Summer Lovin'


Frankie and I were always close growing up and at 18 I was very sexually curious. Frankie did the best he could to verbally try and explain sex, and the physical pleasure it offered, to me. I was satisfied for the time being but over the next two years whenever I masturbated, late at night, it was Frankie’s face that I saw in my mind.
When I was 18 our parents went away for two weeks to a tropical island, part business and part pleasure, and since Frankie was old enough to be left alone with me, my parents waved goodbye and boarded the privet jet. The Airport was roughly a 2 hour drive from our home in Eastern Montana so I stretched out on the front seat and fell asleep with my head on Frankie’s lap. When I woke up we were pulling on to the long paved driveway from the dirt road that led to our 3 story home. “We’re home?” I asked as I yawned and looked up at my brother. “yeah, you slept the whole way. ” It was only 2:30 in the afternoon and after a nice nap I had plenty of energy to burn off. I decided to hit the gym that was on the very bottom floor of the house. After my work out I knew a nice hot shower was exactly what I needed. I climbed the stairs to the second floor, that Frankie and I shared, and walked into my bedroom to remove my clothes and grab a towel. I walked down the hallway to the nearest bathroom and walked in. To my surprise my brother was sitting naked on the edge of the garden Jacuzzi bathtub, pulling on his dick with one hand and massaging his balls with the other.

“Oh my GOD! Frankie, what are you doing?” I screamed turning around hanging on to my falling towel. “Sorry, Renee.

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   When you fell asleep on my lap this afternoon my cock just throbbed to be touched and then I watched you working out and just couldn’t take it. I had to come in here to relieve myself. ” I turning to face him, not believing my ears. “You got horny watching me work out?” “Yeah” he said starring at me not stopping. I could feel my nipples getting hard as I watched my big brother jerk off right it front of me. When I dropped my towel and walked toward him I heard him take a sharp breath. I knelt down and sat in front of him on the bathroom floor and began to play with my sloppy wet pussy.
We sat there in the bathroom and watched each other masturbate and get ourselves off until the sun went down. “I’m hungry. You up for Chinese take out?” “Sounds good” I said as I grabbed my towel “you go order while I shower” He smacked my ass as he walked passed me to leave. “Thanks for the show, sis. ” I smiled while I showered knowing that tonight I wouldn’t have to masturbate with only Frankie’s image.
I heard the door bell chime and Frankie call my name. I slipped on my silk t-back panties and pulled on a t-shirt that belonged to my father, it came just above the knees. Frankie pulled out the dishes and served me as I seated myself at the table.

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   He sat across from me as we ate and after we finished we both walked to the family room. I sat on the couch with one leg resting on the arm of the couch so that he had perfect view of my wet panties from the chair he was lounging in. “Renee?” “Yeah Frankie?” “Come here so I can take those panties off of you. ” I did as I was told and when I stepped out of my panties I pulled the bottom of my shirt up to my waist and sat down on my brothers lap, my back facing him. I leaned back and took both hands in mine, placing one up under my shirt to my chest and placed the other down between my legs. I laid my head back as he began to stroke my wet lips, clit and hole with his fingers. He kissed my neck and I moaned with naughty forbidden pleasure. “You like you big brothers fingers in your pussy, don’t you?” I nodded and inhaled sharply as he plunged a finger into my hot cunt and began to finger fuck me. I felt his cock surging against my lower back as he did this. I reached behind me and took hold of his thick pole and began to jerk him off. I could feel my body stiffen as I neared my climax. “Frankie. Harder, faster. I’m almost there. ” I breathed as I bucked my hips to meet his hand.

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   “Cum on my fingers, Renee. I want to have my little sisters cum on my hands. Come on. ” I had momentarily stopped jacking him off as my body went into spasms and I thrashed around on top of him, cumming all over my brothers hand. Once he brought me down from my amazing orgasm I flipped over and wrapped my fingers around the swollen rod and stroked until his dick sprayed streams of hot cum over our bellies. I squeezed the last drop of sperm from Frankie’s convulsing body and licked my fingers clean. “mmm! That’s yummy” I said to him as I felt his hands wrap around my body and pull me forward. “I love you baby sister!” “I love you too, Frankie”. We fell asleep just like that.
Over the next two weeks Frankie and I spent every minute together exploring each others bodies and riding every wave of pleasure that the forbidden ocean we swam in gave us.