Stripped, Fingered and Fucked Pt II


After the maid left the room my sister Beth told me she needed to shower after getting so thoroughly fucked.   I agreed.   I told her that I was going to get out her something to wear to lunch.   We were going to meet the couple downstairs shortly.   They seemed very much taken with my sister Beth and how she really liked being seen naked.  
I went over to her suitcase and started going through her clothes.   She had a lot of short skirts and short shorts.   Her tops were kind of slutty too.   I was amazed that she thought she'd get by with wearing some of this stuff.   But then again our parents never had much to say about what she wore anyway.   Why wouldn't she push the envelope?
I got busy laying out her clothes as she showered.   Seemed like she was in there quite awhile so I peeked my head in the door.   The shower was pretty good sized and had clear glass for the enclosure.   I could see everything she was doing.   There was a sort of built in sitting spot and Beth was on it.   She had changed the shower head to full stream and it was going right on her pussy.

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    The water was on pretty full so she was taking a lot of stimulation right onto her clit.   She had her eyes closed and her legs were sticking nearly straight out.   I could tell that she was having a multiple on-going orgasm.   She kept her little cunt right under the water and bucked and heaved with the tremendous sensation.   She had one hand on the door handle and another on the towel bar and you could see her straining to keep from falling off of the seat.  
 It was really arousing to see her come like that.   Partly because she didn't know I was watching.   I quickly went to the desk and grabbed our video camera.   There was a cassette in it so I just started filming.   Now she was making some noise while she struggled to keep her orgasm from throwing her off the seat.   She was hunching her pelvis up and down.   I could see that sometimes the water stream went straight up her little cunt and sometimes she moved so it would violate her tight little butt hole.   It was like she was getting fucked by the water.  
I knew we had to get going so I banged on the door and  told her that we were going to miss lunch if we didn't get going.   Her voice sounded a little strange when she finally answered me.

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    Imagine that.  
When she came out of the shower I had her clothes laying there ready for her and I was dressed too.   At first she thought that maybe the outfit was too risky to wear to lunch.   I reached down from behind her and lightly caressed her asshole and then slid my finger into her pussy.   She bent over, acting like she was inspecting the skirt but  that was just to let me get my finger in deeper.  
She stood back up and started getting dressed.   
You would have loved it.   The shorts were radically altered cutoffs, and I mean radical.   From the bottom of the zipper to around back to between the pockets was just the thin strip of denim. The material was cut up the sides, front and back so you could tell for sure that she wasn't wearing panties of any  kind.  
The top was blue and matched the slutiness of the bottoms.   I handed her a black bra to put on which you could clearly see through the material.   Then of course, she wanted to know where her panties were.   I informed her that she wasn't to wear any.   She agreed and put the shorts on.

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    "Oh my god" was all she said.   The seam material disappeared into her slit with her pussy lips showing on both sides.   If she bent over even slightly you could see the light brown skin that rimmed her tight little asshole.   Fuck it was hot.   I could see her beginning to juice a little already.
We left the room and headed down to eat lunch.   Every man and woman we met stopped and stared at Beth.   You could see almost all of the front of her pussy.   The light dusting of her black cunt hairs just made it all the more erotic. As we got into the elevator with an older couple we saw their very disapproving looks.   So I reached over and started caressing Beths ass.   I reached lower and made contact with her wet lips and gently tugged on them which exposed them even more.   Beth couldn't help it when she moaned a little.   It was very stimulating. The lady was really pissed when her husband acted like he forgot to get off at their floor.

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    She had to call him by name and hold the door.   I bet he caught hell.
We proceeded down to the lobby and met the couple there.   Both of them stared openly at Beth's display.   And you could tell that Beth was really into it.   We entered the resteraunt and stood there waiting to be seated.   It was hilarious.   Almost all conversation stopped while everyone gaped at Beth.   She just acted like she didn't have a clue.  
When we sat down I made sure that Beth sat by the lady who very discretely moved her chair closer to Beth's.   We made small talk about where we were all from, teachers we liked or hated, classes we liked or hated.   The whole time I could see that the lady had her hand in Beth's lap.   Beth scooted down in her chair just a little so the lady could get at her pussy better.   Beth thought no one would notice but of course I did.   She reached down very casually and unsnapped the top button on her shorts.

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    She waited what must have seemed like forever to her but was really just a few seconds and then carefully slid her zipper down.  
Waiting a bit longer, she acted like she was shifting in her chair.   Really all she was doing was letting her shorts get a little looser.   I could see the lady (her name was Kelly) slide a finger into Beth.   She left it like that for quite awhile.   Pretty soon she had two fingers inside Beth and was moving them in and out as discretely as she could.
Beth was very flushed in the face and I had a steel hard boner.   The waitress came over to take our order and she stood the whole time looking down at Beth's crotch.   We had to correct her a couple of times and were still fairly certain that the order would be screwed up.  
Beth squeezed her legs together clamping Kelly's hand there as she came.   Kelly let her orgasm on her fingers and then slowly slid them out of Beth's gushing slit.   Kelly very slowly pulled her and up and then slid her fingers in her mouth and enjoyed the flavor of my sister.   I knew from experience that Beth had a very tasty pussy.  
We got our meal, ate and then discussed what we were going to do with the afternoon.   We told them that our Dad was pretty explicit about not leaving the hotel but they wouldn't listen.

