Stripping For My Nephew


I slid my hands over my skinny toned stomach as I smoothly put my slinky black bra over my round D cup breasts. My nipples were still erect from my performance.

I slid on a white wool sweater and tied my silky blond hair into a loose bun.

I pulled out the last of the bills that were stuck in the waistline of my thong and organized them in a neat pile before putting them into my bag.

“How’s the crowd tonight Carly?”

“Not bad Stacy, a few horny businessmen but I’m afraid I milked them for everything they have hun. ” I winked as I looked up at the familiar face of Stacy, a stripper who was about to start her nightly shift.

She laughed

“You would you whore!”

I laughed

“Don’t worry Stace, I’m thinking about retiring soon, I’m almost 27 now, it might be time for me to find a real job. ”

“A real job? Carls you pull in more stripping then most women see in their lives!”

“hmm, you ARE right about that. ” I giggled

She laughed

“Oh Carly, this job has gotten a lot less fun since you’ve taken the matinee shift, when you switching back?”

“Oh just a couple weeks more I think; My sister is going through a pretty ugly divorce, she asked me too take care of her kid for a couple of weeks while they get all their paperwork figured out. ”

She replied

“Hmm, and your sister is alright with leaving her kid with a stripper. ”

“I don’t know about a stripper, but she’s alright with leaving her son with his loving Aunt, which is what I am. I’ve always loved that kid as if he was my son; and my sister knows that” I explained

She smiled back, seemingly accepting my explanation. She continued

“Well it’s about show time, I gotta get going, come back ASAP I miss you, and by the way the tips are a lot better this time of night. ” She laughed

“Alright bye Stace. ”

She walked past me and towards the stage. I put on a comfortable pair of jeans as I heard an emphatic cheer coming from the drunks in the audience.

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One of the bouncers accompanied me past some “over enthused fans” and walked me to my Chrysler 300.

“Have a goodnight Carls. ”
“Thanks Steve, you too. ”

I drove off into the night and made my way home.

I pulled into my driveway. I reached into the car drawer and sprayed myself with some perfume in an attempt to get the smell of smoke and liquor out of my clothes.

I opened the door.

“Tyler I’m home hun”

“Oh hey Auntie. ” He yelled from upstairs

“Tsk tsk, so you’ve gotten too old to give your Aunt Carly a hug have you?”

“Um, no haha, I’ll be down in a second. ”

I heard a locked door jiggling open as he slowly made his way downstairs; cheeks flustered. He gave me a hug. To my surprise I found something hard poking my right leg. His attempt to hide his boner by pitching it up in his waistband apparently failed as it slid back down.

I didn’t want to embarrass him as I casually walked away into the kitchen with my back to him; giving him time to pitch it back up.

“So how was your day Sweety?” I asked

“Oh um not bad, kinda boring; another long hot summer day, how about you, how was the office?”

“Can’t complain, I’m really tired though, I’m going to catch a shower.

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I made my way up the stairs. A thousand thoughts were rushing through my mind. My 18 year old nephew had obviously just been masturbating. It’s alright I guess it’s natural at his age, still it was weird, I had known Tyler since he was a baby and it was hard to think of him getting old so fast.

I entered the bathroom.

Tyler masturbating didn’t bother me, what really bothered me was the fact that I had to lie to him every night I came home from “the office”. I hated lying in general, but something about lying to my beloved nephew who was going through what he was going at this time just ate me up inside.

I let my blonde hair loose and looked into the mirror. The once innocent 18 year old girl in me was gone. Still the same radiant golden tan skin, still the same sharp model-esque features, still the same wide green eyes but instead of hope of a perfect world like they once were; they were now filled with the crushing truth that is reality.

I stripped off my sweater and bra; revealing my round breasts. I lifted them up one by one, inspecting them in the mirror; at 27 years old they still had great bounce. I stepped out of my jeans and slipped my thong off.

My grazed my hands down my skinny toned stomach and over my butt down to my long sleek legs.

If it wasn’t for these features I probably would be out on the street right now; they helped me make a comfortable living, and for that I was very thankful.

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I was thankful to my parents for giving me these looks but that’s about it.

My parents were very “traditional” folk, once they found out about my sister Paige’s teenage pregnancy they kicked her out without asking any questions.

I was torn, stay with my parents in a loveless house, or go with my sister, my best friend, in her time of need.

Obviously I decided on the latter. We were soon desperate for cash.

Jake, 21, my sisters ex husband and Tyler’s father, finished a course and started up a career in welding.

