Step Daughter and I Finally Get Along


Laura and I are truly like oil and water. For years we'd just rubbed each other the wrong way. I was a disciplinarian and her mother was so not. Laura got her way before I came along and she liked it like that. Naturally to her I was the big mean prick. For years the tension was just beneath the surface or making huge waves on the surface, but as Laura matured I decided to try and be less me and her and I became closer. Not buddy-buddy but at least friendly and decent to each other. It led to many unexpected events.

Laura's mom, my wife, traveled sometimes in her work and Laura and I were left to fend for ourselves. In the last few years Laura had taken to taking care of me when her mom was gone. She would see to it I ate something and she would hang out and talk to me. It was refreshing and we always got along great at these times.

Lately Laura and I had found ourselves sitting together on the couch watching TV or something. We would play around innocently and that made us more trusting toward each other. A couple weeks ago as Laura and I were sitting talking I made a joke and she kicked me. I grabbed her foot and held onto it and would not let it go.

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   I told her I would tickle her to extract my pound of flesh. She squealed and kicked at me, then she said "Oh, that feels good Bob" referring to me holding her feet. "Rub my feet," she asked.

I rubbed each foot in turn and I found it a bonding experience and she did too. She closed her eyes and purred her enjoyment. "God Bob, you have such skilled hands. " then she looked up and smiled and added "no wonder mom married you," she joked. The look in her eyes was interesting to say the least and since that day I noticed she looks at me differently. Her tone of voice is softer, more little girl like, more welcoming and just plain enjoyable.

Then there were the times we found ourselves standing close to each other. She and I would often brush against each other and she no longer acted as if I was intruding on her space like she did when she was a smart assed teenager who hated me with a passion. Sometimes she'd even walk up to me and poke me in the side or something to mess with me. I found myself really enjoying her company. Our interactions became more frequent and softer. As my wife's next trip loomed it seemed Laura and I were paling around the house plenty.

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   I began to develop "thoughts" that I should not have had.

Laura was 22 and lived at home. She was lazy and unmotivated and that used to be a plentiful source of tension, but now not so much. She was average height and weight and fairly attractive but her eyes were mesmerizing. Of course toward me they used to be narrow and suspecting, but now I could see the deep pools of intelligence and warmth. I was for sure growing attracted to my step daughter. I tried to deny I was, but it was a failing effort. I wanted her around and would play and interact with her at every available opportunity.

The cab came and picked up my wife at about 8AM that morning. No sooner than the cab was out of sight then Laura appeared, sleepy but cheerful - another new trick for her. She liked to sleep late and was decidedly unfriendly in the mornings usually. She came down the steps in her sleeping shirt - an old oversized t-shirt of mine that just barely covered her ass cheeks. I made coffee and she sat at the table and asked if I would make her a cup. She crossed her legs sitting at the table and I could see her thigh all the way up to her ass - she was not wearing underwear or a bra, so but for a thin t-shirt she was naked and I was growing excited at the sight.

I made her a cup and we sat together - me beside her - and we drank our coffee.

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   She got kind of playful and asked "So now that the cat is away, what shall the mice do to play?" I chuckled but Laura's look, while one could claim was innocent as were her words, was more serious and piercing. Those light blue eyes looked through me and I felt like a kid with a crush. Laura smiled a little grin and rose and trotted to the front room window. She bent slightly at the waist and her ass cheeks were there for the world to see.

"Hey girl, that's a lot of butt cheek to be hanging out there," I joked, only halfheartedly, for I enjoyed it and wanted her to know it too. She looked over her shoulder at me and grabbed the side of the hem and pulled it down as if to cover herself and I remarked "Too much ass for that little bit of t-shirt to cover. " Then she sunk me. She let go of the material and pulled it up to show me her whole ass - there was a thong but nothing more. She looked back at me again and said "Big deal. You're an old man anyway! At worst you'll just have a heart attack," as she shot me her quick toothy smile.

"Old?" I barked back. "Old?" She smiled very pleased with herself. "Girl, I'll show you old" I joked. I was 44 to her 22 so old to her, but a lot of women I met thought I was not too old to play with, for I had plenty of them wanting to play. Then it happened.

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   She turned and looked at me with real sincerity crossed with exceptional nervousness and false bravado and added "Show me Bob. " The look in her pools of deep blue expression betrayed a pent up longing. I looked at her unsure, but her eyes and body language were clear. Laura pulled at the material of her hem as if a nervous child and batted her long eyelashes at me. The hem of her sleeping shirt was being pulled up slightly to show some hip.

"Show you, huh?" I nervously replied. She stood with her back against the wall and put on her best helpless little girl look. I was ready to leap across the room and engulf her in lustful pursuit. I leaned back in my chair and looked her in the eyes for her to see I was not playing any longer. From her expression clearly neither was she. "Come here Laura," I said and she began to approach me, hesitantly at first but with more determination as she neared. "Yes Sir?" she coyly said as she neared me. "Am I going to be punished for being a bad little girl, daddy?" In all our years she'd never called me that - joking or otherwise. She still nervously pulled at the hem as she approached me, but her eyes never wavered in being locked onto my gaze. I could see her nipples harden under the thin material and her arms were covered with goosebumps.

