Summer Stories Prt 3


ÂThe next morning I was up early and online waiting for Karissa to get on. ÂI was excited to let her know that I finally went down on a guy!ÂI waited for about an hour until she finally got on, I told her the story of how it happened and who it actually was that I was talking to online. Â
Â"EWWW!!!" Karissa's message said. Â"YOUR DAD!!!. . . Thats soooo GROSS!!"ÂI didn't know why that was any diff than her and her brother, so I asked. Â"Why is that any diff than you and Scott?"Â"Because Steff, Scott is at least hot. . . and has a big cock. . . hehe. ÂYour Dad on the other hand is kinda overweight, kinda balding, and you being able to get most of him in your mouth means its not big at all!"ÂShe did have a point. ÂMy Dad wasn't good looking, and I started to get why it was a little gross.

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   On a normal occasion I wouldn't sleep with a guy that looked like my Dad, and if I did I probably wouldn't have been so eager to tell my best friend. Â"Well Anthony didn't even pay attention to me, so I kind of just decided to take my Dad. . . you think I shouldn't do anything more with him?" I asked her. Â"Well now that you have, whats the point in stopping?ÂHave him show you what to do, what guys like, that type of stuff. ÂAre you going to give him your virginity?"ÂI thought about it for a little bit, "Yeah probably, that was kinda my plan. ÂYou think I shouldn't?"Â"Well Steff, I wouldn't. ÂI mean with my Dad I wouldn't, but I wouldn't have givin my Dad a blowjob and let him cum all over me. ÂBut now that you did, I guess I would. "Â"Well the more I think about it the more I'm not sure if I should anymore, you are making me think of it as a bad thing. "Â"Well Steff, it is a little different than doing it with your brother. ÂI mean Anthony is good looking, I feel kinda lucky that he is going to take my virginity. ÂYour Dad on the other hand could never get a girl like you if he paid her. ÂSo he is totally feeling lucky today, you know he is.

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  "ÂAs I thought, it brought a smile to my face. ÂHe did want me, he did feel lucky to have a girl like me. ÂNow that she put it like that I had no more doubts, I was going to go all the way. Â"Thanx Kariss, I gotta go k, I'll talk to you later. " "Thanx for what?? Where you going Steff?" I signed off and headed downstairs. ÂSo excited to lose my virginity, I wanted to do it then!ÂBut when I got downstairs, I was sad to see my Mom laying with my Dad on the couch. Â"Hey Steff", my mom said as she looks up at me. Â"Any plans today?", my Dad asks. Â"Um. . . not really, just sitting around at home. . . why?"Â"Well I was hoping you would come with me for a drive, I gotta go into town.

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  "ÂRight after he says this he winks at me. ÂI got so excited. Â"YEAH. . . I mean. . . yeah. . . ok. . . give me sometime to shower.


  . . . "ÂI walked to the bathroom and got into the shower. ÂIt was quick, just enough time to wash the right areas and shave. ÂI got out and ran upstairs. ÂI decided to wear a short skirt(No Panties) and just a little tanktop(No Bra of course!) and headed downstairs. Â"That was quick", my mom said as I got to the bottom. Â"Yeah. . . just want to get outta the house thats all. "Â"You ready?", my Dad asks. ÂI nod yes and start to head to the garage. Â"Are you sure you don't want me to come?", my Mom asks.

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  Â"Its fine honey, you'd be bored anyways", my Dad says as he shuts the garage door and practically runs to the car and gets in. Â"Quick, before she throws herself in!", I giggle and we pull out of the garage. Â"So. . . where are we going?" I ask. Â"I got us this room, but first I want to make sure you're ready for this Steff. " He says as he looks at me seriously. ÂI don't say anything, instead I just spread my legs to show my Dad what I was willing to give up. ÂHis mouth falls half open as he stairs at my bald, tight pussy. Â"I'm going to take that as a yes" he says as he looks at me and gives me a smirk. Â
ÂIt takes 20 mins to get there, the whole time my Dad goes over how I can't tell anyone, how he can get into a lot of trouble, blah blah blah. ÂNothing I of course didn't know. ÂAs we get to the hotel he tells me to wait in the car. ÂHe comes out 5 mins later and drives up to the stairs where the room is.

