Survivalist Training


Dad started molesting my twin sister Sara and I (Della), since we were young. Of course at an early age I had no idea that it was wrong. In fact it seemed like an extension of a Daddy's love for his daughters and maybe it was.

We had no Mother as she left when we were two. To my knowledge she never tried to contact us again. We lived on an isolated subsistence farm which had been in our family for generations. This meant we have very limited contact with other people.

Only on the four or five yearly trips, to a distant town, for supplies did we meet anyone else. Most of that time was spent to buy material, some new cloths and products we could not make ourselves. Then we loading the truck for the return trip.

There was no real chance to converse much. The only conversations we had with an outsider was with the old guy that would fill up our home's fuel tank for the electric generator and which only happened twice a year.

On top of that Dad did not allow us to have a TV or a computer. He did not want the evils, he felt abounded in the outside world, to invading our home. He identified himself with the survivalist movement wanting to stay "off the grid" as much as possible.

For entertainment he bought us lots of books and music CDs of various genre.

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   The books included classics, history, poetry and text books. Our home library was huge filling a complete room.

Our farm land was surrounded on three sides by a national preserve so we spent many a day riding our horses on the trails, hiking and cooling off in our swimming hole. Natural beauty was all around us.

Dad had been a high school teacher before he inherited the farm and changed his life style after Mom left us. We were home schooled so you can understand how Dad's upbringing shaped our understanding of what was normal.

My sister and I are fraternal twins. I am petite taking after my Mother while Sara is a tall girl taking after my Dad's mother or so we are told. Dad is six three heavily muscled and large in every way. Working the farm tends to keep us in excellent physical shape.

My sister and I were never taught modesty so we saw each other nude or partially clothed practically everyday. Generally we never closed the bathroom or our bedroom doors.

The first time I can remember being touched in a way that is deemed inappropriate I was ten years old. My sister and I ate too many green apples but I had the stomach ache.

I had been given warm milk and sent to bed.

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   That night Sara woke up Dad and told him that I was still sick and making noises that woke her up. He came to my room and climbed onto my bed laying beside me. He pulled my covers off. Being a hot summer night we did not wear any bed cloths.

He started rubbing my stomach. When I woke up Daddy was staring into my face moving his big hands over my chest then lightly circling my stomach. Daddy was being so tender. He asked "Are you alright baby girl"? I replied "Better now Daddy".

His rubbing went lower than my stomach and for the first time I felt a tingling in my pussy. I spread my legs a little and the next pass of his fingers trailed past my stomach to my pussy. His fingers never split my pussy lips but they definitely lightly touched the slit.

He kissed me on the lips and said "Della you are a pretty girl. I loved you so very much". The effect of his kisses and caressing had magic healing powers as my stomach ache faded from my mind. I sighed and said "Daddy I loved you too.

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   Your belly rub makes me tingle inside". My sister was intently watching us from her bed.

After a while I sunk into the relaxing sensations of his touch and eventually drifted back to sleep. I woke up the next morning fully recovered. I pleasantly remembered how Daddy's fingers made my pussy feel.

A few days latter my sister said she had a stomach ache and asked Dad to rub her tummy. I suspected she was faking it but that night I watched Daddy kissing and caressing Sara just like he did to me. For the first time I touched myself trying to get that tingly feeling again.

A year latter, in the winter, there was not much to do on the farm but clean the horse stalls, feed the animals and milk the two dairy cows along with a few other regular chores.

This was the most intense time of the year for our home schooling. After giving us our daily lessons, we would do our home work while Dad spend the rest of the day making hand crafted furniture. He sold the furniture so we could afford to buy the material goods we could not make ourselves.

While I was studying at the kitchen table, I heard Sara yell in alarm from the bathroom telling me to get Dad. It ended up that she had her first period. Knowing this would eventually occur Dad had stocked up on feminine products so Sara had what she needed.

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   Within two months I had my period as well.

Dad told us that it was about time we had a sex education course. Living on a farm you saw the live stock having sex but somehow it just seems different when the information is about your own body and humans in general.

By the time we were thirteen both my sister and I became more curious about sex and love. We read in books about romantic love affairs and both of us were aroused when reading the passionate descriptions in those stories.

I also found myself cuddling up to Dad in a different way than I had when I was younger. My body pressed and rubbed up against him more frequently than in the past. I even became aware of his masculine smell and found myself inhaling the male aroma from his shirts when I was doing the laundry.

Sara and I talked about these new feelings. I mentioned to Sara that when Dad rubbed my tummy, so long ago, that my pussy tingled like it did when I read the stories. Sara laughed and said "I thought it was only me".

We decided to ask Dad about intimate love like what was eluded to in stories. Being so isolated and shutoff from the world's moral norms we had no idea that Dad was not an appropriate male to share our physical love.

