moved over to the bed, near her head. “Raise your wrists up here so I can attach them, obey your Daddy,” he ordered her.
            He could see her eyes questioning him, trying to comprehend what was going on.   There was hesitation on her part, her arms not moving yet.   Was she going to fight him?  That was not what he was hoping for.

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    Her hands moved up, her wrists together.  He smiled.   “Good girl,” he put on the cuffs, making sure they were especially tight.   He strung them through a slat in the headboard, her arms now bound above her head.
            She clenched her legs together as he put them on her wrists.   They were so heavy, and he put them on tight.   “Nooo,” but it was too late, he had fastened them behind one of the slats on the headboard, her arms were now pulled up high.   She would be unable to stop him, her young body defenseless to whatever he desired to do to her.   God, what was she going to do?
            He looked down at her, naked and bound, her young, supple body for his taking and she could not do anything to stop him.   He watched her, her hips moving up and down, her legs clenching and unclenching.   He moved over to her, sitting on the bed beside her.   He ran his hand over her breasts, her nipples like giant hard pebbles, her body shuddering as he touched them.   “Spread your legs open for Daddy,” he ordered her.   His hand slid down over the taut plane of her stomach, her legs beginning to spread open.    “Wider,” he ordered her.

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    “Good girl. ”
            Her mind was confused.   She spread her legs for him, her pussy opening up.   She yanked on her arms, the handcuffs cutting painfully into her wrists, unyielding.   She heard the noise as they rattled.   She could not stop him any longer.   What would he do to her now that she could not resist him?  “No daddy, don’t, I can’t stop you any longer,” she cried out, her arms yanking against the handcuffs uselessly.
            “Just relax your body, I’m going to have my way with you.   It will be easier for you if you don’t fight it. ”  He grabbed her by the ankles, his head between her legs.   He raised her up by the ankles, bringing her legs together as he did.   Higher and higher her body rose up until finally her ass pulled up from the bed.   “You look good enough to eat.   And that is what I’m going to do. ”  He bit her on the ass, not a love bite, but a hard bite of her ass cheek.

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    He felt her jerk back in response.
            She felt his hands grip her ankles tightly, almost as tight as the handcuffs.   She was being pulled up by her ankles, her naked body rising.   She cried out as she felt his teeth dig into her flesh.   Oh, God, she felt his hands on her ankles, pulling them to the sides, her legs spreading wide.   She was being split open again, this time with her legs almost over her head.   She resisted, but his hands were too powerful and she let him have his way with her.   She groaned in pain as her ankles were pulled up and out and rested to the side of her head.   She could only imagine how she looked, her pussy and asshole so exposed.
            He ducked his head between her legs, inhaling the sweet smell of her pussy.   It was partly her sexual tension and part fear.   He did not waste any time, his tongue pushing aside her pussy lips to delve between them and find her already dripping pussy.   He loved the taste, the taste of a sweet, innocent girl.   His tongue moved quickly, lapping up and down, pushing against her vagina, trying to seek entrance to her forbidden pussy.  
            Tawny almost came when his tongue first licked her pussy.

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    God, she never felt anything that good.   She was humiliated, her father licking up and down her pussy, but she could not stop him, she was bound tightly.   She continually pulled on her handcuffs, the clanging reminding her of the tight bondage she was in.   It was not her fault, there was nothing she could do to stop him.
            “NNNOOO,” she cried when his fingers pulled back her clit hood and he sucked the swollen bud into his mouth.   She could feel the suction pulling it deeper into his mouth, stretching it painfully from hers, his rough tongue beginning to rub over the sensitive bud.   Her body began to shudder, an orgasm quickly rising up from her body.   He was making her cum after only a few minutes of sucking on her pussy.   He was making her, she could not stop him, she thought.   It’s not my fault.   She felt his rough hands still grasping her ankles, pulling her legs up and apart painfully.   The cuffs hurt her wrists, her tugging continually reminding her of the pain.   And then she came.   Came all over his tongue and face, her hips raising up and down, fucking back on the magical tongue that was drawing the orgasm from her young body.
            He couldn’t believe how fast she had cum.

