Topic: Chapter 1 The BeginningLet's start this out on the level, my name is Cris (alright Crispen but no-one ever, ever calls me that OK?) and I used to be a male prostitute - no that has homosexual overtones and I'm certainly no poof. I'll try again, I used to be a gigolo, a toy boy or, put bluntly, I pleasured women for money. I worked the local area and I charged the woman £400 for a four hour period. I only took one booking per day but it could have been more or less any four hours she wanted. If hubby and/or kids weren't way that long, it was still the £400. I've been screwing from an early age, my first girlfriend and fellow virgin making me succumb to her charms when I was just 18 and she a little younger. Not that I was complaining! Some years down the line my Mum and Dad died, both from natural causes although I think Mum died from a broken heart after Dad had. Leaving the detail aside that left me, my brother Pete (-2 on me) and sister Jennifer (-4) alone. Because I was adjudged an adult being eighteen I managed to keep the family together and was mighty proud of that at the time. I soon blew these credentials when Jenny crept into bed with me one night. She was scared having just had some sort of nightmare but her mere presence beside me gave me a raging hard on. She of course noticed and reached out to touch me. I turned away and yelled at her to get out! She dissolved into tears, poor scared little girl. I was meant to be looking after her right now so I said I was sorry and cuddled her to me. Fat lot of good that was at quelling my erection!She said matter-of-factly "You not been seeing much of your girl since Mum died have you? I know the two of you screw. I've seen you.

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   So had Mum but you know that of course and it doesn't matter now. Once she caught me looking while I rubbed my pussy. She gently sent me off to bed without a word but from my room I could see her watching the pair of you while she frigged herself - she missed Dad an awful lot - until she came. I do that too. " Me? I was speechless but when Jenny touched me again I said nothing - in fact her touch gave me an ecstatic agony - I knew it was so wrong but it felt so right. Soon, when it developed into a full blown wank I reached under her nighty and felt her little bud of a tit. So small, so soft yet so firm with her nipple rising in hardness under my touch! She gasped so loudly that I thought that I has somehow hurt her although I knew Sally, my by then long term girlfriend, and many others whom I had in the last five years loved that sort of thing. I stopped abruptly only to have my hand pulled back by little Jennifer to her other tit. "Don't stop Cris I love that! Think I'll cum!" Fired on yet still knowing this was so wrong I pushed her down on the bed and, pulling her nighty off up over her head, started working both her little tits with my hands, massaging her soft flesh and pulling and nipping at her taught erect nipples. For all my experience (which included girls younger than my sister) I'd never been so excited in my life! My, by no means small, cock was engorged fit to burst. Jenny noticed this and grasped him again. "Do you think I'll be able to take him?" she asked. Once again I was caught off guard, my younger sister wanted me to fuck her! Well I didn't! No I decided to make love with her - we'd grown very close since Mum and Dad died and somehow this seemed a natural part of us being together. Weird shit maybe but there you go! So rather than respond to the direct invitation by which I should have stuffed my massive, proud erection up her obviously virginal cunt, I resisted and instead slowly kissed my way down her body savouring her softness until I came to her nearly hairless mound. She tried to push my mouth to her cunt but I evaded for the meantime gently kissing round her pussy lips before licking my tongue up her slit making her gasp all the more.