At supper we asked him to teach us about the loving described in the romantic stories. He took a few moments then said "Well I suppose it's time".

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   After supper was over and we had cleaned up Dad took us to the living room were we sat on the sofa.

He asked us "Do you masturbate yet"? We shook are heads and Sara said "I'm not exactly sure I know how"? Dad suggested "OK then your first lessons will be to discovering your individual erogenous zones. We will also explore masturbation both with a partner and with out".

We both smiled and were eager for our lesson to begin. Dad explained "Mostly women need time to get aroused before sex. The common term for this is 'foreplay'. So that is where we will start. Sara would you like to go first"? Sara smiled and nodded her head.

Dad had her sit beside him and said "Foreplay involves a lot of kissing usually with the interplay of the tongue plus caressing all over each other's bodies". He looked into Sara's eyes and said "I love you Sara, I hope I can show your body at least a little of the love that I have in my heart. You are growing up to be such a beautiful women".

At that he tenderly kissed Sara on the lips as his arms drew her into him. I think my sister was taken by surprise as our Father never kissed us full on the lips. He broke the kiss and moved to nibble on her neck. Sara closed her eyes and sank into the feelings he was stirring in her body.

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He said "Sara this time open your mouth and let my tongue touch yours". With his tongue teasing kisses and hands travelling over her body she became more aggressive giving kisses as well as getting kissed.

Her arms tried to wrap around his body touching Daddy like she had never done before. He touched her breasts and squeezed her bottom while she pushed her chest into into his hands.

I was becoming aroused just watching those two. After some minutes Daddy stopped and asked "Sara did you enjoy that"? She smiled and replied "I loved it Daddy. It feels so warm in the room now". Daddy responded "The hot feeling is just one of the signs of arousal. As we proceed there will be other indicators".

He turned to me and said "Sweet Della would you like your turn"? I leapt onto his lap barely giving Sara time to get out of the way. Daddy looked into my eye and said "Della you will need to relax and turn your mind over to the sensations that I will try to entice from your body. Now straddle my lap and close your eyes".

I moved to do as the big man instructed. He leaned forward and kissed me lightly on the cheek. Then he whispered into my ear "Della you look so much like your mother that touching you will be like falling in love all over again".

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   My sigh was cut short as his lips touched mine for an extended passionate kiss.

My arms encircled his neck and I kissed back. His hands travelled up and down my back then moved to my tushy squeezing the cheeks while pulling me into his body. That spread my legs forcing my clothed pussy to rub his torso.

He kept pulling and releasing my bottom in a slow rhythm. When he moved his hands up my back my pelvis kept the rhythmic pressing into his torso. Daddy's hands ended up just under my arm pits. His thumbs extended over my breasts stroking my nipples. They grew with every stroke until they seemed like hard sharp points.

My whole body was tingling especially my pussy which craved more contact with his body. Daddy started to kiss my neck and I was panting "Oh Daddy" over and over again. Daddy kissed me on the lips with our tongues duelling in an erotic dance for minutes.

When that kissing ended I was breathing so heavily that I finally understood what was meant by the phase "take my breath away". Daddy moved me to cuddle on his lap as my racing heart started to settle down.

With Sara snuggled under Daddy's other arm he said "I thank my lucky stars to have such sexy loving daughters.

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   These lessons are going to be as much fun for the teacher as I hope they are for the students". We giggled and Sara said "This is my type of homework".

After a while Daddy told us to get ready for bed as tomorrow's lessons would be a bit more advanced. When we called out to Daddy that we were ready for our good night kiss the big man walked into our room. He sat on the edge of my bed saying "Della my wonderful little princess you have no idea how sexy you are and a dam good kisser".

He bent down and kissed me again and my heart was soon racing. I just knew that fatherly kisses were going to be a thing of the past in this humble home.

Daddy went to Sara and told her some sweet nothings that made her smile and then kissed his other daughter with all the passion of a lover. After he turned off the light and left I know both of the big man's daughters rubbed their tingling pussies until they fell into a contented sleep.

The next day started almost the same as any other. We got up early to do our daily chores. The only thing that was different was Daddy's wonderful good morning kiss and roaming hand's caresses our delighted bodies. Getting up early for chores was going to be that much easier with Daddy's touch.

When we had completed our chores and showered Daddy said "Today's classes will only be more sex education. We will discover your individual erogenous zones and try masturbation.

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   Hopefully you will have orgasms". This time I did not need his handy work as the anticipation had already made my nipples hard.

Dad told Sara to get pencil and pad, while I was required to get the quilts from our beds. After getting what he asked we both joined him in the living room. Dad was stoking the fire and added a few large logs. He told us to lay the quilt overlapping on the wooden floor. While we did that he took off all his cloths except his boxers.