My Sister, 18, and I, 16, made money the only way two diploma-less teenagers could. Stripping.

We did it every night with the exception of Paige taking 4 months (2 before and 2 after) Tyler was born.

The crowds loved us. They called us the “Stripping Sisters”, we quickly became the main attractions at one of the hottest strip joints in town. I can’t say it was bad though, but to 2 young women like us, the rush was overwhelming.

Over the years Jake’s career took off, Jake and Paige put down a down payment on a house. I lived with them for 2 years. Paige and I would take turns caring for Tyler while the other was at the club.

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Paige soon grew tired of stripping, she decided to quit and put herself out there for a more legitimate job. Because of her looks she got a job as a secretary for a doctor across town.

She begged me to do the same, I considered quitting but could never do it.

Yea the money in stripping was great, I made twice as much as Paige did, but more than that it was the rush of performing in front of an audience. Paige never felt the rush, I lived for it.

I stepped into a hot shower and didn’t get out until the hot water tapped out.

I put on a silky red robe. I put my panties and bra in the hamper, I hung up my sweater and jeans, and kissed Tyler goodnight.

I collapsed on my bed, tired from the long day of dancing. I slowly drifted off to sleep.

I woke up in the morning and looked at the clock

10:30 am

Normally I wouldn’t even be thinking about getting up for at least another hour but I knew I had to start up on breakfast for Tyler.

I walked into his room.

I shook his shoulder trying to get him up.

Then I remembered what always used to work.

I counted to three and on three I lifted his blanket up off him.

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When I did it this time I was in for a surprise.

Tyler had a rock hard erection pushing against his pajama pants. I thought to myself, oh yeah this is about the age of “morning wood”.

Tyler groaned as he groggily got up, once again I pretended not to notice.

“Brush your teeth sleepyhead, breakfast will be ready in 10. ” I said as I walked downstairs to the kitchen.

I got started on the eggs for breakfast.

He came downstairs. “How do you want your eggs Tyler?”

“Scrambled please”

“You got it boss. ” I joked

“haha thanks Auntie. ” He laughed back

The eggs were ready; I put them on a plate and served it to Tyler. I bent down as I placed the plate on the table.

“here ya go kiddo. ” I said

He didn’t respond back. I looked at his eyes, they were fixed on my chest.

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   I looked down, no wonder he was looking! My robe had slipped; exposing such deep cleavage that my nipples were almost showing!

Again I didn’t want to embarrass him; I slowly stood up right and casually adjusted my robe. He snapped out of his trance as he started slowly eating.

I started washing the dishes. My mind really wasn’t on suds though, it was on what just occurred.

There was a battle within me

On one side I thought it was wrong, he shouldn’t think of his auntie as a sexual being. On the other hand I knew it was completely natural for a boy going through puberty to check out women around him.

Either way I was uncomfortable.

At least I think I was uncomfortable

Maybe uncomfortable, or nervous, or maybe a little excited.

Maybe I was over reacting, maybe he wasn’t looking at me at all, maybe he simply zoned out. I decided I had to investigate.

Reluctantly I loosened my robe again. I sat at the seat beside Tyler. I stuck my chest out; exposing my deep cleavage. I looked straight down at my plate as I began eating. Out of my peripherals I could see Tyler.

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He was definitely gazing at my chest. The fork was so loose in his finger tips it I thought it would fall at any time.

I would look at him; he would quickly look down at his plate, but when I started eating he would surely start checking me out again. I had seen all that I needed to see, but I couldn’t bring myself to fix my robe.

Oh god what’s wrong with me. This is my 18 year old nephew, and I am his Aunt, what kind of Aunt reveals herself willingly to her nephew?

Wait, it must be because I feel sorry for him, right?

I mean this kid is going through hell with his parent’s divorce, as an Aunt I should do anything to make him feel better.

Good, that is a good reason.

Satisfied with my reasoning, I continued playing my game.

Once we finished eating I got up. His eyes followed my chest. I took my plate, walked behind him and leaned forward to pick his plate up; my breasts pressed against his head, once again I saw his rock hard dick pushing against his pants.

I cleaned the kitchen and then came up with an idea that would really cheer him up.

“Ty let’s go for a swim out back hun. Just like we used to. ” I winked.

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“Um yea sure Aunt Carly!” he exclaimed, clearly excited.

“Ok cool go get changed and get out there I’ll be out in a bit. ”

I went up stairs and looked at my selection of bikinis. I looked for a bikini that would really cheer him up.

