Staying With My Brother


My mind drifting back towards sleep, I was thinking back to when I first developed these feelings for my older brother Ron………………………. . I was eleven years old, nearing twelve and my body was changing rapidly. My breasts were already nearing a B-cup and I had a fair amount of hair forming between my legs. My hair was a natural sandy blonde and I was just less than 5 feet tall. My growing pussy hair was also light but slightly darker than my blonde hair. I was becoming aware of my sexuality as I noticed how my body was reacting differently to my own touch. At that point in my life, the only male I could think of was my older brother Ron. Ron was 22 years old and had just come home from serving 4 years in the Air Force. He was in great shape, very handsome and fun to be around. Ron was around 5ft. 10, brown hair, with these sexy blue-green eyes and around 185 pounds. He had turned into a man while he was away, a real hard body that even a young girl took notice of. I felt these strong sexual attractions towards him, which were the fuel for my sexual explorations of my newly developing body. When I showered I thought of him, rubbing my soapy hands across my nipples, trying to imagine they were his hands touching me, I’d feel them grow and harden to my touch. My heart rate would increase as my hand dropped across my soapy wet stomach, stopping at the soft sparse growth of pussy hair, anticipating what was to come next.

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  My fingers sought out, finding my erect clit, rolling it between my fingers. Each time I touched myself, the feelings became stronger and stronger, until one day I had my first orgasm. I softly hissed my brother’s name as I came for the first time. My body shuddered and trembled as I leaning against the shower wall, feeling the hot water pulsing over my tingling body. My brother lived at home for the next 3 years until he found this small house, the house where my fantasies finally came true. During those 3 years, as my hips widened and my breasts filled out, I noticed Ron taking more and more interest in me, his little sister. I would make it a point to wear only sheer little panties, covering my boobs with a towel, when I’d go from the bathroom to my bedroom after my shower. I’d pass Ron’s room slowly, always allowing him to get a peek at my sexy butt encased in those sexy panties. I wanted desperately to turn him on, to make him see how sexy I was becoming. Sometimes I’d stop and talk to him for several minutes, taking notice of his eyes wandering up and down my body. He always seemed to be in his room, lying on his bed reading something, after my shower. “Hey Ron, what are you reading?” He said something but I was too sexually aroused to actually hear what he said as I took in the muscular view of his sexy legs. “Amy, you OK?” Ron said as I came out of my lustful trance. Blushing, I replied, “Yeh, I’m fine. The hot shower made me a little light headed.

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  ”My big brother just grinned saying, “Well you better go to your room to cool off. ” As he stared at my pussy through the sheer pink bikini panties I had on. I turned slowly, looked over my shoulder just in time to see him rub his hard cock through his sweat pants, as I pranced down the hall to my room. One day while talking to him, I acted like I dropped my towel, giving him a quick glimpse of my bibbys as I quickly grabbed the towel and ran to my room, acting embarrassed. This after shower ritual continued but I noticed Ron was getting bolder and bolder each time. In the beginning he usually wore sweat pants and a t-shirt, then he was shirtless and finally he was only wearing these worn out short black gym shorts with nothing underneath. These gym shorts were torn up the sides, giving me a good view of his firm tight buttocks. I would get wet just looking at his muscular body, each time seeing more of him. When I say more of him, it got to the point where I could see the shape of his hard shaft, as I think he was stroking himself thinking of me while I was showering, while I was rubbing myself off thinking of him. I was around 18 ½ and now fully blossoming into a woman’s body. My breasts were a good B-cup, nearing a C-cup by now. One day while showering, I turned the water off andgrabbed my towel to dry off. I barely heard something outside the door and I just knew Ron was watching through the keyhole. We lived in an old fashioned house with large keyholes in all the doors. Now I knew why Ron’s dress was getting to be less each time and why his cock was so hard after each of my showers.


   He was watching me. My heart tingled with excitement, knowing the man of all my sexual fantasies, was drooling over me, most likely jerking off just outside my bathroom door. My pussy dripped with lust as I slowly dried myself after my shower. I wanted to give my big brother the show of his life. I would spend extra time drying my legs, with my firm ass facing the door. I ran my towel up and down the insides of my thighs, giving him a clear view of my pussy from behind. I turned and went over my boobs several times, displaying my hardened nipples, all the while facing the door. My nipples were becoming very sensitive. I had an orgasm one day just thinking of Ron’s hard body, while only squeezing my nipples between my soapy fingers. This drying off routine became a regular after shower show of my developing teenage body to my brother as he peered through the keyhole. He still doesn’t know I knew he was watching me. One day, while giving my brother his almost daily show, I heard him gasp as I gave him a close view of my pussy while pretending to be drying off. He must have jerked off, spilling some cum on the floor, as I felt the wetness on the rug with my bare feet as I exited the bathroom and approached his room. This day was different as Ron was lying on his right side, feet towards the door, pretending to be reading a book. He had on those sexy worn out black gym shorts again.

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   I could see almost all of his left butt cheek but this time, to my surprise, his firm hard cock was fully exposed from under his shorts. Today his face was red with lust as he awaited my passing of his bedroom. I stopped at his door, looked in as I felt the now familiar tingle between my legs, my eyes lifting from my first look at his naked hard cock, to meet his glazed lustful eyes. We both trembled with excitement, our hearts pounding, but instead of dropping my towel, sliding off my panties, entering his room and fucking him senseless, I panicked and fled to my room. Our parents weren’t home that night and Ron wanted this game to go further. That was my chance to act out my first sexual fantasy but I guess the guilt of incest in my mind, caused me to run away. Afterwards I was angry at myself, but I was still a virgin at that time and to think of actually having sex, terrified me, although I wanted to fuck my brother badly. Not long after that, my brother Ron found this place and moved out. For the next several years, I continued to mature, both physically and emotionally, until I finally lost my virginity to my first boyfriend. As he took me for the first time, my eyes closed and I imagined my big brother’s hard shaft sliding into me. For the next few years, I dated Bobby but during sex, my brother Ron was making love to me in my mind. I was obsessed with the idea of making love to my older brother. Bobby and I finally got our own apartment together. After awhile, we drifted apart and then had a big fight, when big brother Ron came to my rescue. Ron invited me to stay with him as long as I needed to get back on my feet.

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   Little did he know what I had in store for him…………………………. . Suddenly I felt something hard and pushing at my pussy from behind. I awoke to feel my big brother’s swollen shaft spreading my pussy lips, sliding slowly into my wet tunnel as I raised my right leg for his access. His right hand now rolling my nipple between his fingers, his hot breath on my neck as he whispered, “Amy, I love you. ”As my pussy felt his hard shaft throb deep inside me, I replied, “I’ve always loved you too, my sexy big brother. ” My dream finally came true. .



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