Dad said "Sara I want you to take a note of where I am touching Della's body each time I signal you". Sara went to sit on the couch pencil and pad in hand. Daddy turned to me and got on his knees. I am only five foot tall so he was almost as tall as me on his knees. He asked "Honey are you ready? If you are then give Daddy a sexy kiss".

I wrapped my arms around his neck and gave him the best I had. His big arms enveloping me. Daddy ran his big hands up and down my body.

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   God this felt so good.

He pulled back and said "Baby girl watch as Daddy undresses you". His words made me tingle almost as much as his touch. I knew my panties were getting wet but at that time I did not understand why.

Daddy started to unbutton my blouse. Button by button my chest was being exposed. My breasts were still so small that I usually did not wear a bra as was the case this day. Half way unbuttoned Daddy kissed that small amount of exposed skin and I started to pant with the feel of his warm lips.

He looked up at me and said "You are a beautiful creature of god". Then he kissed my lips while undoing the rest of my buttons. Daddy pulled back and removed my blouse throwing it onto the couch.

Slowly he leaned forward with tongue extended and flicked it over one nipple then the other. I literally shook when his tongue touched me. My head went back and I gasped "Oh God, so good". I am sure Daddy signaled Sara as I heard pencil being scraped over paper.



He continued to flick tongue over nipples while he undid my jeans and pulled them and my panties to the floor. He pulled me into him and laid me on the quilt. Daddy freed my feet of pants, panties and socks. I was completely naked for him.

Even though he had seen me naked throughout my life this was different. This time I was naked as a women to a man. I saw the hunger in Daddy's eyes and I simply glowed like an ember in a fire Daddy stoking.

He gave me another passionate kiss while his finger tips ran a slow light stroke from my shoulder, across my breasts, briefly rolling a nipple, circling my tummy then lightly over my pussy mound and down between my opening thighs.

Daddy moved to my feet and placed them on his chest. He spread my legs apart and said "Della your pussy is very wet. That is good and another indicator that you are aroused. Later I will lick that wetness to see how my baby girl tastes". My god the suggestion made me even wetter than before. He was caressing my mind like he was my young body.

Sara gasped and I am sure she was getting very aroused by the erotic sights and talk.

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   Daddy raised one foot to his mouth where he started licking and kissing my dainty foot. The tongue licking between my toes then he sucked on each one at a time. His attentions had my little bottom squirming around and my hands clutching the quilt. Yes there were new pencil scratches almost drowned out by my moans.

When both feet had received equal treatment he moved them from his chest and told me to role over. Daddy then leaned over me moving my long hair to the side and started to kiss my neck. He splayed my arms out to the sides and pushed my thighs apart with his knees.

As his hands ran up and down the sides of my body his kisses started down my backbone until he reached my tushy. When his mouth began to lightly bite my cheeks I started to laugh and moan. It was a crazy mixture of delectable sensations.

While I was distracted he gathered up my hair in one hand while the other wet a thumb on my drenched pussy lips. The thumb's touch made my bottom push up.

Daddy must have know how my bottom would react as he concurrently pulled my hair raising my head, while pushing his thumb into my love canal with fingers pressing circles over my clit. In climatic surprise I yelled "DDDDDAAAAAAADDDDDYYYYY"!

My body was flooded with incredible sensations and spasmed. Daddy moved close to my ear and whispered "Della come for Daddy, come again".

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   He pumped his thumb and fingers rubbed my clit harder and I screamed "IIII'MMMMM CCCCCOOOOOMMMMIIIINNNNGGGGG, DDDDDAAAAADDDDDYYYY".

He let go of my hair and pulled his hand from my pussy. Then Daddy rolled me over and spread my legs wide apart. His mouth and tongue were on my pussy lapping up my wetness like he was licking the last ice cream from a bowl. His hands were holding my tushy forcing his wiggling tongue deep into my love canal snagging every drop.

My body was bucking and I could barely speak as Daddy left me no time to recover. His tongue came out of my pussy then started a repeated long slow licks from my love hole to just under my clit then flicking off to one side or the other. His hands moved to my breasts rolling each nipple. My hands moved to the back of his head while my pelvis frantically pushed into his face.

The big man was taking his loving daughter on another sensational ride to ecstasy. I was moaning, panting and repeating "Daddy I love you", "don't stop" among a continuous string of oohs and aahs.

With his tongue pushed my next climax to a higher peak and thrust me over the edge when Daddy sucked on my exposed nub. My scream was nothing intelligible but no one could doubt it was a cry of pleasure.

Daddy took my shaking body into his strong arms holding me close to his bare chest. My legs wrapped around him slicking up his stomach as I continued to flow girly come.

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   He whispered in my ear "Della I hope you liked what Daddy did to your body and will let me pleasure you again".

Through tear filled eyes I kissed him as if it was my last kiss on earth. I wanted to be from this day forth Daddy's lover. We kissed a while longer then he lifted me up and we sat beside Sara on the couch.

