Tammy, Larry, and me


"Shhh, be quiet" I whispered as I peeked in the back door to the barracks. I looked at the duty NCO desk, it was vacant. North had done his job. I called him ten minutes earlier and asked him to distract the duty NCO so I could sneak Tammy into the barracks, and my room. Without a single question, he agreed. The plan was working. "Let's go" I whispered. Holding Tammy's hand, I led through the back door and quickly through the rec room into the main hallway.
A quick left turn and fast dash later we were at my room. I silently entered the key in the lock and turned the doorknob. THe room was dark as I opened the door. I led Tammy into the room, placing her behind the door as I silently closed it. As we turned to my bed, there was enough light in the room to see Tammy's brother Larry, asleep in his own bed. We tiptoed over to my bed.
I motioned to her to hold the back end of the mattress, then went over to the front end. We silently lifted the mattress off the rack and placed it on the floor.

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   With a shared grin, we began to undress. With lots of practice, I was out of my clothes in seconds. I watched, with satisfaction as the high school junior undressed. I never grew tired of seeing her undress, even though it had been for less than a month. Her long brown hair cascaded down her milky white shoulders as her T shirt came off.
Her firm B cup, half orange sized tits held form as she released them of the bra that had held them captive. The tuft of light brown pussy hair came into view as her panties slid down her thighs, and onto the floor. We moved onto the mattress. Laying side by side we began kissing as I moved my hand down her body, feeling it's silky softness. I cupped her left tit, feeling her heart beat with anticipation as I gently piched the hardening nipple.
I moved on down, momentarliy cupping her ass before finding her slit. She opened her thighs, allowing me more access as I fingered her slit. She was wet as I slid my finger into her tight pussy which still was snug around my middle finger. It was such pleasure entering her. I moved to enter her with my dick.

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   She slid under me as I moved to mount her. The moonlight fell across her almost doll like face as I made ready. She had that wonderful smile on her face as I positioned my dick at her entrance. She inhaled deeply and arched her back as I went in her.
Her fingers slighly scratched my shoulder blades as her tight pussy grasped my dick. I laid fully on top of her, face to face, as my hips began doing the work of pumping the teenager's ass. We kissed for a moment, then I began caressing her ears with my nose. I could feel her hands lightly scratching up and down my back. Suddenly, I felt her freeze. I lifted slightly to look her in the eye and noticed she was looking to my left. I also looked to see her looking at Larry.
He was laying on his side looking at us. "How long you two been doing it?" he asked. "Hi Larry" she nervously said. "About a month" I answered.

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   There was an awkward silkence for a moment as we just looked at each other. "What are we gonna do to fix this?" Larry asked. Tammy took charge as she reached out towards him. "You two come here" he advised as he pulled back the sheets and took off his briefs. I was amazed when I saw Larry's dick. I had showered with him plenty of times, but I had never seen his dick hard. It was a full twelve inches long, thick at the base and tapering to a tiny head. "Come here sis" he said in a superior tone of voice, "I want you to give me head". She obeyed her brother, laying sorta across him as she started slobbing on his knob. I moved her hips to allow me better access.
I entered her again, gently pumping her so as not to mess with the blowjob she was giving her brother. "How is she?" Larry asked. "Wonderful" I answered as Tammy turned to smile at me. "I think I want some of her pussy" Larry added. I backed off as Tammy turned to give me a questioning look.

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   "Go ahead" I said. Tammy climbed up on her brother. She positioned herself on top of him. She took his dick and began to impale herself on him.
I was a slow process as she took his length and width in her. I was nowhere near Larry's size and she was trying not to injure herself. Finally, she took all of him inside of her. They clasped hands and Tammy began bouncing on top of her brother. I couldn't see her face, but he had a shit eating grin on her face.
She began moaning and panting. Larry began lifting his hips to meet her. Suddenly, I heard him say "turn". She turned to face me. She had a "I'm a naughty girl" look on her face as she began pumping him. She cupped her tits.

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   Larry reached up, pulling her back to lay on top of him. He cupped her tits and began thrusting into her with intensity. She began grunting with each of his thrusts. Left alone, I should've been jealous, but I was turned on watching the brother and sister hump away. Suddenly they stopped. I noticed that Larry was whispering in her ear. She nodded a couple of tims, then lifted herself off of him. She repositioned herself and started taking his monster sized dick at her ass. She wailed as she spread her ass, taking him into her.
She leaned back onto him. He pushed on her shoulders forcing her ass to take his entire dick. "Ah Shit", she grunted as she began panting. "Come on Glenn" she panted. I moved to enter her pussy. She made a sound I hadn't heard as my dick entered her.

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   She shifted, and he grabbed her hips. Her pussy was tighter than usual. Her eyes were closed and she was whimpering. I began pumping her.
I took her hands in mine. She squeezed tightly. I couldn't tell if she was enjoying herself or not. I began nibbling at her earlobes again and moving my nose next to her ears. I noticed a grin cross her face, but her eyes were still closed. I was aroused and soon came in her. I laid still on her. A moment later I heard Larry grunt and I actually felt him cum in her. She slid off of him and the three of us now laid on our side, my face to hers, her brother holding her.
I caressed her behind her ears and noticed the smile returned. "You ok?" I asked.

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   "Yeah, I'm fine". I noticed she reached back and was holding her brother's hand. "We should've made a movie" I joked. We all laughed, and Tammy added, "I don't think so. My parents would die". "No shit" Larry added. We were quiet for a long moment. "Want to go again?" Larry asked, "Yeah, but no more doubles.
One in my pussy, one in my mouth, ok?" Tammy asked. "And wash your dick before you put it back in me Larry, go on, go". Larry got up from the bed. He went to the bathroom and came back shortly. That was the first night we did that and we had a dozen more times before Tammy's parents figured out something was up and began watching us like hawks.



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