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    It almost took him by surprise when he felt her juices flowing over his tongue, her hips jamming into his face,  trying to jam his tongue in deeper.   Her body shook and trembled as he continued to masturbate her with his tongue, her young body shuddering into a continuous orgasm.   His hands gripped her ankles tighter, spread her legs wider, hearing her gasping in pain as he hurt her.   But it only seemed to make her cum longer and harder.  
            She felt exhausted, her body drained, never having experienced such an orgasm like that.   She had masturbated before, but not like this.   She had control over that, this she did not.   Daddy had bound her and forced to cum with his tongue.   Her body slumped, Daddy letting her legs fall back down, but still keeping them spread apart.   She took in deep breaths, her breasts rising and falling on her chest.
            He looked at her, his little girl looking fucked out.   Her pubic hair was covered with her dew, the smell of sex filling the room, her legs lying open limply to the side.   “Did my little girl enjoy herself, did she cum for Daddy?”  His fingers stroked along her inner thigh, only inches from her wet pussy.
            “Daddy, you make me do such terrible and degrading things. ”  She pulled on the cuffs, feeling the pain, hearing the rattling of her bondage.

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    “You tie me up so I have to let you. ”  She looked down and she saw that his cock was hard again.   She looked up at his face, seeing the lust in his eyes again.   “No Daddy, not again!”
            His hand reached down to his cock, encircling the erect member, stroking it, watching the anguish on her face.   “Yes, little girl, Daddy’s cock is hard again and you are going to have to make me cum.   Daddy’s going to fuck his little girl, Daddy is going to make you a woman and take your virginity. ”
            She tried to move away, but he held her firmly, his hand moving up to her pussy, grabbing it with his palm, clenching on her sex.   He squeezed it, goosing her sex hard.   Again he did it, harder this time.   Her legs moved farther apart, hoping to alleviate some of the pain.  He opened his hand, his thumb moving between her pussy lips, his little finger pushing between her ass cheeks to rub against her asshole.   He squeezed hard, his fingers sinking into her delicate flesh.   She was going to be fucked by her father, her virginity taken from her forever.   Not by a lover, but by her father as she was bound.   It was almost like she was going to be raped, bound tightly, unable to prevent the mysterious stranger from fucking her virgin pussy with his raping weapon.

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    She closed her eyes, her pussy being gripped tightly, fingers moving around.   She could see her rapists getting her bound body ready for his pleasure, spreading her body open.
            “I can’t stop you Daddy, you have my arms tied up, but please, don’t tie my legs open.   Don’t leave me spread open so I cannot move when you fuck me.   It is bad enough with my arms bound, it would be so humiliating if my legs were split up the middle as you fuck me.   Please Daddy, don’t do that. ”
            Michael looked down at Tawny, watching her hips rising up and down, fucking the fingers that gripped her so tightly, her eyes shut tightly, her legs opened submissively as he goosed her.   He released his grip of her sex, getting up from the bed.   It seemed to have broken her trance, her eyes opening.
            “What are you doing,” she cried out, her eyes questioning him as she saw him rise from the bed and move towards the closet.   She heard a strange noise, her pussy getting wet when she did.   It was the clanging of chains.  
            He turned to her with one of his purchases.   It was a pair of heavy, metal cuffs and chains.   Each one consisted of two, black iron cuffs, connected by a heavy metal chain.

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    He had to look for a long time to find them, finally finding them in an antique shop, slave manacles from the civil war.   But they were in good condition and even still contained the wrought iron key.   “I bought these for my baby. ”
            Her body trembled as he moved towards the bed.   They were so big and heavy, the cuffs at least two inches thick.   “No Daddy, don’t put them on me,” but she moved her leg out to the edge of the bed as he approached.   She felt him grab her ankle, the cold metal sending a shiver up her spine as he moved it under her ankle and clicked it tightly shut, the sound of metal clanking against metal filling the room.   It was a snug fit, pressing into her tender flesh as it trapped her ankle in its grasp.
            He thought he was going to cum when he put the leg iron on her.   She looked so inviting, her legs spread wide, her pussy split, her arms bound above her head.   He pulled her leg toward the bed post.   He was glad he had bought a four poster bed.   He had thought that he might interest Ann in some bondage play but she had rebuffed him, the posts only used in his imagination until now.
            It hurt when he pulled on the other cuff, dragging her body down towards the bedpost.   It dug into the flesh, but her body slid on the bed until her wrists were drawn tight, no more give.