I decided on a matching white one that was particularly small.

I slipped off my robe and slipped on the bikini thong. It hugged my round butt perfectly, the outside of its fabric sinking slightly into my luscious cheeks.

I tied up my bikini bra, pushing my breasts up into an even higher position on my chest. It was clearly too small as its thin white fabric was straining in an attempt to cover my curves. I inspected my body in the mirror and liked what I saw. I tied my hair into a bun and made my way back downstairs.

I walked out to the small pool in my backyard, it was about a meter deep, Tyler looked up and his jaws dropped. My breasts jiggled with every stride I took out to the pool.

I jumped into the pool and swam over to Tyler.

He was speechless.

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I broke the ice

“Race you to the end and back. ”

“Your on” he answered

“1,2,3 go!”

We raced, I beat him by an armslength.

“HA!” I laughed “How’s it feel getting beat by your old Auntie young man. ” I laughed

“Oh shutup. ” He laughed

I did a little victory dance to rub his face in it.

He didn’t take much of this as he slapped the water sending a huge splash my way.

“Heyyyy, now you’re in trouble young man!” I laughed

I dunked his head into the water. He got up and did the same to me. I tried doing it to him back, but instead laughed out loud as he picked me up and tackled me into the water.

It quickly turned into an underwater wrestling match which he was winning. I splashed him playfully and tried swimming away. He pursued me and dove on top of me.

We went underwater once again.

I felt his hard dick in between my ass cheeks. He slid his hands up my stomach, I playfully fought him.

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   His hands grazed my breasts. He came back to my breasts and mauled them with his hands. He
squeezed them through my top. I tried turning away


So long for my top. It left my breasts, but Tyler’s hand didn’t. He continued squeezing my now bare breasts. I paused, not knowing what to do I stayed perfectly still while he continued playing with my breasts.

It was such a rush

Such a rush, that I forgot I needed to breath.

I thrust my body upwards, gathering a big breath of air.

Tyler did too, now gazing at my big wet breasts.

I quickly put my hands over my breasts, pretending to be surprised that my bra wasn’t on them.

There was an awkward silence as he looked into my eyes. Hoping he would get to feel me up some more but fearing he would be scolded.

I flashed a big smile


A smile spread across his face.

Then he said “Erm, sorry about your top Auntie”

“Oh that’s fine sweetheart it was an accident.


   Besides I think we’ve done enough swimming for the day. ”

I saw the disappointment take over his face, so I continued

“I’m going to work on my tan; I need someone to lotion up my back. Would you be interested?” I smiled

“Yea sure!” he exclaimed

I got out of the pool, keeping my breasts covered; I lied down on the tanning bed on my deck face down.

“Just spread it on my back and work your way down to my feet. ”

He was ecstatic; he grabbed the lotion and started rubbing it on my bare back.

What a good Aunt I am, making my nephew so happy.

He slowly worked his way down from my shoulders to my lower back. He lightly put his hands on my ass cheeks. I didn’t object.

He got bolder as he started massaging the lotion on my ass cheeks; daringly grabbing handfuls of ass.

“Um Auntie, Can I erm, put your thong in your bum cheeks, I’m afraid your bum won’t get a good tan.

“Sure hun” I replied

He split my ass cheeks apart; making sure my thong was completely enveloped.

He continued rubbing my cheeks; putting on pounds of lotion.

“I think that’s enough lotion on my bum sweety. ”

“Oh um right.

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  ” He said, snapping out of his trance.

He moved on to my thighs; his hands creeping up my inner thigh. He didn’t get to daring as he soon moved down to my calves and finished up.

“Do you want me to do your front too. ” He asked eagerly

“Um no you’ve been plenty of help Ty, you can head in I’m going to get an hour of sun in before work. ”

He walked quickly into the house.

I turned over after a few minutes; only to see Tyler peeping through his window. I pretended not to notice, as I closed my eyes and put my hands behind my head; exposing my bare breasts to him.

I actually dozed off for about half an hour. I looked up, Tyler was still watching intently, now with his digital camera handy.

When he noticed my eyes were open he quickly ducked down. I stood up and headed inside. I went into my room and got ready for work, putting on a black pushup bra, a black thong and an sweater and jeans. I packed my bag with a tight school girl outfit, and leather boots. I said bye to Tyler, who was now pretending he was watching tv the whole time.

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I never really got into dancing that day. I mean my body and moves were there, which was all I needed to make a good days pay, but my mind was on Tyler.

