Summer with my Aunt


        Every summer on the Fourth of July my aunt and uncle hold a family barbeque. I always looked forward to this get together. I could hang out with my cousin, watch the Yankees game, go in the pool, eat some good food, and see my aunt. I loved my aunt. No, not because we had a lot in common or because she gave the best birthday gifts. It was because she turned me on. She was about 5'5, slightly over-weight, had short dirty blond hair and had the largest breasts that I had ever seen in person. I hadn't realized it at first, it seemed unnatural to feel that way about a family member. However, at my 11th birthday party some of my friends had mentioned that my aunt had huge tits, just to get me pissed off. But then, I looked at them myself. My dick got hard in a second. She was wearing a pink tank-top so I could see the straps of her brown bra. When she lifted her arm I could even see the side of her breast covered only by the soft fabric. I wanted to suck them until they were dry. I was dying to shove my cock between them. That is mainly why I looked forward to these BBQ's.

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        When I got there I went into the backyard and saw my aunt slaving over the grill. She was wearing that same pink tank top and tan short-shorts. Sweat was cascading down her chest. I could imagine what her huge tits were like. My dick got harder and harder. The only one's yet at the BBQ were me, my father, my uncle, and my aunt. My dad had to get there early so he and my uncle could do a couple pre-party shots. I didn't mind. Finally, I heard the my uncle call from the distance, "Shit, we're out of Triple Sec and we're running low on Vodka. " Thank God. Of course, my father and uncle had to leave to get the alcohol they so desired, and I was left alone with my aunt. I was feeling very uncomfortable with my raging hard on. Then she said, "I think I'll take a dip in the pool before everyone arrives. " That was amazing I had never seen my aunt in a bathing suit before. My dick was swelling with excitement.

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   She went inside to change.
      When she came back out, I was pleasantly greeted to her in an orange one-piece bathing suit. Her nipples were and her tits were bulging out of it. I almost came when I saw her. When she turned around I saw the bathing suit digging into her plump round ass. I told her I was just going to go to the bathroom. Luckily, the bathroom had a perfect view of the back-yard and the pool. I whipped off my pants and started beating off, imaging what it would be like to slide my cock into my aunt's pussy. Then she got out of the pool and went into the house. I was upset, but the thought of her huge tits were still fresh in my mind. I started to beat like mad. Then I heard the handle jiggle. I forgot to lock the door! It was too late. My aunt walked in to see me with my pants down and a boner the size of the room. She immidiately slammed the door and said she was sorry.

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   I said, "It's alright, I wasn't doin anything. " I felt like such an idiot. I was afraid what she now though of me.
      I knew she was gone so I started to whack off again. I still wanted to cum. Then, she busted in again. She said she didn't know I was still jerking off. However, this time she didn't close the door. Se began to walk towards me. I asked, "You're not goin to tell anyone, are you?" She answered, "Of course not, masturbation is totally natural.
    I do it all the time with my vibrator. It's nothing to be ashamed off. " She started to stroke her pussy and put her hand on her breast. "Did you finish yet?" I had to answer, "No. "
     "Well, then let me help you.

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    She sat me down on the toilet and started to suck my cock. I knew what I wanted to do. I quickly grabbed for her tits. I slipped my hand into her tight bathing suit and felt her hard nipple. I looked down and saw that she had started to rub her bare clit. I wanted to lick it. I said, "Can we try something different?"
    "Sure. Follow me. "
    She stood me up and took me to her bedroom. She revealed her huge breasts and slowly took off her garment. She layed on the bed and told me to lick her pussy. I gladly jumped right in. It tasted so sweet. I licked it for about five minutes. The sounds she made made me want to fuck her even more.

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       Eventually, she stood me up and grabbed my cock so hard it almost exploded. She threw me down on the bed and sat on my cock. She started to thrust up and down and I grabbed her huge melons. Soon, she turned around so I could put them in my mouth. It was so nice.
          She got off and worked her way into a 69. It was the best thing that I had ever felt. I thrusted my cock so far down her throat that she couldn't even make a sound other than a gagging one. When I pulled out she told me that she wanted to do one more thing before I came. She went over to the dresser and pulled out a bottle of lube. She put some on my dick and some on her asshole. "Your uncle has fucked me in the ass in so long. Would you?"
          She knew what my answer would be. She got into the doggy position and I mounted her like a bronco. I started to fuck her like a mad-man.

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       Soon, I got to the point where I couldn't fuck her anymore. I came in her ass. I pulled out and she turned over so I could get some on her tits and in her mouth. I thought that it had been the most magical day ever. That was until I turned around and saw my uncle in the doorway. Well, I won't be talking to my uncle anytime soon. As for me and my aunt, we'll find some way to fuck again.