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   Then and only then did I part her pussy lips ever so, ever so gently with my fingers and lash at her clit. She came like she was having a fit! I've seldom known a girl cum so hard without actually being fucked!"Put him in me now. " she pleaded. "No. " I replied. "First you've got to suck me off!""You rotten sod!" she exclaimed but she bent to the task. "Ah! You have been watching me and Sally then. She loves getting her arse reamed""Yeah - I want to try that - if you're still up for it after you've fucked my little cunny for the first time. And I know exactly how Sally sucks your cock. Watch!"Watch! Watch? I shut my eyes and threw back my head in ecstasy as my little sis engulfed my manhood without preliminary straight into her tight little throat in a single movement - right to the root. Believe me I am not small in that department but she sucked and sucked at me taking me deep into her on every stroke - none of the half wank, half polish of your knob that you get with some girls but deep-throating me on ever round. Now with all the fucking I'd had with Sally and many, many others I'd long since learned to hold off my ejaculation for virtually as long as I wanted, able to keep my cock up for hours but right now I didn't want to and came in spades (and with only the briefest of warnings) down Jen's gullet. She kept bobbing and swallowed the lot, licking her lips when she finally let me go. I grabbed her to me and told her sincerely how good she had been. She just smiled and licked her lips again!Pete was out partying and then sleeping over at a friend's house that evening so I took Jenny for a shower and once we'd dried each other off I took her into my bed.

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   For a bit we just cuddled and touched playfully and then with me rampant hard again and with Jen's slit soaking wet she said "Enough messing around! I'm going to fuck you!"Too right she was! Always an easy lay I rolled over onto my back with my huge flagpole sticking straight up said "Come on then - if you're brave enough! Older girls than you have welshed at the thought!""Their bloody hard luck!" she said as she got up over me grabbing my cock and teasing it up and down her crack. "Might be a bit bloody for me too though - I've never done this before - like I'm still intact?""OK honey. You be in charge and just take it nice and slow - you'll be fine. " She was by not one jot of the imagination the first virgin I'd been with but as sure as hell she was the most exciting!Don't think slow is in Jen's vocabulary as once she eased my knob between her lips she thrust herself all the way down my cock - like 18 fat inches of it. Sure she yelled out as she took me into her - like loud - but not once did she pause as her hot tight cunny expanded round me forcing my all into her. She started to rise and fall on me as I bucked back and reached up to knead at her cute little titties. This time I was in control of my cock and as soon as she came I pulled her to me and rolled her over. Now with me on top I really started to jackhammer into her keeping her up there for an age just cuming and cuming until I sensed she was close to being able to take no more. At this point I pulled out and set my bloated knob at her tight little pucker of an anus. She just breathed "Yes" as I sank slowly, oh so slowly into her. Her arse was so tight there was little else I could do but eventually she took me all the way into her dark passage. So smooth, so hot, so tight. I gently began to ream her making her cum again and then on her next orgasm I let go flooding her colon with my jism. Dreamily she muttered words of praise and thanks, as I did to her and we drifted off to sleep with my proud cock still ensconced in her rear and my hand on her tit. Except that my erection had faded to allow my dick to slip out of my younger sister's rear that is more or less how our brother Pete found us the next morning.

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   Pete's reaction was not one of shock or horror as you might have imagined but instead Jenny woke to him sucking her tit as he stroked his cock having shed off his clothes to match our nakedness. I woke with a start as I heard Jenny begin to moan - Pete just grinned at me as he pulled Jenny to him and mounted her without further ado. Jenny just moaned all the louder. "I've been wanting to make a move on you for ages Jenny. " he informed her. "Still I don't mind Cris got there first - he does have a bigger cock than me, did he make you feel good?"Jenny mumbled something then her voice came together "Yeah - just like you do Pete. The pair of you can get me anytime you like. Just like you did for Mum after Dad died. " Pete and I flashed looks to each other. So our sister knew our darkest secret - not quite sure how it came about but somewhere in our comforting of each other after Dad died first I and then Pete had starting seeing to our Mum's physical needs. She had been a thunderingly good lay teaching us many secrets of a woman's body the youngsters we'd been laying just didn't know. These secrets were part of what made me and Pete so popular with the girls - we knew how to pleasure a girl, not just fuck. Jenny went on "Could you teach me that thing you did when you were both with Mum? You know? Fucking both her arse and cunt at once?""You know more than you let on last night, don't you Jenny?" I queried. "I think that deserves a punishment, don't you Pete?"Jenny's eyes flashed in alarm between Pete and I as Pete smiled, "What do you mean? I know Mum liked a good spanking from Dad but I don't think I would!" she pleaded. Grief! What else did the little minx know? Mum had indeed enjoyed a good spanking from Dad before fucking him like crazy all night and latterly had ridden either Pete or I with a passion while the other slapped her buttocks.

