Spying Sister (rewritten)


ReWritten from the original story I wrote. Purely fictional. A little sister sneaks a peek while her older sister and boyfriend have fun.


Please forgive me of any errors or bad content, this is my first story.

Please comment. This is purely fictional I might add.

So where do I begin? This happened when I was about 18 years old and I

had a girlfriend who was 18 I could lie and start this whole tale

about how I'm perfectly ripped and tanned with a dong the size of a

horse, but we all know that's not reality right? So just average guy

here, white, 6 ft. tall medium build, who works and goes to school. We

lived in a remote mountainous area where the houses are far and few

between. I had just gotten off at my job working at the local lumber &

supply store when I received a text message from my girlfriend Nicole.

Nicole is about 5'5" 130lbs, blonde hair, green eyed, average build and

a DD rack. She told me that she was bored all weekend because her

parents had left for a honeymoon trip and left her in charge of her

little bratty 18 year old sister Erika. Erika was short just hitting 5'

but still growing, she had slightly tanner skin then her sister with

jet black hair and slender, already sprouting a B cup. I responded back

to her mentioning that I had some other plans with my friends for the

night and that I was tired, sweaty and dirty from work. She begged and

pleaded with me saying that she had dinner on the table for us and that

she would make it worth my while. *wink *wink.

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   I immediately called my

friends and gave them some lame excuse that I couldn't go out that

night and rain checked. I went by my house and grabbed a few things to

change into. Driving to her house always seemed like it took forever,

but for some reason ( I wonder what), the trip seemed to go much

faster. . . or perhaps the fact that I had the pedal to the metal could of

accounted for it as well. Once I got there, I was greeted by her with a

deep kiss and a pinch on the butt as she told me to go clean up and eat

soon. Washing away the work felt great as the hot water washed over me.

Afterward, I started reaching for the towel only to find none and had

to step out to the cabinet above the sink for one. While drying my hair

I heard some rustling in the bushes and I quickly faced the window but

didn't see anything, probably the dang neighbor's cat again.

After cleaning up, and freshening up I decided to trot right down to

the kitchen and boy did it smell good. So we sat around the table in

the kitchen and ate while we watched TV when Erika walked in ready to

eat. So we sat and talked as she gabbed about the gossip at school, and

how boys were 'ewwey', and the other things that went on this day. All

while she is talking and watching T. V.

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   at the same time, Nicole is

reaching under the table and rubbing my thigh. As she continued to

tease me so I finally decided that I had enough teasing and wanted more

so I kicked the table to break the silence and give the stare of lust

very quickly. Nicole then stated to Erika that she can clean off her

plate and go back outside and play. She just skipped out the door

faster then lightening. We sort of rushed the dish cleaning process as

we played around with the water with her groping me and her

"accidentally" getting wet definitely showing she was not wearing a bra

and the shirt clung to her tits. Nicole poked around the windows.

    "Good she's gone" Nicole said, "she's been a pest all day and hanging

    on me like a monkey".

    "Oh she isn't too bad" I replied, "it could be worse, she could be

    tearing up the house".

    So we quickly dart into her bedroom and close the door as she continues

    to grab at my belt and push me onto her bed. She takes off her shirt as

    her tits bounce free and I stare in wonder. She pulls the pants down

    along with my boxers springing my hard dick free which was throbbing

    due to all the teasing. She looks me in the eyes with this evil look on

    her face.

    "I've been craving this all day" she hissed at me. That's when she took

    my dick in her mouth and sucked it deep. While she was sucking she was

    grabbing onto my balls and rubbing them.

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       Then she pulled off my dick

    and wrapped her tits right around my cock as she started moving them up

    and down. The sensation of feeling it between her luscious breasts was

    amazing. She did this so much that when I came, I blasted my cum all

    over her tits and chin. I knew it was quick, but hell after being

    teased for over an hour. . . She was taking it up with her fingers and

    licking them when we heard some heavy breathing, but it wasn't us. We

    both looked over to the door and realized it was ajar just enough for

    someone to see, and we were both having that look of "of crap" on our

    face. Nicole threw back her bra on very quick and ran to the door and

    flung it wide open.

    There before us was her sister Erika, who was on her knees with her one

    hand in her pants fingering herself, and the other pinching her small

    breasts. The shock that it gave Erika she gave out a quick shriek and

    then started to look tear eyed like she was going to cry.

    Please comment on if I should continue. Please be constructive.