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I am a 26 yo male, 6'1 185 lbs athletic. My Niece her name is Brook. She is a 18 year old gymnist. She is a very fits girl. She is about 5,6 110 lbs, perky B cups, with brown hair and hazel eyes. Her body is so tight its amazing. I married her Aunt about 2 years ago. Brooke comes to stay at our house quite often because she likes the freedom that her aunt and i give her.

Story: I have thought about Brook for a while now but never thought anything would come of anything. The story starts on a Friday night she come to stay. When Brook showed up at our house she had on a denim mini skirt and a low cut v top showing just enough skin to make any mans mind run in circles. She had walked in the house and said hello to her aunt and gave her a hug. My eyes never left her from the moment she walked in the door. She looked so sexy in the outfit she had on. She noticed my gaze as she move toward me for my greeting. I couldn't help but look down as she got closer to try and see if i could catch a glimpse of a nipple when we hugged.

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   This hug was different than others. This time she squeezed me more firmly than she ever had so i returned the favor, with one hand on her back and the other one on her lower back just above her sweet ass. She brought her bag in and put it in my office. That is usually where she changes and gets ready to go anywhere. While eating dinner I kept checking her out. In the conversation my wife asked her if she had a new boyfriend or if there were any prospects. Brook answered that she was over with school boys they are petty and immature. I looked up from the plate about the time she finished speaking and she gazed at me almost to stare right through me. We had finished eating and all jumped in to do the dishes. My wife washed, Brook rinsed and I dried. When we were almost done I had dropped a knife, I bent down to pick it up and could not resist to take a look up at Brook and my wife. When i did it was a site for sore eyes the mini skirt Brook had on was a real mini. She was standing there with her legs about shoulder with apart. I could she she had on a thin white lace thong that you could almost see through. I was stunned for a second because i thought about what my wife had told me when her and brook went shopping last week.

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   She said that she helped brook pick out her first thong and bought it for her. Back to reality! I was on my way back up to the sink to throw the knife in the wash again and Brook was staring at me as I stood up. Damn I was busted. Although she just smiled and gave me a nudge as we would all joke around and wrestle occasionaly. After that i was turned looking at the both and she ran the side of her ass into my crotch briefly and just smirked. By the site I had just witnessed I had a semi. We finished up and all decided that it was time to watch a move and relax. Since Brook was the guest she picked the movie out. Didn't she pick out Cruel Intentions. Her aunt put the movie in and we all grabbed a seat. I went and prepared some popcorn, came back in the room and handed the ladies their own bowls. Both were sitting on the couch and I on the chair across the living room. Brooke was sitting with her feet up on the couch together with her knees spread. She had on a pair of cheerleading shorts and a small tshirt. As the movie played I noticed she kept glancing over at me.

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   I liked the movie so i was paying good attention to it until that point. When i looked over she had the bowl of popcorn between her knees and her shorts rode up from sitting. I could see the outline of her pussy through the fabric. I almost instantly was hard. I only had on a pair of basket ball shorts so it was hard tohide. I kept looking over to see if her shorts had slide any time she would fidget. To my supprise my wife said she was tired because she had to work in the morning ant was going to bed. For us to clean up and shut the lights off. Brooke leaned over to give aunty a hug goodnight. I got up and gave my wife a kiss and a hug and said goodnight. I glanced back over at brook and noticed that her shorts had slid to the side a little. I could almost see her one side of her lips. I decided that the couch was more comfy so i went and sat down beside her trying not to let her see my erection. About twenty minute had went by and the movie finished. It was 10:30.

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   Brook asked if we could watch another movie. I told her to go pick one out. I got up and shut some lights off leaving the hall light on just for a guide. I walked back into the living room and she was on her hands and knees. My what a sweet young ass she has and the definition in her long slender legs is enough to drive any man crazy. She had just put the movie in. I asked what she picked. She said Wrong Turn. I asked if she would be scared. She replied, Maybe but your are here if I do. We sat back down on the couch at the movie started. About ten minutes into the movie she leaned over onto me with her head on my shoulder. I could not get the previous pictures out of my mind. The movie took a turn for the worse and was getting scarier. She started to squirm and slid down and put her head on my lap.