Still cuddling me, he said "Sara after a little break do you want Daddy to give you your lesson"? She wrapped her arms around his neck and gave him a kiss crushing me a little in her enthusiasm.

Eventually Daddy asked if I could take notes for Sara and I reluctantly said OK. Sara went to stand on the quilts while I moved off his lap.

Daddy put on a CD with some mellow rhythmic music and moved behind Sara. He pulled her to lean into him then said "My precious Sara sway your body to the music". His big hand moved to Sara's waist and pulled her t-shirt above her head but not off.

Her arms were trapped over her head and Daddy unclasped her bra snap. Her pulled the t-shirt off then the bra. Sara's young firm breasts stood out proudly. They were a handful already with eraser tipped nipples.

Daddy undid her jeans and pushed them down enough that they fell the rest of the way to her ankles.

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   He then lowered her panties with the same result. As Sara ground her butt into Daddy she took his hands and cupped her breasts with them.

He said "Sara rub Daddy's cock with sexy tush until I'm erect and ready for a sexy daughter". She gasped then put her hands on his thighs, raised up on her tip toes so she could make better contact with his bulge, rubbing up and down as best she could.

His hands were squeezing her breasts and rolling her nipples to eliciting moans and sighs from a very turned on daughter. I wrote down breasts as one of a notes I made for Sara's later review.

Daddy let one hand slide down to make slow circles on her tummy getting closer to her pussy. Sara panted in anticipation of the contact of those magic fingers. He surprised her by cupping her whole pussy and pressed her mound using her own up and down motion to illicit the stimulation she craved.

Sara tried to go faster but even though she was tall Daddy's crotch was still too high up for her to make full contact. He said "Sara it looks like my big girl is not tall enough yet. Turn around".

When Sara had turned he lifted her up saying "Wrap your arms around my neck and legs around my middle". Sara complied kissing Daddy. With one hand on her butt he pressed Sara's pussy into his stomach.

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   The other hand rubbed a thumbed up and down her slit making it all slick. Finally he pushed the thumb into her love hole.

Sara had stopped kissing Daddy and was just holding him tight. He said "Sara rub your pussy on my stomach and ride the thumb until you come". Sara started moving her pussy and Daddy wiggled his thumb both of them working to an erotic rhythm.

Sara uttered moans, oohs and aahs attested to her climb to a climatic end. Daddy was talking to her "Princess hump your Daddy's hand. Come for me baby girl". Sara's ass cheeks flexing and released as she increased the speed of her pussy's contact on his stomach and Daddy moved his embedded thumb faster.

Finally Sara rose her face to the ceiling and she screamed an orgasmic pronouncement. Daddy held her close as she shook and her stomach muscles spasmed. While she was still in climatic motion Daddy laid her on the quilt.

He spread Sara's legs, lowered his mouth to her pussy and started licking her flowing juices. She groaned with this new wondrous sensation. In moments he started sucking her clit hood while fingering her tight love canal.

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   One then two wiggling fingers pumped her pussy, stretching and stimulating his daughter.

With pursed lips Daddy pulled back her clit hood to expose that little love button then flicked a tongue over it sending sparks throughout her body. He went back to licking and sucking the hood.

Sara's body was now thrashing around head moving from side to side, hands gripping the quilt and pelvis thrusting up to get his fingers deeper. She was ready to come again when Daddy moved a hand to pull up the clit hood exposing her nub, pursed his lips around it and hummed.

Sara's scream must have scared the local wild live as it was the primitive sound of a women pleasured. Daddy lapped up her juices. When he raised his head I saw a face all slick with her come.

Daddy gave Sara a long tongue filled kiss. His daughter tasted herself for the first time. They moved to sit on the couch with Sara held tightly in his arms.

I could only think that we were so lucky to be learning passionate sex from a man skilled enough to pleasure two young women so thoroughly. I wondered if Sara had been as turned on as I was watching our Daddy pleasure his daughter.

He finally said "Girls we need to take a break before my sexy daughters practice self masturbation". My head spun at that news.

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   I was not sure how many times a girl could come in one day.

Daddy said "Sara you go and make lunch and Della will do the clean up". As soon as she was gone I was on Daddy's lap for some more foreplay or "after play" in this case. Daddy caressed me slower this time seeming to keep me simmering between kisses, touches, licks and sexy loving words.

Sara called us to the table and we ate. We were used to seeing each other naked but usually while we were changing, swimming or after a bathing not so much at the kitchen table. I was sure glad there were no close neighbors who just happened to drop by.

After lunch I did the dishes while Dad and Sara went to have some fun. Just before I was done I heard Sara cry out and knew Daddy had taken her over the edge. Dam she was one orgasm up on me.

