Storm Child part 7


     My first thought was to look around, and see if any sharp implements were being held by Amanda. I could feel my cock shrinking rapidly with the fright, popping out of Amanda's cum filled center. Jenna jumped on us, wrapping her arms around my neck.

     Jenna leaned in, and whispered in my ear, "Relax Daddy, relax, don't be frightened, we had this all planned!"

     "That's right sweetheart, Jenna and I set this up to happen!" Amanda joined in.

     Calming down, and now intrigued, I wanted to hear all about it.

     "Jenna came to me just after that time she told you about seeing your hard cock, and how much she wanted it. At 16, I felt that she was just a bit too young at that age but I made her a promise that if she still felt the same at 18, Daddy would get to take her. After all, I was 18 when my Daddy popped my cherry!" Amanda said.

     I was thunderstruck, that was something I had never heard, as Amanda related how her Daddy had deflowered her.

     "I was just as hot and horny for my Daddy as our sweet Jenna was for you, darling. I thought it might take some persuasion on my part to get my Daddy, so while he was asleep, I slipped into his bed, nude, when Mom was away for a few days. It did indeed take a bit of persuasion, but with my young, nude body pressed against him, my hand stroking his cock up to a full, very stiff erection, he was no longer reluctant.   My Daddy was so loving, so gentle, and so in control when he took me, he made sure I was fired up, fiery and oh so wet with a wonderful session of foreplay before he positioned himself, and slid in slowly. I was so wet, so slick and so hot for Daddy's wonderful cock that I felt just a quick zing of pain, just a twinge when he broke my hymen, surging in to fill me. The pain went away so quick, being replaced by a burst of pleasure, I happily gave myself up to him, and urged him on to explode, to fill his daughter with his thick sperm. He rode me, gently and deeply, each in-thrust made me pant with longing, waiting until my virgin pussy exploded wildly around his cock, and then he let that hot load of sperm gush inside me, and I thought I had died and gone to heaven.

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   My Daddy and I repeated that wonderful lovemaking several times, until I went to college and met you. I wonder how much, if anything, Mom knew about it, I never told her, but she seemed to have a secret smile at certain times, when she glanced at Daddy and me. "

     Continuing on, she said, "So, when Jenna turned 18, and told me that she wanted you more than ever, we set it up. I gave her my dildo, so she could break her hymen, and waited for the next storm. She would of course, jump into our bed, I would depart with the story about Jenna being restless during the night. Before she could thrash around and wake you, you woke up, thinking I was still next to you, and you took Jenna as you normally would take me during the night. I was standing there, listening to the grunts, growls and the sounds of passion you were making, as Daddy and my daughter got to feel the passionate eruption that flooded Jenna with the rich, liquid warmth of Daddy's incestuous sperm. "

     "I crept out of the bedroom, and in Jenna's bed, I fingered my cunt wildly, I was soaking, and I came 3 times in a row, thinking about what it must have looked like, for my husband and my daughter to be locked in that incestuous embrace, Daddy's manhood deep within his daughter's virginity, gushing his passion into her, remembering when I was the daughter getting her virginity opened up, with my Daddy gushing his sweet cream into me. "

     Jenna took over, "Daddy, Mom has heard about everything we did. My mission was to entice you to take me in the light of day, seeing your daughter's body pinned by your hard cock, knowing that your eager cock was deep inside your daughter's fiery velvet, not in the darkness thinking I'm Mom. I would go online and message Mom in the evening, and tell her all the hot positions we tried. I especially like the cowgirl and reverse cowgirl style, riding my Daddy's stiff prick felt so awesome. And I would tell her about how wonderful it was to taste your cum, and the passionate 69s we enjoyed. "

     Amanda then continued, "So darling, I came home on an early afternoon flight today, not tomorrow like you had thought, that was another part of the plan, the conference had ended at noon. I had been masturbating up a storm every night, Jenna's heated relating of what you did drove me almost crazy, and I would be rubbing my aching heat over and over, cumming like crazy every night, all alone in my hotel bed, so far away at the conference.

