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When I was about 18 my dad took my sister and I on a very short vacation.   Well, work for him, a vacation for us.   Mom was busy so it was just the three of us.   It was pretty cool.   We had never flown before so that added a lot to the excitement.   We'd also never been to Las Vegas.
We were only going to be there for three days while Dad had some meetings.   A convention of some sort.   He gave us some money and told us to hang out at the pool or our room and have some fun.   We had also brought some fairly fancy clothes for a dinner scheduled for the last night we were  there.
We were both still sleeping when Dad left in the morning but he left us a short note telling us he'd be back at dinner time and for us to behave while he was gone.   We were only to call his cell unless it was an absolute emergency.   We got up and got dressed.   Beth was really horny and started ramping things up by showering with the door open and walking all around the room naked.   I knew that if I just kept away from her that it would really get her juiced up and make her ready for almost anything.
We went downstairs for our breakfast and to scope out the pool area.

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    The breakfast was great and the pool area was unbelievable.   Not too many people around though.   Dad had said something about the "off season", whatever that meant.   Anyway, after we scoped everything out we decided that we'd spend most of the day down at the pool.  
While we were heading back up to our room we walked past a clothes shop.   In the window were several bikini bathing suits on display.   I grabbed Beth by the arm and told her my plan.   I could tell by the look in her eyes that she was more than ready for my suggestions.   We walked into the store and I spoke with the first saleslady I found. Yes, we could charge a purchase to our room. Perfect!  
Beth headed over to the bikini section and gathered a couple up.   I also found a couple that I liked.   Of course every one of them were at least one, sometimes two, sizes too small. She headed into the changing room and started trying them on.   She would prance out to show me every one of them.

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    Man, even if she was my sister, she still had a smoking hot body.  
We finally agreed on one that seemed like it was tied together everywhere.   The easier to have "accidents" I pointed out.   She agreed.   We also scoped out some very sheer, very hot, really sexy dresses.   We figured we'd look more at these later.   We went upstairs to get ready for the pool.
In our room I helped Beth arrange her bikini so it showed as much as possible.   The tops and bottoms had this sliding kind of thing so you could make it very narrow or wide, whichever you liked best.   Of course we liked narrow best, and then headed down to the pool.
Beth laid herself down on her large soft towel, face down and asked if I would put on some tanning oil.   Duh.   Of course I would.   I knew that shortly she would be faking that she was asleep.   I turned the application of tanning oil more into a massage.


    A very slow sensusous massage.   I did her legs and thighs first, and then skipped over her ass.   I was going to save the best for last.   I moved up to her back and started on it.   I looked down at her face and saw that her eyes were closed.   I reached down and carefully pulled on the knot that tied the back of her top.   It came open easily so I laid the sides over.   I reached up behind her neck and untied that one too.   She was now basically topless.   You could see the sides of her small pert tits.   I worked on her back and moved a little lower, slowly.
As I was doing this a couple came and sat on the two loungers that were beside us.   Which seemed at first kind of funny because there were a lot more of them available than the two right beside us.   I very quickly figured out that they wanted to watch us.   They BOTH wanted to watch us.

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    The lady, who was very sexy, pulled her lounger so she could see what we were doing also.
I just acted like I didn't even care if they were there and started moving to work on my sisters tight little ass.   And what an ass it was.   I had seen on many occasions men and women, look at her ass in a very openly admiring fashion.   As I worked I made it seem like I was going to work around the skimpy little bottom.   But as I continued I would slide my fingers under the material, very slightly.   I could see out of the corner of my eye that both were very focused and interested in what would happen next.  
I very casually untied the knot on one side and flipped the material over.   Sweet.   Half of her hot little ass was now naked.   I then reached over and untied the other knot.   I took the material and laid it down between her legs which were spread fairly widely.   Beth knew how to do this, too.   My cock was getting really hard.   Here was Beth, basically totally naked, with two strangers watching me touch her and her wet pussy could be seen by anyone who looked her way.