I arrived to a scene of a glassy eyed Sara snuggling into Daddy's chest. My jealousy was short lived as he moved an arm to indicate he wanted to me snuggled. Of course he soon had an arm wrapped around me.

Daddy asked "Girls what were your favourite parts of the previous lesson, other than the orgasms"? Sara and I mentioned different ways that he stimulated us. After a while he said "You liked different methods because you are unique women.

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   As long as you want we will explore to identify your likes and dislikes until you can tell a man how to pleasure you". Daddy had two happy daughters in his arms.

He asked "Girls are you ready for today's final lesson"? We both asked what he wanted us to do. Daddy got up and told us "Sit on the couch wide enough apart so you can spread your legs". In seconds we were positioned and spread wide.

Daddy told us "When self masturbating, a girl usually combines rubbing her clit in a circular motion, fingers probing in and out of her pussy, with her free hand massaging a breast. It is important that you moisten the fingers rubbing your clit by wetting them with your mouth or from your vagina's natural juices. OK, go to it, have fun".

Sara had come a little while ago so stuck her fingers inside herself while I wet mine in my mouth. Soon we were doing as Daddy had described. It was not as stimulating as what his tongue had done earlier but it got better as time went on.

Sara had her eyes closed when I saw Daddy smirk as he watched his daughters doing their home work. This made me loose focus a bit. Daddy pulled down his boxers and my eyes were glued to the long thick cock which was quickly rising to attention.

Sara must have opened her eyes as I heard a gasp.

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   Daddy started long slow strokes of his member with two daughters increasing the pace of their friggin fingers. When a clear liquid appeared at the end of his cock Daddy asked me to lick it off.

I looked up at him and he said "You like your pussy licked don't you? I guess I will see if Sara is interested". In a second my tongue was out and I leaned forward give the head of Daddy's cock a lick capturing the sticky stuff. My hands were frigging furiously as this was a huge turn on.

Daddy took my non-frigging hand and placed it on his dick showing me how to stroke him. He said "Sara when Della has stroked up a new glob of the clear liquid, which is called precum, then you can lick it off".

He only had to tell me once not to grip his cock so tight. When the new glob appeared Sara licked it off. Daddy replaced my hand with Sara's giving her a turn. This went on for a while with Sara and I each stroking his cock, until Daddy said "Take turns licking the underside of the shaft before sucking the nob for your precum treat".

He held his cock so we could still play with ourselves and leaned close enough so we could lick the big thingy. We heard Daddy sigh and moan as we licked and sucked his long thick member.

The big man told us "Girls try to take it in your mouth and move your tongue back and forth across the underside. Do not take more than you can handle.

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   When you find your limit move your head up and down licking and sucking Daddy's all day sucker".

Sara opened her mouth wide and went down the shaft a fair ways. Daddy put his hand on the back of her head while gently pumping in and out of her mouth so she knew what to do then removed his hand. With his encouragement Sara was bobby her head with concave sucking cheeks.

After a while he pulled out of her mouth and directed that long pole towards my face. I opened so wide I thought my jaw would dislocate. I only managed to envelope the head and two inches of shaft. My mouth was just not big enough.

Daddy told me to combine stroking his cock, while sucking the head and tonguing the underside. I was disappointed but his moaning made me feel better.

After Sara and I took a few turns Daddy leaned away saying "Girls go back to masturbation. When you are having sex it is about stimulating all of your senses to heighten the arousal, so you should include sexy words of encouragement. Swear words are very appropriate when talking to your partner. I will begin talking to you suggestively and when you are ready join in".

He continued "Girls, look at Daddy's hard man meat, image it slid into your tight pussies, fucking you to orgasm after orgasm.


   I will make love to you and fuck your young bodies. Sometimes I will thrust this member into you and sometimes you will ride me using my rhythm stick to quench your sexual fires"

We both were rubbing faster in time with Daddy increasing his cock strokes. My juices flowed as I imagined Daddy pushing that huge thing into my tight hole stretching me into a new women. His words made me crave a viral strong man to couple with.

I said "Daddy please fuck my teen pussy. I need to feel you in my lusting body". He smiled and nodded his head. Sara not to be out done said "Daddy I want to suck it and fuck it, use me anytime anywhere".

By this time Daddy's strokes were almost a blur and I was ready to come. Daddy said "Put your heads together and open your mouths". Just as we did he yelled "Taste Daddy's cum" and a white rope shot out of his cock splashing on our faces and into our mouths. Several more hot shots splashed over us.

Taken by surprise both Sara and I came with Daddy. I moved to suck out the last dribbles making him shudder when my mouth enveloped the cock head. He opened his eyes smiled and said "Do not waste any.

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   Lick Daddy's cum off each others body".

Getting and giving a tongue bath was a new stimulating experience. Soon we had cleaned up all of his cum. The taste was different but we were too aroused to care.