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            He pulled once last time, the other cuff encircling the bed post.   He tugged, hearing her groan, finally managing to get the other cuff to close, her leg now pulled tightly.
            It hurt, her body pulled taut.   She moved her other leg closer to the chained one, the spread of her crotch beginning to hurt.   She pulled, tugging on the cuff, her leg having no play to move, her leg securely bound with the heavy metal cuffs and chains.    She felt his hand move up and down her legs, feeling how tense her muscles were, each time moving closer and closer to her pussy.
            His fingers reached her pussy again and grabbed it tightly again.   He could not believe how wet it was, the sheet below her soaked in her dew.   “Almost ready to fuck you Tawny.   I can’t wait to get into your hot and tight pussy.   It’s so wet.   Do you want Daddy to fuck you baby?”
            She shut her eyes again.   She felt him get up from the bed and she knew he was moving to the other side of the bed.   She tugged on her bondage, feeling the pain as she did.   She thought of the rapist again.


    The mysterious rapist that was going to take her virginity, his eyes burning holes in her body as he lusted for her naked flesh.   She moved her leg over to the other side of the bed again, feeling the pain in her crotch as she had to split her legs wide to accommodate him.   She felt a hand grab her ankle again tightly, the harsh, metal cuff attached tightly, digging into her flesh again.   She could feel the weight of the other cuff hanging from the chain as her legs was held aloft.  
            She felt him pull her leg farther out.   Should she, afraid of his response.    “Please Daddy, it will hurt enough when you spread my leg to the bottom pole.   Just please, don’t bend it back and secure it to the pole on the top of the bed.   I would be almost split up the middle.   My sex would be so open and exposed, it would be so humiliating for you to see my like that. ”  She waited.
            Michael looked down at her.   He drew her leg up higher, almost sticking straight up into the air.   “Relax your leg, I don’t want to break it. ”  He began to pull it back, not to the end of the bed, but to the post at the top of the bed.

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    He watched as her body strained, her pussy began to spread open, the pussy lips pulling back as he heard her groan in pain as he spread her body painfully.   He let go of her ankle, grabbing instead the other cuff, pulling her back towards the post.   He was afraid he was going to split her up the middle, her groans and moans of pain worrying him.   He finally reached the post, her ass trying to lift up from the bed, but the other chained leg preventing any movement at all.   A tug, another groan of pain from Tawny and he slapped the other cuff onto the wooden post.   It was high up, her leg almost three feet up the post.
            Her body ached, drawn and quartered, her muscles taut, her legs almost tearing up the middle.   She felt hands returning over her body, rubbing all over, grabbing her naked breasts within his large hands, grabbing them tightly, watching the flesh turn white as fingers dug into them.   Fingers plucked at her nipples, large and swollen already, cruelly digging into the tender flesh.   She felt a hand slide down her stomach, pushing in on the skin as it moved lower.   When it reached her little pubic patch it yanked out some hair with a tearing motion.   “YYYYccch,” she yelled, but she could not move, the bondage holding her tight.   She felt it grip a new batch of hair, pulling it out, not trying to pull it out, just making her feel the pain as it stretched out.
            “Open your eyes, Tawny. ”  He watched as she did, seeing her open crotch, her leg bent back.

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    “You’re not going anywhere now. ”  He grabbed his hard cock, it was as big as he had ever seen it.   The bondage play with Tawny had driven it to new heights.   He rubbed it up and down her pussy slit.   He could almost see in her vagina, her crotch split so wide.   He knew it must be hurting her, but she did not complain.   He harshly pushed aside her vulva, his cock seeking entrance to her wet vagina.   He could almost get the head in, it split so wide.    He pumped forward, watching as she grimaced in pain as the head split her further apart.   “Feel Daddy’s cock, it’s going in your pussy. ” 
            “You have me spread so wide, it hurts and you can see inside of me.   Why do you do this to me Daddy?”  She felt his hands on her hips, gripping her tightly.   She knew the time had come, it was time to lose her virginity.
            He pushed, his cock head popping inside her.   He could feel her body spasm in pain as he banged into her hymen.