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   Nothing nasty - just a nice resounding slap with the palm of the hand using the heat of the pain to bring her off before sliding into her tight anus, fucking and reaming her from both ends until she could stand no more at which time Pete and I would take our relieve in her - sometimes it would take hours. She taught us well!"Pete" I commanded "fuck her rear - you've not been there yet, she is so, so smooth and tight - and then when you're good and ready lay her back and I'll fuck her up the puss - might fist her too, not tried that yet. " As Jenny feigned resistance Pete pushed her face down on the bed and then pried her bum cheeks apart. "Nice!" he commented as he set his cockhead at our sister's rear entrance and lunged forward being a bit rough as he bored his tool up her arse. Jenny didn't seem to mind though as she thrust her rear up at him. Waiting for our brother to get his fill of her, I moved round to the head of the bed and offered Jenny my cock. At once her head came up and she started sucking greedily, Pete's thrusts up her rear coupled with my own thrusts into her mouth soon had my cock balls deep in her succulent little mouth and tight gullet. Jenny did her best to keep going on me as Pete fucked her arse but eventually had to pull me out to give vent to a massive climax, cuming and cuming more and more. Pete stopped, his cock deep in our sister's rear, lay down over her and rolled round so she was on top. "Want to join us now Cris?" he asked. Jenny smiled up at me and flung her legs wide open. "Want to try fisting me Cris? I liked the sound of that. Promise you'll go easy and stop if I ask?" Some punishment - although I had only been joking - but I promised as I dived in first to lap up some of the juices flowing abundantly from her cunt and then I began to finger-fuck her using just two fingers into her tight hole but this was not enough for her. "Hell Cris! I said fist me! Use your whole fist - its probably smaller than your cock!" So I balled my fist and as I slid into her clutching cunt she bucked up at me forcing me deeper and deeper until my whole hand and wrist were up her cunt. Now I'd felt a girl's insides before but never quite like this! "Hell like that! Now fuck me, fuck me with your fist! Pete - why have you stopped? Fuck my arse! Make me cum!" Pete who'd been lying passively below us still with his cock up Jen's arse began to buck again.

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   With the combined pressure of his cock and my fist in opposing holes we had little choice but to go slowly. Jenny was soon blowing off like a steam train again, cuming all the time, her juices leaking out past the not quite perfect seal between her stretched pussy lips and my wrist and forearm. (Yes I was that deep in her. ) After a good while of this action she motioned us to stop and, once she had regained her breath said "Cris - time for you to fuck me. Put that tool in me again and both of you give me your cream. Jenny wants cream for her tender little arse and pussy. " Bringing Jenny off one last time the pair of us obliged pumping gallons and gallons of "cream" into her from both ends, us both having massive climaxes in our little sister's all devouring holes. That was only the start of our incestuous relationship with us enjoying many a threesome and Jenny sleeping alternate nights in Pete and I's beds. We had to keep up appearances at all times especially since, although I was Jennifer's legal guardian, Jenny had, because of her being a minor, a social worker who called round regularly to check everything was OK. We never had any trouble in that department and then, a couple of years down the line, it became sex between consenting adults and while folks might not approve if they found out there's nothing they can do about it! Not that anyone did. Anyway, stepping back to shortly after our first time together and getting back to the original thrust of the story. I was standing looking out of bedroom window one day trying to figure out what to do with my life and family. I'd finished high school but wasn't due to go to University until the next autumn. Mum and Dad had been well insured when they died so the mortgage on the house had been paid off and we all had a little nest egg to come later as well as a 'living account' largely controlled by the family lawyer so money wasn't really a problem but in a kinda macho way I thought it would be good to get a job and earn some money to 'keep my family'. But what? My thoughts were distracted when I noticed the woman next door sunbathing in her back garden.