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  Â"Here it is, I'm sorry it isn't at a place more elegant. "Â"Its ok Daddy, as long as its with you its going to be special. " I say it with my little girl voice and I expect to see my Dad give me a smile, instead he gives me this look of pure lust. ÂIt made me a little nervous. ÂI'd never seen the look, but I knew what it meant. ÂLast night went by so fast maybe I didn't think it over, but as I was walking up the stairs to the room I knew I made the decision that no matter what, this is what I wanted, and if I feel horrible after, its on me. Â"Thats one hell of a sight", I hear my Dad say as he watches me walk up the stairs with my short skirt. ÂWe get to the room and he closes the blinds. Â"Want to go slow. . . or do you want to get started. . . ?" he asks.

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  Â"I. . . lets just get started. . . " I say, my voice kinda shaky. ÂHe comes over to the bed and sits me down on it. Â"Undo it. . . then do what you did last night. . . " his voice wasn't the same as usual, and he had that look on his face.

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  ÂI did what I was told, I unzipped it and it practically hit me in the face when it popped out. ÂKarissa was wrong. . . he was big. . . at least in my book. ÂI grabbed onto it and started to do things that I had seen on the internet. ÂFirst I started by just kissing it up and down, making sure that they were nice and wet. Â"Ohhh. . . where did you learn that. .

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  . wait. . . is this even your first time. . . be honest Steff. "Â"Yes Daddy. . . I promise. . . I just saw this stuff on the internet.

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  . . "I said, kind of scared that he wouldn't believe me. Â"Oh. . . well I guess getting you a computer in your room paid off. . . " he said with a smile as he pushed my head back towards his dick. ÂHe pushed it in my mouth, so I just sat still and let him hold my head and move it in and out. ÂHe groaned and told me what to do. "Yeah. . .


  thats it. . . put your tounge on it when I'm moving in and out. . . . yeah. . . massage my balls. . . . " I could taste cum, but not a lot.

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  ÂEither he was getting close, or maybe he already did cum. ÂI couldn't ask cause he was going to town on my mouth, but if he did it wasn't as much as last night. ÂJust then he pulled out. Â"Turn around and get on your knees. . . " I did as I was told, and started to take off my skirt. Â"No. . . leave it on. . . " he tells me. ÂI leave it on and get down on all fours.

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  ÂI feel him get on the bed and then he just sat there. . . staring. Â"That is amazing Steff. . . you have a beautiful pussy. . . I can't wait to be inside of it. "ÂI was about to tell him I couldn't wait either, but his mouth was placed on my pussy and he started to suck and lick and do other things that I don't know about because my eyes were closed. Â"Go ahead. . .

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  don't be afraid to moan Steff. . . " he tells me then goes back to work on my now soaking wet pussy. ÂI decide to listen to him and don't hold anything back, I let myself go. Â"UGHHH. . . . OHHH. . . . OH DADDY. .


    DADDY. . . OHHHH", I don't know how loud I was moaning, but it had to have been pretty loud. ÂEspecially when he made me cum. ÂSince he hadn't the night before, I'd never felt how good it was to cum when someone was eating you out. ÂIt felt AMAZING!ÂI screamed into the pillow as I came. The build up and release made me feel so exhausted. ÂI just lay there on my stomach, almost forgetting where I was. ÂI felt my Dad lightly lay on my back. Â"Just relax Steff. . " he said, like it was going to be hard. ÂI could have fallen asleep right then.

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      ÂI mean he got me off last night, but that was with his finger, getting off like this was completely different!ÂBut then I knew why he wanted me to relax. ÂI felt his dick against pussy, it was gliding up and down my pussy lips. ÂEverytime it rubbed up against my clit I twitched, it was still so sensitive. Â"I'm not going to rush ok, so just relax. . . "ÂI felt him glide it through my ass cheeks, and back down over my little hole. ÂIt made me tense up, that was one thing I didn't really want. ÂI mean I heard Anal could be good now and then, but I wanted it in my pussy first. ÂBut he kept rubbing it up and down through my cheeks, and when he got to my asshole he would stop and rest his head on it. Â"Have you ever thought of Anal Steff. . . or have you ever watched it online?"Â"Yes Daddy, I heard it hurts. .