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    They knew a club not too far from the hotel that they were sure we'd enjoy.   What the heck we decided. . . we'd go for it.  
We rode in the taxi and it sure seemed like the club was further away than they told us.   But we got there just the same.   We walked in and it was very dark with some music playing over head.   Kelly took Beth by the hand so us two guys just followed.  
We hadn't taken fifteen steps and I knew this was a sex club.   There were couples everywhere.   And everyone was either fucking, sucking or watching someone else do it.   Kelly took Beth over to this little area that had a mattress with a bunch of pillows.   Very clean, very nice, some sheer curtains kind of closing it off.   Kelly laid Beth down on it and very quickly had her naked.

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    She took me by the hand and pulled me down by them.   She told me that she knew I was just dying to fuck Beth so would I please do so?  
I stripped off and had my cock inside Beth in a flash.   I was fucking her when Beth told me that she wanted to be on top so I rolled over, keeping my cock in her while we did.   I could then hear Kelly and her husband telling some people that were walking by that a girl was in here getting fucked by  her brother.   Pretty soon there was about six people in there watching us fuck.   Beth was so turned on that she started cumming on my cock.  
Kelly's husband leaned over and asked Beth if she minded if he joined.   Beth said she didnt' so the guy arranged us a little bit and had us both laying on our sides with me behind Beth.
      He started by sucking on her tits and then soon moved down to her pusssy which was getting reamed by my cock.   That didn't seem to bother him too much and he sucked and licked on Beth's clit.   This was enough to cause her to come again.  
    He then wanted to know if he could fuck Beth.   Of course I agreed.   He laid the same way, behind Beth so she could keep one leg propped up and her pussy open.   Kelly took me by the arm and pulled me down with her to Beth's pussy.

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        I watched up close as Kelly licked Beth's clit and slid her tongue down to Beth's pussy lips that were distended and gripping the cock that was pistoning in and out of her.   Kelly slid her tongue over and then between Beth's pussy lips and the cock.  
    She sat up a little and then put her hand on my neck and pulled me to Beth's cunt.   Here, she said, you do it too.   I was a little hesitant at first but then it got me really turned on.  
    Here I was, eating my sisters pussy while she got fucked and people watching us.   Wow!  Beth looked down as I looked up and so we were looking each other in the eye as she came on that cock with me sucking her clit.   I even got a little carried away and ate Beth like Kelly had.  
     We stayed there while longer, Kelly sucked my cock, Beth got fucked by a black guy with a very big cock while she sucked another cock.   When that guy came I replaced his cock with mine.   Right then is when Kelly took out her camera.   She got pictures of Beth sucking me while getting really fucked with a big black rod.   Beth came on his dick while sucking me and I know it was because Kelly was taking her picture.   This resulted in some more homemade pictures and tapes later.  
    We were exhausted and rode back to the hotel in silence.

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        Beth was covered in sweat and cum and we all four looked like hell.   We again got plenty of stares as we went back up to our rooms.
    I showered very quickly and then let Beth have the bathroom.   It was a good thing too, as Dad showed up right after she got in.   I took my toe and kicked her clothes under the bed.   He sat down after he made himself a drink and talked about his day.   After we'd talked awhile I heard Beth hollering out to me to get her a towel.   She didn't know Dad was there and opened the door naked.   She gave a little screech and shut the door but we both got a real good look at her.  
    I told her that I'd need to run get some so then I did.   When I got back I opened the door to the bathroom just a little and gave her a towel. I threw the extra's on the bed.   After a little longer, we hear her call out to me asking for her PJ's.   This caused Dad to roll his eyes.
    I got up again and rifled through her stuff.

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        Sure as heck, there was her teddy.   She had had this teddy quite awhile.   The top she had shortened to show some of her stomach.   The bottoms were a couple of sizes too small and she'd cut the liner of of them.   Both had received the sandpaper treatment and were very sheer now from that and from being old.   I slid them through the door.
    I had yet to sit down when there was a knock at the door.   I looked at my dad who gave me the shoulder shrug.   He didn't have a clue either.   I went to the door and there was a guy standing there who asked me if this was ****'s room (my dad), I told him it was and invited him in.   Turn's out it was the guy my dad was trying to do some business with.   Of course, this was Beth's cue to come of of the bathroom.   I knew she heard and if she wasn't such and horny little slut she'd have waited a minute.  
    Dad introduced us to the guy who couldn't help himself.   You could see his cock starting to tent his pants.


        Beth laid on the bed and lazely let one leg go to the side.   Her slit was clearly visible and was pointed right at the guy.   Dad seemed oblivious to all this as he was telling us that he was going back out for drinks and wouldn't be back till late.   He grabbed the video camera case and out the door he and his customer went.   Shit.   Oh well.   I hoped there wouldn't be too much hell to pay.  
    With Dad not coming back till late gave us plenty of time for Beth to show her pussy to the room service guy and for us to fuck some more. .



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