Summer in July


"Are you ready to go?" Danny asked me smiling in the livingroom. I nodded and we headed out to his little blue nova. Jimmy hopped in the front seat. I was disappointed, because I wanted to sit in the front with Danny. As we drove across the bridge, my eyes gazed out the window dreamily. I looked up at the mirror to see Danny's gorgeous dark eyes. Startled I saw his eyes looking back at mine directly. I sucked in my breath, and looked out the window quickly. He had caught me watching. I was very nervous then, and afraid he knew about my crush on him! When we reached my aunts apartment complex, I waited until they got out of the car first. I walked behind them, admiring Danny's beautiful strong back through his plain teashirt. I had seen him with his shirt off at the pool in Virginia beach years and years ago. I wondered what his chest looked like now. I was imagining how defined it must have become, and how smooth the skin probably looked. In the apartment my aunt pulled me into the room and tried to get me to put on one of her swimming suits. "No.

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  . uhmmm I'm on my period" I lied. I was never good at lying. She looked at my face closely,"Hmmm, why don't you want to wear one?""Really, uhmmm. . . I'm on my period. I'm cramping", I lied again. She managed to get me to at least put on a sleeveless white tank top and some bluejean cutoffs. I told her I would just wade my feet in the water. At the pool, I still felt nervous about my body. I was very thin, and didn't have much of a shape to my body. I was starting to get a few curves, but I was a late bloomer. I sat on the very edge at the 3ft end of the pool. I didn't really know how to swim, and I wanted to feel safe.

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   Danny was in the water. He looked so good all wet with his shirt off. His hair was wet in his eyes and his chest was strong and defined like I had hoped it would be. I could not keep my eyes off his nice firm butt and his muscled arms. Oh! I couldn't keep my eyes off him! I felt myself getting so hot all over. Jimmy was on the other side of the volleyball net with a bunch of people. The sky looked very cloudy and gray. The air tasted and felt like rain. Just then the rain started dropping and dropping until it poured like crazy! I jumped up and put my feet in my sandals and ran toward my aunts apartment. I ran into the hallway, soaking wet! My aunt had gone to the store down the road so I had to wait for her to get back with the key to let us in. Danny came up the carpeted hallway stairs soaking wet like me. We both laughed. "Look at you! Your soaked!" I laughed. "Look at you!" he grinned. The hallway felt so close and intimate and it felt as though it was getting hot and stuffy in there.

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   I sat on the stairs as he did. He sat directly in front of me. His eyes were on my legs! I was so shocked, I felt them trembling. He was sitting on the step lower than mine, and his face was directly near my crotch area. Shyly I closed my legs tight. He grinned. "Still a virgin" I heard him say. "Uhhmm. . . are you still one?" I asked him. I had always been curious to know that information about him. "No, of course not" he said. "Oh" I said. "Ever kissed a boy yet?" he asked.

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  My heart raced so fast! I couldn't believe he was asking me that question. "Y. . yea of course", I lied. He grinned, as if he could tell that I was lying. He put his hands on my shoulders, getting up on his knees. . and put his lips onto mine softly. I gasped, feeling as if I could barely breath! My body froze up with a mixture of fear and pleasure. I felt the strangest sensations between my legs and I couldn't understand it! My wet tank top was clinging tight against my chest. My dark nipples had popped out visibly hard and his fingers went to them immediately. I struggled to breath as he began to rub them through my wet top. It felt so incredible! I didn't want him to stop pulling and rubbing on them. No man had ever played with my nipples before. I felt temperature rising as he lifted the tank top above my tits, and begin to suck one erect nipple at a time.

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   I felt my first orgasm beginning to rise inside me so deep.
    I felt the crotch of my panties getting wet. Then his fingers began to pinch my nipples as his mouth went to mine again. "Lean back" he whispered to me. I rested my elbows on the steps behind me as he began to unzip my cut off shorts. His fingers started rubbing my bare pussy very slowly. He was ready to probe it when I cried out, "Nooo. . "He took his lips to it and kissed softly. Then he took his hands away and said,"I know. . . your still a virgin. . .

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      "I sighed in relief. He zipped my shorts up and pulled my tank back down over my tits. My nipples were still standing out very hard. I felt like I wanted more to happen, but at the same time I was very scared. Jimmy and my aunt came back shortly with the key. We all went into the apartment. I sat on the couch, and Danny sat down next to me. I dried off with the towel as he did. Our bare feet was side by side. . . "Your feet are the same shade of light as mine. Do you know we could almost be brother and sister?" he laughed. "Except for the freckles, I don't have those" I joked. He was right.

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       We could almost pass for brother and sister. His fingers went to my long, damp, wavy hair and played with the strands. I then felt his fingers roaming down to my back and up and down my spine. . . sending shivery chills around my body. My nipples became even harder and more visible. I put the towel over my chest to hide them. I moved my hand to removed his hand from my back, but accidentally it landed on his crotch. . . and onto something big and hard. I sucked in my breath feeling completely nervous. I wasn't sure what it was, but I knew that it didn't feel right. He took my hand and forced it over the hardness again.

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       I turned slightly to see that he had a big hard on. My aunt was in her bedroom on the phone, and Jimmy was in the bathroom. I tried to moved my hand away, but he kept it there for a long time. I felt him breath deeply, moving my hand back and forth on it. Then he released my hand and kissed it lightly. I jumped up and headed into the room with my aunt. The rest of the evening went pretty boring. My eyes were afraid to meet Danny's eyes again. There was something I felt about him that I could not quite fathom. . . When I lay in bed at night, I would rub my pussy just thinking about him. . thinking what would happen in our next encounter? I was so curious. More Taboo Incest Hardcore AtTRUE INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.

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