Stud - Chapter 3 - Double Booking


Topic: Chapter 3 - Double BookingA few weeks later Helen asks me if I wanted a double booking with her. Keeping up the pretence I feigned horror and said "She's my sister!"Helen smiled and said "No one's asking you to fuck her!" (I sometimes wonder if she knew our sleeping arrangements after all but she never let on. ) "You and Pete do double bookings and I bet you don't bugger him!" This I had to concede was true, Pete and I did do the double, often for larger groups like hen nights or for a couple of special clients who were really into double penetration so I said I would agree if Jenny did but the fee would be £1000. Jenny did agree of course, she was desperate to see me with another woman - as she said she'd never actually witnessed anyone fucking! I, of course, had seen her and others with Pete. I hoped the fee would be enough to put whoever off but it wasn't and a couple of days later we wound up at the house of a rather attractive lady whom we'd both individually pleasured before. Jenny and I had agreed ground rules which were basically that we didn't so much as touch each other in front of anyone else! Ruth greeted us and ushered us to her bedroom.

As we striped I chanced a complement to Jenny making out it was the first time I'd seen her naked "Nice tits and a shaved pussy Jenny!" only to be met with the rejoinder "Gosh what a big cock you've got Cris!"Ruth lay back on the bed spreading herself "You bet he has young lady and I am dying it feel it in my hungry pussy! Come on Cris, fuck me. I've got so worked up waiting for this I want you now. And you, Jenny, come and let me suck that lovely juicy cunt of yours. So after watching me slide into Ruth, Jenny settled her pussy onto Ruth's mouth who began to lap at her. Jenny winked at me watching closely as I thrust into Ruth's pussy. I was watching her getting eaten very closely too. Although I'd seen plenty of other girls together, I'd never seen Jenny with one. Jenny soon came in Ruth's mouth - her spurting juices seemed to be what really fired Ruth on. She pulled away from Jenny and yelled "Cris, cum in me. cum in me NOW!" she demanded screaming out her own orgasm.

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   "Her money!" I thought as I obliged - no way was she going to be able to keep going for four hours at this rate!. Next she demanded that Jenny licked her out - believe me it took all the willpower I possessed not do dive in on Jenny, the sight being so wonderfully arousing! Anyway, I just sat back and watched, at first Ruth was content to just (just?) let Jenny lick my load from her cunt but once she had cum again she pulled Jenny round into a 69 and the pair of them went at it hammer and tong. Willpower? I'd never had so much trouble holding myself back from my younger sister as I did that day - her cute ass and even cuter, bald fanny flashing at me as the pair of them rolled about on the bed. With Ruth sated, we went for a shower during which she insisted the pair of us sucked her tits. As we obliged and with Ruth's eyes full of soap I reached out for my little sister's clit. She came instantly but had to choke back her reaction. Later she told me how exciting it had been for her but right then she broke off from Ruth's tit to stick her tongue out at me and to break into a huge smile before resuming on Ruth's boob. "What a girl!" I thought as we continued to please Ruth now both gently finger fucking her - just one finger each but stretching her wide none the less  - until she came again. Without bidding I pulled her to me and stuffed my ever so hard dick into her again. She sighed "Nice Cris - you've always known how to make me feel good, you naughty boy!" Naughty boy? Well however you get your rocks off! This time Jenny was beside herself trying not to laugh - just made her look all the cuter to me and not being able to touch her, made me go all the harder at Ruth bringing her off time and again making her plead with me to cum. I did so blowing most of my cum over her chest as I did. Jenny grinned at me, mouthed "Thanks" and then dove on to clean up my mess. I wished I could have joined the party either eating Jen's juicy cunt or, as my cock rose again, giving her a nice fuck. My willpower was certainly tested that afternoon (but we made up for it later, believe you me!). Ruth was spent and only required a bit of a cuddle (with me groping Jen's tits and she my cock when Ruth was otherwise engaged and not noticing) before we were dismissed well within time.

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   We went back to the flat to share all with Pete ending with a very satisfying double fuck of Jenny, me at last in her succulent cunt and Pete in her rear, before crawling off to bed, Jenny curling up with me as was now the norm. Double bookings with Jenny were fairly rare but when we had one there was never a hint of incest in front of the client which somehow made it all the sweeter. To be continued. . . -----Feedback welcome: theblackdouglas@ymail. com.