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I come from a family of four brothers and one sister. As brothers we, where very close, and did most of the sexual things that I would consider normal with most boys growing up, we would sometimes get naked and compare the size of our cocks and balls and how much pubic hair we each had. In our early teens this led to us all jerking off and comparing how far we could shoot and how much cum we each had. Quite a few times we would jerk each other off. I always loved to jerk the others cocks and see them cum all over the place. Our sister was never really interested in our games but did watch a few times.
When I was 18 my parents decided to send us 4 younger children to boarding school, my younger brothers  Sam and John, and my sister Susan aged 18 at the time. That is not her real age but I will use it anyway.
They always drove us there and the trip took two whole days. We would leave early the first morning and usually spend that first night of the trip at a hotel just before the border. We would then continue with our journey and get to our Aunts house late on the second day. We would then spend a few days shopping and getting our school uniforms and books sorted out while staying at my Aunts house. Our parents would then drop us at school and get started on their journey home.
 Me and my two younger brothers where in the same all boys boarding school and my sister Susan was in another all girls boarding school on the other side of town. During school terms we were not allowed out during the weekends unless with an adult relative so had few chances to see our sister while at school.
On the third trip down to school my parents could only get two rooms at the usual halfway hotel, as there was no other hotel in town they decided that they would have one of the rooms and us kids should share the other room that had 2 beds in.


   this we did and my two brothers shared one of the beds and I shared the other one with my Susan, I manoeuvred them into this arrangement as I was as horny as a dog as had spent the whole day in the car with my sister sitting next to me, I spent most of the time looking at her nice long thin legs as there was not much else to do. She had on a light blue top and skirt that was very short and just managed to cover her panties most of the time. Some of the time she slept and the dress would slip up and I would be able to see her panties and the outline of her little hairless pussy, Every time I saw her panties my cock got hard. Once when she was asleep I put my hand between her legs and felt her hot pussy. I just felt it through her panties and kept my hand very still so not to wake her. This made my cock even harder. I also had to be careful that our parents didn’t see what I was doing.
I though if we slept like this I might have an opportunity to have a quick feel of her pussy. Neither my Mom or Dad seemed happy with the sleeping arrangements but after moaning and trying to change them gave up after a while. I was sure they must have realised what I had in mind.
We all had to bath before supper so all us boys bathed together, which normal as we did it at home to save water and time. They undressed first and got in and then I got undressed as soon as I took of my underpants they saw that my cock was hard and asked me why it was sticking out like that. Not that they hadn’t seen it before they just wanted to know why it was hard now. I said I didn’t know and got into the bath hoping it would go down but it didn’t it just stayed as hard as a rock. When we had finished bathing and where drying ourselves my youngest brother took it and started jerking it, it was just getting me really excited when our Mom opened the door and told us to hurry up as our sister still had to bath.

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   Mom didn’t see what we were doing because as soon as we head the door handle move he let go and I quickly put a towel over it and pretended to de drying myself, she gave us both a funny look but didn’t say anything, when she closed the door we all started laughing in relief at not getting caught and got dressed. I was hoping he would finish the job after supper; we then got dressed and went down for supper. After supper we where all told to go to bed so we went back to our room and got changed for bed. Our parents stayed at the bar to have some drinks.
Us boys changed in the one corner and Susan changed in another, we all watched her change, she took off her dress and put on a short nightie, She didn’t change her panties as she had put on clean ones after her bath. After she had changed she sat on the bed and watched us change, None of us had put on any underpants so we just took off our shirts and slipped our pants off. My cock was standing out hard again but the so where my brothers cocks hard probably from watching her undress. We got into our pyjamas and sat on the beds talking for a short while. The two younger brothers then asked if we wanted to watch them wank. I said yes and our sister said ok lets see. So they got a towel from the bathroom and spread it on the bed and sat on it facing each other and started wanking each other. I watched them but was also watching sis. She was also watching them but would every few seconds look down at my crotch. By this time my cock was nice and hard and had made a tent of my pj pants. She seemed fascinated with it.