How much further could I take this?

I wanted to take it farther, much farther. And lord knows so did he, but the Aunt in me was acting up. This wasn’t responsible. Playing games like this with my 18 year old nephew? I mean letting him see some cleavage is one thing but exposing my breasts to him purposely? Was I sick?

That night I went home and took another long hot shower. I went to the hamper to throw in my undies when I noticed that my thong from yesterday wasn’t there.

I could only think of one explanation.

I put on a robe and walked out to Tyler’s room

I knocked on Tyler’s door.

“Tyler honey you in there. ”

“One second Auntie. ” He said

I waited for about a minute before he answered; once again his cheeks were flustered.

“Could you be a dear and take out the garbage Ty. ”

“um yea sure. ” He responded

“thank you.

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He left.

I decided on investigating his room.

I looked on his bed and under the covers; nothing.

Then I looked under his bed.


There was my thong from yesterday, soaked in Tyler’s cum.

Instead of being repulsed, I was excited, more than ever. I sniffed it, and took in the aroma.

I heard footsteps; I quickly threw the thong back and sat down on his bed.

He came into the room.

“Hey Ty, I want to have a talk with you. ”

“Yea sure. ”

I paused I wanted him to be nervous. He thought he was busted.

I took a different angle.

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   I used this opportunity to have a much needed Aunt to nephew conversation with Tyler.

“So how are you taking things about your parents. ”

He thought about it

“Well obviously I’m pretty sad. I kind of feel like it’s my fault. ”

“Well that’s ridiculous Tyler, the truth is that your Mother and Father just grew apart as people, it has nothing to do with you, and in fact you’re the one thing that they both mutually love. ” I reassured

He still seemed kind of down

“And you know that no matter what happens, you can come to me with anything. So in a way you have 3 parents, that’s much better than most kids. ”

He smiled at me

“I have a feeling you don’t want to be alone tonight, so how bout we bunk together like old times?”

“Sure!” he grinned

I snuggle close to him, my butt was rubbing against his crotch.

“Good night Tyler. ”

“Good night Aunt Carly. ”

I started lightly snoring, pretending to be in a deep sleep.

After about 18 minutes he gave my shoulder a push

“Aunt Carly, are you awake. ”

I didn’t respond

It didn’t take long for him to make his move. He rubbed my waist making his way to my stomach. He slid my robe open.

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   He started rubbing my bare stomach. He slipped my robe further back.

I could feel the sexual energy vibrating off of him. He cautiously brought his hand up my stomach.

He lightly grazed my right breast and let his hand rest on it.

He got bolder as he started lightly squeezing my breast.

I could hear him moaning as he rubbed his Auntie’s big breast.

With his left hand he slipped my robe up above my ass.

It was only as the cold air hit my bare pussy that I noticed how wet I was. I hadn’t felt a rush like this in so long.

I pushed my naked butt into David crotch; his hard dick pushed against my ass cheek.

He moaned; at all but 18 years old he surely had never been stimulated like this before.

I felt movement as he slid his own pants and boxers out, now his bare dick was poking my ass cheek.

All the while his squeezing of my right breast grew more intense. I had to do all in my power to keep from moaning myself.

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He adjusted his positioning, bringing his body closer to my back side. I could feel him breathing on my neck. He took in the aroma of my hair and moaned.

I snored a little louder; encouraging him to go on.

He put his cock in between my ass cheeks and started thrusting slightly down my crack. Nowhere near my ass hole, but I guessed at this stage the friction of my tight butt cheeks was enough stimulation for him.

Turns out it was too much

He clenched my breast as his body tensed up. His thrusting stopped. Soon I felt my nephew’s warm cum on my ass cheeks. I couldn’t help but let out a quiet moan. I don’t think he noticed.

He took a moment to savor the moment before he snapped back to reality.

“Oh shit. ” He whispered to himself

He got up and went into the bathroom, coming back with a wad of toilet paper.

He shifted back on to the bed.

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   Soon I felt the dry toilet paper on my ass cheeks. In an attempt to hide the evidence my nephew was wiping my ass clean with toilet paper.

I remembered all the diapers I had to change for Tyler when Paige was at work, now about 18 years later he was wiping my ass!

It was sick but I was so horny I found it to be a thrill

He flushed the tp down the toilet then came back to bed and did his best to adjust my robe without me noticing.

The show had come to an end; much to my disappointment the after orgasm crash had hit Tyler pretty hard as soon he was fast asleep.