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   Jenna wanted to get you out of the house for dinner, so I could slip in, and give Daddy a big surprise!"

     Jenna giggled, and took over, "We had decided to give you a surprise by recreating the stormy night, the glorious deflowering, the storm was just a happy fluke, otherwise I would have turned all the lights out, hoping the bedroom was dark enough to cover up our plan. "

     Amanda said, "I got a cab at the airport, my cab was just around the corner, the driver was happy to wait and let the meter run. When I saw your car pull away, the cab took me to the door, and I let myself in. I jumped into the shower, and shaved my pussy bare and smooth, so you would think I was Jenna. Actually, it feels very sexy to have myself bare and hair free, and with Jenna's vivid description of how sexy you found her bare, smooth mound, I think I'm gonna keep mine just like that.

I used two fresh towels to dry myself, and then hid them in Jenna's room, so you would have no idea. I waited in Jenna's room, the power went out, and I heard Jenna enter. "

     Jenna said, "I told Mom it was time, that Daddy was very horny, and it was time for Mom to feel what it felt like when Daddy took me. So we both changed into panties and  T shirts, and Mom led the way, followed very closely by me. We climbed onto the bed together, that was a delicate thing, and I positioned myself right next to Mom. The idea was for me to vocalize, if Mom wanted to speak something hot during your lovemaking, she would squeeze my hand, and I would respond, so you would think I was the one you were plunging into. Gasps and moans wouldn't give it away, but our different voice patterns would. When you whispered to Mom about how her cunt was so hot and so wet and tight, it was easy to respond as if it were me. And then, I could tell Mom was on the brink of orgasm when she squeezed my hand, and it was easy to vocalize as if I was cumming hard on your cock. "

     Amanda sighed, "And it felt so wonderful to feel you deep inside me, jetting your spray of hot cum into my needy cunt.


   With you thinking I was Jenna, I found it very easy to fantasize, remembering what it was like when I was the daughter, and my Daddy deflowered me on a night very similar to this one. My god, I thought my cunt was gonna explode, a week without your nice hard cock to fuck me, and then the remembered time of my first passionate coupling with my Daddy. "

     I was fascinated, awestruck, and very surprised, all at the same time. Horniness was making a steady gain, and Jenna sighed as saw my cock starting to rise, looking for some more.

     Amanda cooed, "Ah yes, Daddy's ready for more. Now that I'm here, show me what you've been doing baby, show Mom how you sucked and fucked Daddy, I want to watch it all!"

     I lay back, seeing Amanda laying next to us, on her side, her eyes glowing as she watched us. Jenna crouched over my legs, and her hand circled my hard cock, and she squeezed it gently. She moved her hand slowly up and down, relishing the feel as my cock throbbed with eagerness in her hands. Pulling down on the foreskin, exposing my cock head, she brought her full lips to the head of my cock, and began to kiss my cock lightly, her lips brushing the head. Looking down at my sweet daughter's head full of blonde hair, watching her as she worked over my cock, I saw her tongue snake out, and she began to lick gently at the head of my cock. I moaned with pleasure at the sensation, and her tongue began to roam all over my throbbing cock, over the shaft, up and down the length. Returning to the head of my cock, she parted her lips, and her mouth slid down over my cock. I groaned with pleasure, from the feel of her hot wet mouth engulfing my cock. She slid her mouth down, until my cock was in, right to the balls. She slid her mouth up, until just the head was in her mouth, then down, taking in my entire length again.

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     "Yes, oh yes, just like the way I sucked my Daddy's cock, and the way I love to suck your Daddy", Amanda whispered, "but sweetheart, don't cum in Jenna's sexy mouth, I need to see you fucking her, so you can complete your passion inside Jenna's sweet cunt, and give her Daddy's hot incestuous sperm, fuck, watching is driving me crazy!"