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   My cock shot bolt upright! She was nude! I'd seen her sunbathing before but never nude. At first she was on her front but then she turned over revealing all! She was a petite woman, like size 8 at best, more like a 6, in her mid-twenties. She had long auburn hair and gorgeous little tits - not much bigger than Jennifer's - and her snatch was shaven! As I watched doing my best to keep out of sight she started playing with herself, just gently caressing her pussy lips with her long fingers. The bulge in my shorts just got bigger and bigger! Just then I heard Jenny come in from school so I turned away to greet her in the hallway - she noticed my 'problem' at once and dropped to her knees in front of me pulling my shorts down to release him. "Been thinking of me have you? I've been thinking of you all afternoon and I'm already nice and wet down there so if you fancy a quickly you're welcome but it'll have to be a quickly 'cos I've got gymnastics later. " Jenny was speaking directly to my cock. She stood up, unbuttoned her blouse and front fastening bra before slipping off her knickers. I was on her in an instant kissing her and fondling her tits before setting her bum on the edge of the hall dresser and easing my monster cock up her familiarly tight, wet cunt. I think she could tell from my eagerness that it was something more than anticipation that had got me fired up. Quickly, very quickly we both peaked: Jenny screaming out a immense climax as I shot wave after wave after wave into her. As we recovered she asked "What was that all about?" Knowing she wouldn't mind I told her about Mrs Smith in her garden. Jenny just smiled "I'd have liked to have seen that too - love watching other girls play! And playing with them. " I knew Jenny went with other girls but had never seen her, our love lives being kept strictly separate other than the obvious and for obvious reasons - we did tell each other everything though. Just then the phone went. I picked it up.

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   "Hello?" I queried"Hi is that Cris?""Yes. ""Where did you go just now? I was just getting excited with you watching me. Now you've left me all frustrated!"For not he first time recently I was caught without words - it could only be Mrs. Smith. "Mrs. Smith? Err. . . Something came up" I said fumbling for words. "I noticed - that was quite a bulge in your shorts!" she cooed down the phone. Shit, she'd seen me after all! "Hope you didn't go and wank him off - I'd like something to 'come up' over here. Want to come round?""No, no I didn't. " I replied truthfully not about to give her the full picture. Jenny listening on the extension suppressed a giggle and gave me the thumbs up. "Sure I'll come.

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   See you in a couple of minutes. ""Yeah you cum and see to me. " was the reply as the line went dead. "Bet you'll have fun!" Jenny said kissing me as I dressed and left. "I can't come but promise you'll tell me everything afterwards?""I promise. " I told her truthfully as I left. We have no secrets but, like I said, there was no way she was coming next door with me. Soon at the front door one house along the street I rang the bell tentatively not knowing what to expect. The door opened and Mrs Smith ushered me in clad only in a robe. "That was some bulge you had. " she said feeling at the front of my shorts and despite the wonderful fuck I'd just had with my young sister he rose again. "Nice Cris, nice! Did you like what you saw? I was going to frig myself off in front of you but now we can have some better fun, 'though it's not nice to refuse a lady like that.
    " Without letting me reply she shucked off her robe and hauled down my shorts. "Nice, very nice. " she said again as he sprang out.

