Taking Julie pt. 1


James was mad! Yet again he had found his daughter in bed with someone. He turned to look at his daughter, "Are you trying to look like a slut in front of the whole neighborhood?"Julie rolled her eyes. "How many times do I have to tell you, dad? We weren't having sex! It was just a little kiss!"He sighed and shook his head. "Right, and that would lead to more. Do I have to punish you again?"Another roll of the eyes and Julie sighed with exasperation. "Go ahead. Ground me again. Heck, you can cut my allowance for a whole month for all I care. It's just a kiss! We weren't even naked!"He shook his head. "No not that punishment again. You know the one I'm taking about!:He shook his head again. "No not that either!" He then walked over to her and pushed her against the table and after pulling down her pants spanked her. "Hey! OW!" Julie struggled but her father was too strong for her. Her legs flailed as he spanked her hard, causing tears to form in her eyes. "Ow! Ow! Stop it dad! Stop!"He spanked her again, though this time he grabbed a peice of her ass and squeezed. "You need to learn a lesson.

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  "Julie gave a short yelp when he squeezed her. "No, daddy, please! I'll do whatever you say, just don't hit me anymore!""All right then, I'm going to stick my cock inside your pussy and show you what sex is like. " He said pulling down her panties and letting them hit the floor. "H-Huh? Wait daddy, what do you-" Her words were cut short when she saw his pants drop and looked at James' large cock. Julie gasped. "B-But it's so big. . . "She felt her cheeks turn warm and red as he yanked off her panties, exposing her tight and shaved little cunt. "Shhh. " he whispered as he started to tease her little cunt with the tip of his cock. Julie moaned softly as she felt him. "Ooh. . .

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  d-daddy. . . " Her back began to arch a little as he continued to tease her. James continued to tease his daughter's cunt before plunging it all the way in in one stroke. The sudden plunge made Julie scream in pain. She felt her hymen rip, felt her father's cock stretch and fill her. "AAAHH! Daddy no!"Once again he shhed her again as he started to pump into her pussy. He started slow then picked up his pace. Julie sobbed as her father fucked her once-virgin pussy. She moaned as well, her body rocking back and forth as he thrust into her. James continued to fuck his daughter's pussy. Suddenly he pulled out and pulled her over to the couch, where he took off her shirt and bra and put her on her hands and knees where he went back to fucking her. Julie couldn't do anything to break away from her father's grip. He was too strong for her and before she knew it she was naked on the couch.

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   Her moans were loud and painful while her face was wet with streaks of tears. Still she remained silent, only moaning and sobbing as her father continued using her. His hands went to her breasts, massaging the large mounds and her nipples. He wanted this to be good for her, her first time and he continued to run his cock in and out of her pussy with a steady pace. Julie's back was arched nicely and her moans increased as he grabbed her breasts. Embarrased she slowly turned to her father. "D-Daddy? P-Please spank me again. . . ?" she asked timidly. He smiled and brought his hand down on her ass, not enough to hurt, but enough to bring pleasure to her. "More?" he asked then spanked her again, continuing to fuck her pussy"Nnghh. . . L-Like you did just now.

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  . . " She nodded and bit on her lower lip. She secretly had enjoyed the spankings she received, which was one of the reasons why Julie always seemed to be a bad kidHe grinned again, continuing to spake her ass and fucking her pussy. He pulled out of her pussy, "If you want me to keep spanking you, you have to clean off my cock. "She glanced at his slick cock and then looked to him with a faint smile. "Yes daddy. . . I am a slut after all, right?" She turned and crawled over to him, slowly bringing her head close and then giving his cock's head a test lick. Then she slowly swallowed it, but only managing to take in about a quarter of him. He tipped his head back and let out a moan. "Oh yes, that my little girl. Suck daddy's cock!""Mmm. .

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  . " Julie's head bobbed up and down his length as she sucked eagerly, enjoying the taste of her father. Her hand held on to his hips as she sucked him, eyes looking up to him for approval. He closed his eyes and let out a sigh. "Good girl. " He muttered as he ran his hand though her hair. "You lik sucking daddy's cock, dont you?""Mmhmm. . . " She pulled out briefly to give him a long, hard lick, giggling as she did so. "I'm sorry for being a bad girl, daddy. . . ""Yes but your making up for it nicely. " he said as he looked down at her.

