Sweet Dreams


Topic: Enjoy. . . . It was the first day of summer. I was so excited to finally be out of middle school and moving on to highschool. I knew I was more mature then the other girls my age. I always connected with guys a few years older then me better then the ones my age. I was also physically mature. Standing 5 foot 8 inch, long brown hair, green eyes, nice round ass, and the most perfect 36c tits any 18 year old year old had. Messing around with older guys did have it's consequences (not necesarily bad though) For example losing my virginity at a young age. I was 18 and the guy was 18 Probably a bit to much of an age gap but oh well it was worth it.
I had the whole summer in front of me and did not know what to do at all. So I decided to start simple and lay out on the couch and watch tv. It was about 4 in the afternoon so dad was still at work. My mother unfortuntly was away for a few weeks tending to her sick mother.

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I checked what recent shows my dad had recorded, to see if there was anything good to watch. To my suprise the latest entry recorded was titled "Adult programming. " Well of course that got me curious. I pressed play and imiedatly two naked bodies popped up. A male and a female. This porn like many I had seen before was much the same. Get naked. Guy eats pussy. Girl sucks cock. They fuck. But god when the girl sucked the guys cock it always got me so horny. Lucky for me that's the part it was at! I attentivly watched her beautiful full lips slide up and down this mans long hard cock. The way he tilted his head back and pleasure, and her mouth full of cock was all I needed to feel the dampness between my legs.
Well dad won't be home for about 46 minutes I thought to myself so what the hell! I stood up and slid off my blue jeans then my black thong. I lay back down just as the guy shot his load in her face.

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   So hot. I rubbed my index finger and middle finger on my clit feeling the wet. I brought my fingers to my mouth and gave them a quick suck. I loved the taste of cum. The two into a reverse cowboy looking position. As I listened to the woman moan i slid the fingers back down my body and into my pussy. I had had a few sexual partners in my day, but I was still very tight. I'd never had a real big dick to really satisfy me.
As I continued to pump my fingers in and out, and felt an orgasm approaching I quickly became very tired. Simultaneously the juice began dripping down my legs, and I drifted off to sleep.
I woke up what seemed a few hours later. There infront of me was my father standing in awe. How could I be so stupid to fall asleep in such a manner. I felt so embarassed. I quickly began to grab for some sort of cover to hide my naked body.

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   "It's okay baby," My father said. "You don't have to be so embarrassed. After all who raised you for the past 18 years?" He was right, that brought me to a bit more ease, but still it was weird him seeing me like this. He sat down next to me setting aside my clothes. "So what were you doing this early in the day. " "I was uh. . uhm taking a nap daddy. " Looking down at my discarded clothes and wet spot on the couch "Well it seems like you had a bit more then a nap. " I sat there for a minute speechless. How horrible! When I finally looked up I saw my own father started to get an erection over this! "It's okay baby you can be open with daddy!" "Well, okay yeah, I. . . I guess I got a little excited when I watched what you recorded. "
At this I saw the little tent in his pants grow bigger.

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   I was sad to think that it actually didn't bother me that much. Then dad asked "Do you care if I put it back on?"  "Why uh. . no it's okay I don't mind" On came the Tv with the same that I'd been watching. God it still got me so hot watching her. You'd really have to see it yourself they were beautiful people. "Well if you got to enjoy this so much then I should get to as well right?" He said. "Would you care if daddy did that??" I didn't object (cause really I was to into the movie, and to horny to care) so be took off his shoes then pants leaving him only in boxers. He was becoming fully erect I could tell at this point, and it was really turning me on. But how could I be having these impure thoughts of my own father? "So you ever had any experience like this?" My father asked me. "I uhm. . yes, yes I have. " I replied blushing again. "Started young eh? Why don't you show daddy what you know if your such a pro at such a young age.

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  " "I don't know what to do to you daddy. " "Just pretend I'm one of your boyfriends, you see me here in my boxers. . . I know you know what to do. " Honestly I didn't know how to go about this situation. The way he put it made me feel better about it though.
And I was so horny and hadn't had sex in a while so I didn't care anymore. I thought it out a moment and decided to just dive into it. At this point he was hard as a rock and poking out of the hole in his boxers. I sat on his knnes facing him. I took his 8 inch cock out of his boxers and started slowly sliding my hand up and down. He was quite thicke also. I was so anxious to see where this little encounter would go. I pumped faster and faster for a good few minutes.

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   He was so quiet just watching his little girl get him off. Then he came. He shot his load straight up into my face! I could taste it running into my mouth. It tasted better then any other I'd had. So I decided to get a better taste. I put my mouth right over the head of his cock. I twirled my tongue down a bit. Daddy was really started to enjoy this I could tell. He pushed my head down further. Slowly he pushed down until as much of his cock was in my mouth that I could take. I imitated the woman on the porn. Going slow and getting fasted as i felt more comfortable. Within minutes my mouth was filled with cum. I swallowed as much as I could but still some seeped out of my mouth. "Wow, I didn't think my little girl could pleasure me that much.

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  " "Heh practice daddy. " "Well what would you like in return?" He asked. I thought for a brief second. I never really liked getting my pussy licked, but I was so damn horny. "Fuck me daddy. " I felt so dirty for saying that to him, but what the hell. Nothing to lose and great sex to gain! Dad stood up and took off his boxers, then he layed me down on the couch and made sure my legs were spread wide open. He then got on top of me. I could fill the tip of his cock rubbing my hole. God I wanted it so bad now. Why was he teasing me? He continued to rub me like that for what seemd an eternity.
Finally he lowered himself onto me and I could feel his cock deeper in me. Oh it hurt a bit, like I said I'd never had a dick of this size. I soflty moaned in pleasure and pain. More in pain as daddy could tell so he slowed down a bit.

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   Soon the pain wasn't there anymore, so i gave him an approving moan to continue faster. A bit faster, but still slow he pumped in and out a few times to make sure I wasn't in pain. My moaning signled it was okay to really go at it. Every thurst was faster and faster, as well as my moaning becoming louder. This was far more pleasure I had ever been in before and was surely about to have an orgasm. I could feel his cock all the way inside of me. My tight pussy wrapped around his cock. My body started to tighten my head thrown back my toes curling. I was about to cum all over my fathers cock during the best orgasm of my life. He started going real fast and I could tell he was about to cum as well. "Good thing I'm on the pill!" I thought to myself. Then all of a sudden I felt him squirt inside of me, and that was all it took to set me off. And just like that there was a huge mess of cum inside of me, and on his cock. "Wow that was so awesome baby girl!" "I know daddy, I've never had a feeling quite like that" "One thing though sweeting, just don't tell your mother about this, and remember if you ever need anything remember you can come to me!" And with that it was over. .

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  . Wow I had just fucked my father. I was still so horny so I hoped in the shower. Three words: Detachable shower head.
But wait. . .
I opened my eyes. . I heard the car door slam shut. Wow it was all a dream! Holy shit it felt so real and my pussy was soaking! I ran upstairs and really did go into the shower. It may have been a dream but I still was extremly horny. . . .


the end!
This was my first story. . . so don't be to harsh on judgement ;]
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