Taking my mothers place Part 2


Topic: Taking My Mothers Place Part 2
Things were different between me and my daddy and my mother could tell. She kept asking if we had a fight, and wondering if we wanted to talk about it. We brushed it off and said that it was nothing, but I don’t think she believed us. She backed off for a while but still picked every now and again, which drove me crazy knowing i had this deep dark secret that I was hiding from her. I could not tell her though or she would make sure that it would never happen again. I could not let that happen.

A week later, which had seemed like years, my mother informed us that she was going to be on a flight to Japan and that she was going to be staying over for two weeks. She asked us if we wanted to go and I used school as an excuse to say no. My dad then made the point that I should not be left home alone and that was that. My mom was going to Japan for two weeks and I was going to have my dad all to myself. Which is all that I had been wanting for the past week or so.  

“Bye Mom,” I waved from the door as my mother pulled out of the driveway. “Have a good trip, we will miss you. ” Not as much as she would like, but sure we would miss her. My dad did not even get to say goodbye because he had to work today. I think it was because he did not want her to see how excited he was that she was leaving.

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   Even before what happened between us, he was always happy to watch her leave.

After she left I ran upstairs to find something to wear. I wanted daddy to want me just as much as I wanted him. He wanted a wife that would do things for him, cook, clean and sleep with him. I was going to give him that woman. I was going to give him what he had always wanted from my mother and gotten back in the beginning. After they were married, or so I heard, my dad said that she just changed, and it had never been the same again.  

I slipped on a red thong, something I never wore because it was a little on the uncomfortable side, but I thought that tonight was an exception. I wanted my daddy to want me like I wanted him and this was the way I was going to do it. Tonight was my night to become my mother.  

After I pulled the red thong in, I went to my mother closet and found something sexy that was hers but she would never wear for him. It was a black skirt that went just above my knees, a button up red silky shirt and a pair of two inch black heels. I put on a little bit of makeup and headed for the kitchen. Tonight was my night, and it was going to be the second night of many nights to come, if I have anything to do with it.

I heard my dads car pull into the driveway as I was pulling dinner out of the over and getting it ready on a plate.

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   He always said that he loved a good home cooked meal and that is what I was going to give him.

“Sweetie, I am home,” I heard him call from the entry hall.

“I am in here,” I called from the kitchen as I placed two places at the dinner table and took my seat in the chair right across from where he would be sitting.

As he entered the kitchen I smiled up at him. He looked shocked and a little scared, as if he was not sure that he was ready where this was going. I kept my smile however, because I knew that soon enough his mind was going to change. “Hurry up, its gonna get cold. ” I told him as I started at my meal.

He sat down and began to eat. We didn’t talk for a few minutes, until he took a few bites and pushed his plate away, which made me a little sad, but I knew there were going to be a few obsticles. I would get over this one quickly as well.

I brought my foot up between his legs and rubbed his cock with my foot through his pants. I could feel him getting hard beneath my toes and it made me want him even more. However he pulled away from me and walked out to the living room. I did not give him much of a head start though, before chasing him out.

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When I reached the living room he was sitting on the couch and flipping through the channels acting as if nothing at all had happened. I sat down next to him and placed my hand on his thigh, leaning in and kissing him on his neck.

“This is not right,” he said kind of in a shaky manner. He was liking this, I could tell but he was nervous, which I could fix I am sure. “We could get into a whole lot of trouble for this, me more then you. ” With this he pushed me away, causing me to become a little more forceful with him.  

I climbed up onto his lap and pinned his arms down. I knew then how badly he wanted me to do this. He was a strong man and could easily push me off of him but he did not even attempt it. “Thats the daddy I want to see. ” I whispered in his ear, as I kissed down his neck and unbuttoned his shirt.  

I kissed down his chest and at this point he relaxed beneath me. He leaned back a little bit and his breathing became heavier. This was my sign to do what I had been wanting to do for the past week. I wanted to give back to daddy, what he had given to me.

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I kissed from his chest down his stomach and then stopped when I got to his pants. I slowly undid his belt as I kissed the lower part of his stomach, working soon after on the button and zipper, which I had soon taken care of.  

I reached in and pulled out my daddies half had cock. I rubbed it in my hand for a minute, listening to the light moans leave him mouth in pleasure, making me want to give him more. I however just continued to rub his cock until it was fully erect between my fingers.  

“Tell me you want me daddy. ” I said looking up at him. My hand still wrapped around his cock, slowly stroking it. He however did not answer me, causing me to let go of his cock and move back away from him a little bit, ready to claim defeat.  

Once I got a foot away from my daddy he took a deep breath. “I need you baby, please. ” He cried out.

My hand quickly found its way back to his cock and rubbed it for another minute until I knew that he was ready. “Tell me again you want it daddy, tell your baby girl you want her. ” I said a little more demanding this time.

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“I want it, please baby girl. ” With that I placed my mouth over the head of his cock and began to suck lightly. I felt him shiver slightly in my mouth, causing me to push down until it was half way in my mouth. I pulled up again and licked around the top and down the sides. Looking up into my daddies eyes the whole time.  

“Come up here. ” My daddy said patting the couch beside him. I climbed up and then leaned forward and began sucking on my daddies cock again. Taking more of it into my mouth. Moaning slightly around it as daddies hand found its way up my skirt and to my panties.

He rubbed his fingers over my clit through my panties and I sucked harder around his cock, feeling my saliva run down the side, making it easier for my mouth to slip over it.  

I let out a moan around my daddies cock as he moved my panties aside and began running his finger over my clit. I moved my hips a little bit here and there to work with him. Each time I moaned, sucking faster on daddies cock.  

“Oh yes baby,” my daddy moaned as his fingers found the opening to my dripping wet pussy.

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   I pushed down, taking his whole cock into my mouth as he shoved two of his fingers into me. I could not control it. I moaned hard around daddies cock and felt his cock pulse in my mouth. “Oh yes, make daddy cum baby girl. ”

I sucked harder and moaned more around it as daddy thrust his fingers in and out of me. I wanted to scream in pleasure but could not make myself pull away from my daddies cock, i needed it in my mouth. That is when I felt daddies cock pulse in my mouth once again, shortly followed but his hot cum hitting the back of my throat. I wanted to pull away but I knew that it was not what daddy wanted to I swallowed all of it before pulling away and laying my head between his legs.

His fingers were still pumping in and out of me, so hard that I wanted to bit down on something. I felt my fingers clinching his leg which only made him do it faster and harder. Almost to the point where I could not bare it.  

“Yes daddy, I am going to cum. ” I moaned grabbing onto both of his legs.  

“Yes baby girl, cum for daddy,” He said still pumping his fingers fast into my tight wet throbbing pussy.  

“Yes daddy, yes.

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  ” I screamed as I felt myself orgasm against his big fingers.  

Like last time he continued to go at it even after I had climaxed. I wanted to pull away but he would not let me. He pulled me over and positioned my pussy in front of his face and began to lick around my pussy. Making me shake beneath him. I let out another cry right before he was done, cumming once again hard against my daddies face.

I laid down on the couch, my head in my dads lap, looking up at him. He smiled at me and got off the couch. Picking me up and carrying me upstairs. Right before he got to my room he turned and walked us towards his room. Laying me on my mothers side of the bed and then crawling in himself.  

I smiled as I closed my eyes, knowing my mother would soon be out of the picture and I would be my daddies baby girl forever to come.  

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