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I decided to pick up on her lead. "Yes child," I gruffed at her. "You are being bad, and I think it is my duty to correct you. " A slight smile appeared at the corner of her lips. "I have been very bad, so I guess I have it coming. Shall I lay across your lap, daddy?" I slid my chair back and she did. She laid on my legs and then pulled her t-shirt up to expose her ass. It was fabulous. I ran my hand along her plentiful ass cheeks. "This ass definitely needs some discipline, doesn't it Laura?" I asked. "Yes daddy!" she replied quickly. She wanted this and I did too. I took my hand and swatted her right ass cheek, not too hard but enough to leave a slight red mark. She jumped, yelped a bit and said "Ewwww!" "More?" I asked. "Does my very bad little girl need more correction?" "Yes please Sir," she replied and I gave her another 5 wacks on the same cheek.

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   It grew rather red.

"Better now?" I asked her. "Yes, but now the other cheek is jealous," she emphatically stated. I gave it 6 licks to even them up. She squirmed. "May I rise daddy?" she innocently inquired. I let go of her and she slid off my lap and stood before me. Deciding to play the role to the hilt she looked at my crotch and said "What's that daddy?" she asked, playing the little girl all the way. My cock was filling my gym shorts. I looked up at her and she had one fingertip in her mouth. I lost it.

I grabbed her and pulled her to my lap again, this time in a sitting position. She threw her arms around my neck and kissed me. Her mouth opened and her tongue searched mine. Our passion was out of this world.

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       She began to whimper and make little noises as we kissed. She took my hand and placed it on her right "C" cup tit. Her grip around my neck tightened and our tonguing grew more reckless and impassioned. I took my free hand and let it grip her hair by her scalp. I pulled her head back a bit and began to kiss her neck and shoulders. Her nipples were stiff and pronounced.

    Letting go of her scalp and breast, she read my mind. She gently lifted from me and sat on the edge of the table. I stood and she pulled off her t-shirt and watched with eagerness as I dropped my shorts and my strong cock popped free. She reached down, cooed and began to rub me, pulling on my cock as it filled her hand and and then some. She traced her fingertip around the head and looked up at me. "Fuck me daddy" she pleaded. I closed the 12 inch gap between us and she locked her arms around my neck and looked me in the eye as I slipped my cock into her soaking wet pussy. Her eyes were commanding and piercing.

    Her warmth engulfed me as I penetrated her and she started kissing me again.

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       It was hot beyond belief. I could not believe my former arch enemy was holding on to me for her life as she thrust back at me as I fucked her. The passion and longing had been overwhelming and it did not take long for me to begin to feel like my cum was on it's way. Laura Held on for dear life as I grew closer to dumping my load. I tried to hold off but I was around the bend fucking this hot young woman. "I going to cum!" I grunted. She held on tighter and whispered "Me too," softly into my ear. We came in unison.

    She thrust back onto me as we pleased each other. I could feel her pert titties smashed on my chest as she held on tight. I stood still, my cock buried all the way in her. She gasped and sort of hummed as she orgasmed from my fucking her. We stood like that for about 30 seconds, just holding onto each other as the waves of pent up pleasure subsided. "Wow!" she uttered still locked onto my neck. I wanted more.

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       I lifted her by her ass and carried her still impaled on my cock. I carried her up the stairs to her room and gently sat her down on her bad, still in her all the way. She began to thrust back at me gently and my cock returned to a steel-like state as I began to pump her more vigorously than on the kitchen table.

    She spread her legs, locked her hands behind my neck and lifted her head to watch my cock piston her cunt. She stared at my cock slamming in her. She looked up at me, her mouth hanging open. I kissed her for all I was worth and we became lost in sheer passion. The fucking went on for another 6 or 7 minutes, her cumming twice more before I felt my load building to another release. My sweat dripped onto her bare chest as I pile drove her. She met every thrust until finally I shot my second load into her. I collapsed onto her chest and she peppered me with kisses as I regained my breath.

    I rolled from her and lay on her bed, now regrets appearing, supplanting the passion of the last 30 minutes. She threw her leg over me and snuggled up to me. "Ya know I do love you Bob," she whispered. I looked at her and she sheepishly confessed, "I really do.

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       I have had a crush on you forever. I just hated you fucking my mom and not me," she admitted. I looked at her totally shocked. She was tearing up. Who was this strange and fascinating woman I wondered to myself.

    We began kissing again and she was rubbing my cock again. Despite my 44 years it was hardening again. I think I was falling in love with my step daughter. We kissed passionately and she climbed on me and slowly rode me. Our lovemaking became deliberate and very emotionally intense. We kissed as lovers as we slowly pleased each other again.

    Her next orgasm was tender and slow coming on, but she seemed to enjoy it more than the others as we kissed throughout her gushing waves of pleasure. She dismounted me and slipped down, laid her head on my thighs and looked up at me as she stroked and sucked me. I tensed up and she knew I was coming. She engulfed the head in her mouth and pumped my shaft with her hand.


       As I started to come she removed her mouth and stroked me until my cum leaped out of my cock head and onto her face and hair as well as my belly. She then took me back into her mouth and gently sucked me until I was flaccid and spent.

    She crawled back up to my chest and laid her head on my chest. We lay in each other's arms. I drifted in pleasurable near sleep dreaming of this woman who made me crazy. What would the future hold I wondered as my brain grew to desire her even more? Only time would tell, I concluded as slumber took me over and I slipped into lustful dreamland. I was falling in love with Laura. .