Storm Child chapter 3


     Since I have requests for this, this is my version of Storm Child, chapter 3. I must give credit to Oedipusrex73, my versions were inspired by the Storm Child stories published by Oedipusrex73, and I hope you like it.

     During dinner, Amanda gave us some news.

     "Oh, at work today, they told me that I have to attend a 5 day business conference in Portland, starting on Monday.   So I'm going to fly out on Friday, so I can visit my parents since they live just 6 miles north of Portland, in Vancouver. I can stay at their house over the weekend, and on Monday, I'll check into my hotel, and I'll be back next Friday afternoon. "

     I could see that sly look cross Jenna's face, and she said, "Ok Mom, we'll hold down the fort here, and I'll make sure that Daddy is well taken care off!"

     I had a pretty good idea how well I would be taken care off, and I both dreaded and eagerly awaited it, hating the idea of being unfaithful, but knowing that the feel of Jenna's eager teen tightness around my cock would make me powerless to stop my sexy daughter's advances.

     Friday afternoon, we took Amanda to the airport, she kissed us goodbye, and said, "Now you both look after each other, and I'll see you next week. "

     Returning home, I took Jenna out for dinner, and we talked about the usual stuff, avoiding any mention of what had happened, and what probably would happen. I waited a couple of hours after she went to bed, before I retired. I lay awake for ages, until I finally drifted off.

     Waking the next morning, I was amazed to find that Jenna had not crept in during the night. Relief, and truth be told, some disappointment. I could smell the wonderful aroma of crispy bacon cooking, and I headed downstairs. At the range top, Jenna was cooking up scrambled eggs and bacon, I saw her from behind as I entered the kitchen, and I could feel my cock tent up, bulging against my pyjamas, the sight of my sexy daughter, and what she was wearing, made my cock swell quickly. She was wearing a tight pink T shirt, that ended just above her navel, and a tight, form fitting pair of black tanga panties, that just barely covered half of her ass cheeks, leaving my eyes locked on her half naked globes.

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   The panties clung to her shapely globes, clearly outlining the crevice between those sexy ass cheeks. Since she expected a good morning kiss from me every day, she turned to me. Her breasts pressed against the T shirt, I could see her hard nipples poking out the fabric. I could see a very fine, blonde trail of hair, like peach fuzz, stretching down from her navel, almost like an arrow pointing to where she wanted me to go, ending just above where her panties started. My cock throbbed to see her panties covering her smooth shaven mound, the same, bare, bald pussy my cock had plunged into those few nights ago. She crossed the distance between us, wrapped her arms around me, and gave me a passion filled smooch.

     "Good morning Daddy", she chirped, "I have breakfast all ready for you, unless you'd like to feast on something else first. "

     My cock was now rock hard and throbbing, I saw her sexy smile as she felt it pressing against her. Her hand reached down, caressing the hard, eager stiffness through my pyjamas, she knew she had me right where she wanted me, she slipped her hand in, and I felt her fingers wrap around my cock, and my last little bit of resistance melted away like ice in a July heat wave as I returned the kiss. I quickly covered her mouth with my mouth, we kept our lips and tongues passionately against each other, until we broke and came up for air, my daughter's face was flushed, her breathing deep. I could feel my heart pounding, my cock throbbing in her hand, I needed her, now.

     "I thought you might, I have something extra special for you. Oh yes, my Daddy's so ready, so hard, and as your daughter, I must do something about that. I promised Mom I'd take very good care of you, and especially your needs. Why don't you go back to bed, I'll put our breakfast in the oven to keep it warm, and I'll join you very soon, I'm going to slip into something more comfortable," Jenna cooed.

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     Back in bed, I had a case of stoneware cock. Damn, I could not resist her, she was way too sexy for me to say no. Ten minutes later, and WOW, what an entrance she made. She was wearing a see thru, pink, baby doll nightie, that just barely covered the cheeks of her ass. Oh, I could see everything, covered with that thin gauze of nightgown, her bare, smooth and wildly sexy pubic area, and the cheeks of her ass displayed like that made my cock rock hard, throbbing, and very needy. The only other thing she wore, was the bright, passion filled smile as she entered the bedroom.

     "Umm, oh yeah, I will take care of Daddy the best way I can. It felt so good to feel you going off inside me the other night. I bought this the very next day, I wanted to give you something sexy and hot to look at. I wanted to come to you last night but I made myself wait. In the darkness, it might have been too easy for you to make believe I was Mom, and you were giving your love to Mom in the darkness. Now, I want to do it in the morning light, and face to face, so you can see me, your daughter, knowing and eager to fuck me, as you bury your cock deep inside me, and I can see my Daddy's face as your throbbing cock explodes your hot load deep inside me, filling me with your thick sperm. "

     At the mention of sperm, I jumped, "Baby, can you get. . .

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  , I mean sperm can make you. . . "

     Jenna giggled, and said, "No Daddy, I won't get pregnant. Remember how bad my acne was when I was 16, and then it cleared up? That's because I got a prescription for the Ortho Tri Cylcen birth control pill, since it controls acne better that any of that over the counter stuff. So, I am protected, you can let your load go, and not worry. "

     I relaxed, phew, what a load off my mind that was.

