Summers Day With My Daughter


“Will you make me something to eat dad im really hungry” she said nicely“Ok hunny, what do you want?” I said whilst looking at her fit body“Some cereal please” she said almost begging So she went back into the garden and lay back on the towel what was on the grass, while I was making her cereal I couldn’t help but watch her and I couldn’t tell what she was looking at because of her sun glassed she was wearing I was worried that she could see me looking at her so I quickly stopped and got on with what I was doing. I quickly took her cereal out because I needed the toilet. “Thanks dad, where are you going aren’t you going to lie out in the garden you could do with a tan” she said cheekily. “I am going to the toilet and I will put some shorts on ok, have you got any sun cream on?”“No I haven’t I forgot”“Your mother wont be happy I will get you some when I go to the toilet ok hunny?”“ Yeah thanks dad” As I made my way up the stairs I was getting ideas and was looking forward to lying in the garden with my daughter who is nearly naked. I quickly went for a slash and got some sun cream out the bathroom cupboard and went and put some shorts on and dashed down stairs like a kid on Christmas day! I entered the garden and saw her lying their smiling at me and she looked so fucking hot I nearly got a instant boner, she had laid a towel next to hers where she wanted me to sit. “Thanks daddy” she replied when I gave her the sun creamAs she sat there trying to figure how to take the top of the bottle I took my top of and was stretching my nicely built body I saw her look at me and quickly look away she looked stressed. “What’s a matter hunny” I asked“I can’t get the top off!”“Give it to me then I will do it for you” I saidI finally got the top of and was glad cause I didn’t want to luck like a wuss in front of my hot daughter and she looked impressed, I was just about to go in for a drink when she surprised me“Can you put some sun cream on me please” she said It took me by surprise and I didn’t know what to say to her I really wanted to but I though it was going to far but I looked at her and she was smiling at me and how could I resist her“Ok hunny” I said excitedly She passed me the bottle looking into my eyes, and I got a boner and I think that she had seen, well actually I know she saw it you cant really avoid it but she didn’t say anything and I sat behind and was going to start on her back, her back was so smooth it was incredible, I started rubbing the lotion at the top of her back. “Dad can you put it all over my back please” she saidHow could I say no I was loving it. When I had finished she looked a bit disappointed and she quickly said“Daddy thanks but would you do my legs cause I spilt some milk on my hands and their dirty”I was shocked but how could I say no“Erm ok hunny” I stuttered slowly Her legs were already tanned and they were really smooth and I couldn’t help but think they were the best legs I have seen in a long time. I was worried encase she saw my cock cause I had a massive boner I tried to talk to her to try and distract her from seeing my massive monster, but in away I wanted her to see it. When I was finally finished doing her legs all I wanted to do was go and get rid of this boner and I could of think of a away but I wasn’t prepared for what she said next“Thank you daddy but can you do me 1 more favour?”“What’s that?” I asked “Well can you do my tummy please I would really like you 2” she said with a smile on her faceI nearly came instantly and didn’t have a clue what to say, this was getting out of hand but I didn’t think with my head but with my cock“Ok hunny whatever you want” I said very nervously She was lying completely on her back and I got the bottle and squirted a massive amount of lotion on to my shacking hand. I started nervously but once I got my confidence I got into it and I could see she was enjoying it cause she was biting her bottom lip. After about 5 minutes I was done and was ready say am finished when I saw her touching her self down below but I don’t think she saw me looking cause I had my hands busy but when she did all she did was say“Oops sorry daddy I couldn’t help myself” she said with a smirk on her face. That did it for me my 8 inch monsters was standing completely tall and was clearly evident, it was just a matter of seconds before she said something what I thought was going to be bad like she was going to get me arrested or slap me but the total opposite happened she smiled and said“Oh daddy have I turned you on sorry” she said whilst laughing her cute little head off. I was so embarrassed I couldn’t believe it and I wanted to die that instant but then I though this could not be as bad as I first thought she might be enjoying herself and was probably amazed to see how big her daddy’s 1 eyed yoghurt slinger actually is. I thought there was no going back.