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I kept it up too.   I poured more oil on her ass and rubbed it in.   I got up  and moved between her legs and gently encouraged her to spread them even more.   The couple could now see her little puckered hole and her pussy, too.   I worked my hands over her little buns, pulling her cheeks apart and looking at her sexy fuck hole drip her white cum cream down and over her clit which was erect and peeking out.  
I took my finger and rubbed it over and slightly into her tight little asshole.   I didn't leave it there long.   I slid my fingers down the length of her slit.   She moved slightly when I made contact with her clit.   I did my best to make it look like an accident as  my finger found her tight, wet, fuck hole.   She was so wet that although I tried to just dip my finger slightly inside her, it went about halfway in.  
I heard the lady take a very sharp breath.   She was very much liking the show.   I rubbed the inside of Beth's legs a little more and then decided to just let Beth lay there naked.   There were a few more people walking around and I knew that being so openly naked would really make Beth cream.

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    And when she creamed she was ready for anything.   I laid down beside her on my towel and started sunning myself.
We laid there for awhile but by then had drawn a bit more people than I wanted.   I nudged Beth and told her it was time to go back to the room and get ready for lunch.   As Beth sat up I quickly snatched her bikini away from her.   She pretended to be pissed but really liked letting the couple next to us see her pussy and firm little tits.   You could tell by how she acted all embareassed but didn't cover up.   She made real sure that her legs were spread wide while she folded the towel so she could wear it instead of her bikini.
She was quite practiced in the art of pulling the towel high enough that you could get a nice peek at her cunt and ass cheeks.   As she stood up the couple by us asked if we minded if they joined us for lunch.   Of course we told them that would be great. We all four of us walked into the hotel lobby with Beth's pussy peeking out from under the towel.   Fuck this was making me hard.  
As we got onto the elevator I began teasing Beth by pulling on the towel.   Beth was very good at following my lead.

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    As the elevator door opened I tugged a little harder on the towel and she loosened her grip.   The towel came off in my hands.   Beth said if I wanted people to see her naked she'd just go to our room that way.   The couple with us couldn't keep there eyes off of her.   You could easily see Beth's juice starting to seep onto the inside of her thighs.  
The couple followed us to our room door.   Beth was openly teasing us all.   She would grab her ass cheeks and spread them as wide open as they'd go.   She'd then look back and ask us if we liked the view.   Of course we did.
We stopped at our room door and talked about meeting them downstairs very shortly for lunch.   As we were talking I reached behind Beth and slid my middle two fingers up into her cunt.   She leaned back against me which allowed her pelvis to jut out and give the couple a very open view of me finger fucking her young pussy.  
It surprised me that it was the lady that reached down and touched Beth's clit.   It surprised Beth too and greatly excited her.

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    She came almost immediately.   I had to sort of help hold her up as she spasmed and clamped down onto my invading fingers.   The lady slid one of her slender fingers up inside of Beth with my two.   She moved it in and out a couple of times and then very slowly took it out.   She put it to her lips and sucked Beth's come from it.   She smiled and said she was very much looking forward to lunch.  
As they moved off down the hall I opened our door and put Beth on the floor.   I closed the door and dropped my trunks to my ankles and immediately slid my cock inside my sister.   Fuck she was wet.   She opened her legs as wide as they would go and I fucked in and out of her frantically.   I could hear the wet slapping noise we made as I pounded that hot little pussy.   I was already coming as I withdrew my cock.   It was spurting inside her, then onto her pussy lips and then onto her stomach.   I had another spurt that launched up to her tits.  
Just then I became aware of the fact that someone was in the bathroom.

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    The door was open the whole time and we were so fucking horny and hot to fuck that we hadn't paid attention.   I have no idea what language the maid spoke but it was obvious that while she had very much enjoyed what she saw she was also worried that we would be mad that she watched us fuck.  
As I looked up at her from between my sisters legs I decided that actions would speak louder than words and slid my cummy cock back into her cunt and fucked her again.   Looking at that cute maid who watched us fuck again made me come even harder.   But this time I left my cock inside of Beth.   I knew Beth could feel my cock spasm and the maid could tell by my face that I left this load inside my teenaged sister.  
I'll just bet that maid masturbated in the next room after she left.   I'll tell you about what happened after lunch, later.  



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