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   "Want me to cum down your pretty little throat?""As long as it makes you happy daddy," Julie answered. She gave him another lick and then kissed his cock's head. He smiled and when she kissed his cock he slid it back into her mouth as far as it would go. "Show daddy what you can do. ""Nnhhh. . . " With a light nod Julie closed her eyes and held his waist tightly. Then the young girl pulled herself closer to her father, gagging and coughing as she forced herself to swallow his entire cock. She stopped though with about three quarters of his length in her mouth, unable to swallow any more. Julie quickly pulled out and coughed before looking up to her father sadly. "I-I'm sorry daddy. . . I'll try again.

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    . "He smiled as she tried to swollow his whole cock. "Its ok, just do what you can. " She gave a nod and tried again. Despite the gagging and the coughing she only got about three quarters of his cock in her mouth. She glanced up at her father apologetically as she continued trying to get more of him in her. He smiled. "Its ok if you cant get my full leanght into your mouth, just suck what you can. "Julie nodded again and began bobbing her head. She forced herself to suck her father's large cock, clearly enjoying this even if she's almost choking herself with it. "Mmm. . . ""Ohh, yeah.

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       Thats my girl. Suck me off!" He said moaning as she continued to bob her head up and down on his cockHer head bobs faster as Julie desperately wanted to make her father happy. She swallowed as much of him as she could, then pulled out to give him a few long licks before repeating again and againHe moaned again as he felt his cock bulge in her mouth and spill his hot cum into her mouth. Julie's mouth was wide open as her father's warm cum filled sprayed into her mouth. She waited until her mouth was full before swallowing and letting some of his seed spill on her face. "Mmm. . . so warm. . . "He sighed and smiled at her. He wiped her face and offered her a finger with cum on it for her to clean off. Julie greedily suckled on his finger, licking it clean before looking up to him. "You're right daddy, I'm a little slut.

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      . . your little slut," she said with a smile. James grinned. "Now daddy is going to make you cum. " He said grabbing her by the hips and putting her in his lap, sliding his cock back into her pussy. Even if it still hurt her Julie enjoyed the feeling of his cock filling her. "Mmmhh. . . yes daddy, anything you want. " She hugged him tight, face pressed against his chest as she slowly started to ride him. Then looking up to him she said, "Fuck me anyway you want daddy. I can take it. "Hands on her ass cheeks James grinned at her.

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       "Well then. . . " He said as he turned her around, pressing her against the couch and started to fuck her. Julie let out painful yet pleasured moans as he thrust into her repeatedly. Even though there were tears of pain as he threatened to rip her apart, she was smiling a little. "AAAH! Yes daddy! Fuck me, fuck me! OOhhhhh. . . "James' hands were on her breasts, massaging and pinching her nipples as he sucked and bit at her neck. Her back arched nicely and her moans were loud. She was beginning to pant heavily and Julie glanced back to see her father slamming into her over and over. "Nnnh. . .


      d-daddy. . . oohhh daddy I love you so much. . . " He held her to him, thrusting deep into her pussy. "I'm going to love doing this to you again and again. " He promised, breathing deep. "AAAHH!!" She managed a light grin. "I'm a-all yours daddy. . . mmmhh. .

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      . y-you're so big. . . oohhh. . . "He smiled, "Now, come for your daddy. " he said increasing his pace as he fucked her. "AAahh! Y-Yes daddy. . . ooohh. . .

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      fuck yes. . . " Julie was panting more than moaning now, biting hard on her lip as she felt her climax growing. Then with a cry and a violent shudder she let out her first orgasm. "AAAAAHHH!"He moaned as she screamed out her orgasm. He felt his cock jerk and unload cum into her pussy. "Nnnghh. . . mmm. . . ooohh. .

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      . daddy. . . " She slumped down onto the couch, head turned to show her flushed face to her father. She smiled at him weakly. "I. . . always wanted that. . . "He slowly with drew his cock from her pussy and sat down next to her. "Well I'll be doing this to you again. "She crawled around and sat next to him.

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       "Anytime you want, daddy. " She paused for a while and then gave a curious expression. "Can I sleep and bathe with you from now on? I promise I'll be your good little slut. . . honest!"James chuckled and kissed her on the forehead. “Of course you can baby. Anything for my baby girl. ”