It wasn’t so simple for me; I lied awake for hours that night, thinking about what had occurred, how did we arrive on this road, and how far could it take us.

Could I as an Aunt travel down this road? And more important, did I want to?

The next morning I woke up around 10, not getting much sleep the night before.

I looked to my side at Tyler, he was still fast asleep.

I got up and had a light snack before starting on breakfast for him. I started my shift at 3 that day, I tried thinking of something to do to kill time until then.

I made breakfast and decided to treat Tyler to breakfast in bed. I carried the tray of food into his room. I slipped my robe loose, once again exposing deep cleavage

“Tyler sweetheart get up, I have a surprise for you. ”

He groggily opened his eyes.

I bent over in front him to put the tray in front of him; also to give him a clear view of my cleavage.

His eyes popped wide open, what a site to awaken to!

I held the tray right below my chest; waiting for him to sit up.

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   I put the tray in front of him before finally prying his eyes off my chest by turning around.

“Ty eat fast, were going to go clothes shopping today before my shift, so get ready!”

“Shopping, what are we going to buy?”

“We can look around for stuff. You know I’ve always liked your taste in clothing, I was hoping you could help me out?”

“Yea sure Aunt Carly I’d love to!” he exclaimed

“Alright we’re leaving soon so get your but ready fast!”

I replied as I walked out.

I quickly took a shower and came out dressed in a thigh high skirt and white blouse.

To my surprise he was waiting for me; fully dressed and ready to go.

We walked to the car and soon started off to the mall. I couldn’t help but notice that Tyler had his eyes on my legs the whole trip; scanning them up and down.

I scooched down a little bit on my seat; causing my skirt to hike up; exposing some thigh. This grabbed his attention even more.

I turned to him at a red light.

“So Ty, any ladies in your life at the moment?” I giggled

He pried his eyes off my legs to meet my eyes

“Not really auntie, I mean girls are nice to me a lot but I get really nervous around them. ”

“Oh don’t worry Ty that’s natural, we all go through awkward phases around your age, you will get by it, and by the looks of it the girls will be flocking over you soon. ” I smiled

“Haha thanks. ” He smiled “There are a few girls from school I like, I just hope they like me back. ”

“Well just don’t pull their hair or call them names, be nice to them and you’ll be ahead of most boys your age.

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“Yea thanks for the advice Auntie. ”

“No problem”

The light turned green

I continued

“Just curious, what do you really like about those girls in your school?”

He got kind of nervous

“Um I don’t know. ” He laughed “their personalities. ”

“Yea right!” I laughed

“Ok you got me” he confessed “their looks. ”

“What specifically about their looks if you don’t mind me asking?”

“well um, well there is this girl named Breanne, and she is really pretty but what sets her apart from the other girls is her…erm boobs. ” He said shyly

“Haha yup those big ole boobs do tend to attract the boys, what else would you like in a girl?”

“Um well, she has to be skinny and in shape. I like them kind of tall, with nice legs and a round you know…butt. ”

“Well well, with those expectations I look forward to meeting your future wife someday!” I laughed

He laughed back

We pulled into the mall parking lot and made our way in.

We looked around, I got some jeans for Tyler and he helped me pick out some blouses.

It was then when an idea hit me

“Hmm there is just one more thing I need. Bras, you can help me pick some out but it might be kind of boring so you can wait in the car if you want. ”

He shook his head fast

“No Auntie I’ll help you pick some out. ” He said; trying to keep his voice calm.

“Well alright, you’ve been so helpful so far it would only make sense if I brought you along for this too!”

Soon we entered Macy’s where I regularly bought my underwear from.

Tyler followed intently as I walked into the women’s underwear section.

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   Tyler was visibly eager.

“So what erm breast size are you Auntie”

“30DD. ” I responded “Do you know how bra sizes work Ty. ”

He shook his head

“Well, the number in front the diameter of my under cage, the area right below my breasts, a 30 means I have a relatively slim under cage. The letter is the cup size of my actual breasts. And as you probably know a DD cup means I have relatively large breasts. ” I explained

“Oh thanks for clarifying Auntie, I’ll look for the perfect one. ” He winked as he scampered off into the different aisles.

He came back with an assortment of bras, all different colors and styles.

“I like all of these!” he exclaimed as he piled them into my arms

“hmm, I definitely don’t need all of these, I guess I’ll just try them on and we can decide which ones to keep. Follow me. ”

This particular Macy’s had completely separate fitting rooms for the underwear. Luckily it wasn’t particularly bus and I was the only woman trying on bra’s at the moment. I told Ty to sneak in and head around the corner.