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   Oh My what was going on. Surely nothing I thought but my mind began to run wild again. I rested my hand on her side her shirt had slid up and my hand was touching her soft teenage skin. She adjusted again and put her hand on my thigh about 18 inches from my crotch. I couldn't help but think of things I shouldn't . Something happened in the movie that made her jump and her hand moved even closer to my prick, her shirt rode up more and i could see her tight stomach down to about 4 inches below her navel. I started to rub her side and said that there was no need to be scared its just a movie. She just looked up and smiled. She seemed to enjoy the attention and the motion of my hand, so i kept it up. I would rub up her side and then down till my fingers met her shorts. She would squirm a little sigh a little bit. Each time she would move her shorts slid won a little. I was rock hard and my cock was aching. My cock is about 7 Inches and 5 and 1/2 around and always lays to the left which was the leg she was laying on. She moved again but slid up.

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   This time just the tip of my cock was touching her hair. I was at a loss i had no clue what was going on. She went to run her finger through her hair be more comfortable when her hand brushed my cock. She paused and the grabbed it. Wow what was going on. She turned and asked if some one was excited. I didn't know what to say, but said scary movies make me like this. She then replied that she noticed that i had one most of the night. I never new she was paying attention. I told her that her outfit was the problem and that i shouldn't be thinking like that. She said don't worry its only natural. We continued to watch the movie. Her hand never left my cock. She held onto it for dear life. It was a bit awkward but i wasn't going to complain.

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   I used that as my key go a little further. I rubbed her leg up to her ass she was breathing a little heavier than normal. I ran my fingers up across her ass onto her stomach and then back down towards her young pussy. She did not disagree. When my fingers ran under her shorts I noticed that she was shaved bald. My cock twitched.
I slowly ran my fingers down her slit and felt her moist lips. I slid my finger back up splitting her lips to find her teenage clit. I brushed acrossed it. She tensed and left a little moan. I then started slow circular motions on it. She was breathing heavily and moaning softly. Occasionaly i would run my fingers down and just slide the tip insider her tight pussy to moisten my fingers to rub her clit. As i did she started to rub my cock. Man I about blew my wad right there.

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   She then sat up and slid close to me. She said she wanted to touch. She ran her fingers across my stomach and dove into my pants and grabbed ahold of the base of my shaft. She gasped and said my it is so big. Way bigger than my ex boyfriends. I said thanks and continued to rub her pussy until she came all over my hand. She rubbed my cock for about 5 minutes and I lost it all over my shorts on her hand and a drip onto the couch. I said we better get a towel and clean it of the couch so her aunt didn't see it. She just took her free hand and wiped it up and sucked it off of her finger. Yummy she said as she took her cum cover hand and cleaned the rest of it off of her hand that serviced me. I then pulled my finger from her twat and licked the juices of of it. My did she taste sweet. The move was now over and it was midnight. I said we better get to bed so she went to her room and i to mine after a nice kiss on the lips and a hug. She wispered in my ear that this wasn't the end of the fun that we had tonight.

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   We both smiled and went to bend. I was spent. I lost my shorts, climbed in bed and passed out.

The next morning my wife got up early and left about 6am. After the door shut i feel back asleep. I was in a good rest dreaming of the night before thinking about what was to come when I started to dream of Brook sucking my hard cock. The dream was so real and felt so good. I woke a few seconds later to my amazement. There was Brook lying on my bed with my cock in her mouth. No wonder the dream felt so good. Ah what a way to get woke up. She said good morning Uncle Nate. I hope i didn't scare you. With that all i could do was moan as she started bobbing on my cock. She resituated with her pussy towards my head.

