Surfs up at my Cousins place


Hi my names Seb and i jut had a pretty out there christmas! I'm 24 and live in Sydney Aus and i went to Byron Bay a surf town on the east coast of Australia to stay with my Aunt Cheryl and her 2 daughters Kristy and Kate.

Kristy was 18 and Kate had just turned 18 they were both incredibly hot and both surfed daily and kept their bods in great condition. It was the usual family xmas thing and xmas day was like any other we ate drank and slept! Boxing day however was somewhat different.
I woke to Kristy standing at the end of my bed in a pair of boardies and a bikini top she was shaking my foot and telling me that the waves were up and we were going surfing. We headed to the beach and sure enough it was pumping. We went out for about an hour or so and Kate joined us about half way through. We headed in and showered on the beach before we loaded the boards in the van and headed home. Kristy told me she was gonna take me out partying that night and that Kate would have to stay home as she was still too young to drink. Kate was none to please and after some pleading and a lil convincing from me we dcided to take her along. To cut to the chase we went out and partied and drank till about 2am. By the time we were heading for home we were all pretty smashed, especially kate.
At my aunts place she had a seperate room out the back kinda like a granny flat where i was staying when we got home Kristy and I thought it best to put Kate in my room with me so my Aunt wouldnt catch her drunk. We snuck in and kristy helped Kate out of her shoes and rolled her in to my bed. Kate was smashed. I sadi good night to Kristy and then jumped in along side Kate. We had all slept in the same bed quite a few times before as kids so i thought nothing of it.

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   I stripped down to my briefs and jumped in and rolled over so my back was facing her. After a few minutes kate rolled over and started snuggling up to my back.
    I pretended to be asleep as she pushed her self up against me andentwined her legs with mine.
    She then threw her arm over me and her hand rested on my lower abs just at the top of my briefs. I laythere still. Breathing heavy as if already asleep but sudenly my cock started to stirr as Kate started tracing her nails in little circles on my belly ocassionally going on to my briefs. She kept this up her confidence growing adn it wasnt long before my cock was semi hard and her fingers were every so lightly coming into contact with the head of my cock through my breifs. At about this time her waste started to also every so lightly grind up against me from behind. Still i layed there trying to control my breathing and pretending to be asleep.
    Her grinding got firmer and her fingers were now tracing the full length of my cock. Then she took it to the next step and slid her hand under the waste band of my briefs and started to stroke me. i let out a soft moan and rolled onto my back i kept my eyes closed and i felt as she quickly moved into a position so that her leg was acroos both mine and her pusst was pressed frmly on to the side of my thigh. she continued to grind and stroke me no longer seeming to worry about if i woke up. Her breathing got shorter and she started kissing my shoulder. I was now fully hard and it was driving me crazy but still i layed still, eyes closed.

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       Suddenly she let out a moan. Then another and another. Noone could sleep through that so i opened my eyes sheepishly at first but once seeing hers tightly closed opened them wide and watched as she drove herself to an orgasm right on my thigh/hip. As she plumeted into a frenzy of shakes and shudders it became all to much for me to handle and my cock started spilling over with cum. I to let out a good moan or two and she finely opened her eyes. we layed there still for a while until i kissed her on the forehead amd with that she just snuggled upto me and fell asleep.
    In the morning we were woke by Kristy again in her shorts but this time surf was the only thing that was up. . . . . . . . .

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