Its not like it wasn’t allowed for boys to be in there but a grown woman modeling bras for a young boy would definitely raise some eyebrows.



I followed in when the coast was clear, I entered the dressing room across from the bench Tyler was sitting at. I took in the pile of bras, Tyler waited intently.

I closed the door and took off my blouse and conservative bra that I had on. The first bra I tried on was a black lace bra with floral imprints.

It cupped my breasts beautifully; very comfortable.

I stepped out of the room. Tyler’s eyes lit up. I pushed my chest up and down, giving him a good idea of how it encased my breasts.

“What do you think?” I said while pushing my breasts up with my hands.

“Wow it looks great Auntie, I like it, but it looks a little plain, let’s try on one of the more unique ones. ”

“hmm, alright. ”

As I walked back I unhooked the bra and tossed it to Tyler to hold as I covered my boobs with my arm.

“I’ll be out in a second. ”

I looked through the pile for one that might impress Tyler a little more. I pulled out a slinky silk white bra.

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   I strapped it on.

Right away I felt the tension on my breasts as pulled my breasts high on my chest. It might have been a little too small, but it could pass.

I inspected myself in the mirror. It did look really sexy. The cups were a little lower cut; exposing some more cleavage then the other one.

I walked out.

“Wow auntie you look great!” he exclaimed, barely able to contain himself “the way the white fabric contrasts with you golden tan skin is so nice!”

I smiled as I bounced my chest up and down; resulting in my breasts almost popping out.

“this ones a keeper. ” He insisted

“I’m glad you like it. ” I smiled

I slid it off; once again covering my breasts with my hand. I handed it to him. Right away he started feeling the fabric his aunt’s breasts were in just seconds ago. I walked back into the fitting room. I looked for something that would really wow him.

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I picked out a small pink bra. I looked at the label. It seemed Tyler had accidentally grabbed a 30D instead of a 30DD. The model was designed to be a tight fit anyways, to add to that it was a size too small!

I had to use some force just to get the hooks on.

It was so tight it hurt, but the way it made my breasts look was worth it. Naturally it pushed them up, but the fabric was so thin and tight that it indented my breast flesh, making the surrounding flesh bulge out slightly.

The cups were so small that it just barely came up to the upper edge of my nipples.

My edges of my darkish nipples were visible and the shape of them could easily be seen through the thin pink fabric.

I walked out, Tyler’s eyes popped out and his jaws dropped

He lost control over his words

“Wow Auntie, your breasts look incredible!” he exclaimed “They look so sexy in that little pink bra; they look like they can pop out any second. ”

“Wouldn’t you like that?”

“Oh of course I would Auntie, please by this Bra. ” He was practically begging

“You know how much I respect your taste Ty, if you like it then I pretty much have to buy it. ” I laughed

I flaunted my breasts before him for a little while before I noticed the time, damn we had to get going!

“Alright Ty, I start work soon hun. ” I took off the bra once again covering my breasts with my arm and handed it to him.

I changed back to my clothes. We walked out.

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We drove home, I walked inside quickly to get ready for work.

I looked at the pink bra lying on the bed and thought to myself I could really get some big tips wearing this thing.

I put it on; picking out a matching pink thong. I put on a sweater and jeans as I usually did to mask my line of work.

I packed my bag and yelled

“Tyler let me show you something. ”

He came upstairs.

I lifted my sweater up, he gleamed.

“You’re wearing it!”

“hell yeah I am! My darling nephew picked it out. ”

He smiled

“Too bad no one will be able to see it at the office, a bra like that needs to be seen. ”

I thought about what he said

“I agree. ” I said

I kissed him goodbye as I started off for the club.

My shift flew by. With my particular outfit I was almost dancing nonstop, every damn man in that club wanted a lap dance from me!
Exhausted I headed to the backroom and went to change.

“FUCK!” I yelled

My bag was gone

It happened all the time, some bitch in need of coke money would take the other stripper’s bags hoping their tip money was in there.

I wasn’t a rookie so I knew to hide my money along with my purse and keys in the back locker.

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   But I stopped putting my bag in the back since nothing valuable was ever in it.

“Fucking stupid bitch. ” I cursed

Partly at the stripper who stole my bag and partly at myself.

Normally I wouldn’t fret too much about losing a pair of jeans and a sweater, but this meant I had to go home to my nephew in my underwear!