Daddy sat down between us and sighed "God I needed that. Hopefully my girls will help me cum regularly". We giggled and I said "Daddy if you make us come we will always return the favour".

I asked "Will you really be having intercourse with us"? He nodded his head and replied "If you girls want to I will be happy to continue your sex course to the advanced level". Sara and I both said we did.

Finally he moved me onto his lap and said "Well if that is the case lets see if you two still have intact hymens". He spread my pussy lips and probed my vagina with a wet finger pushed deep into me. He said "Della, maybe you lost yours while horse back riding". Then he checked Sara, her's was still intact.

Daddy gave her the choice of breaking the hymen before intercourse or while using his cock. He explained the advantage of removing it ahead of actual intercourse.

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   Sara chose to removed it before intercourse. He took Sara to his room and shut the door. An hour later Daddy came out carrying Sara and put her to bed.

When Daddy came back to the family room I asked about Sara and he said she was fine but would be a little sore tomorrow so I should help her with the chores.

The next day as predicted Sara winced every once and a while but we did what was necessary. Due to Sara's condition we were back to our usual set of subjects. Dad did let us practise foreplay and we tried the 69 position. He licked both our pussies to wonderful orgasms and Sara ended up with a mouth full of cum.

After supper, Daddy let Sara continue her recovery but he said that I would be the first to have sex with him. We prepared the family room as before. I was scared, excited, nervous and wet in anticipation of my pending Daddy loving.

With Sara a quite observer Daddy sat me on his knee and said "Della, do you want to have sex with me"? I quickly replied "Yes Daddy"! He went on to say "You are a small girl so I am not sure how much of me you can take. We need to go slow and at a pace you can handle. You need to talk to me so that I can make sure you enjoy your first time with Daddy".

At that we started foreplay.

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   He slowly striped off my cloths and his own. When I was naked we moved to the floor. Daddy unpacked a condom and showed me how to unroll it over his cock.

He then lifted me to his shoulders and said to hold on to his head as he licked me. With my shins perched on his shoulders he licked and sucked my pussy until I was a tingling, wet, hot mass of hornyness.

He pulled me off of him and held me tight to his chest as he sat cross legged on the floor. Daddy said "Della put your feet on the floor and arms around my neck then lower yourself until you feel my cock touch your butt. Then I will work my cock head into your pussy. After that slowly sliding up and down working me into you. You do not need to try to take more than your body can handle. I don't want you to hurt yourself".

I am sure he was trying to direct me but the words were a bit scary. With one hand on my tushy he guided me down until I felt the spongy cock head hit my bum. Daddy slid the head back and forth on my slit slinking it up with my flowing juices.

I wrapped my arms tighter around his neck and Daddy pushed the head into my love hole.

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   The head is much bigger than any fingers I had in me before. It took some work but it finally was in me and I let out a grunted.

Daddy said "Now Della, push a little father down then start an up and down motion taking a little more of me with every down stroke". He pulled me down a bit and then lifted up. Soon I was getting the rhythm while moaning "Daddy your filling me up. I feel like I am being split apart". He replied "Baby girl I'm so proud of you. Fuck your Daddy, Della".

He wet a thumb and used it to rub my clit. I was now down the shaft far enough that the up strokes were more and more stimulating. My body seemed to take over and relaxed a little letting me slide down much farther then I thought possible.

My tushy almost brushed his thighs. That was all I could take without a lot of pain. He still had a few more inches but that was enough for this little girl. With feet on the floor and leveraging the hands around his neck I ground up and down that meaty shaft.

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I panted, oohed and aahed "Oh God, I'm fucking my Daddy"!. He said "Della I am so proud of my sexy girl. Your pussy feels hot and slippery. Ride it baby girl make yourself come on Daddy's cock. Fuck your Daddy, fuck your Daddy, princess". My motion was getting more frantic. His hands on my hips raising me up and down the shaft, while I clenched my butt cheeks to stir my insides with his pleasure wand.

Soon I screamed "IIIIIIIIII'MMMMMMMMM CCCCCCUUUUUUMMMMMMMMIIIIIIINNNNNNGGGGGG"! My pussy walls gripped his cock tight and my juices flowed down his shaft to soak his balls and the quilt. He help me close and said "Good girl, come again then Daddy will try your Mom's favourite position".

I barely heard him utter those comments as I was coming down from my climax. We began kissing and I started riding his wonderful rhythm stick again. My pussy could not seem to get enough. My huffing and puffing increased whispering "Daddy" over and over again. In not so many minutes Daddy whispered back "Come for me horny girl come for your Daddy".

His words were like a trigger that my body had to obey and I shook and convulsed gripping him tight with my pussy and arms.

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   He kiss me tenderly. In time I was able to respond in kind.