       Jenna kept it up, sliding up and down my throbbing length again and again, and the sensation was making my toes curl with pleasure. I knew I was damn close.

     "Jenna baby, I'm almost there, climb aboard baby girl, and ride me!"

     With a happy smile, she stripped off her panties and T shirt, the sight of our naked daughter as she squatted above me drove me to a steel hard eagerness. She faced me, with a smile of desire she then notched me against her and pushed down hard, taking me in with one big push, impaling herself right to the balls.

    All three of us moaned from the sensation, Jenna from being penetrated, myself from having my cock wrapped deep in her fiery pleasure well, and Amanda from watching the action.

         She started to rock herself on my cock, slowly at first, then her desire urged her on, and she started to ride me harder and faster, her hips pumping up and down. The feel of her wrapped tightly around me, liked a velvet line glove, stroking me again and again in that pleasure grip, seeing her gorgeous breasts bouncing up and down in time with her thrusting motions, and watching the joy and delight play across her face as she rode me, fired me up, and I could feel my balls churning wildly, then the jerk and swelling of my cock head, piercing her cervix, bringing a cry of pleasure.

         "Yes, yes, oh so deep, I can feel my Daddy's gonna cum again, flood me, fill your daughter, give my womb Daddy's sperm, cum in me, cum with me, yes, fuck, fuck, YEESSSS!"   

         She exploded with a howl of pleasure as her quivering teen walls clamped tightly around me. Her pussy was rippling with the exciting tight spasms again, milking my aching cock tightly, and it again took me over the edge. I bucked up hard into her as I exploded, my cock squirting inside her fiery hot tunnel, pumping a fresh volley of thick, hot spunk upwards into her womb, the rippling spasms of her orgasm draining me. Exhausted for the moment, she collapsed forward onto me.
         As we drifted down from our orgasms, she looked into my face, smiling, and looking over at Amanda. Amanda lay back, beckoning her, and Jenna got the idea. She squatted over Amanda's face, Amanda was very eager to lick out my load.

         I quickly got my face between Amanda's sexy thighs, and started to lick wildly at the fiery, soaking lust pit her cunt had become.

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       It took maybe 30 seconds before her cunt exploded, juices gushing from her heat, her pussy muffled howls of pleasure urging me on, and I kept licking her, listening to her orgasms slam into her, one after the other, Jenna's howl of her second orgasm joining, I lifted my head up to see Jenna squirting wildly, giving Amanda a juicy facial. Fuck, it was incredible, my cock jumped back up, and I quickly mounted my sexy wife, her growl of pleasure urging me on as I penetrated, feeling the eager tightness of her wrap around me. Jenna was face to face with me, she grabbed my head and squished her lips tightly against mine, her tongue pushing my lips open, and racing into my mouth.

         Amanda was into a multi-orgasm spiral, her body shaking as her climaxes slammed into her.   Jenna's tongue dueling with mine, and the rippling, non-stop spasms took me up and up, until with a roar of pleasure, my orgasm hit me, squirting a last small volley  deep inside, but having my cock blazing with the sensation, burning tingles of pleasure racing up and down my pulsing prick as Amanda's tight, sexy heat milked my cock greedily for every drop.   

         I collapsed, totally spent, wow, had I ever been drained. I felt two warm, sexy nude bodies cuddling in next to me, and I could see the smiling faces of my wife and my daughter.

         "Since I have the next few days off, I want to spend those days by seeing all the sexy positions you and Jenna tried, then, after you've had some recovery time, you are going to fuck me that same way, both of us are going to keep your cock busy, now that you'll have two hot, sexy ladies to satisfy from now on! Think you can keep up with us?" Amanda cooed, a teasing note in her voice.

         Jenna giggled, "Oh, from the way Daddy was always 'up' for the challenge, I think my sexy Daddy will be ready whenever we beckon to him, and show him our goodies!"

         I lay back, smiling, yes indeed, with such a sexy wife and daughter, cuddled against me, eager to make me their sexual playtoy, I was ready to assume such a wonderful role.