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      . . why?"Â"I was just wondering if maybe you would be ok with trying it. . . think about it ok. . . " "Ok Daddy. . . I will. . . " I said.

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      ÂBut I didn't want to think about it, I wanted him in my pussy!ÂI reached under my belly and grabbed him. . . "For now though Daddy. . . lets worry about here. . . ", I said as I placed his head against my pussy. ÂHe started to push, but wasn't getting much in. Â"You're so tight Steff. . . ", he said as he pulled out and tried to push in again.

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      ÂI was surprised that so far it didn't hurt, it actually kinda felt good. ÂSo I decided to help him out, I grabbed onto the sheets with both hands, and as he pulled out and pushed again, I thrust back as hard as I could. ÂOUCH!!!ÂHe was in, I could feel his balls slap against my clit, but oh did it ever hurt!ÂMy Dad let out a HUGE groan of pleasure though, and that made me feel a little good. I don't know if my Dad heard my little welp of pain, or he just didn't care, but he started to fuck me either way. ÂSlowely sliding his dick out and then thrusting it back in. ÂI could hear how wet it was sliding in and out of me. I couldn't believe it. . . I was having SEX!!ÂI felt like such a woman. . . a woman in pain. . .

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      but a woman none the less. ÂI turned my head around to look at him, as his eyes caught mine, it felt special. ÂLooking at him enjoy it as he slide in and out of me, my Daddy enjoying his Daughter. ÂThe pain wasn't as intense, and it started to feel really good. ÂI'm not sure if it was the special moment that we just had, or the fact that he was rubbing my clit. ÂEither way I put my face on the pillow and allowed myself to enjoy it. ÂBut not even a minute of enjoying it my Dad came close to my ear and said, "Where do you want me to cum. . . "ÂI hadn't thought of it, I actually didn't care. ÂThe swallowing thing wasn't bad, I'd be ok with that. ÂGetting it all over my face kinda sucked, but I guess it was up to him. Â"Where do you want to Daddy?"Â"I want to cum in you. . .

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      can I?" I didn't see why not, so I nodded yes. ÂHe picked up the pace and really started to fuck me. I loved the way his balls felt slapping against my clit. ÂThe way he gripped my hips and pulled me back as he thrust in drove me crazy! It just felt better like this, and I was moaning louder than when he was eating me out. Â"Oh here it comes baby. . . OH FUCK YESSS. . . . OHHH. . . OHHH.


      . . " he yelled out as I could feel a warmth fill my pussy. ÂIt felt a little weird, nothing really different, just warmth. ÂHis pumping slowed down, then hee lay down on my back, keeping himself in me. ÂWe both just lay there for like 18 mins, panting and catching our breath. ÂHe got up and pulled himself out of me, as he did so I could feel the cum ooze out of my pussy and onto the bed. ÂI made a grossed out face as I sat up and looked at it and my Dad laughed. Â"Yeah that part is always a little gross. "ÂI smiled. Â"Well. . . what now Dad. .

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      . " I asked. Â"Well I would love to keep going, but your Mom will be expecting us soon, so we should probably get going. "Â"No Dad. . . . I mean. . . . like what now with us. . . .

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      is this it. . . . are we going to be doing this all the time?"Â"I don't know Steff. . . what do you want?ÂIf you want to keep doing this we can, but we might want to start using protection and stuff. "Â"Ok Daddy. . . I want to do it more. . . " I wanted him to look at me like he did when he was inside me again.

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      ÂBut I couldn't say that to him, I felt weird thinking it. ÂSo I couldn't imagine how weird it would be for him to hear. Â"Ok Steff, then I'll buy some protection, but for now lets get going ok. "ÂWe left the room and oddly the drive home was normal. ÂWe talked about other things, like we used to. ÂIts like it brought us closer, not only in the physical way, but in a way that I can talk to him like I used to. ÂWe got home and everything in the day was normal except how happy I was, that and of course the slight soreness. ÂI didn't care anymore what Karissa thought, or what anyone thought for that matter. ÂI was really happy with what had happened and I couldn't wait to go further, maybe even let him try anal. ÂBut I would have to think about that one.



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