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  “Do you like what you see hunny” I said confidently She smiled back and she was licking her lips“Mmm o yeah daddy will you finish what you started please?”At first I didn’t know what she was going on about then I realised she wanted me to finish with the lotion and that meant doing the bits I had mist, I was about to say yes when she said“Daddy please you have mist a bit!” she said nearly begging meI was speechless and just nodded I thought I was dreaming but I soon woke up when she took of her top! Her tits were just stearing at me and I was surprised to see that they were tanned, I thought to myself god my daughter had a body of a porn star but she was all real! “Don’t worry daddy they won’t bite” I couldn’t believe how calm she was I was a nervous wreck, but I got the confidents to start rubbing the lotion on her tits, her nipples stood up straight away and I started playing with them, she was loving it, after a while I had done all of her tits and could see she was getting bored so I asked her“Are you ok baby?”“O yeah daddy but I have got a better idea” she said with a evil grin on her face“What’s that hunny?” I asked curiously She didn’t say anything, fuck she didn’t have to cause I got the idea when she took of her bikini bottoms! I just sat there for 18 seconds admiring what she was showing me and could not believe I was looking at her pussy“Don’t be scared daddy I want you to touch it and put some lotion on it”That’s it no more holding back I thought fuck it we have already done things what were not normal and thought it isn’t going to stop here or I would never forgive myself. She opened her legs for me and showed me her lovely tight pussy what was also quite tanned, I put some lotion on the ends of two of my fingers and slowly started rubbing her pussy lips, she was so wet, it was hard to feel cause I had lotion on my fingers but I could clearly see that she was wet, I stuck my fingers in her fuck hole and she was really tight and was worried that I was hurting her but she reassured me“Its ok daddy it doesn’t hurt I love it harder please”How could I say no, I gradually stuck a third finger up and started to finger fuck her after a while her body started to jerk and though she is going to explode her love juice all over my fingers and she did“O daddy im sorry!” she said nearly crying with shame“Don’t worry hunny I wanted you to cum so I can clean your pussy clean”She just smiled and winked just to let me know that she wanted me to, I inserted my tongue and I could taste the lotion and her cum it was a nice mixture, I licked her clean and she looked please but she didn’t cum again. “Daddy you have seen me now can I see you” I was waiting for her to say that cause my dick was hurting so much because it was being squashed in my shorts. I pulled of my shorts and I proudly looked at my dick and smiled I wasn’t the only 1 smiling before I had even said anything she had hold of it and it shocked me“Sorry but I couldn’t help myself do you want me 2 stop” she said whilst flickering her big puppy eyes“Of course not hunny you can do anything you like to it”She smiled and she stuck straight in her mouth, god I nearly cummed straight away just at the though my daughter was sucking my cock, luckily I didn’t cum straight away and I lasted a couple of minutes I warned her I was about to shoot my load but I don’t think she was ready to take all that cum coz it was running down the sides of her mouth but she swallowed most of it and the bits she mist well she had that for seconds!“Thanks hunny that’s the best head I have had in a while” I said out of breath I was glad to see I was still quite hard cause I wasn’t finished with my little girl and just the thought of fucking my daughter made me hard again“Daddy are you going to fuck me?”“O yes baby now don’t be scared I will take my time”She lay on her back smiling at me with hers legs well spread and I quickly joined her down there I suck it in slowly and she was moaning, I started very slowly but she soon told me to hurry up so I did, and a minute later I was completely fucking her and I was shocked she could handle it but she could she obviously took after her mother. I was now ready to shoot my load in her when she shouted out“O YEAH DADDY! FUCK ME!! FUCK ME!! MMM HARDER DADDY HARDER!!” she screamed I was quite worried cause we were out side and someone could of heard her but it was to late I shot my load deep into her pussy and was moaning my self“O yes! I’m Cumming baby! Im cumming you little slut!” I said loudlyI was shocked at what I had just called my daughter but she didn’t even seem to notice because of the massive orgasm she was having. After we had finished fucking I move of top of her and laid next 2 her we were both really tired and I had falling to sleep but not for long cause I was awoken up to the image of my daughter sucking my balls and wanking me off but and was quite surprised to see I was hard again so I quickly stopped her “Baby stop I don’t want to cum all over your hands I want I have something better in mind” I said very excitedly “What daddy?”I didn’t say any thing apart from turn her onto her front and put her cute ass in the airHer ass looked so tight and looked so brilliant, I got the bottle of sun lotion and wiped some on her crack and put some on the my dick“What, what you doing daddy?” she said looking a bit scared“Don’t worry hunny im just going to stick my cock up your ass I will go slow I promise”And I kept my promise I slowly stuck it in I could see it was hurting her but she didn’t tell me to stop so I continued, soon she started to like it and started to moan in pleasure so I gradually started to go faster she was now screaming“O YEAH FUCK MY ASS DADDY! FUCK IT HARD! FUCK YOUR LITTLE SLUT OF A DAUGHTER!” she screamed Well she obviously did hear me say that but she didn’t mind so I continued until I shot my hot stinking cum deep inside hey shit hole. After that’s she was bleeding from the ass hole and I was worried“O hunny are you ok does it hurt, its natural to bleed the first time”“Im fine daddy it was amazing today but I need a shower now ok?”I nodded my head slowly cause I was so tired she slowly put a towel round her and started to walk inside I wanted to really fuck my daughter again she was better than the wife! But I thought it might never happen again until she turned around“Daddy aren’t you going to join me im very dirty and could do with a good cleaning!”But that’s another story!! I hope you like my story its my first please don’t be over critical im just new 2 this but it wont be my last even if you don’t all like it. By MitchMore Taboo Incest Hardcore AtTRUE INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.