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   It was now about 7 am and I was wide awake. I sleep naked so there was nothing to hide. Brook was in her night clothes yet. I reached up and tugged at her shorts. She lifted for me to remove the. When i didi was speechless. Her pussy was so gorgeous. It was glistening with her juice and pink. Her lips were just the right size just big enough that they parted like a rose in blossom. I Gabbed her and pulled her over my chest to straddle my face. Yummy what a good breakfast in bed you prepared for me Brook. She looked back at me and said only for my best uncle ever. Man her lips around my cock felt great. I pulled her ass down and took a large swipe with my tongue at her sweet pussy. It was the best tasting cunt that i ever licked.


   I licked her clit in circles and back an forth. She would moan each time I crossed it as she was devouring my cock. As i licked her I started by running one finger into her tight cunt. I had it in as far as I could get it. The inside of her was so soft and soaking wet. Each time i would pull out my finger it would bring sweet nectar with it. I found her g spot and rubbed it with my finger as I licked her hard clit. She pulled her mouth off of my cock and said fuck Im cumming so hard. Fuck don't stop Unc dont stop Fuck. as she went into convulsions and her juices soaked my face. It was so sweet I licked my lips and sat up. I asked her if she was ready for my cock. She jumped up turned around removing her shirt and pushed me back down on the bed. She said you just lay there and enjoy the show for a little. She moved pussy right over my rock solid member.

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   She put the head right at her entrance and sat down slightliy. My was she tight. Just the head was in and i couldn't take it. She pulled back up and my cock popped out. She then smothered it between her pussy lips and my stomach and rode my shaft soaking it with her juices. She then slid clean forward and positioned her pussy with my cock leaned forward. I licked her sweet young B cup tities. Her nipples were so perfect. Her areola was the size of a quarter and her nipple stuck straight out about a 1/4 inch. She leaned forward and kissed me with tongue and slid down onto the head. She kissed me again and sat up and slowly slid down about 3 inched on my cock gasping. She said You fill me up so good i want your cock burried in me. She rose back up and made about 8 strokes going about a half an inch further down on my cock each time. Finally I was burried to the hilt in my young nieces cunt. I could fill her cervix at the head of my cock.

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   She sat there for a min. I said my oh my your pussy is so tight and feels so great around my cock. She then said i have been waiting for this for 3 years since i met you. She started to wiggle back and fourth with my cock as deep in her cunt as she could get it. She slowly slid up till just the head was in and then back down. I thought i was going to loose it. I kept control tho. She started to pick up the pace she was riding my cock like a cowboy rides bucking bronc. It felt so damn good. She was so tight evertime she would rise up it was sucking the life out of my cock. She slammed down on my cock and started rocking forward and backward. With every backward stroke my cock would hit her cervix. I grabbed ahold of her tits and rubbed her nipples through my finger tips. She was getting close i could tell by her moans. Well so was i.

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   I said where do you want me to cum I'm getting close. She said fuck Im going so cum to. Blow it in me Unc Feel my pussy up. That right there aboutdid it. She was riding my cock like a savage she started to scream damn your cock is so good. Cum in me I coming Im cumming Fuck oh shit Fuck. as started to come so did i I said fuck her it is im goin to fill you up. Fuck. As i shot my first jet ofcum she let out a loud shreik and yelled fuck it feels so good as she squirted all over my stomach and some into my mouth. With my cock completely submerged I came spurt after spurt of hot cum inside my Beautiful Brook. She collapsed onto my chest breathing heavy. We lay there for probably 5 mins stuck together. She then leaned up on her arms and gave me a deep kiss, and said that was the best sex i could ever have. I'm Glad we are such a close family. I love you.

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   I said to her i have never been screwed like that and I wouldn't ever deny her, and that I loved her too. She said that she wanted to come stay next weekend as well. I told her that you are welcome to stay her anytime. I also said that i wished her aunt could have sex like that. But i had her so what was the need. We kissed again and layed there for another 18 mins until my cock fell out of her soaking wet cut. She got up and went for the bath room and as she did she caught the my cum dripping out of her pussy and sucked it down.

We got up. I made breakfast for us and we went to town to run some errands. When my wife got home she said that we were in awfully good moods. We just smiled and said what is wrong with that?!!!!!!!!



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