Tantalize me at your peril mum!


I opened my widowed mother's door as usual intent on my usual visit. Unlike other times she wasn't sat expecting me. I found this strange,but then reflected on the reason. I'd bought her - Against her wishes by the way - a PC and laid on the link to the web. Showed her possible relationship stuff and inadvertently hit on a male display of bodies. Not hard porn as such - Mum had always been extremely conservative about her body. On reflexion,I'd never even seen her ankle stockingless - but as she made no comment I ignored this and showed her how she could search back on previous days viewing plus adding favourite sites.

Again,she wasn't on this PC but the unit was on and I had a shock because unlike the afore mentioned site the screen now showed a full porn site with some very large penis's penatrating women and men. I had a moment of retracing my tracks out of here,suspecting she'd purposely left the screen on this to indicate I was in deep shit. But now I wondered if she was alright. It was very unusual for me to have to go searching unless she was in the garden.

I looked there but no mum. re-entering the back door, - "That you Colin,come up,I'm here" Apprehensively I climbed the stairs and listened. A sloshing of water took me to the bathroom and fearing a problem I just walked thro' the part open door,promply reversing as the shock of mother laying prostrate in the clear water of the bath,smiling at my shocked reaction fucked my brain up for an instant.

"Colin,its alright,I didn't know you were here already" - Strange I thought,you could set your watch by my punctuality - "Come on,come on in here,I've just decided to soak myself and it'll be an hour if you wait out there. You know I soak until the water gets to cold for me" - My brain was indownwards spiral .

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   I had no reason to know that,in fact I had know idea after all these years when or even if mum bathed or for how long,she'd not even ever got into a bathing costume on the beach always insisting she had a fear of the sea.

Now as I gingerly stepped back into the bathroom,I just could not stop looking at her body. At sixty she had a surprisingly good firm one. I felt a flame red of guilt rise on my face as I saw her firm nipples floating above the water level on a soft but shapely pair of breasts. The ripples on the clear bath water played games with her pubes as they swayed like seaweed below the water. This rippling effect made mum's pussy opaque under the water,but there was a certain element of labia lips tantalizingly hidden below the pubes. Worse thing was mum was watching my reaction to her nakedness. What the hell had got into her.

At forty,I should be shockproof but the sexual exposure of mum just hadn't been etched in. Yeah I'd said to her,will you seek another marriage to which she'd just replied, - "I'm not one to like old men!" - This went right past me. But now I questioned as I witnessed mum's antics. Did she mean - She fancied young men? - Having seen what the PC had showing, my mind flitted back to just after my step father passed away. I'd gone in to the house she then lived in and she right out-of-the-blue offered me a polaroid photo of just a middles showing a well hung prick and balls. - "This of you Colin?" - "No,of course not,if it had been,how the hell would you have got it?" - "Just thought Paula - my wife - dropped it when she was here"

I never thought no more of it as the conversation move on into the normal stuff. But now it took on a whole new meaning.

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   At the time,I thought my wife had aquired or took this polaroid,but being distracted it left my thoughts. - Now I re-took that moment and recalled, yes it surely was me,because she - Paula - had experimented with our new polaroid camera sometime earlier and with all that our lives filled it was forgotten.

I stood before mum now trance-like cunning mum,she must have been snooping around our house when dog minding and came upon it in the cameras case where we kept any porn photos, - Christ did she see the dog one's I took of paula? I went all hot. Just what had this, what I thought of as a haughty mother of mine concluded about me and for that matter my wife. Everything pointed to what would now be called swingers. And did she want a part of this - Completely out of character I know. but had the porn released a secret filthiness in mum.

Having soaped for sometime and aroused me as I watched, I'm sure she applied the coup-de-grasse to any resistance I could muster regarding where I suspected she intended this to all end. As she now stood up and started washing her pussy,she faced me and I was enthrolled as the soap slid thro' her slit and showed the flaps being pushed aside while under the froth of soap bubbles the pinkness of her vagina glowed through. As hand progressed thro' & back, thro' and back it became clear she was showing me her cunt hole. All the while she was watching for my reactions.

"Answer me honestly. I know your wife is kinky,I saw the pictures,but how kinky have you thought about me" - Trapped,I responded - "Until now I haven't" - "and now?" - I meekly stood.
    - There it was for her to gloat over,my trousers were tented. My own mother had aroused me so much,a dark damp circle of precum was already showing thro' my trousers.

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       - "That's what I suspected,take it out,show it to me
    - I unzipped and pulled my cock thro' - no not like that,drop 'em and lets see all of it,hold your shit up as well" - Like a kid, I complied. - "Well,now that is a cock,stand like that,I'll show you what I've found on my PC" - She turned and presented her pussy with the pink now clearly showing as her labia - A sexy tanned colour - layaround the soft lips as on bending the cunt hole opened slightly. All this still smothered in soap suds.

    "Its on 'Mother son fucks' or was its 'Son's fuck older women' Oh I don't know. You didn't say there was action clips. I found them myself. . . Anyway,do it,give me a clip to post,mind you'll need to show me how,I'm sure you've posted one before,you know! Paula and your mutt!" - "Fuck mum,that's personal" - "Don't get all prude on me,stick it in,remember, I told you when Alex died, I wanted a young cock in me but you dummy,you never offered" - "Mum,crazy as this is, why the hell didn't you ask like you are now. - I rammed into my mother,the gasp said it all,this was a pussy very neglected and was up for son/mum fucking as much as I was.

    The soap seemed to evaporate as mum's love juice flowed between us and as I thrust into her womb she exploded in an orgasm that sucked the very roots of my balls dry. I stood looking at her ass cheeks trembling until she said go again. I did and my cum filled every crook and cranny of mum's vagina. We uncoupled from each other. Then as she turned to admire her handywork on my now shrinking hardon.

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       She said, - "I don't think you should let Paula know about this,she may not understand" - "Christ mum,what if she finds it on the web?" - "My son,that was just a ploy to get you in me,I have no intention of putting us on it. . . well not yet with my face showing. - How do they blank their faces,one I saw was I'm sure your Paula. 'Course with the face blanked I'd need to see a cunt picture,but it sure looked like Jake (Our dog)

    I didn't take that bait as I took over washing mum's cunt out,but she knew I'd be back for more! Especially as I spent a lot of time re-soaping her tits making the nipples hard and crinkling up her oreoles. She clearly was enjoying all this attention as well as her panting and gasping showed. - "Keep rubbing me there and my pussy will cum again. - There!! was her clitoris,a proud hard bean stood now just clear of her hood. I increased the speed until she came and gripped my forearms begging me to stop. - Oh yes my beauty,have you offered up a sexual maniac to fuck your pink little slice. . . Time will tell!.



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