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       "Take it you know how to use it - use it to pleasure a lady?""Think I can manage - no complaints so far. " was my truthful reply as I hauled her to her feet and lifted her into my arms. Given her diminutive, almost elf-like stature, I carried her easily through to her bedroom. She seemed awfully keen to get on with things as I laid her down on the bed but, especially as I knew she lived alone since her husband had left a few months previously (OK she threw the slob out), I was in no hurry and was determined to show her what 'pleasuring a lady' really, really meant. I kissed her full on the lips, snaking my tongue into her mouth, seeing her bright emerald green eyes widen and then close in pleasure as she began to reciprocate. As we kissed my hand went to her chest - as I had thought watching her in her back garden they weren't really much larger than Jen's but her nipples were by a considerable degree and swelled into taught little pencil eraser forms below my touch. So firm she could have fucked another girl with them - I was latter to find out that that was one of her kicks in life, nipple-fucking as she called it!"Oh Cris that feels so good! No other man has ever done that for me before!" I broke off surprised. "What do you mean?" I asked. Arousing a girl by feeling her tits or even better to my mind kissing and sucking them was the most natural and sexy thing in the world (as foreplay goes) but this gorgeous young woman had never experienced this before? I was nonplussed. "Mrs S. . . " I started "Hell, I can't call you that, not now!""No but, Hel or Helen will do" she smiled at me "and yes you're the first guy ever to appreciate my tits - not the first person you understand but the first guy. " I nodded dumbly not really understanding and not wanting to break the moment by asking any questions returned to kissing and sucking her tits. I bit one nipple gently then sucked her beautiful little nub into my mouth sucking harder and harder before releasing it and repeating my actions on the other side.


       This I did a great number of times never so much as touching her with my hand as I did so. Eventually she grabbed one of my hands and attempted to bring it to her pussy but I wouldn't let her making her frustration rise as I continued to suck. Abruptly I broke off, dived to her puss and sucked her engorged clitoris. She came instantly in a tumult just as I knew she would but I didn't stop licking and sucking as she came for all her worth. I sat up, "You said you wanted to cum Ma'am, will that do?" I asked with a cocky grin on my face. At first she said "Yes" then "Hell No! You've not fucked me yet! And you've not cum yet!""I don't mind - I don't need to cum when I'm with a girl, not at first anyway. " I told her. It was basically true and when the push came to the shove it was Jen's night to share my bed - although the three of us accommodated each other as the need arose (no pun intended). Helen looked at me and said "I've never cum like that like that in my life - not even with one of my girlfriends - you not done anything more than they could iff they knew how! As for the dumb fuck of a husband of mine - all he could manage to do was stick his little dick in me once a week and wiggle it around till he came. "Did bugger all for me - sometimes I think I'd have been better sticking to girls. ""So why did you marry him and, for that matter, why did you give me a show and then invite my over?" I asked curiously aroused (as my dick still was). "Well. . . I suppose I shouldn't have but we were introduced at a party.

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       He seduced me, proposed sometime later and I accepted not knowing any better. Once we moved here we were making love less and less until I discovered he was really homosexual and had only married me as cover to make him look respectable for his Government job! When he left he promised me the house so long as I didn't expose him for what he was - so you'd better not breathe a word of that to anyone or I could lose the house. No wonder he always wanted to fuck my bum! I never let him!" She paused "As for you, I don't know. From where I was I can see fairly well into that room. First, lying on my front - like my ass by the way?" I mumbled an assent as she continued "I caught your reflection in my sunglasses; that's when I rolled over and started teasing my pussy. I could see the size of your bulge and I started drooling, my pussy getting wetter and wetter - wetter than she should have been from my little tickles. Next time I looked up you were gone. I was so frustrated that frustrated was not the word - I gave you some time to come back and when you didn't, I phoned. So where were you?"Not quite untruthfully I said "Someone came to the door so I had to go and answer it - by the time I was done you'd phoned and here I am! Your ass is cute by the way but can I say, I'm no poof, but I still like reaming a girl?""Reaming? What d'ya mean" she asked cautiously. "You know - fucking her arse. My first girlfriend and I learned how together shortly after we took each other's virginities and I've been fucking girls mouth, cunt and arse ever since. ""That an advert?" she smiled at me. "No just the honest truth. No one has ever complained about the size of my cock or my technique - I've had some good teachers!" Again the honest truth but detail was not to be forthcoming. "Like what age were you?" she asked.

