Susan's Father receives some shocking news...(A Susan & Barry Tale) PT1


Back in the early 1990’s, Barry met Sally. Unknown to Barry, Sally was pregnant at the time. After a world wind romance, the couple were married within months. Sally never told Barry she was pregnant and instead passed off the child as a product of their own love making.   Luckily, Barry never caught on and became a proud father of a beautiful baby girl called Susan.
As the years passed, Susan and Barry had a strong Father/Daughter relationship. He read her bedtime stories, taught her to ride a bike and was a pivotal part of her life. All was good in the family; they were normal and happy. But Sally’s dark secret always remained in the background.
However, for a few years now, since Susan had grown into a beautiful 18 year old young woman, Barry began to feel ‘funny’. Perhaps it was his fetish for school uniforms, or pig tailed girls. . . but every day, his daughter began to look more and more attractive to him. Every morning she would come down for school dressed in her black thigh high plaided skirt, matched with frilly white ankle socks, white shirt and miniature tie. Her jet black hair draped over her shoulders, tied in those provocative pig tails - eyeliner and pink lipstick to match her long, smooth brown legs and ample yet perfectly rounded breasts.

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   It was the best moment of his day and the main reason he had engineered himself as school ‘taxi’ so he could spend just one more minute with his ‘beautiful’ baby girl.
He often imagined her leaning over him in the car, unzipping his trousers and stroking his permanently hard cock. But that could never happen, she was his daughter and it would be wrong for anything like that to occur. Hell, it was wrong, immoral and illegal just to think about it he told himself.   Even whilst making love to her 34 year old mother, he couldn’t help imagine that it was his daughter underneath him. He seemed doomed to remain lost in his own little world of incest. However, this was all about to change.
On Daughter Susan’s 16th Birthday, the secret of her true father was ready to be known. It was a day like any other, Susan descended the stairs dressed in that school uniform, crossed her legs as she sat at the breakfast table, and proceeded to sip her morning coffee. “Happy Birthday” said Barry handing her a card, “thanks Dad” replied Susan. “Your Mum is still in bed, we’ll give you your present after you get home from school”. She smiled whilst crossing her legs the opposite way. The frilly white ankle socks now so close to Barry he could barely stop himself from taking out his cock and slapping it all over them. If Susan only knew what her own Father was thinking right there and then, she probably would have been disgusted. Just then, the letterbox sounded and a pile of letters came through the door.

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It was the usual collection of bills, junk mail and birthday cards for Susan. . . but there was one unusual envelope that was sure to catch the eye. Hand written, without a stamp, lay a letter addressed to Sally. Barry was intrigued. He opened the letter. The letter read, ‘Dear Sally, 18 years ago today you gave birth to our baby, I am sorry that I was not there for you when you told me you were pregnant, I would very much like to see my child. . . ’ it continued into a long snivelling apology. . . but only the first part was of interest to Barry. Many fathers would have been distraught to find out the child he had raised from birth as his own was not in fact his own flesh and blood.

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  . . but not Barry. All he could think about, like always, was cumming again and again into his daughters’ wet, tight, virginal pussy.
Dropping the letter Barry walked sharply into the kitchen. Susan was bending over the bin scraping the last remains of her toast from her plate. Her short skirt was riding high up her buttocks exposing her pink cotton panties, the back of her beautifully tanned legs were fully exposed, all the way down to those white ankle socks and black half heeled shoes. She was ripe for the taking. Rushing over, Barry grabbed his daughter’s pert buttocks with his hands. She gave a loud yet erotic yelp as she had never been touched in those areas before. Lifting up her black plaided skirt to the waist, Barry then ripped her black cotton panties with his bare hands. Her pussy and asshole were now fully exposed. In a state of shock at to what was happening, Susan remained almost motionless. What was her Dad doing?
He quickly unzipped his trousers and unbuckled his belt. The erect cock that he had often stroked whilst thinking about this moment was now about to experience the real thing! For a split second, he thought about what he was about to do.

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   He was about to fuck his 18 year old daughter in her school uniform, whilst her Mother and his wife lay upstairs in bed. It was a short thought as he removed his cock from his trousers.   Holding his daughter still via her protruding breasts, he held his cock in his right hand and firmly placed it in her tight pussy. “Daddy” she screamed. . . ”what are you doing”. Undeterred he began to pummel her back and forth and she lay bent over the bin. “I’ve wanted to do this since you were 18 years old” he said as he continued to pound his petite daughter over and over. “Daddy” she again screamed again - “Good Girl” he replied, “you’re a good girl, do what your Daddy says”. “Daddy” she once again screamed, now softening her voice at the end. “Daddy, oh Daddy” she squealed, but this time it seemed more in enjoyment than pain or shock. Not wanting this moment to end, Barry removed his still rock hard cock from his daughters pussy. Turning her round with some force he picked her up with ease, the same ease he had done for all those years as her loving Father. Placing her sitting on the breakfast table, he looked at Susan.

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   Her breast poking out of her shirt, which was now missing buttons, her pigtailed hair now completely untangled and straight, he had done quite a number on his little girl. But he wasn’t finished yet.
He approached her, opening her legs with his hands as she sat on the table. Her skirt once again proceeded further up her thighs as her legs widened the ankle socks and shoes now completely wrapped around his own bare buttocks as his trousers lay helplessly around his ankles. She looked at his cock and smiled, “oh Daddy, make me a woman” she said “make it cum inside me”. . . ”Fuck me Daddy, fuck me now”. He proceeded inwards penetrating her pussy once again with his pulsating cock. He began to thrust slowly but with force. The table moved with every thrust. She lay back on the table and accepted what her Daddy was doing to her. She liked it, but she knew she had no choice. Her long black hair draped down the opposite end of the table as she took the full force of her Daddy’s cock – “you like that honey” he said “you deserve this on your birthday”. She squealed loudly, somewhere in between orgasm and the pain of being deflowered for the first time.

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   After a few more thrusts, Barry shouted “I’m cumming, I’m cumming” as Susan began to feel the warm delight of her Father’s cum engulfing her monsooned pussy. With a final yelp, it was over. . . Barry had finally fucked his daughter. He was satisfied. . . but she wanted more.
Barry lent back and sat on a breakfast table chair - his trousers still down, his cock satisfied. He looked at Susan, now sitting up on the table - still dressed in that School uniform he had so often fantasised about.  “Daddy” she said softly and innocently, “does this mean I get more pocket money now”? Barry smiled, “that depends honey, are we going to do this again”? She smiled back. On Susan’s 16th birthday, their special relationship had truly begun.
Look out for future stories involving Susan and her Daddy.