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   After a few minutes the other boys came all over the towel, and went to the bathroom and washed their cocks. When they where gone sis and me jumped under the blankets on our bed. When they came back they got into their bed and said goodnight and went to sleep.
I had to get out of bed and switch off the light when I was doing this sis was still watching my cock as I was walking t back. When I got back into bed she slipped her tiny hand down my pants and felt my hard cock “ Oh its hard and long tonight isn’t it” she said I told her yes it is but didn’t tell her it was because we where sleeping together. I told her if she kept doing that it would cum so she stopped rubbing it and just held it for a while. It was so nice with her small hand holding my cock, her hand was so small it couldn’t even get all round my cock. I hoped she would hold it longer but after a bit she took her hand out and said its about time we went to sleep and we mustn’t do anything as Mom and Dad might come and see if we where asleep. We said goodnight and I pretended to go to sleep, after a while I opened my eyes and looked Susan she seemed to be asleep.
    Watching her sleep my cock got even harder and I thought "instead of just getting a quick feel why not try and push my cock into her pussy and see what it felt like it no one would know as she was asleep" she looked so pretty and nice lying there with her eyes closed. I knew this is how you fucked as we boys had talked about it a lot but none of us had ever fucked a girl yet. so as carefully as I could I lifted her night dress and pulled her panties to one side and had a quick feel of her small pussy. It was nice and warm and smooth and so small, I thought. “Wow I wonder if my cock can get into such a small little pussy”. So first I pushed my one finger in to see what it felt like and if it would be big enough for my cock.

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       At first it was a bit difficult to get my finger in there but once it had gone in a bit it just slid all the way in, it was as if her pussy had swallowed my finger and could stretch quite a bit. I moved my finger around inside her pussy and then slid it in and out a few times. This really got my cock hard, As she was lying on her side with her back to me I decided to try and get my cock in from the back as I didn’t want to wake her. I managed to get the head of my cock into her pussy but is was quite difficult as she was dry and was lying in a tricky position. It was nice and warm in there and a very tight fit. I kept my cock in there for a short while and tried to get it in further and also push it in and out, but couldn’t do much without waking her so took it out and went to the bathroom and jerked off. I was so excited at this stage that it took only a few strokes to cum. When I did cum it shot almost right across the room it was so strong. I had to get some toilet paper and wipe all the cum up and clean my hands and cock. I thought then that it would have been nice to shoot all this cum into her pussy, and decided that if there was a next time that is what I would do. I was worried that if she woke she would tell our parents and I would get into trouble. When I had finished cleaning up the bathroom and had wiped my cock clean of cum I went back to the bed and snuggled up to her and went to sleep.
    When I woke the next morning we where lying like two spoons and my hard cock was sticking into her between her legs, I was terrified she would wake up and feel it there so slowly moved away from her so she wouldn’t notice. As I moved away from her she moved with me and was pushing her bum tight against my cock. So I just kept it there and pushed it right between her legs and moved it in and out a few times, as soon as I stopped she pushed her bum against me again as if to tell me to do it more so I just carried on pushing in and out between her legs.

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       I could feel I was about to cum so stopped moving it as I didn’t want to cum on the sheets and leave a mess on them in case Mom saw it when we got up. I lay here awake for a short time till the others woke up. When we got up to get dressed my cock was still hard, and my brothers said let them help me quickly. So they one started wanking me and the other was playing with my balls, while they where doing this Susan was watching carefully and with a lot more interest than before, she caught my eye a few times and smiled nicely this made me cum quickly and when I did not much cum shot out.
    They then both licked my cock clean and we all got dressed then watched Susan getting dressed. She seemed to take longer than usual to get her dress on and spent some time combing her hair with just her tight pink panties on, the same ones she had slept in. The first thing she did when getting up was to pull them up as far as she could this really made her little pussy stand out and you didn’t need much imagination to visualise what it looked like. She had very small tits at this age so looked a bit like a boy except for the long hair and panties. I wished she would take them off so we could see her naked. I wished even more that we where alone in the room so I could rip her panties off and really fuck her.


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