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    Her pussy gripped his cock head, squeezing it, clenching and unclenching on it.   “Ready to become a woman?”  He shoved in, his cock tearing her last vestige of girlhood.
            “NNNOOO DDDDAAADDDY,” she screamed.   She had not expected so much pain.   The bondage was already bad enough, the tearing of her hymen was sheer pain, shooting up her spine to her brain.    She felt the pulsating flesh of his cock plunging up her virgin pussy, pushing aside all resistance as it forcefully sought entrance to the depths of her body.
            Michael could not contain himself.   He plunged into her pussy, forcing his cock further and further into her pussy after ripping apart her virginity.   Her body rocked as he pulled out and then pushed back in, each time his cock finding more virgin territory.   He had never felt anything so tight.   It was almost painful as he fucked her.
             Tawny closed her eyes again.   Her rapists smothered her body, his weight making it hard for her to breathe.   His hard cock bore into her body, not caring about her pain, his only goal is to force the cum from his balls and blast her unused pussy with his hot cum.   She felt it hit bottom, banging against her cervix painfully, knocking the breath from her lungs.

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    It tore back out, beating back all resistance as it did, plunging back in again as soon as the head was gripped by her pussy.   She was being used for the gratification of her rapist, her pussy just another hole to pleasure him, her cries of pain just adding to his pleasure.
            Michael could not wait, he continued to pump her once virgin pussy with his hard cock. It had been a long time since he had popped a cherry or even felt a pussy as hot and tight as Tawny.   He could not wait, he fucked her like she had fucked all her life, making her take all of his cock with each stroke.   Her body was taut, unable to move, unable to cushion the shock of the powerful strokes.   She groaned in pain under his body as his hips fucked his cock in and out, the only sounds in the room was of their moans and the slapping of flesh.
            Her rapist was crushing her bound body, fucking her for all he was worth, intent on dumping a load of his filthy cum inside her once virgin pussy.   He wanted to hurt her, wanted her to feel the power over her.   “Don’t Daddy, don’t fuck me so hard.   It hurts.   Just don’t bite on my nipples.   That would hurt too much.   They are too sensitive. ”
            Michael’s head moved down her body until it reached her tits.

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    Such a nice pair, so firm, capped by two large swollen nipples.   He moved his mouth down to one and sucked it deep into the hot confines of his mouth, his tongue running over the hard bud.   He felt her try to push her breast farther into her mouth.   His teeth clamped onto the tender nipple and bit down hard.   He heard her scream, his cock pumping her harder, excited by what he was doing to her body.   He bit again, her pussy gripping his cock in response.   He fucked her hard, his cock hitting bottom each time painfully.   He sucked and bit, alternating between both tits.
            It felt like her nipples were bleeding, the sharp, shooting pain from her chest radiating out.   His cock continued to punish her pussy, his hips slamming into hers as he fucked her.   She closed her eyes again, her rapists taking her body for his lust, not caring whether she enjoyed it or not.   His only intent was to pleasure himself.   She could not believe her own voice.   “Daddy, don’t stick your dry fingers up my asshole.   I know you would be able to feel your cock inside me, but it would really hurt me, tearing my virgin asshole.