I left quickly in hopes of finding a store open. I drove around but at 18 pm I didn’t have much luck. I decided to cut my losses and head home, I would just sneak in and head quickly into my room.

I walked up to my door and carefully unlocked and opened it.

The damn door creaked as I opened it.

“Hey Auntie. ” I heard Tyler’s footsteps walking from the kitchen to the living room “how was the day with your new –“ he cut himself off as I came into his view


“Aunt Carly what happened!?” he asked, half in fear and half in arousal

I was never a good liar, and I would be damned if I could lie myself out of this one

I stood there speechless, my cheeks turning the same color as my undergarments.

He walked over with a look of concern on his face.

“What happened at the office, are you alright?”

I couldn’t bring myself to make up some crazy story of assault or attempted rape. I decided to come clean.

“Tyler sit down. ”

I led him to the couch

My eyes were welling up with tears, I was so ashamed about what I was about to admit to my nephew.

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He sat down, the look of concern growing on his face

“What’s wrong Auntie?” he whispered

“I haven’t been working at an office all these years”

“What are you talking about?”

I paused while I looked into his bright eyes. I finally brought myself to say it.

“I’m a stripper Tyler. ”

He didn’t back away, he didn’t look repulsed, he didn’t even break eye contact.

He put held my hand with his and let his other hand rest on my thigh

He then surprised me by letting out a laugh.

“That’s all auntie?”

“Yes. ”

“Thank god. ” He said “by the way you walked in I thought it was something a lot more serious then that. ”

“You don’t think this is serious?” I questioned

“Well it’s a shock of course but I understand, Mom told me about how grandma and grandpa kicked her out, and how you went with her and helped out financially, I just didn’t know you did it stripping. ”

“I know you probably think I’m a bad person. ”

“Not at all, I think even higher of you then I did before, I mean you really love my mom to help her out by stripping, and you must really love me too. ”

“You got that right kiddo. ” I said as I hugged him tightly. I felt so relieved, like a 50 pound weight was lifted from my back.

I was so thankful to Tyler for being so understanding.

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   I also found myself extremely horny because of how excited he seemed of his Auntie is a stripper.

I started

“So Ty, how bout I show you what your Auntie can do. ”

His eyes lit up

“You mean-“

“Yup. ”

I got up off the couch, revitalized with a brand new sense of confidence and freedom. My pussy was pounding as I stood in front of my nephew, I felt a rush much like the one I did my first time on the stage.

I turned my back to him and started swaying my hips sexually. I stuck my ass out so close that it almost hit his face. I grazed my right hand over my ass and I slapped my ass cheek making my whole ass jiggle.

I opened up my butt so the tiny pink thong would sink into my ass cheeks. I turned around; putting my hands on my waist; thrusting my waist towards him.

I slid my hands up and down my slim stomach before moving my hands up to my bra covered breasts. I squeezed my breasts through the thin fabric. I played with my nipples making them even harder.

I turned around once again; I reached back and unhooked my bra; letting it fall to the floor.

I put my hands over my breasts and turned around; lightly squeezing them in front of Tyler.

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I knelt down; bringing my hand covered breasts tantalizingly close to Tyler’s face, he reached to grab them; I leapt back.

I let go of my breasts; but kept 2 fingers on each nipple. I circled my fingers causing my whole breasts to circle.

Slowly; one by one I let go of my breasts; first left then right.

Tyler was drooling; his hard on evident.

I grabbed my breasts, bringing each one to my mouth and licking the nipple.

I turned around shoving my ass once again in Tyler’s mouth.

He went to go grab it I once again moved away; shaking it from side to side to tease him.

I put my thumbs between the fabric of my thong and my waist. I yanked it up and inched it down; side by side. Slowly I inched it down farther and farther until my ass was bare. I slid it down my long legs before taking it off and twirling it on my finger. I threw my thong at Tyler. He caught it and sniffed the wet spot on it. Apparently my pussy was getting quite wet.

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I faced him revealing to him my clean shaven pussy. I inserted my index finger into my wet pussy and licked my juice. I was so horny.

I walked towards Tyler and sat over him with knees on either side of his waist, I grinded my bare pussy against his dick through his pajama pants.

“So what do you think of my dancing?” I whispered in his ear

“Amazing!” he whispered “Please keep going. ”

I smiled

I leaned in and planted a kiss on his cheek. He returned the favor, and then our lips met each others. He slipped his tongue into my mouth; catching me a bit off guard, for thirteen he actually wasn’t a bad kisser.