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      "Thirteen. ""Your girlfriend - she'd have been older, more schooled in the ways of the world?""No - Sally is about a month younger than me making her twelve at the time - like I said we were both virgins,""Fuck, you can get jailed for life for having sex with a twelve year old!" Helen exclaimed. I laughed - we were well past that now but I wondered inside what you could get for having sex with your underage sister especially when you were her guardian?"Well - we'll see. My ex was a bit short on technique. I'd like you to fuck me now carefully - my ex was the only guy ever to take me and he was nothing like the size of you. You are enormous! As for the other bit, we'll see. "Good enough for me so fondling her tits as I once again kissed her full on the mouth I rolled her onto her back, drew her legs up outside my arms and set my knob at her swollen labia. I asked "You sure about this?" She nodded so I pressed gently forward taking her millimetre by millimetre, slowly sinking my big fat cock into her. Shit I knew she wasn't a virgin but it was almost as exciting as if she had been knowing she had only had what seemed to have been fairly bad sex with some little runt before. She was as tight as can be, nearly as tight as little Jenny and she let out this great long sigh as she squirmed below me forcing herself onto my cock as I pressed down. Soon she had my whole within her and I started to fuck her, slowly but using my whole length and then as she started to buck up at me in response with ever increasing tempo until she did a wet rag impression under me as she came going totally limp. Sensing she'd never had an experience like this before I gently withdrew and placed her down on the bed. She been one hell of a lay and I honestly didn't mind not having cum. A few moments later she came round and smiled up at me, dreamily at first but then she saw my still proud erection sticking out in front of me as I knelt on the bed beside her. "Cris - you didn't cum!" she exclaimed sitting up and grasping him.

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       "Guess you'll have to show me the poof bit!""No way if you think of it like that - I'd sooner go home with a hard on!" I exclaimed!"OK, OK! I'm sorry. I didn't mean it like that really. You sure you're girlfriend likes it like that though?" she retracted. "Yeah!" I said still about to get up and go, "Give you Sally's phone number if you like. You can call her and ask how much she's liked having her butt fucked these last five odd years. She won't mind. " And wasn't that the truth - not only did Sally love anal sex but had she been asked she would have got round here on the double to watch me take Helen up the rear probably eating her pussy as I did so. Sally definitely swung both ways!Helen shrugged and saying "Think I'd like to get to know her soon - but not today. " She got up on all fours. "Take me - I'm yours - do what you will with me!" I made her wait as I savoured her visual delights from behind before I stuffed my cock into her tight dripping snatch. I knew this was not what she had expected and her orgasm clenching down on my stiff pole was all the sweeter because of that. I drew out and set my knobhead at what I knew to be a virgin anus (So was/is mine by the by and it always will be!). "We can stop now if you like. I know you have doubts. " I said as I paused with my knob lightly pressed against her fluttering pucker but she sank back on me leaving be in no doubt about what I was to do.

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       I grabbed her on each hip and forced my big cock into her making her take something, and something very large, up her smooth anal canal for the first time in her twenty odd year life. Soon she was thrusting back at me, with me all the way as I reamed her tight arse making her appreciate an avenue of sex she had previously shunned. She came loud and clear and as I sensed she would do the wet rag bit again I came with her pumping and pumping into her arse. We fell apart both satisfied. A little later as Helen came to she looked at the time. "Shit! That's nearly four hours since you came over! I've been having sex for nearly four whole hours! How can that be? Shit, I know women who'd pay good money for that sort of thing! Fact I know some who do - bet they don't get what you've just done for me though!"I rolled away and laughed "You're not serious!""Bloody well am!""OK - so what'm I worth?""Four hours with that rate of pleasure - say three maybe four hundred for the session?" she replied. Again I laughed "Tell you what, get me the four and you can have a free go any time I'm not otherwise occupied. ""You're on!"Still chuckling I dressed and left, back to Jenny with whom I made passionate love into the wee small hours as I shared the tail as promised. To be continued. . . -----Feedback welcome: theblackdouglas@ymail. com.


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