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Hi its again danial here from Pakistan. . Let me share my first Sex experience with everybody I was 25 years old and student of CA at that time. You can contact me at silent_magma@hotmail. com. The story is all about my sexual encounter with the daughter of our maid servant. It was june (summer) and my siblings and parents would like to go on a hill station for enjoying vacations but as I have to appear in exams I was unable to go with them.
They decided to go for 18 days and instructed our maid to come daily in morning and stay at our house so that I wont have any problem in having food and cleaning etc. She is around 38 years of age and was working at our house since last 18 years so she don’t have any issue in staying with me , but she requested my parents that it will be helpful for her if her 18 years old daughter can also stay with her as she cant let her daughter live alone in house because her father also go for work in day time. My parents allowed her daughter also and said that she can also help in work and do dusting and other minor works.
They all went to hill station and as my classes were over and I m on exam preparation leaves, I wake up late at around 18 am. When I come to living room on dinning table for breakfast, I saw maids daughter – hina. She is 18 years old, with a very sexy figure of around 32-26-34, wearing shalwar suit without duppata and working in the kitchen with her mother . When I have eye contact with her I feel she was observing me keenly and gave me a cute smile, which I respond. Till that time I don’t have any bad intentions. Her mother instructed her to make breakfast for me and serve with tea and herself went upstairs to wash clothes.

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   Now we 2 are alone in the ground floor of house. She came close to me and serve me food in that she was still watching me and smiling. I asked why u r smiling, she said she came to our house 7 years back when shewas very young girl and I was also around 18 at that time. She said she like me a lot at that time and wanna be my friend as now she has a lots of feelings for me. I said if ur mom knows that she will kill u and me, she smiled and said no issue her mom wont know this at all. Then immediately she put her hands on my hands and hold my hand and said Dani I lov u a lot and pls take me in ur arms. I stand up and hug her , she was responding in a gr8 manner and hug me very tight, I then told her that relax we will do it in safe manner to avoid any issue. Just kissed her on her cheecks and ask her to go and take shower and dress up in a more attractive clothes. By the way she is very fair in complexion, and very attractive 5’2” height with oranges like breast, which I feel when she hug me.
When her mother came after washing clothes, I told her that there are many unused clothes of my little sister in the room which she wants to dispose. So give them to her daughter (I purposely did so , so that hina can wear the sexy and tight clothes of my sis and I can admire her sexy body). Her mother was v happy and took all the clothes and give her to hina to use.
Now I made up the whole plan of spending next 18 days with my sweet heart in the max. pleasureable manner. In the after noon after lunch , I asked her mother to go to utility / grocery store which is around 30 minutes drive from our house and buy monthly grocery for home.

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   I knew she will go using cab and it will take minimum 5 hours for her to go and buy and then back. IShe asked her daughter to prepare dinner and went out to buy grocery.
I quickly locked the door and run inside towards the kitchen to catch hina. When I entered in kitchen, I was in shock to see her from the back, as she was wearing my sis modern clothes, which was skin fit T-shirt and a lower. No one can imagine that she is a maid servant, looking like a very sexy modern girl with wet hairs as she just came out after having shower. I quietly move towards her and took her in my arms from the back and put my palms on her breast and hug her tight. She gave me a very sexy smile and then turn towards me and immediately kissed on my lips. I also reciprocate and kiss her on her juicy lips. We were kissing madly for around 18 minutes then I took her in my arms and move towards my bed room. Lay her on the bed and move her t-shirt up. Oh my God, she was not wearing any bra and her 32 c size breast are hanging , they are pure whitich pink in colour and with small tits. I come over her and started pressing her one boob while sucking the other . She is like in heaven , moaning a lot .
    uuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh and I was sucking her like a dog. Then I lift her t-shirt and removed totally and also removed my clothes.


       As she saw my 8” long and thick penis, her eyes glows and she took that in her hands and playing with that. Rubbing her soft hands on my shaft which I like a lot. Then I put my penis in her mouth which she sucks in a very professional manner. Her tongue was rolling all around and I was like in heaven and I was totally mad till that time. I just pull out her trouser and started rubbing her vagina with my fingures. Now its time for her to enjoy. I move my fingure in and out and moving quickly which stimulates her feelings and she was moving like a fish out of water. We both are enjoying a lot. In few minutes she released her juice and all her pussy is wet. As I am very much concern about sexual diseases, I never fuck any girl. I put my penis in between her two soft breast and tighten her breast by pushing them close to my penis and stroking my pennies in between two water mallons. In few minutes I exploded all my cum on her breast. Then we cleaned up the whole mess and have shower together. We both are very much relaxed and enjoyed a lot. After shower she sit on my lap and we watch porne movie on TV till her mother reached home.

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    At night, when she came in my room to give me milk, I again kissed her lips for 18 minutes and asked her that when her mother sleeps , she should come to my room for next shot, which she accepted with full pleasure. At around 1:00 am the door of my room opened and I saw her in a transparent nighty. She came inside and locked the room. Then I did everything throughout the night and sleep naked on a same bed in each others arms. She then went to her mothers maid room early in the morning. This continues for next 18 days till my parenst came back. When they reached, I asked them that hina is very efficient in work, and we should hire her permanently at home for day and night. We gave her guest room which is upstairs , next to my bed room while other family is having rooms on the ground floor. Friends, till that date, at night when all family sleep, she came to my room and we locked the room and start our play and explore each others body in various manners. I will tell u more about that in my next story. Any girl interested in me or more stories, pls contact at silent_magma@hotmail. com, waiting to hear from u soon. Bye




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