Our tongues wrestled as we gently explored the vicinity of each other’s mouths. While we kissed he ran his hand up to my breast and started playing with my already erect nipple. My pussy was dripping wet by now.

With my right hand I slid down his pants and boxers; his 5 inch cock sprang free.

“Baby just hold on for as long as you can alright, I’m going to make this very enjoyable for you. ”

He nodded; knowing what was coming.

My pussy slipped on to the head of his dick, I slowly started moving it up and down his shaft.

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   Tyler stopped kissing me and even let go of my breasts as he just lied back and moaned. He was in heaven right now as his Aunt’s warm pussy enveloped his young cock.

He started moaning louder and louder. His hands clenched the sofa cushions as he was about to cum. I let him cum deep in my pussy. Due to the chances of occasional unexpected sex in my occupation I was on the pill so I wouldn’t get pregnant. I felt his dick go from rock hard to limp as his juices drained out.

I got off of his dick when it was fully limp; I still sat on his lap though. He kissed my lips.

“I love you Auntie. ” He whispered into my ear

“I love you too kiddo. ” I whispered back as I once again started kissing him.

After a few minutes he once again found his libido as he started squeezing my breasts once again.

I slid down his body until my knees hit the floor. He combed his hands through my silky blonde hair.

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   I brought my lips to his semi limp penis and planted my full lips on his penis head; right away it jolted up.

I put my lips around it and slowly made my way down his shaft. Tyler moaned

“Oh Auntie that feels sooo good. ”

I slowly started working his cock faster with long strokes. I took my mouth off of his dick and licked his shaft from base to head; sending shivers up Tyler’s spine.

I put it back in my mouth and deep throated it. Slowly I started sucking it. Tyler started moaning louder and louder. I started sucking faster and faster until I felt Tyler’s body tense up; I knew what was coming. I deep throated his cock and accepted my nephew’s hot cum in my mouth. I kept his dick in my mouth until it once again became soft; depositing all of his juices in my mouth.

Tyler put his head back on the couch cushion and exclaimed

“Wow Aunt Carly that thank you that was amazing. ”

I lied down on the floor and started fingering my dripping pussy.

“I know how you can repay me sweetheart”

I spread my legs wide.

Tyler smiled as he got down from the couch and crawled towards my juicy pussy.



He brought his head close to it and licked it, sending jolts throughout my body. He soon put his lips deep within my pussy. He flipped my body around and started massaging my ass cheeks while licking my pussy from behind.

He split my juicy cheeks apart to get his mouth deeper into my pussy

Before I knew it I was moaning out loud. My moans just encouraged Tyler to lick me deeper and faster.

Soon I couldn’t take it anymore

“Fuck me Ty! Fuck me Hard!” I moaned.

He didn’t need to be told twice. He took his tongue out of my pussy and replaced it with his once again rock hard dick. He started thrusting away, soon pounding me much harder than last time.

The sex was fantastic; getting fucked by my nephew gave me a rush I had never felt before. His dick in me felt so good; it definitely wasn’t the biggest I ever felt but it just hit me in the right spot.

And he was definitely pounding away at that spot.

Due to all the cum he had expelled earlier, he was definitely getting his money’s worth this time round, fucking me like an animal.

I moaned out loud

“Ohhhh Tyler keep going baby you’re amazing. ”

He wrapped his hands around my waist while fucking me harder than ever.

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   My tits were rocking around so much they were almost knocking me in the face!

Then I felt it, my body tensed up.

“ohhh Ty I’m cummmming!”

I had a massive orgasm; my knees collapsed under me as I fell slumped to the ground; fluid flowing freely from my pussy.

Tyler still kept pounding away at my oozing pussy; while I lay on the ground.

He slapped my ass cheeks one by one as he got hornier; this turned me on even more as getting spanked has always been a big turn on of mine.

Finally he stopped thrusting and deposited a third load of cum in me.

He lied down beside me on the floor; panting as hard as I was.

“Oooh Auntie you’re amazing. ” He panted

“Me? Baby your amazing, where did you learn to fuck like that?”

He smiled

“Well I’ve been dreaming of this moment for so long, that I had to go hard once it came right. ”

I smiled back at him. He put his arm around me as I snuggled close to his body. We both lied there in silence; appreciating the magical events that had just occurred.

Finally Tyler spoke, as something occurred to him.


“Yea baby?”

“There is something very important I want to ask you. ”

“What is it Ty?”

“Did my Mom used to strip too?”.


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