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    It would drive my pussy up into your hard cock. ”
            Hands slipped under her ass cheeks, lifting her body up from the bed, stretching her limbs more as it did, the cuffs biting farther into her wrists and ankles.   She felt finger seeking out her ass crack, slipping down between the moist slit, wet with sweat and dew from her pussy.   She jolted up when two fat fingers found her asshole, playing around the tiny opening, rubbing over the tiny bump.   Her body tensed, waiting to be impaled on the fingers.   His teeth bit on her nipple extra hard, and she jumped in pain.   That was all he needed, he plunged two dry fingers up her asshole painfully, stretching and tearing the flesh as they bore into her soul.   She rose up on the bed, her limbs aching, her pussy forced to take the cock deeper inside her.   The fingers tore around her backside, rubbing painfully, twisting and opening.   She felt them push against the tiny skin separating her pussy from her asshole, trying to feel the cock on the other side raping her hard.  
            “Oh Daddy, you are fucking me so hard, make me cum,” she shouted out.
            He looked down at his daughter beneath him, her pussy taking his plunging cock, her body stretched and bound, his mouth and fingers tearing at her body.   He could not believe that a virgin could take so much at one time.   His finger slipped between their bodies and found her clit, pressing it up against his cock as it tore up and down her pussy.   He yanked at it painfully making it feel the cock plunging inside her.

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            That was the last straw.   When he touched her clit, when he pulled it painfully, she began to cum.   It was such a powerful orgasm, her body shuddering and shaking, her pussy tightening up on the cock inside her, gripping the pumping organ.   The two fingers pushed in deeper, splitting open inside her, stretching her anal passage painfully.   Another orgasm hit her, her pussy creaming all over the cock inside her.
            Michael fucked his cock deep inside her, knowing it was painful for her, trying to drive it up inside her womb.   He yelled as he came, dumping his hot cum inside his daughters pussy, not caring whether she could get pregnant or not.   Only caring about dumping is hot cum in her young, pulsating pussy.   They came together, soaking the sheets below them.   Over and over they came until they finally drained their bodies, Michael slumping down on top of Tawny, spent.
            “Please Daddy, I can’t breathe,” Tawny begged, feeling the cock inside her shrinking, his fingers pulling painfully from her asshole.   She clamped on them as they withdrew, afraid she might have an accident.  
            Michael sat up, looking at her body.   She was fucked, her nipples red and swollen, traces of his bites on her naked breasts.   Her pussy was bright red, covered in cum.

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    He looked down at his shrinking cock, covered in a light red sheen of drying cum and blood, testament to her loss of her virginity.
            She looked down at his cock.   The cock that had fucked her so hard only moments before.   It was now rapidly shrinking in size.   She closed her eyes again.   Her rapist had now spent his load inside her, filling her once virgin pussy with his demon seed.   But he was not finished with her yet.   No she still had some unfinished business.   “Daddy, don’t sit on my chest and make me suck your cock clean.   It’s covered with our cum and my blood.   It would taste awful and humiliate me.   Please don’t make me do it. ”
            Her eyes were still shut when she felt him move.   She felt the bed move near her head and then she felt his legs on either side of her shoulders.   She felt his naked ass sit down on her upper chest.

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    She opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue, waiting.  
Michael looked down at her, her mouth open, her tongue out, waiting,   “Clean my cock, Tawny.   You know you always have to leave Daddy’s cock clean when he fucks you. ”   His hands gripped the sides of her head, pulling her head up and began to feed his cock inside her mouth.   He shuddered when her lips closed around the head, her tongue rubbing over it, lapping at the head.
It tasted terrible, the coppery taste of her blood, the salty, thick cum filling her mouth.   She gagged, but her tongue continued to bathe the filthy cock, another gag, his cock pushing deeper into her mouth.   She could feel it starting to get harder again.   He let it slip out of her lips, her tongue running over it as he did.
He got up from her chest and began to unsecure her bondage.   She rolled over on her side when he pulled the cuffs off of her ankles and the cuffs from her wrists.   The marks would show for a number of days.   He slowly ran his hand over her ass as she lay their sobbing.   “What’s the matter, baby?”
            “I’m so humiliated, the things you made me do.   You fucked me like a whore.

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            He slapped her ass hard, her yelp making his cock hard again.   “And you fucked like one.   Now take a shower and get to bed.   We still have two more days until your mother and brother come home.   I want you home again tomorrow night again.   I have more things I’m going to do to you. ”  He stroked his cock as she got up from the bed and left the room, naked, her legs barely able to keep her upright.   He couldn’t wait until tomorrow.   He would have to go out early and get some new toys.   He wanted some new surprises for her tomorrow.  
To be Continued


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