After a while I opened my eyes and Daddy said "OK lets try your Mom's favourite position. Lie down on your stomach". With shaky legs and a little help from the big man I stood up. My pussy did not like the loss of its new best buddy but I thought don't worry the invader will be back soon.

I laid on my stomach while Daddy got a pillow from his room, took a small round log placed the pillow over it. He then put it under my pelvis. My butt was sloped up. Daddy spread me legs and straddled me from behind.

Soon he was working that big spongy head into his horny daughter. It was a little easier this time. With just inches in me, Daddy leaned right over my body and braced himself with his arms on either side of my head.

Daddy said "Grip my wrists so you do not slide forward. After I am repeating my stroke you can work you pussy anyway you want to give yourself more pleasure.

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   Always relax your pussy's grip on the in stroke and tighten it on the out stroke".

When I had my hands wrapped around his wrists he pushed into me. Right away the head of his cock rubbed over my g-spot making me groan and my ass jump. His cock continued to slide deep into me. The feeling of being filled up was over powering and I immediately started building to a very powerful climax.

The cock head touched my cervix and Daddy gave it five taps sending sparks throughout my body. He slowly pulled out until only the head remained. Then he started the cycle again. Stretching, g-spot rubbing and cervix tapping were echoing pleasure to every nerve in my body.

I had never imaged how my body could feel so flooded with sensations. No erotic story could convey the intensity of these feelings. I was steaming hot for Daddy and his ability to tantalize my body.

My ass was moving on its own as it tried to prolong one stimulus after another but Daddy kept his sensational stoke cycle. I gripped his wrists so hard my knuckles were white. I heard the repeated echos of a sex crazed daughter yelling "Fuck me Daddy"!

As he continued the pleasure stroke he said "Princess come on Daddy's cock, come for Daddy Della, come like your Mommy did so many years ago.

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   Show me your love". He tapped my cervix ten times and I exploded, screaming out my pleasure. The big man just kept that steady stimulating stroke.

My pussy was now the centre of my universe all other sensory inputs were muted. Daddy's cock owned my mind. His pleasure stick worked magic and I came again and again. The time between orgasms got shorter and shorter. His cervix taps seemed to cause more powerful shocks to my body with every cycle.

Finally my hands released his wrist as my body was drained. I still spasmed and came but my mind was drowning in a climatic sea. Daddy pulled out and rolled me over kissing, licking and stroking.

He licked up come from my thighs and pussy. I was almost numb so I barely felt what only an hour before would have been an tingling stimulus.

He told Sara that I was going to sleep with him tonight so she needed to get ready for bed and he would be in shortly for her good night kiss. Daddy took me to his bed before leaving to see Sara.

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   I floated in and out trying to stay awake for his return.

He was away long enough that I am sure Sara got a extra special good night kiss. When Daddy returned he turned off the light, got under the covers and pulled me close.

The next morning I was awaken by Daddy shaking my shoulder saying that the chores would not do themselves. I giggled and moved my hand to rub his cock. He gripped my tushy and said "It's Sara's turn today and I suspect you will be sore anyways, my horny princess".

Of course he was right but I would gladly repeat yesterday's experience even when I was this sore. Sara asked "How does it feel? Did it hurt"? I told her "It is a strange wonderful mixture of pleasure and pain but once you adjust to being stretched out it is pure pleasure. Your going to love it. I'm already jealous that today you will get him all to yourself". She smiled and her butt squirmed in anticipation.

The rest of the day was back to regular chores and studies. As soon as supper was eaten and the kitchen cleaned we set up our little family playpen. Sara and Daddy started getting reacquainted and naked. From the 69 position Sara got Daddy hard and he had her wet.

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Right after putting on a condom, Daddy said "Sara straddle me, guide my cock into you and work your way down my shaft like you saw Della do yesterday. I think you can take all of me. Then ride me for your pleasure".

He held his cock up while Sara positioned herself. I watched her close her eyes as she stretch over the big nob. When it was in she just exclaimed "Fuck"! After a few moments she pushed down a couple of inches then back up moaning "So big"!

Sara continued a slow up and down stroke taking more of him an inch at a time. Her rock hard nipples were being pulled by Daddy's active fingers. With a final push she rested her tushy on his thighs.

She was shaking at the effort and excessive stimulation. Sara's arms supported her on his chest. She did not move, resting while adjusting to the tremendous intrusion of her Father's phallus. Daddy wet a thumb and started rubbing her clit in a figure eight.

I was amazed that my sister's pussy could envelope all of that huge thing. Sara started to rock slowly, eventually sitting up and using his member as a stir stick for her erotic climb to a climax.

He said "That's it Sara fuck your Daddy"! Sara moaned "Daddy I need this thing in me all the time.