     I asked, "The other night, you were so tight around me, were you still a virgin?"

     Jenna giggled, and said, "Yes and no. I broke my hymen two weeks ago with a dildo, so that you would not have a mess of blood to deal with. But, only a dildo, no cock has been inside me, and as soon as I felt my hymen tear open, as much as I wanted to thrust it in, and fuck myself silly, I resisted the urge. I kept my inner pussy tight and unopened for your cock, so in the way that counts, you did take my virginity, and it was glorious! I've wanted you ever since I was 16, when one stormy night, I crept into bed while you were asleep, the storm had not awakened you or Mom. You must have made love before I entered, as both of you were completely nude, and your night clothes were strewn all over the bedroom. When you and Mom get horny, you don't waste time!"

     She giggled again, and continued, "I slid in, and you were in the middle, with Mom over on the other side, and you moved in your sleep, disturbed the blankets, and I saw your cock, it was stiff, so hard and so big, it looked beautiful.

It looked like it was reaching out to me, it made me shiver with pleasure, the idea that Daddy's cock was that close, you don't know how close I came to touching it, I just wanted to wrap my hands around your stiff cock and big balls, have Daddy touch me the way that you touch Mom, and have Daddy love me the way I heard you loving Mom. A few times, when it was not stormy, I'd creep down the hall, and peek in at you and Mom.

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   I'd watch Mom sucking your cock, wishing that it was my mouth that was wrapped around your big, hard cock. Watching you fucking wildly, and hearing the moans, grunts and howls of pleasure, it just made my pussy ache, and I'd watch until you exploded your big load deep inside Mom, then I'd creep back to bed, and masturbate furiously, imagining that I sucking your hard cock, that I was under you, your hard cock driving deep into me, until my aching pussy would explode! The idea just stayed with me, building up, making me more and more eager for my Daddy, and 2 weeks ago, I broke my hymen, and decided that the next stormy night, I was going to do something about it. When I was in your bed during the storm, I had an idea, and I thrashed about, pretending that I was restless, so that Mom would not get any sleep, and as I hoped, she departed for my room. Then, I eased over to the middle of the bed, and was just about to do the same restless act to wake you up, when you rolled over, and wrapped your arms around me. I held my breath, as you started to slide your hands all over my body, until I realized that in the dark, you thought I was Mom. I was as hot and eager for your cock as Mom would be, and when you slid that hard cock into me, it felt like nothing else in my life, my defloration was perfect, and I want you again Daddy, and I know you want me, your hard stiff cock isn't lying. "

     I watched, entranced, as Jenna's body seemed to float towards me. My daughter's sexy breasts, nestled in the cups of her nightie, are just as hot and enchanting as her Mom's, gorgeous full C cups, capped with the same stiff, perky nipples. The sight of her bare, smooth shaven pussy drove my cock up to a steely hardness, damn, it was the hottest sight I'd ever seen. I could see those tight lips, just slightly parted, and I was eager to give my daughter a tongue bath, and slide my tongue right inside, to taste her.

     "Come on over here baby, you are going to get a tongue bath, I need to lick you all over" I growled huskily.

     Her eyes were lambent, with an almost feral glow, as she lay down, the hem of her nightgown was just above her sexy entrance as she spread her legs for me, letting me see her soft, inner pinkness, dewy and wet. I took her in my arms, felt her holding me close, and I plunged my lips down onto Jenna's, her tongue eagerly reached out, probing my lips, and I opened my mouth to hers, our tongues meeting, tasting, probing, driving my cock up to a new hardness, fuck, my cock had never felt so hard. Our gasps were muffled, I broke the kiss, asked Jenna to hike her nightgown up above her breasts, and ran my tongue down into the valley between her breasts. I licked her breasts, ran my tongue over her stiff nipples, sucked and very gently nipped at them, listening to her gasps of pleasure.

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   I ran my tongue, down, down over her navel, sliding it closer and closer. I licked all over her smooth shaven pubic area, smelling the rich scent of my Jenna in full heat.

     "Ooh Daddy, quit teasing me! Get your mouth in there, and lick me, I'm almost crazy for the feel of your tongue!"

     Positioning myself, I spread her legs, and could see those tight, sexy lips, just slightly parted, and I ran my tongue up and down her tight opening, pulling apart her tight lips gently, I ran my tongue deep into her almost virgin tightness, Jenna gave a squeal of pleasure as she felt my tongue pull out, and flick lightly at her clit. I slipped my tongue back up, and pulled out, repeating the flicking at her clit. Her clit quickly stiffened up, her breathing starting to come in short, shallow gasps.

     I whispered to her, "Now, my sweet baby, I'm going to make you cum. "

     I quickly surrounded her throbbing clit, and ran my tongue all over her throbbing button, listening to her panting, gasping and moaning. She stiffened suddenly, her body started to shake.

     "Cumming, my god I'm cumming, oh yes, yes, YES!"

     She let out a howl of pleasure, her pussy dissolving as a wash of hot juices gushed, she grunted and moaned, pushing her dripping young pussy at my mouth with a force, mopping my face down with her juices, giving me lots of sweet nectar to taste. I rose up, my cock was throbbing and aching. Going to fuck her, going to fuck my daughter, ran through me mind over and over. The first time I fucked her, it was the middle of the night, thinking she was my wife. Right now, in the clear light of day, I could see my daughter's face smiling up at me, her sexy body wearing that racy, pink, baby doll nightie, her thighs parted, so eager and so ready for her Daddy's hard cock, no longer any question about who I was going to bury my cock into, and it just drove my lust and desire higher, my cock had never felt so hard.

     "Yes, oh yes, bring your cock to me Daddy. I'm your daughter, you are not going to fuck me thinking I'm Mom now, you are going to give your own sweet daughter an incestuous fuck, see, feel and know that your stiff cock will be buried up my tight, eager pussy, give me the same kind of fuck that Mom is lucky enough to get, and this time, you will know that your load will be gushing hotly into your own daughter's pink folds!"

     I quickly notched my prick against Jenna, and pushed forward, slowly impaling my daughter's hot center, both of us giving out sighs and moans of drawn out pleasure, my daughter was so tight around my cock, until my 7 inches were buried in, balls deep.

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   The tight gripping cling around my cock made me sizzle, and I felt Jenna's legs come up, and wrap around my waist.

     Jenna cried out, "Yes, oh my god, my Daddy feels so good deep inside me. Ride me hard Daddy, and let your load go, you are giving your very own daughter a loving, incestuous fuck, I want the that nice, juicy morning load, that you saved up for your sexy daughter, I want it, and I want it now!"

     The sensation of being in my daughter right to the balls, and the knowledge that we were doing something so forbidden just made it all the more heated. I pulled back, and got a rhythm going, pulling out halfway, then plunging deep, watching the bliss and joy play across my daughter's face made me groan with lust, she looked so damn sexy. I started to fuck her faster, feeling her inner pussy loosening up a bit, as she adjusted to my 7 inches. Jenna kept her eyes wide open, looking deep into mine, she wanted to look at me all the time I was inside her.

     Jenna gasped, "Kiss me Daddy, not like your daughter, but like a lover, kiss me while you fuck me, just like Mom!"

     I quickly covered her mouth, opening to me, letting my tongue slide right in, and our lips clung to each other, the heated, tongue filled swirls of passion made my cock throb and tingle, the spunk getting ready to blow. She kept her eyes wide open, I picked up the pace, Jenna's body was virtually vibrating, she broke the kiss, starting to pant, and told me what she wanted.     

     "Oh Yes, Daddy, fuck me, fuck me, let me have it, I want to feel your throbbing cock exploding and squirting wildly inside me, filling me with a hot load of Daddy's hot, incestuous spunk. Ride your daughter, fuck me, let me have it, make me cum, and explode your load deep inside me, fill up my womb just like the last time!"

     I lasted another 18 seconds, then the heated lust and the sexy, forbidden but oh-so-hot nature of fucking my daughter made my balls lurch, and I knew I was gonna explode.

     I growled out, "Fuck, oh fuck baby, gonna cum, gonna fill you sweetheart, yes, yes, YES!"

     My daughter howled, "Yes, do it, fill me, oh my God, cumming, oh fuck I'm cumming, shoot it, squirt it, yes, yes YES!"

     I could feel her body tense up, wrapping tightly around me, and a drawn out keening wail of pleasure filled the bedroom. Her pussy clamped down, became the ultimate gripping tightness, milking at my cock, and I went over the edge with her. My cock swelled up tight, drawing a growl of pleasure from her as I pierced her cervix, my cock head at the entrance to her very womb. The look of orgasmic rapture on her face brought on the explosion, and I howled as I went off, my cock tossing off wildly deep inside my daughter's tight teen cunt, my throbbing prick jetting Daddy's hot incestuous sperm directly into her eager womb, that thought just drove me on, my cock jerking in repeated pulses, each pulse squirted more hot spunk, it seemed to go on and on, pouring my incestuous seed deep inside her over and over again, the spasms milking me wildly, making sure that she got every drop of my morning load.

     As the orgasmic sensations started to ebb, I gently rolled her over onto our sides, and looked into her eyes.

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   She gave me back a calm, satisfied look, no guilt, no shame, just sheer enjoyment at what we had done. I embraced her closely, knowing that I had just fucked my daughter again, this time, with full knowledge that I had fucked her, but, truth be told, I wouldn't take it back.

     Jenna whispered, "What are you thinking about Daddy?"

     I replied, "That I'm starving!"

     Jenna giggled, then said, "They we must go off to the kitchen, my Daddy needs to be fed! And after you have been fed, I want to suck your cock, and feel your wet spray in my mouth. Judging from watching Mom sucking you off, and the joyous expression she has when you fill her mouth, I want to enjoy that first hand!"

     I smiled at her eager desire for me, and soon, she was setting out our warm plates of bacon and eggs, and as I watched her at the toaster, wearing her white terry cloth robe and fuzzy slippers, I knew that I would need her again. A one time thing, no way, and if I was taking a huge gamble, so be it.