   Make your big girl come". She trailed off into continuous moans of aahs, "Oh God"s and "Daddy"s as she rode him. He kept encouraging her to "Work Daddy's love pole Sara. Feel it rub your pussy walls princess. Fuck your Daddy"

My sister became more fanatic with an urgent need to come. After a while she screamed "IIIIII'MMMMM CCCCCUUUUMMMMMMMMIIIIINNNGGG" and convulsed collapsing on Daddy's chest while her body continued to experience climatic tremors. I watched as her girly come flowed down his shaft wetting his love shaft and ball sack.

Daddy repositioned so that she was on her back. He put Sara's legs over his shoulders and started long deep slow stokes. She moaned and wiggled. Her pussy could be seen clenching his cock.

He said "Sara open your eyes and watch Daddy make love to his precious daughter". She did as asked observing the big man pumping in and out of her pussy. She smiled and pleaded "Daddy make me come again" with a few "Oh, just like that" thrown in.

Panting and grabbing the quilt my sister never looked happier.

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   She started trying to meet his down strokes and her movements became more chaotic when Daddy buried himself deeper than before and held there. She screamed, bucked and spasmed.

Daddy pulled out spread her legs and lapped up her juicy reward. When her breathing had settle he asked "Sara I just made love to you. Would you like to try fucking? It is a more vigorous intense form of intercourse. I doubt that you have read about it in any of your stories. At least you will be able to know which kind of intercourse you like the most".

She smiled and replied "Daddy I want to experience all kinds of sex with the man I love". I got some water for the two lovers. I was very curious to see what the differences between loving and fucking would be.

After both of them had recovered or at least their breathing returned to normal. Daddy lead Sara to the table and bent her over it saying "Stick out your butt and arch your back for me sweety". When she was positioned he slicked his cock up in her slit.

He asked "Sara what to you want Daddy to do"? Sara replied "Teach me to fuck". He pushed into her and Sara grunted with her mouth making a "O" shape.

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When his thighs touched her tushy he pulled back then thrust forward a little harder. Sara moaned in time with the thrusts. The big man told her to push back to meet his thrusts. His hips met her ass causing grunts, aahs and cheeky ripples.

As he went faster there was a repeated slapping sound. All of a sudden Sara screamed out "Fuck me Daddy"! He changed to slow outs with brutal hard thrust accompanied with her cries of "Deeper Daddy"!. She seemed to love the hard fucking Daddy was giving her.

When Sara screamed "IIIIIIII'MMMMMMMMMMMM CCCCCCCUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMIIIINNNNNNGGGGG"! He said "That's my good girl come on Daddy's cock". He reached around and slapped her clit and she jerked and shook at those clit shocks.

Soon Daddy put his hands on her shoulders and pulled her towards him while his pelvis delivered repeated hard ass spanking thrusts. Sara moaned and begged him to fuck her hard. His jaw was set determined to please his daughter. It was at this moment I realized the animal nature of fucking versus love making. The two seemed possessed in this rough coupling.

Daddy pulled out, spun Sara around picked her up.

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   She warped her legs around his waist and arms around his neck. With one hand on her ass he guided himself back into his daughter then hooked both arms under the back of her knees as she slipped down his shaft.

He then stepped to the wall and pinned her against it as he started determined hard fast thrusts. Sara screamed "Fuck me Daddy, fuck me hard"! Daddy grunted and "Take it my big girl come for your Daddy" I was amazed to see his muscled ass pump into my sister and hearing their loud animal grunts and groans.

His thrusts got faster and her screams of "Fuck me" got louder. Finally I heard him say "Sara come with your Daddy, come NOW" and he pulled her hard down, thrust up and groaned.

From my vantage point I watched his balls moving up and down with each cum shot. Sara screamed "DDDDDDAAAAAADDDDDYYYYY IIIIIIII'MMMMMMMMM CCCCCCUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMIIIIIIIGGGGGG"!

The big man was a bit unsteady as he carried her over to the quilts and laid them both down. Sara slipped out and rolled off him. Both were breathing hard all covered in sweat. Finally Sara got up on one elbow and said "Wow, I sure like fucking. Daddy we must do that a lot". Soon she got up to have a shower with Daddy joining her.

While they were showering, I wondered if my little body could take the punishment that big Daddy could inflict while fucking a daughter. Maybe I was not build for such vigorous sex? I can say one thing, Daddy seemed to really like fucking Sara that way.

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It was obvious Sara would be spending the night in Daddy's bed so I went and got into my own and read. Before I fell asleep Daddy climbed in with me and we necked with him licking me to a nice orgasm.

As he was going to return to Sara I asked "Dad did you ever fuck Mom like you did with Sara"? He replied "Honey she could never take all of me, so no not like Sara. We found positions that limited to how deep I could get but could still thrust fast. If you want we can try some of those positions and see what you like".

When he left I smiled to myself as the discovery with him was going to be such wonderful fun. I drifted off to my erotic sex dreams of my lover and Father. .



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